Kypck - Trivia

Kypck's first record label, UHO Productions, was so enthusiastic about the band's formation that they were signed without an audition.
Vocalist Erkki Seppänen, though Finnish by birth, has lived in Russia for over two years, studied in St. Petersburg, and worked at the Finnish embassy in Moscow. He also holds a degree in Russian literature from Oxford University and teaches Russian part-time in Tampere, Finland.
Bassist J. T. Ylä-Rautio plays a one-stringed bass, known as a "Kypcklop."
Guitarist Sami "Lopashnikov" Lopakka takes his nickname from his AK-47-shaped guitar of the same name, manufactured by Amfisound Guitars.
Cherno, the name of the band's debut album, is Russian for "Black".
The Latin letters KYPCK are supposed to resemble the Cyrillic letters Курск and are pronounced /kursk/.
Kursk is a Russian city, mostly famous for the great tank battle that occured nearby in 1943, during WWII, and also after a nuclear submarine that sank in Barents Sea in the year 2000.
Despite being Finnish, the band uses the Russian language. All lyrics, titles and the band's name itself are in Russian.