Gwar - Trivia

The entire band GWAR was featured on the hit talk show Jerry Springer in the year 1997, the episode was entitled "Shock Rock".
Started as a punk band known as Death Piggy in 1982 and became Gwar when the costumes were introduced.
JiZMak Da Gusha and Oderus Urungus are the only two (of the five) central GWAR characters who have been played by only one person (Brad Roberts and Dave Brockie, respectively). Roberts first started playing with GWAR in 1989, after the year's North American tour.
Gwar played various music styles throughout their career like punk sounds to hard rock, recently sticking to thrash metal on their latest album.
The band members are involved with side projects such as X-Cops, but no one knows who the Gwar members involved with X-Cops are because they're "posed as human beings."
The band are "space pirates called the Scumdogs of the Universe that inhabit planet Earth" or at least that's what their stage act is. They portray pirate aliens all the time.
It has been said that Gwar is an acronym for "God What an Awful Racket" - however, this has been denied by the band.