Warlord - Trivia

Bill Tsamis auditioned for the vacant guitar spot in the Ozzy Osbourne after the death of Randy Rhoads in the spring of 1982. After initially selecting George Lynch, new auditions were held in December '82. The position would go to Jake E. Lee instead.
HammerFall derived their name from the chorus/lyric of Warlord's "Lucifer's Hammer"
Yngwie Malmsteen cited Warlord as his favorite band during an interview with Music Connection magazine in the early '80s.
Michael Browning, the manager of AC/DC, took a great interest in Warlord. However, in the end, Browning decided not to commit to any formal contract with the band.
Guitarist William Tsamis played bass on the early recordings under the stage name "The Raven" so it would appear they had both a guitarist and bass player.