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Directed by: Oliver Sommer
Album: Ravenheart

"Eversleeping" is Xandria's second video, shot for the irish touched ballad of the "Ravenheart" album. Because of the great popularity of this song, band and label decided to take this song as a single.

"Eversleeping" is a sad ballad, in which a woman sings about her deceased lover and her hope to be together with him again sometime.
Lisa is playing the role of this woman, who is walking around in the former mansion of the couple for a last time. Some flash backs show the sentimental memories of the time when Lisa and her lover used to be together while she's walking through the mansion and everything seems to be transient.
But the mansion isn't that empty as it seems to be: the deceased's ghost is still there. Every spectator must decide for him- or herself if there's really a ghost or if this is just the visualisation of the woman's wish to be close to her beloved one.

The video was shot at the end of August 2004 in "Schloss Marquardt", a small old castle near Potsdam (Germany), which has a purged and cold atmosphere and fits into the sentimental tendency of the videoscript.
Lisa traveled to the location one day before the shooting to find some fitting dresses in the properties of the theatre of Berlin. This requisite is a collection of clothes from all decades and centuries.
The rest of the band arrived next day and after Lisa was ready with her "ghost scenes", the piano was pushed out of the ballroom to give place to the band for rocking the castle - lit up by the moon.

"The atmosphere there was really catchy. While the scenes with Lisa were shot, I and the rest of the band walked around the emtpy rooms of the castle and the park surrounding it. It felt like being a part of this unreal, spiritful story, filled up with images of a time where the castle was full of life and it's inhabitants were walking around the lake and the park where we were walking along right now.
This castle was re-designed as a children's home in the times of the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik - former East Germany). A lot of sayings were cut in the peeled room-wounds of the upper floor by the kids. [...]" (Marco)

Schloss Marquardt emerged only half a year later in another video: Within Temptation's "Memories", a ballad with similiar atmosphere and images. A strange coincidence which made both bands grin...

Source : Official Xandria Website

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