Headbanged - Personality test

Which Headbanged character are you?

1. What is your gender?
Isn't this based on Personality? That shouldn't have anything to do with it...
Screw you, what do you think?
Doesn't matter, as long as the other one keeps being attracted to this one.
Gender? Who says that? Just say "sex."
You're going to judge me based on gender? You sexist!
Hey, come on, let's just treat everyone equally.
Well, my father was a man, but my mother was a woman, so...
Both sexes have their place and I can only hope to do my best with this one.

2. What kind of music do you like the best?
Something that reflects the inner darkness of a tortured soul.
I want to hear pain in the form of audio.
Something satisfyingly bone-crunching.
It's gotta have strong structure and lots of melody.
Something to break stuff to.
Showy! If a band's any good, they should make sure everyone knows it!
Anything that makes me seem more badass.
Something uplifting. And a band shouldn't be afraid to use their imagination.

3. What do you do at concerts?
Mosh until I can't move! Or till nobody else can...
I could headbang for hours.
Sing along!
Just listen and take in the music.
Try to look scary.
Whatever everyone else is doing.
Depends on the music.
Check out all the hot people in the crowd.

4. What do you think of the number 666 in reference to metal?
*sings* Six! Six, six! The number of the beast!
People just use it to make themselves look scary.
I don't really know what it means, but I say it sometimes because it's pretty cool.
It only means something if you put faith into it.
That's a really metal number.
It gets the message accross.
Um, it comes between 665 and 667?
It doesn't bother me.

5. What is your favorite class in school?
Literature or art.
Sex ed.
Math or physics.
Physical Education.
The class with the coolest teacher.

6. Do you believe in love?
Yeah, but I wouldn't admit to it if it wasn't just between you and me.
Of course, I make it myself every chance I get.
I love my friends.
Not specifically.
More people should love each other.
Yes, but this world is nearly void of it.
Uh, I dunno. Maybe. I haven't experienced much myself.
I want it to be real but I don't think it is.