GER, Munich - Epica: Design Your Universe Tour Pt. II

Location: Germany, Munich

Backstage (map and info)

Date: 07 October 2010


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albatros 100%

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10.09.2010 RUS, Moscow 2
12.09.2010 LTU, Kaunas 2
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07.10.2010 GER, Munich 1
09.10.2010 GER, Aschaffenburg 2
10.10.2010 GER, Bremen
16.10.2010 NED, Reuver
28.10.2010 FRA, Paris
29.10.2010 FRA, Strasbourg 2
30.10.2010 FRA, Lyon 1


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09.10.2010 - 18:01
Revamp opened the evening in Munich and Floor seemed to be in awesome mood. She really made it a spectacular gig and the versatility of her voice is still breathtaking. She looked better than ever and younger, if that is possible having just read Ivor's extremly well written review of the album, I can relate to much of what he said, although I suppose the live performance exceeds the album. Whatever I may feel about the compositions, it is totally nice to have Floor back in metal and some of the melodies are still circulating in my mind days after the event.

Kells played an energetic show and the female singer is a powerhouse. She has a great voice, but the compositions of this symphonic metal band seemed to be a bit erratic to me and didn't convince me completely yet. I'd still recommend to try them out, if you remotely like the genre. The show is breathtaking and I think their songs will grow on me.

I've never been a fan of Simone's vocals, but Epica played a very compelling concert with some old and some new stuff. Just a plain honest metal show without frills. I enjoyed the good atmosphere and the heavy soundwalls of the instrumentalists.

In the end the hall was nicely filled with what might have been 600 people. The mood was good and the audience welcomed all bands warmly. Local accents were diverse and betrayed how far people had travelled to see this show in the middle of the week.

Recommendable, if you are planning to see one of the remaining concerts.

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