AUS, Belconnen - Progfest Canberra

Location: Australia, Belconnen (The Basement)
Date: 30 July 2010 - 20:00

PROGFEST is a celebration of musicians creating progressive music. Featuring progressive bands of all styles and genres, from prog, post, psychedelic, art rock & metal and everything in between, PROGFEST is about showcasing bands that think for themselves; bands who rather than simply recreating the music of the mainstream and desperately seeking chart places, have decided to challenge themselves musically and create music with depth and vision.

After the birth of PROGFEST in Melbourne in late 2008, the event slowly travelled around the country over the next 12 months with subsequent events taking place in Sydney, Canberra & Brisbane. Continually building momentum with each show, PROGFEST now returns in 2010, bigger and better than ever, and showcasing the many remarkable progressive bands of all styles this country has to offer in cities across Australia!



All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
30.07.2010 AUS, Belconnen
31.07.2010 AUS, Sydney
06.08.2010 AUS, Brisbane

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