USA, Kansas City, MO - The Black Label Berzerkus Tour

Location: USA, Kansas City, MO (Uptown Theater)
Date: 13 November 2010


Who was there?

Klintopher 100%

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
20.09.2010 USA, Spokane, WA
21.09.2010 USA, Portland, OR
22.09.2010 CAN, Vancouver, BC 1
24.09.2010 CAN, Edmonton, AB
25.09.2010 CAN, Regina, SK
26.09.2010 CAN, Calgary, AB 2
28.09.2010 CAN, Winnipeg, MB 2
30.09.2010 USA, Omaha, NE
01.10.2010 USA, Clive, IA
02.10.2010 USA, Milwaukee, WI
03.10.2010 USA, St. Paul, MN
05.10.2010 USA, Louisville, KY
08.10.2010 USA, Asbury Park, NJ
09.10.2010 USA, Lewiston, ME
12.10.2010 CAN, Halifax, NS
14.10.2010 CAN, Montreal, QC 6
15.10.2010 CAN, Toronto, ON 3
20.10.2010 USA, New York, NY 2
22.10.2010 USA, Myrtle Beach, SC
23.10.2010 USA, Atlanta, GA
Date City Audience
24.10.2010 USA, Charlotte, NC 1
26.10.2010 USA, Orlando, FL
28.10.2010 USA, Houston, TX
29.10.2010 USA, Corpus Christi, TX
30.10.2010 USA, Grand Prairie, TX 1
31.10.2010 USA, Lubbock, TX
02.11.2010 USA, Austin, TX 1
03.11.2010 USA, Tulsa, OK
05.11.2010 USA, Grand Rapids, MI
07.11.2010 USA, Detroit, MI
09.11.2010 USA, Rochester, NY 1
10.11.2010 USA, Columbus, OH
12.11.2010 USA, Wichita, KS
13.11.2010 USA, Kansas City, MO 1
14.11.2010 USA, Denver, CO
16.11.2010 USA, Salt Lake City, UT
18.11.2010 USA, Phoenix, AZ
19.11.2010 USA, Los Angeles, CA
20.11.2010 USA, San Francisco, CA 1
21.11.2010 USA, Las Vegas, NV 1


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18.11.2010 - 18:46
Great Concert, Clutch was really good they played the crowd well and just kept on jammin! COB kinda dissapointed, 2Cents was really good, they did a very strong cover of "Strength Beyond Strength" after a heatfelt speech about Metal. They have made that cover their closing song the last time I saw them, too.
Finally, BLS was pretty amazing, they played all their hits and some of their new songs. Zakk played his piano, and there were banners with pictures of Dime. Zakk did a long about 10 minute guitar solo! It was crazy, and no mistake at all! Great concert!

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