USA, Phoenix, AZ - Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival

Location: USA, Phoenix, AZ (Cricket Wireless Pavilion)
Date: 15 July 2011


All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
09.07.2011 USA, San Bernardino, CA 1
10.07.2011 USA, San Francisco, CA 1
12.07.2011 USA, Seattle, WA
13.07.2011 USA, Boise, ID 2
15.07.2011 USA, Phoenix, AZ
16.07.2011 USA, Albuquerque, NM
17.07.2011 USA, Denver, CO
19.07.2011 USA, St. Louis, MO
20.07.2011 USA, Cincinnati, OH 1
22.07.2011 USA, Boston, MA 1
24.07.2011 USA, Hartford, CT
27.07.2011 USA, Holmdel, NJ
29.07.2011 USA, Pittsburgh, PA 2
Date City Audience
30.07.2011 USA, Washington, DC 1
31.07.2011 USA, Camden, NJ 3
02.08.2011 USA, Virginia Beach, VA 1
03.08.2011 USA, Raleigh, NC
05.08.2011 USA, Chicago, IL
06.08.2011 USA, Detroit, MI
07.08.2011 USA, Indianapolis, IN 1
09.08.2011 USA, Oklahoma City, OK 1
10.08.2011 USA, Dallas, TX
12.08.2011 USA, Atlanta, GA
13.08.2011 USA, Tampa, FL
14.08.2011 USA, West Palm Beach, FL 2


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22.04.2011 - 07:52
Account deleted
I wish In Flames would just tour without the rest of these bands.
22.04.2011 - 08:11
Troy Killjoy
This is definitely a typical American metal concert. Nice to see In Flames performing with the rest of their ilk.
Prettier than BloodTears.
22.04.2011 - 08:43
Valentin B
This tour is simply insane... ly bad!

seriously, Megadeth plays under Disturbed and Godsmack, Disturbed being the headliner, with Machine Head and In Flames opening the show? this could only happen in the USA. in Europe or South America pretty much everyone would just leave after Megadeth.

and i thought Queensryche playing under Limp Bizkit was weird
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