EST, Vana-Vigala - Hard Rock Laager

Location: Estonia, Vana-Vigala
Date: 30 June 2006 - 01 July 2006


475 EEK / 31 EUR

Ticket info

Fan-passes have been sold out, regular festival passes are available for 475 EEK / 31 EUR from:
TALLINN: store "Lasering" (Pärnu mnt. 38), bar "Rockstar's" (Tatari 6)
TARTU: store "Liivamäe muusikariistad" (Munga 11)
PÄRNU: store "Muusik" (Pühavaimu 8) all Piletilevi presales points and Statoil gas-stations in Estonia.

IMPORTANT NOTE to all Latvian and Finnish fans: the partners of Piletilevi, namely Biletu Servis in Latvia and Tiketti in Finland are selling the festival passes as well, get yours from your nearest point!

Festival busses

This year Hard Rock Laager and Metal Travel Agency provide visitors with comfortable means to reach the festival - festival buses. These will depart from the main towns Tallinn and Tartu and everybody intested can register via this email address: Make sure you mark down your name, which route you will be using and if you want to go to the festival, come to the festival, or both! Timetable is as follows:

* Friday, 30th of June: at 14:00 Tallinn-Vigala, at 12:00 Tartu-Vigala.
* Saturday, 1st of July: at 10:00 Tallinn-Vigala.
* Sunday, 2nd of July: at 11:00 from the festival to Tallinn and Tartu.

Ticket prices:
* Tallinn-Vigala one-way 75 eek (5 eur) and - if you came with the bus and have the ticket to show - back 50 eek (3,5 eur).
* Tartu-Vigala one-way 125 eek (8,5 eur) and - if you came with the bus and have the ticket to show - back 100 eek (6,5 eur).

Tickets are sold from the door, one way at the time and as mentioned - you can get back cheaper if you can show the ticket that you came with.

Bon Voyage!

About Vana-Vigala

The name Fickel was first mentioned on maps in 1339. The history and present day of Vigala is closely tied with the owners of the local mansion von Uexkylls. The 18th century was of primary importance to the development of the town - that is when the mansion was built. The Vana-Vigala mansion was built by Boris von Uexkyll in 1775. The first attempt in 1772 ended with the building sliding into the local river.

There is a 9 ha beautyful and lush park with a pearlpond behind the mansion building. One side of the park ends with the Wall of Hunger, built in 1867, and in the end of the park is the family cemetary of von Uexkylls. The old cemetary at the river features the town swing and warming-stone. Vana-Vigala also has the deer-park, where the small island in the middle of the pond features millstone tower with 13 millstones.

Local sightseeing:
Basreliefs from Pompeji (oldest art in Estonia)
Mansion park
Mansion building
Mansion alley
Sacrificing grove
Old mansion Cemetary
Wall of Hunger
Educational nature paths


Whispering Forest
Bestial Deform
Must Missa
Hell Can Wait
Malicious Death
Me, Myself & I
These Broken Remains

Who was there?

Ivor 100%
Ernis (New Zealand) 100%
Dru 100%
AnarChrist 100%
Hexx 100%
Triin 100%
eXiztenZ 100%
kuvalda 100%
DirtyMind 100%
wastedcorpse 100%
Artem 100%
Kaval Ants 100%
huntlus 100%



11.07.2006 Hard Rock Laager 2006 by Ivor

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26.06.2006 - 21:16
Aaahhh ... I allready wanna go. Packed my tent and stuff allready
28.06.2006 - 22:48
arina lexus
Account deleted
I cannot wait! I am packing sleeping bags and beer
Unfortunately I have a long working day on Friday... but Metsatöll is the band I cannot miss So that I'll do my best to leave my workplace earlier One more band I cannot miss is Tiamat.
30.06.2006 - 10:39
packed and ready to go
i demand nothing, but i want it all
what privilege do we have under the sun,
that gives us the right to the throne?
-In Flames

bubblefucker junior
02.07.2006 - 20:03
Beseech was beyond awesome....they were just wondrous....despite the sound system being quite dubious, Lotta and Erik were powerful enough to let their voices sound as loud and clear they could....I mean....this was their first time here in Estonia and I sincerely hope they were satisfied with us and shall return some day.....
Go ahead, make my day...
02.07.2006 - 22:42
arina lexus
Account deleted
Despite serious technical problems Whispering Forest were really great! Must Missa were awesome (especially the girls )
On the whole this time the festival seemed to be better, than last year, a real headbanger's paradise!
07.07.2006 - 00:36
Account deleted
Put aside the little sunburn and a headache, HRL rocked !
All the bands were great, so I'm not going to mention them separately. Except for shadowdances.. a really cool group with some nice tunes. Too bad there were so few people at the stage during their performance.
Hoping to see these guys again.

Till next year !!

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