BUL, Sofia - Gorgoroth + Vader: The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011 [CANCELLED]


Location: Bulgaria, Sofia
Date: 02 December 2011

The show has been cancelled. The booking agency Massive Music has posted the following statement on the official website:

"GORGOROTH and VADER won't play in Sofia (Bulgaria)!
02 December 2011

We are disappointed to inform that the show in Sofia won't take place! Once again, unfortunately, a local promoter Most Of Evil failed our expectations. He proved to be unprofessional and showed no respect whatsoever to us as organizer, bands and Fans in Sofia. Most Of Evil represented by Gani Kurshumov didn't fulfill the contract. Our crew and bands arrived to Sofia according to the plan, covering a distance of hundreds of kilometers from Cluj Napoca in Romania. Sorry to say, it occurred that there was no organizer on the spot, neither any person responsible for the show, nor any food prepared.
After few hours of waiting and phoning, the organizer turned up at the club stating that he had no money to pay for the concert, although the presale was 500 tickets, and that he could pay us next week! It's not the first time that Most Of Evil lowered the salary and asked for delayed payment. So far we had been agreeing on our contracts alterations hoping that similar situations won't happen in the future again. Nevertheless, this time we had to act differently. Most Of Evil still didn't account with us for the September show of SAMAEL / MELECHESH / KEEP OF KALESSIN. Today's few-hour delay, lack of catering and respect for us and the bands made us take a decision of not playing the concert. Thereby we expressed our utter disapproval and disappointment with such behaviour and the lack of professionalism of the promoter. For the time being we lost our trust in Most Of Evil.
We would like to express our deepest apologies to all Fans who showed up for the concert and we hope that you understand our decision. On our part, we promise to organize a similar show with GORGOROTH / VADER and VALKYRJA soon, with another promoter this time. We would like to invite all responsible people who would like to cooperate with us!

Mariusz Kmiolek / Massive Music"

Who was there?

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13.12.2011 POR, Porto
14.12.2011 POR, Corroios 5
15.12.2011 ESP, Sevilla 1
16.12.2011 ESP, Valencia 1
17.12.2011 ESP, Barcelona 2


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05.12.2011 - 17:02
Bleeding angel
Yeah,yeah.. the suspected story of Most Of Evil!Those people are fucking irresponsible of their actions!
05.12.2011 - 22:19
Just like Behemoth.

Meh, I don't give a shit, it's not like I can extort the cash or get permission to go to a concert anyway.
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