SWE, Malmö - Kvelertak + Toxic Holocaust + Trap Them

Location: Sweden, Malmö (Kulturbolaget)
Date: 13 December 2011


Who was there?

Mr. Doctor 100%

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
08.11.2011 NOR, Bergen
09.11.2011 NOR, Stavanger
10.11.2011 NOR, Oslo 1
11.11.2011 NOR, Trondheim
12.11.2011 SWE, Stockholm 1
14.11.2011 FIN, Helsinki
15.11.2011 FIN, Tampere 1
17.11.2011 SWE, Gothenburg
18.11.2011 GER, Hamburg
19.11.2011 GER, Cologne
20.11.2011 NED, Nijmegen 2
21.11.2011 GBR, Oxford
22.11.2011 GBR, Birmingham 1
23.11.2011 GBR, Belfast
24.11.2011 GBR, Glasgow 2
25.11.2011 GBR, Manchester
26.11.2011 GBR, London
Date City Audience
27.11.2011 BEL, Hasselt
28.11.2011 FRA, Nantes
29.11.2011 FRA, Paris
30.11.2011 GER, Karlsruhe
01.12.2011 SUI, Zurich
02.12.2011 ITA, Roncade
03.12.2011 AUT, Vienna
04.12.2011 GER, Leipzig
05.12.2011 CZE, Prague
06.12.2011 GER, Berlin
07.12.2011 GER, Aschaffenburg
08.12.2011 GER, Munich
09.12.2011 GER, Nuremberg 1
10.12.2011 GER, Münster 1
11.12.2011 DEN, Copenhagen
12.12.2011 DEN, Aarhus 2
13.12.2011 SWE, Malmö 1


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19.06.2012 - 02:17
Mr. Doctor
Just wanted to say that I was there... and it was awesome. Trap Them couldn't be there though which is a shame but they got an awesome replacement: The Secret.
4 bands, man it was a great show, no band left me dissapointed.

Wolves Like Us were really great (fantastic drummer), The Secret was insanely haunting, Toxic Holocaust was just brilliant... and in their last song the members of the two previous bands went onstage to headbang and lifted TH's guitarrist and bassist while still playing, it was crazy!

and Kvelertak... holy shit so much energy and fun it was ridiculous. Their ending was even more over the top since all the members from all the previous 3 bands went onstage (it was fucking full up there!) and not only started moshing right there, some plugged in their instruments and started playing. There were like 5 guitarrists, 3 drummers... Insane. I liked how the drummers gave the sticks to a few people in the crowd to drum with them for a few seconds.

I also did my good deed of the day: I saw how a guy lost part of his lip piercing and lost all hope in finding it. I looked down and it was right near my foot.... The dude couldn't believe it and he gave me a hug! Hhahahahaha I think he told me it was practically new, dude got luck.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29
Like you could kiss my ass
Written by Milena on 20.06.2012 at 10:49
Rod, let me love you.

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