NED, Tilburg - Epica: CD Release Party



Location: The Netherlands, Tilburg

013 (map and info)

Date: 16 March 2012 - 20:30


25 excluding service costs
Buy at

Epica will celebrate the release of the upcoming album in 013 - Tilburg (the Netherlands). The venue has a capacity of 2,200 people. As our previous CD presentation (Design Your Universe @ Paradiso - Amsterdam) sold out in advance we have decided to play the next one in a slightly bigger club.

Epica will play the new album completely, but also some of the old songs, during this more than 2 hour event. Pyro and special show elements will be added as well.

The date will be: March, 16th - 2012. Tickets are for sale @ the 013 website.
The album itself will be released on March, 9th - 2012.

Who was there?

Erik M. 100%
Elodie Artour 100%
kaoskrew (UK) 100%
rush2212 100%
WallieWallie 100%
Kimiwind (Japan) 80%


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