GER, Frankfurt - Holy Moses @ Speak Easy's 25th Anniversary

Location: Germany, Frankfurt

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Date: 21 July 2012
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27.06.2012 - 18:07
Frankfurt's longest-running heavy metal bar will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Tankard have shot the music video for "The Beauty and the Beast" in here (well, half of it. There's no jacuzzi in there. Yet.), a lot of metal celebrities have been served at the counter, members of Motörhead or Death Angel for instance, others have worked here as DJ, for example Gerre of Tankard, Vulcanus of V8 Wankers and yours truly of Metal Storm, and of course there's the tragic death(/murder) of Trimmi, friend of legendary German rockers Böhse Onkelz, which inspired the band to record their probably most famous song, "Nur die Besten sterben jung" ("Only the Good Die Young"), and which is still commemorated on the monthly Onkelz Night.

For this anniversary five bands have been invited to play, most of them being patrons of the bar themselves. No such thing as an admission fee, just come around, have a few beers, enjoy the bands, listen to the stories of the old timers and meet the musicians and fans whose history is entwined with the history of the Speak Easy!
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