POR, Vagos - Vagos Open Air 2014

Location: Portugal, Vagos (Quinta do Ega)
Date: 08-10 August 2014
Website: vagosopenair.eu


One-day ticket (8th and 9th Aug): 32
One-day ticket (10th Aug): 25
Three-day ticket: 65
Buy at www.vagosopenair.eu


DAY 1 (08.08)

Gates Of Hell

DAY 2 (09.08)

DAY 3 (10.08)

Paradise Lost
Vita Imana
The Quartet Of Woah!

Who was there?

Speedy 100%
SKzor 100%
jotaass 100%
Andre666Oliveira 100%
mjölnir 100%
mprietod (Spain) 100%
ribeiro14 100%
C3rvas 100%
dekadence 100%
citizenerased 100%
Foehn666 100%
AeonGio 90%
Vonpire 50%



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12.08.2014 - 17:29
Sylosis and The Haunted were better than I expected, as Annihilator which was huge and I honestly thought they were a washed up band.

Opeth was disapointing but still a good show.

Epica were amazing, even though I dont like them at all, they've put up a great gig and managed to caught the fans atention during the evening.

Soilwork was horrible, pretty much, you could see a lot more people flipping the finger instead of the horns.

Behemoth was exactly what I was expecting: Amazing. I watched it way from the beer tent, way in the back and the distance didnt took a thing from it.

Kreator was the best gig of the festival, an epic concert that will go down in history. Just brutal.

Had to leave earlier the last day so I didnt managed to watch Vita Imana, paradise Lost and Gojira, but, judging by the feedback, they were all okay.

The Portuguese bands were "Meh!.", other than The Quartet of Woah! (a really good stoner rock band thats been playing in all major Portuguese Metal gigs just because they are THAT good) you could tell that they all were there not because of merit but because of favours or whatever since they are far from being the best bands on the Underground scene.

Huge organization problems, lack of information between the staff and the campers, terrible sound problems even though they would spend a good bunch of time doing the SCheck.

Overall, a good Fest since the Kreator gig was massive and Behemoth, Annihilator and The Haunted were more than enough to cover the bad ones. It had a little bit of everything to all tastes.


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