ESP, Madrid - Bajos de Argüelles (Metal "zone" with around 7-9 metal bars/pubs from @1980 upto nowadays)

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Type: Bar
Location: Spain, Madrid
Andrés Mellado 33 / Calle Gaztambide

In the Bajos de Argüelles center there are several places for listening to Heavy Metal: Lemmy (the biggest one, now existing for more than 20 years playing almost mainly classic Heavy Metal from the 80's and a lot of curious and old clips that I wonder about where they found them), Tyrant (great decoration with paintings all over the walls, lots of concert tickets and a big screen to see lots of videos playing mainly Heavy and Thrash Metal), TNT (quite big bar, you can listen to music ranging from Hard Rock, rather classic Metal and also some Spanish Heavy Rock), Talisman -mainly focused in old Thrash school- and Spectro.

You can see all the zone taken by Metalheads drinking inside the precint that also contains shops, since alcohol is not so cheap as it used to be. Most bars are very 80's style and so customers. Many girls wear like the band comments about that, a pleasure for the sight. Though the places are not very big, the atmosphere is great, Heavy Metal all around like in a festival. Some of the pubs have the same plaque reading "Heavy Metal Pub". In the other locations in the Bajos de Argüelles center they play Punk and Rock music, but there are also a latin night club -rubbish- and a couple of typical pubs playing stupid spanish songs.

Spectro closed down in 2006. Others pubs worth mentioning are Tuareg (Classic hard rock Thrash and Heavy Metal), Orion (the best for me: classic Metal, Speed Metal and Thrash from the 80's playing always the most known tracks from most known bands), Ragnarok -mainly Death and Black-, Alambique -former Alternative 4-, La Ducha, Sargantana Rock and La Dama (the most intimate, special for going with a girlfriend, with etnical and surrealist decoration and with not so loud music and less crowdy than the others. -In fact, I just could sit there and at Lemmy, but Lemmy was a bit expensive-)

Most pubs in the area play classic Hard Rock, Thrash and Heavy Metal. However, as mentioned before, there are a couple that bend for Death-Black and another that plays mainly all variants of Gothic.



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Lemmy Rock Bar
Hello Metalheads!!!!! This is Lemmy Rock Bar from Arguelles! Congrats, the page is great!

By the way, our video collection belongs to our DJ, who's been a metalhead for ages! We're also on facebook: Lemmy Rock Bar, feel free to join us!

Stay Metal forever!!!!!!!!!!
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