USA, Fort Worth, TX - Ridglea Theater

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Type: Club
Location: USA, Fort Worth, TX
6025 Camp Bowie Blvd

Contacts: Tel: (817)738-9500

Built in 1948, opened in 1950, The Ridglea Theater was a state of the art movie theater and a beautiful, art-“decoish” landmark on the West side of Fort Worth.

With the advent of the multiplex, people stopped supporting these wonderful old theaters. The Ridglea was turned into a movie/dinner theater in the early 90’s and closed after a couple of unsuccessful years. It sat vacant for almost three years.

In 1998, Richard Van Zandt and Wesley Hathaway leased the wonderful old building, following a dream they had of presenting Richard’s innovative and unique LASER light shows. While the shows were fabulous, they didn’t pay the rent and the couple turned the venue into a live concert hall with their first musical performance in 1999.

Since then, The Ridglea has become the premier concert venue of it’s size in the metroplex if not in the state. While still great supporters of local music and bands, the Ridglea has become a destination for National and International bands as well, hosting such notables as Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, Deathcab For Cutie, Type O Negative, Cradle of Filth, Therion, The Cult, Hank Williams III, Ministry, Breaking Benjamin, HIM, Willie Nelson and many, many more.

Past gigs

19.08.2006 Dimefest 2006
19.10.2006 Celtic Frost: Monotheist US Tour
13.02.2007 Sworn Enemy + Kataklysm: Trendkiller Tour 2007
24.02.2007 Unleashed: Midvinterblot Tour
27.02.2007 Isis + Jesu: North American Tour
10.06.2007 The Summer Slaughter Tour 2007
03.08.2007 Symphony X: N. American Tour
12.09.2007 Sonata Arctica: North American Tour
25.09.2007 Katatonia: N. American Tour
09.10.2007 Finntroll: N. American Tour
30.10.2007 Dark Funeral + Naglfar: N. American Tour
10.11.2007 Suffocation + Immolation: N. American Tour (1)
01.12.2007 Enslaved: N. American Tour
09.12.2007 Death By Decibels Tour
25.01.2008 Exodus + Arsis (2)
07.03.2008 Bound By The Road Tour
16.03.2008 Nile: North American Tour 2008
12.04.2008 Doro: North American Tour
27.04.2008 Symphony X + Epica: N. American Tour
15.05.2008 Paganfest North America Tour
17.05.2008 In Thrash We Trust Tour
07.06.2008 Candlemass: N. American Tour
11.09.2008 Sigh 2008 North American Tour
18.09.2008 Obituary: N. American Tour (1)
27.09.2008 Overkill: N. American Tour (1)
09.10.2008 Death By Decibels II (1)
16.10.2008 Amorphis: N. American Tour (1)
02.11.2008 Kamelot: N. American Tour
07.11.2008 Divine Heresy: Texas Tour
09.11.2008 The Faceless: N. American Tour
11.11.2008 Iced Earth: N. American Tour (2)
21.11.2008 Goatwhore
22.11.2008 Ill Niño: USA Tour
07.12.2008 Brujeria: No Acceptan Imitaciones Tour
06.03.2009 Týr: Pagan Knights Tour (1)
21.03.2009 Metal Up Your Ass Festival (2)
31.03.2009 All Shall Perish: The Atticus Metal Tour!
07.05.2009 Hordes Of Chaos N. American Tour (2)
05.09.2009 Absu
12.12.2009 Circle II Circle
18.09.2012 Down: North American Tour 2012



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