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Type: Club
Location: France, Paris
50 Boulevard Voltaire

Contacts: 01 43 14 00 30

Website: www.le-bataclan.com
The Bataclan is a "salle de spectacle" in the XIe arrondissement of Paris. It was built in 1864 by the architect Charles Duval. Its name refers to Ba-Ta-Clan, an operetta by Offenbach.

The Bataclan originated as a large café-concert in the Chinoiserie style, with d'architecture chinoise, with the cafe and theatre on the ground-floor, and a large dance hall at first floor level. It put on the vaudevilles of Scribe, Bayard, Mélesville, and Dumersan, as well as giving concerts.

The establishment headed by Monsieur Paris opened its doors on 3 February 1865. It was bought by the singler Paulus in 1892. In the course of the following years, the building saw good and bad luck alike, due to many changes of owner, with the new fashion after 1910, thanks to a restoration of the auditorium and a programme dedicated solely to revues, especially those put on by José de Bérys (it was here that Maurice Chevalier saw his first successes). Intoxicated by this success, the Bataclan's troupe toured big shows abroad to South America, which proved financially disastrous.

In 1926 the auditorium was sold and transformed into a cinema, only to be the victim of a fire in 1933. The original building was partially destroy in 1950 to conform it to the new security measures then in force. In 1969, the cinema closed and the auditorium again became a "salle de spectacle".

The Bataclan is known today for a very eclectic programme of events, including rock and pop concerts, "spectacles", stand-up comedy, discos and café-théâtre. Its façade was repainted in its long-lost original colours in 2006, though its original pagoda roof no longer exists.

source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bataclan_%28theatre%29

Past gigs

13.11.2006 Cradle Of Filth: European Tour
09.05.2007 Within Temptation: European Tour
05.03.2008 Symphony X: European Tour 2008 (2)
06.04.2008 Down: European Tour
20.04.2008 World Tyranny European Tour (3)
05.06.2008 Cavalera Conspiracy
15.06.2008 Ministry: C U LaTour
18.09.2008 Paradise Lost: 20th Anniversary (2)
02.12.2008 Cradle Of Filth: The Darkest Tour: Filth Fest (1)
01.02.2009 Saxon + Iced Earth (1)
12.02.2009 Soulfly: European Tour
07.03.2009 The Sisters Of Mercy
17.06.2009 Korn
24.11.2009 In Flames (1)
04.12.2009 Alice In Chains: European Tour (1)
08.02.2010 Lacuna Coil
03.04.2010 Opeth: 20th Anniversary Show (7)
07.07.2010 Slayer: European Tour 2010
22.09.2010 Dimmu Borgir: Darkness Reborn II (1)
27.09.2010 Killing Joke 2010 Tour (1)
03.04.2011 Paradise Lost: Draconian Times Tour (4)
20.06.2011 Cavalera Conspiracy
19.10.2011 Edguy: European Tour
05.11.2011 Hammerfall: European Outbreak 2011 (3)
08.11.2011 Neckbreaker's Ball (2)
27.11.2011 Thrash Fest Classics Tour
30.01.2012 Persistence Tour 2012
13.02.2012 Full Of Hate Tour 2012
28.02.2012 Tarja: What Lies Beneath Final Tour 2012
12.03.2012 Korn: The Path Of Totality Europe Tour
06.04.2012 Accept: European Tour 2012 (1)
08.04.2012 Rhapsody Of Fire: World Tour 2012 - Europe
29.04.2012 Epica: European Tour 2012
02.05.2012 Anathema: European Tour 2012 (1)
09.05.2012 Swallow The Sun + Paradise Lost: European Tour 2012 (1)
01.10.2012 Therion: 25th Anniversary Tour (1)
24.10.2012 Down: European Fall Tour 2012
04.11.2012 Kamelot: Silverthorn European Tour 2012 (3)
06.11.2012 Kreator & Morbid Angel: European Tour 2012 (1)
02.12.2012 Meshuggah: The Ophidian Trek 2012 (2)
10.12.2012 Devin Townsend Project & Fear Factory: The Epic Industrialist Tour 201
09.03.2013 The Darkness: Let Them Eat Cakes World Tour 2013: Part One
23.09.2013 Heidenfest Tour 2013 (2)
25.10.2013 Volbeat: European Headlining Tour 2013
20.01.2014 EMP Persistence Tour 2014
11.02.2014 Behemoth & Cradle Of Filth: Co-Headlining European Tour 2014 (2)
26.03.2014 Five Finger Death Punch: European Tour 2014
23.04.2014 Sonata Arctica: European Tour 2014
16.10.2014 Anathema: Satellites Over Europe Tour 2014 (2)


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