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Type: Club
Location: The Netherlands, Amsterdam
Weteringschans 6-9

Contacts: Tel. 020- 626 45 21
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On March 30th, 1968 'Cosmic Relaxation Center Paradiso' opened its doors. The goal was to offer an open place for creative talent. From this day, the church building on Weteringschans was a place that attracted youngsters, audiences and artists from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. In the 40 years that followed, Paradiso has become a pop podium, a club and a cultural center in one.

Read more about our history on the VPRO-website 'Plaats van Herinnering':

Paradiso today: concert hall, club and cultural center

Concert hall

The Main Hall has a capacity of 1500 and hosts world famous rick, folk, soul, country, reggae and blues heroes such as Al Green (2008), Jerry Lee Lewis (2004) and Smokey Robinson (2007) but also style icons like Grace Jones (2009). This hall is often filled to the brim for popular newcomers such as Queens Of The Stone Age (2002, 2005), White Stripes (2003), Last Shadow Puppets (2008) and Lady Gaga (2009). We also have regular visitors like Maceo Parker, George Clinton, De Dijk and Van Dik Hout who come back every year to play in the special atmosphere of the old church.

In the Small Hall with a capacity of 250, we host intimate and often magical concerts. Up and coming talent plays here, often as their first step before making it big. After a successful concert in the Small Hall of Paradiso, they return to play in the Main Hall. Franz Ferdinand and Kings of Leon are just two of the many examples of artists who started out in our Small Hall, then played the Main Hall and the big stadiums soon after. Also, the Small Hall is home to eccentric artists, young and old, who will never play a big music dome but are extremely special nevertheless. For example, Paradiso's Small Hall will always have a place for artists like Johnny Dowd, Michael Gira (Swans), Bob Log III and Steve Wynn.

Throughout the year, the big stream of concerts and other events is changed up with festivals, such as the Britpop oriented London Calling festival and 5 days off, the festival for electronic music and media art.


From the beginning in 1968 audiences were dancing to live music at Paradiso, Paradiso was closed during the night and until the beginning of the eighties, there was no real club culture in The Netherlands. In 1982 DJ Eddy de Clerq started the change with his Pep Club dance nights. This legendary club night led to the rise of house music and culture in the late eighties and lots of other dance parties in Paradiso that offered a home to nightflies. Halfway through the nineties Paradiso had some regular club nights, that were also meant to offer the visitors of concerts an opportunity to stay longer. With our regular Friday night party called Vip Club, Paradiso was the first live music podium to function as a club. Soon after we started the ever so popular Noodlanding! party that still takes place today and ten years after this Paradiso hosts five club nights a week. Besides the regular night, some extremely hyped-up parties takes place a couple of times a year, such as the Oud Hollands Acid Feest, Manifesto, Lovedance and the Gouden Kabouter Awards.

Cultural center

Paradiso's mission is to offer more than live music, always explore the borders of pop culture and be a podium for non-musical initiatives and projects. Sometimes you'll see a fashion show, a movie, a modern classical ensemble or a science lecture about belief systems or quantum information. Throughout the years we have developed regularly returning projects, we have formed foundations to develop events in and outside Paradiso and have linked external cultural organisations closely to us.

More progressive cultural events are festivals like Night of The Unexpected, 5 days off, Sonic Acts, Kindred Spirits Weekender and La Nuit de Tomoko (Merlijn Twaalfhoven). Weerwoord is a poetry festival, I like To Watch Too brings progressive and surprising modern dance performances, yearly Paradiso lectures draws scientists to the church. Liefde in de stad ('Love in the city') is an annual event developed by Paradiso that takes place at locations outside Paradiso.

Because of the diversity in musical genres and non-musical programming, Paradiso draws a greatly diverse crowd: from young to old and from punk rockers to country music lovers, a reflection of the Dutch population. The number of events increases yearly, up to more than 900 in 2008. In 2007 we greated our 500.000 visitor of the year for the first time in history and the numbers keep increasing since.

Past gigs

02.03.2007 Pain Of Salvation: European Tour
11.03.2007 Saxon: European Tour
09.04.2007 Deftones: Saturday Night Wrist Tour
09.04.2007 Leaves' Eyes
20.04.2007 My Dying Bride (1)
14.08.2007 Queensrÿche
23.09.2007 Dimmu Borgir + Amon Amarth: The Invaluable Darkness Tour (2)
20.12.2007 Negură Bunget
04.01.2008 Asrai
08.02.2008 Sonic Syndicate
14.02.2008 Megadeth: European Tour (1)
28.02.2008 HIM + Paradise Lost: European Tour
06.04.2008 Ghost Opera European Tour Part II (1)
24.04.2008 Danko Jones: European Tour
18.06.2008 Cavalera Conspiracy
13.10.2008 Volbeat + Stuck Mojo: Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood Tour 2008 (1)
10.12.2008 Riverside: Reality Dream Tour (1)
09.02.2009 The Dillinger Escape Plan
12.02.2009 Blooddrunks Crawling Over Your EU Tour 2009 (1)
24.02.2009 The Sisters Of Mercy
26.03.2009 Earth: European Tour
23.04.2009 Thrash And Burn European Tour
10.10.2009 Epica: European Tour (2)
10.12.2009 Sonata Arctica: European Tour (1)
26.01.2010 Sunn O))) (1)
09.02.2010 The Dillinger Escape Plan
27.03.2010 Kamelot (3)
29.11.2010 Airbourne + Enforcer
05.02.2011 The Cult
29.03.2011 Kyuss Lives!
23.04.2011 Kamelot: The Pandemonium Tour 2011 (1)
15.05.2011 Queens Of The Stone Age
19.05.2011 Epica
23.08.2011 Deftones + Animals As Leaders
27.09.2011 Within Temptation: European Tour [Rescheduled] (2)
28.09.2011 Within Temptation: European Tour [Rescheduled]
28.11.2011 Marillion: Christmas Tour 2011
07.12.2011 Arch Enemy: Khaos Over Europe 2011 (1)
20.03.2012 Korn: The Path Of Totality Europe Tour
28.04.2012 Anathema: European Tour 2012 (2)
23.07.2012 Marillion: European Tour 2012
24.07.2012 Marillion: European Tour 2012
27.02.2013 The Darkness: Let Them Eat Cakes World Tour 2013: Part One
09.03.2016 Deafheaven: European Tour 2015
14.06.2016 Sunn O))): European Summer Tour 2016
22.06.2016 Joe Satriani: European Summer Tour 2016


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