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Agathodaimon - Split Up

Sad news are coming in from the Agathodaimon camp. Apparently, due to family circumstances, the only remaining founding member Sathonys, decided to lay the band to rest. You can read the full statement released by the frontman below. Agathodaimon released In Darkness back in 2013. The band's career spanned for almost two decades and they released 6 full-length albums.


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Agathodaimon - New Song Available For Streaming

While Agathodaimon haven't released a new album since Phoenix, the black/gothic metal outfit is preparing to unleash In Darkness this coming June through Massacre Records. Now is your chance to listen to what the band has forged in their songwriting sessions. "In Darkness" is available for public consumption right here.


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Agathodaimon - Reveal New Album Artwork And More

Germany's Agathodaimon have checked in with an update about the release of their new In Darkness album. Furthermore, the band revealed its cover artwork, done by Hicham Haddaji of Strychneen Studio, which you can now enjoy below. You can expect the new opus on June 28th, 2013 under Massacre Records.


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Agathodaimon - New Guitarist Joins The Ranks

Agathodaimon have parted ways with guitarist Jan Jansohn (Adorned Brood). Vocalist/guitarist Martin Wickler had the following to say about this:

"Some of you may have noticed the new photo yesterday already and wondered who this guy might be. Well, we did part ways with Jan due to musical and personal differences and now would like to announce a new guitar player in our ranks; please welcome Thilo Feucht! He's no unknown musician to our fans, you will know him from various contributions and guest appearances he had on Chapter III and Serpent's Embrace, back then under the nick name of Azrael.

He has also joined us on stage several times in the past since Chapter III, and already for our recent gigs we had in Austria and Germany. We're proud that he joined our ranks as full member now, and look forward to working on our sixth album together.

Speaking of album no.6; we can announce the working title In Darkness... it will be a step back to our roots, girls and boys! A studio date is scheduled for early 2011. More news to come soon."


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Agathodaimon - Tracklist Revealed, New Song And Sample Online

A sample of a new Agathodaimon song, entitled "Alone In The Dark (Death Angel's Shadow)", is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. This song is one of the bonus tracks of the limited digipack edition of the band's new album, entitled "Phoenix".

Another new song from the album, "Heliopolis", was already posted on the same page.

"Phoenix" is scheduled for release on March 20 via Massacre Records. According to the band: "It's a 6 page-digipack, features 14 tracks with a playing time of more than 72 minutes, and a booklet of 20 pages".

"Phoenix" cover artwork] tracklisting:

01. Heliopolis
02. Devil's Deal
03. Decline
04. Ground Zero
05. Ghost Of A Soul
06. Winterchild
07. Time Is The Fire
08. To Our Ashes
09. Amongst The Vultures
10. Oncoming Storm
11. Throughout The Fields Of Unshaded Grace
12. Grey Whisper

The limited edition also features "Alone In The Dark" in 2 versions (a new version with Ashtrael and Sathonys on vocals) and the original soundtrack version (Ruth "Ophelia" Knepel on vocals, who also sung "Solitude" on Agathodaimon lastest album "Serpent's Embrace").

The band adds: "Next week, we'll present a video, taken during the recording of the album at the Kohlekeller studio, plus a new song snippet."


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Agathodaimon - New Vocalist Revealed

Agathodaimon have issued the following update:

"After lots of rehearsals and a long search, we finally can confirm and hereby present our new vocalist Chris "Ashtrael" Bonner Photo].

Amongst the candidates during the past weeks, he was the one that really convinced us with his motivation, attitude and, of course, his awesome voice!

During the next weeks, we'll be working together on the vocal lines for the songs of our upcoming album, entilted "Phoenix", as well as the setlist/rehearsals for the next gigs. We can't wait to enter the stage again! More info about coming gigs soon, but if you're meanwhile interested in getting to know more about Ashtrael,
have a look at his profile on our website."


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Agathodaimon - Remastered Discography Out Soon

Metal Mind press release:

"Agathodaimon is without question one of the most interesting and original bands on the modern scene. Their music easily joins extreme heaviness with a dark, yet romantic and erotic atmosphere, strengthened with a huge dose of disturbing melancholy. The exclusive re-releases of all of the band's albums - "Blacken The Angel", "Higher Art of Rebellion", "Chapter III" and "Serpent's Embrace" - bring an unique collection of some of the most inspiring works, combining the best elements of dark wave, gothic and black metal…

"Blacken The Angel" released in late 1998, immediately received excellent reviews in worldwide press. The album was a truly stunning mixture of power, beauty and dark majesty. Combining symphonic black metal with gothic elements, Agathodaimon delivered a handful of amazing tracks, starting with the atmospheric 8-minute opener "Tristetea Vehementa" (meaning "The Loud Sadness"). Another highlight of the album was the 15-minute epic juggernaut "Near Dark" - a complex and rich compositions, revealing Agathodaimon's progressive edge. Other songs worth mentioning are definitely "Ill of an Imaginary Guilt" and "Die Nacht des Unwesens", bearing some resemblance to such bands as Darkthrone or even Black Sabbath. The lyrics were written in English, Romanian and German; some of them were inspired by Romanian poets Mihai Eminescu and Ion Minulescu. Overall, "Blacken The Angel" became a huge success for the band and to this day remains one of their finest offerings.

"Higher Art of Rebellion" from 1999 left the typical black metal attitude behind, adding some new and fascinating elements into the formula - a more gothic atmosphere and a lot of doom metal guitar parts made the group sound a bit like Moonspell from their early days. "Higher Art of Rebellion" brought another portion of excellent songs, such as the opening battle hymn "Ne Cheama Pamintul" ("Earth Is Summoning Us"), which was sung in Romanian, just like on the debut release. Other highlights included the surprisingly delicate "Body of Clay", Paradise Lost-influenced "A Death In Its Plenitude" and a new, remixed version of the track "Ribbons/Requiem" from the debut album. "Higher Art of Rebellion" contained even more progressive elements than before, but still managed to remain true to the genre's origins.


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Agathodaimon - New Drummer Found, Search Still On For Vocalist

Agathodaimon's official site and label Nuclear Blast announced the following update:

Guitarist Sathonys explains:
"We are currently finishing the works on our upcoming fifth album Phoenix, but still on the search for a new vocalist as permanent member. Please note that we only consider vocalists that live in Germany; it's no use having someone that lives far away in the band, as we insist on steady rehearsals. Thanks to all those people from around the globe who showed their interest so far, but seriously, this makes no sense to us. We prefer to rehearse often, and this might become complicated if you're living on another continent. Until a new member is found, Jonas Iscariot will support us for upcoming gigs such as the one in Romania, 26th July. Skilled and motivated vocalists are invited to send info/bio and samples of their work to!"

Regarding their new vocalist:
"We've found a replacement for Matthias, who couldn't invest as much time into the band anymore as was needed to continue the work on Phoenix, our upcoming album. He'll most probably publish a statement concerning his departure in the next days. We'll introduce you to our new drummer Manuel Steitz shortly!"

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Agathodaimon - Announce New Line Up

German Symphonic/Gothic Black Metallers Agathodaimon have welcomed two new members to their ranks:

"After lots of auditions with several musicians, we're proud to announce our new line-up. It took us a while to fill the gap that our vocalist Frank "Akaias" Nordmann left, but we've had a bunch of rehearsals until now, and we're sure to have the strongest line-up so far - and are of course we're looking forward to play live again to present you the new members on stage! First gigs will be announced shortly.
So, the current line-up consists of newcomers Jonas Iscariot on vocals and Jan Jansohn on guitar and of course the already known members Sathonys (guitar), Till (bass), Felix (keys) and Matthias (drums)."

A picture of the new line up can be found at Agathodaimon's website.


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Agathodaimon - Akaias Leaves The Band; New Guitarist/Vocalist Wanted

The following statement has been published via the band's official newsletter:

"The new year brings some changes:
After the short tour through Spain and Portugal in November (some pics from the tour can be seen in our gallery at, our vocalist/guitarist Frank "Akaias" Nordmann revealed that he received an excellent job offer he can't refuse- sadly this means he has to move to Norway, so he will leave the band. We collectively wish him all the best for his future plans and thank him for the great time we spent together in the rehearsal room, on stage and of course off stage as well!
So, we're looking for a new vocalist and guitarist already- if you think you can handle both duties, you're welcome, too.
A few very promising musicians already contacted us, so interested people should hurry and send their info over

Besides, the new album which will be entitled PHOENIX, is still in the
More info to come soon.

See you somewhere on the road


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Agathodaimon - New Bass Player Found

Ever since ex-Agathodaimon bassist Darin Smith had left the band, the Black Metallers have been searching for a replacement. Now they've found one. Agathodaimon have finally decided on Till Ottinger as their replacement bassist. Ottinger has been in Death Metal band Misanthropic, and Agathodaimon are quite happy with him.

Here is a small comment by the band: "Our search is over, although there have been a few excellent bass players, we finally decided to take Till Ottinger."

More information about him, and a photo of him, will be posted on Agathodaimon's website soon.

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Agathodaimon - Bassist Leaves, Seeking Replacement

Guitarist Sathonys of the German black metallers Agathodaimon has issued the following update:

"Our bass player, Darin 'Eddie' Smith, recently left, so we're looking for a replacement and are testing some potential candidates currently.

"If you have a professional attitude and would like to apply for the job (area Mainz/Darmstadt/Frankfurt preferred), send a mail to: along with further info about you and your musical background.

"Besides, the new website will be relaunched early next month. Meanwhile, check out the new page at myspace: and join our friends list if you like. Of course, we're also working on the yet untitled successor 'Serpent's Embrace'. A release date is set to November 24th. More news soon!"

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New Agathodaimon Samples Online

Agathodaimon will soon release their 4th album, and you may check out some of the songs in the exclusive pre-listening section of the Nuclear Blast website ( or directly follow this link:

The new album received excellent reviews so far and again goes far beyond the borders of "ordinary" black metal and continues the tradition of "Chapter III". Looking for something different? Then have a listen!

The band also produced a video clip which is available at the same location (Real Player required).

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