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06.01Andromeda - To Reissue 'Chimera' And 'II=I'
21.07Andromeda - New Album Details
11.07Andromeda - New Album Release Date Posted
07.03Andromeda - DVD Details
28.08Andromeda - Will Record Live DVD
06.06Andromeda - Confirms Three New Concert Dates
02.12Andromeda - Details On New Album
01.03Andromeda - Recordings For 3rd Album Are Over!
11.09Andromeda will complete the recording
19.05Andromeda - III

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Andromeda - To Reissue 'Chimera' And 'II=I'

Inner Wound Recordings announced that the label will re-release the classic Andromeda progressive metal albums II = I and Chimera. The release dates are set for January 21st for North America and January 24th for Europe. Both albums are remastered and contain liner notes written by Andromeda guitarist Johan Reinholdz.


Source: facebook.com
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Posted: 06.01.2014 by BloodTears | Comments (3)

Andromeda - New Album Details

Swedish metallers Andromeda will release their fourth album, entitled "The Immunity Zone", on September 16th via Nightmare Records.

"The Immunity Zone" cover] tracklisting:

01. Recognizing Fate
02. Slaves Of The Plethoria Season
03. Ghosts On Retinas
04. Censoring Truth
05. Worst Enemy
06. My Star
07. Another Step
08. Shadow Of Lucent Moon
09. Veil Of Illumination

Also the band adds: "Soon there will be previews to be heard right here on the Andromeda MySpace which is under new management. From now on it will be kept up to date, so check back for updates!"


Source: blog.myspace.com
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Posted: 21.07.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (4)

Andromeda - New Album Release Date Posted

Swedish metallers Andromeda have announced the release date of their long awaited fourth studio album "The Immunity Zone". The album will be out in the USA on the 16th of September. More release dates for the rest of the world are said to be posted soon. More information about the album is also expected to follow.

Source: andromedaonline.com
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Posted: 11.07.2008 by Memento Mori | Comments (0)

Andromeda - DVD Details

Swedish Progressive Metallers Andromeda has revealed details of their live DVD entitled "Playing Off The Board".

The main feature was recorded on 31st October 2006 in Wyspianski Theater in Katowice (Poland) when Andromeda supported Pendragon at a 21st Anniversary of "The Jewel" concert. The band (line-up: David Fremberg - vocals, Johan Reinholdz - guitar, Martin Hedin - keyboards, Thomas Lejon - drums and Fabian Gustavsson - bass) concentrated mostly on their latest "Chimera" album but the set-list also includes older tracks from "Extension Of The Wish" and "II=I" albums. Get ready for a strong dose of progressive metal! The Swedish quintet offers powerful and sublime sound compositions that are both structurally intricate and overflowing with a vast spectrum of emotions.


Source: metal-rules.com
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Posted: 07.03.2007 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Andromeda - Will Record Live DVD

Andromeda will record a live DVD in Katowice, Poland on the 31st of October. More details will be avalaible soon.

In other news, Andromeda filmed a video for the song "In the End" earlier in the year. The track comes off the band's latest CD, "Chimera", which was released in June via Massacre Records.

Upcoming Andromeda tour dates:

Sep. 02 - Copenhagen, DEN @ The Rock
Sep. 08 - Lübeck, GER @ TBA
Sep. 10 - Raismes, FRA @ Raismesfest
Sep. 11 - Paris, FRA @ Nouveau Casino
Sep. 13 - Aschaffenburg, GER @ Colos-Saal
Sep. 14 - Berlin, GER @ Knaack
Oct. 31 - Katowice, POL @ TBA

Source: andromedaonline.com
Band profile: Andromeda
Posted: 28.08.2006 by Døc | Comments (0)

Andromeda - Confirms Three New Concert Dates

Andromeda will play at Noveau Casino in Paris on September 11th and the following day (September 12th) at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers in Belgium.

One more show added on September 2nd in Copenhagen at the Rock. Also appearing on the bill is Danish band Manticora.

Source: andromedaonline.com
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Posted: 06.06.2006 by #~|CoP Return|~# | Comments (0)

Andromeda - Details On New Album

The upcoming Andromeda album entitled "Chimera" will be release "in Japan on the 21st of January (Marquee/Avalon). A date for North America, Europe and the rest of the world will soon come!"

The tracklist of the album is the following:

1. Periscope
2. In the End The
3. Hidden Riddle
4. Going Under
5. The Cage of Me
6. No Guidelines
7. Iskenderun
8. Inner Circle
9. Blink of an Eye

Source: andromedaonline.com
Band profile: Andromeda
Posted: 02.12.2005 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Andromeda - Recordings For 3rd Album Are Over!

15th of February 2005

David says: "The recordings for the third album are now finished and the mixing is expected to be done by March.

Source: Official website
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Posted: 01.03.2005 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Andromeda will complete the recording

The band has scheduled to start the recording of the remaining songs from the yet-untitled album on middle of September. The band is also studying record deals of some labels.

Band profile: Andromeda
Posted: 11.09.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Andromeda - III

As we all espected Andromeda has started recording their third album. This happened in last few weeks. It's still unknown how long will this take... I just can't wait to hear what band has to offer with their new work... Can you? I think that this waiting will pay off when new album is released!

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Posted: 19.05.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)