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Axxis - Upcoming Cover Album Tracklist Announced

German heavy/power metallers Axxis have revealed the final tracklist for their upcoming cover album ReDISCOver(ed), to be released on May 18th. The band issued the following update: "The mastering of the new Axxis cover song album ReDISCOver(ed) is done. Bernhard's great mix was finished by mastermind Juergen Lusky (HOFA studios). After some fans and music specialists took a listen to the whole production they're all loving the mix, the interpretation and the selection of songs enthusiastically! By the way: we want to say thanks to all voters. Axxis have been considered 95% of your votes. And apparently your choice was perfect."


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Posted: 09.04.2012 by Flower Metal | Comments (5)

Axxis - To Release Cover Album, New Studio Album In 2013

German heavy/power metallers Axxis have revealed that the band will release a cover album in 2012 and a new studio album in 2013. The band issued the following update on their official website: "Axxis are going to release a cover song album in 2012 and they start working on a new 'regular' Axxis album for 2013."


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Axxis - New Song Online

A brand new Axxis track "Utopia" is available for streaming on the AFM Records' MySpace page.

"Utopia" comes off the band's forthcoming album, entitled "Utopia", which will be released on August 28 via AFM Records.

"Utopia" cover art] tracklist:

01. Journey To Utopia
02. Utopia
03. Last Man On earth
04. Fass Mich An
05. Sarah Wanna Die
06. My Fathers' Eyes
07. The Monsters Crawl
08. Eyes Of A child
09. Heavy Rain
10. For You I Will Die
11. Underworld
12. Taste My Blood
13. 20 Years Anniversary Song


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Posted: 29.07.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Axxis - In The Studio

Axxis are currently recording the material for their new studio album. This time, the band members will come up with a special surprise to celebrate their 20th band anniversary. Stay tuned for upcoming news regarding this matter.

At this moment, Axxis singer Bernhard is recording his vocal tracks before drummer Alex Landenburg will start with the drum recordings.

The upcoming Axxis album will be produced by Harry and Berny. The band is once again working with engineer Dennis Ward (never change a winning team!). Also a female vocalist will take part at the new production, but this time, she will only act in the background.

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Posted: 18.02.2009 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Axxis - New Drummer Announced

Axxis have announced Alex Landenburg as the new drummer in the group. Commented on the band's official site:

"It took a long time…but now the search for a new drummer is over. Alex Landenburg is the new Axxis drummer. Due to the high number of applications of some really great drummers, it was not an easy choice for the Axxis guys to be made.

Harry Oellers (keyboards): "We were really spoilt for choice this time, with the level of the drummers being top notch, and it wasn't easy for us to turn the others down. With some of them we will keep in touch for other projects though."

Bernhard Weiß (vocals): "The shows we got to play with Alex were a lot of fun for us! He's a great guy and he just fits us both musically and personality wise! I'm looking forward to the next production where his drumming will add a new twist to our songs!"

Marco Wriedt (guitars): "I'm very happy that Alex is the new Axxis Drummer. Since Gig one with Alex, I'm pretty amazed by his talents and his attitude. I'm already looking forward to the new Axxis Production where we can show how powerful and diverse this new Axxis-Line Up is. Let's unleash the fury Alex!!"

Alex Landenburg who is known for his work with bands like Mekong Delta, At Vance or Annihilator is very much looking forward to his new duty in Axxis!

Alex comments: "I'm absolutely excited to be the new drummer for Axxis! The spirit in this band and also between the band members is amazing, and it's just plain fun to share a stage with these guys! I'm looking forward to the next Axxis record and upcoming shows and as usual I'm ready to give a 100%, both live and in studio.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to say thanks to the Axxis fans, for the heartfelt way I was welcomed by you guys and gals during the last shows! See you all on the road!"


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Posted: 13.11.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (0)

Axxis - Drummer Leaves Band

Drummer Andrè Hilgers has left the band, as an update on the official Axxis website states:

Andrè Hilgers (drums) and Axxis will go different ways by mutual agreement. Andrè will concentrate his full energy on Rage in the future. We wish him the greatest success out there and we want to say: thanxx for all! We're sure that we all will hear a lot of positive things in the future from Andrè.

Bernhard: "Andrè is a great person and a super drummer. He would earn to reach the top-ten list of the best drummers in Germany. We will miss him."

Harry: "We wish Andrè all the best for his future and we're looking back on wonderful 4 years in a successful time."

Andrè Hilgers started drumming for fellow German metallers Rage as of last year.


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Posted: 12.06.2008 by Baz Anderson | Comments (2)

Axxis - New Guitarist Found

The following announcement was posted on Axxis' official website:

One rehearsal session and one recording session... and the decision was done! Marco Wriedt will be the new Axxis guitar player!

(Keyboardist) Harry (Oellers): "As Marco arrived in the studio I thought Walter (first Axxis guitar player) is back ;-)! We sent him all of our actual songs and he played everything perfectly!"

(Vocalist) Bernhard (Weiß): "This guy is 22 years old and very creative. We just let him play to our new production and it was... awesome!"

See Marco's comments at this location.

More on the guitarist at his official website and his MySpace.


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Axxis - Guido Is Not With Axxis Anymore

The year 2006 was a very successful year for AXXIS and now we got bad news :-(

Guido wanted to leave AXXIS.

The band did know his decision since september 2006 and wanted to say thanxx for the great time, the great productions and the wonderful gigs with him. For AXXIS it's not an easy situation but everybody accepted Guido's plan for his own future.

In Karlsruhe/Germany was the last gig with him and AXXIS presented a large cake for their long-time colleague during their private party. The goodbye was not easy...

Here you can read Guido's statement =>

"Hello my dear friends and fans!!

As you probably know by now I have left Axxis! The reasons for my decision are very personal and I would like you not to speculate too much about them. More imortant to me is that you respect my decision and hold on to Axxis. Please give a heartly and warm welcome to my follow up. Just like you welcomed me as i followed Walter in 1998. Hopefully I will show up on stage again soon and I would be very happy to see familiar faces. You'll soon be able to find and contact me on MySpace.

All the best for the future to you all and Axxis

Sincerly yours Guido"

The band is trying to find a good alternative and if someone thinks that he's able to do this job, he can send and mail with bio and fotos to

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Posted: 21.12.2006 by Jeff | Comments (3)