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Bison B.C. - No Longer On Metal Blade

Bison B.C., who released Lovelessness last year, are now label-less as the sludge metallers were informed that they have been dropped by Metal Blade. The band, however, remains optimistic about the future.


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Bison B.C. - Streaming Entire New Album

Sludge metallers Bison B.C. released their new album Lovelessness on October 22nd through Metal Blade Records, and now the full album is available for streaming online. You can give the new songs a listen through CBC Music here.


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Bison B.C. - Reveal New Album Details

Sludge lords Bison B.C. have announced that their brand new musical offering and the result of their hard work will be titled Lovelessness. The bloody and slightly disgusting cover art can be seen below as well as the tracklist. You can expect the album to drop on October 22nd under Metal Blade Records. But for now you can also listen to the brand new song "Anxiety Puke/Lovelessness" on the video below.


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Bison B.C. - Working On New Material

Canadian sludge metal outfit Bison B.C. are currently working on their fourth album. The band checked in with the following update: "The new batch of songs that will become our 4th album are frighteningly close to being completed and ready to record. there are some long, slow ones; some short fast ones; some that start fast then slow down; some that start slow and then speed right up; and even some that have nary a single awkward tempo change! We are excited to play them live and in the studio and anxious to see if our loyal followers will hear the same influences that we do! (Seaweed? Tad? Melvins? Integrity? Born Against? Tool?) who knows?!"


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Bison B.C. - Announce Canadian Tour

In the past year, Canadian sludge metal act Bison B.C. have been on the road with Helmet, Weedeater and Saviours to name a few. On October 19th, they will start their 12 day Canadian tour in Ottawa, right off the heels of their Weedeater tour, which is happening as we report this. Toronto will be a very special show as it will be C'mon's final show. The bill for Toronto also includes Burning Love and Miesha and The Spanks.


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Bison B.C. - New Drummer Announced

Vancouver, Canada-based sludge metal act Bison B.C. have parted ways with drummer Brad Mackinnon and have replaced him with former 3 Inches Of Blood drummer Matt Wood.

The band released the following cool story: "So here it is - a couple months back Brad told me he had made the difficult decision to leave the band. We lived and breathed music together for almost five years and it was a fucking honor to share the stage and create music with him, not to mention doing all kinds of fucked up shit that was fucking way fun. It was a hard decision for him, and we wish him all the best, and hey, we still go and get wasted together.

We spent months scouring the city looking for a drummer, which in these here parts is a daunting task. We end up in Chiliwack one night at our favorite sports bar, "Shakerz". Local blues rock band Stone House takes the stage and half way through their set, including a smokin' cover of "Life is a Highway", we notice some drunk dude in the corner dancing on tables, spitting on the band and basically ruining the night for everyone. After the bar lets out we find ourselves at the Greyhound station on our way back to town. We notice the table dancing dude is spare changing to try and get back to town as well, though he is now covered in his own puke. We get to talking and Masa realizes it is his old friend Matt, although through coughing fits and dry heaving he insists his name is Watty Moods, ex-drummer for Stone House.

Masa and Matt used to play in a band called Goatsblood back in '79, so we invite him to come jam with us, purely out of pity. Turns out he's pretty good for a drunk just shy of fifty. So, on behalf of Bison B.C. Inc., we would like to welcome to the band, our new drummer Mr. Matt Wood."


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Bison B.C. - New Song Online

Bison B.C. has revealed a new track, called "Stressed Elephant", from their upcoming album entitled Dark Ages. The record will be released on April 9th in Europe through Metal Blade Records. Check out the song here.


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Bison B.C. - New Album Details

Vancouver's Bison B.C. is set to release their 3rd album, and 2nd with Metal Blade Records, titled Dark Ages on April 13 and prepare for their upcoming tour with High On Fire, Priestess, and Black Cobra by playing a batch of dates with Shadows Fall and Baptized In Blood including two shows at the infamous SXSW festival. Bison B.C. also has plans set for a notational Canadian tour in June, which will be announced in the coming weeks. A list of tour dates can be found here.

Dark Ages was recorded by Jesse Gander, who also recorded Quiet Earth, at The Hive Creative Labs in Burnaby, British Columbia and was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

Dark Ages cover art] tracklist:

01. Stressed Elephant
02. Fear Cave
03. Melody, This is for You
04. Two-Day Booze
05. Die of Devotion
06. Take the Next Exit
07. Wendigo Pt. 3 (Let Him Burn)

The track "Stressed Elephant" will be available on Canada's Explore Music starting March 12th and the track "Two-Day Booze" will be premiered exclusively on StereoGum starting on April 2nd.


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Shadows Fall - Canadian Tour With Bison B.C., Goatwhore

Shadows Fall are pleased to announce their first ever headlining tour of Canada. The tour starts on Wednesday February 24th in Calgary, Alberta. Support on the tour will come from Bison B.C. and Baptized In Blood. Special guest Goatwhore will be on the first six west coast dates only. Shadows Fall have also announced a headlining show before they cross the border to the great white North. The show is in Spokane, WA at The Knitting Factory and support will come from Bison B.C., Baptized In Blood and Goatwhore.

Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair had the following to say about Shadows Fall's Canadian headlining tour: "All of us in Shadows Fall are very excited to finally be heading to Canada for a full headlining tour! We look forward to rocking with all the metalheads in the great white North and sharing a few extra strong beers with you all!"

Shadows Fall, Bison B.C., Goatwhore, Baptized In Blood

02/23 Spokane, WA - Knitting Factory
02/24 Calgary, AB - Republik
02/25 Edmonton, AB - Starlite
02/26 TBA
02/27 Regina, SK - The District
03/01 Winnipeg, MB - WECC
03/02 Thunder Bay, ON - The Roxy

Shadows Fall, Bison B.C., Baptized In Blood

03/04 Toronto, ON - Opera House
03/05 London, ON - Music Hall
03/06 TBA
03/07 Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
03/08 Montreal, QC - National
03/09 Quebec City, QC - Imperial


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The Ocean, Bison B.C. - Two Live Shows To Be Streamed Online

The Ocean and Bison B.C.'s upcoming shows in Hamburg and Berlin on March 16th and 21st, respectively, will be streamed live from the venues by The concerts will also be archived on the website for fans to view after the shows are over. The Ocean and Bison B.C. are currently stampeding their way across Europe with fellow forward-thinking metal acts Burst and Medeia.

Direct Link to 3/16 Hamburg Stream:
The Ocean @ 6:00pm EST / 12:00am CET: Link]
Bison B.C. @ 4:15pm EST / 10:15pm CET: Link]

Direct Link to 3/21 Berlin Stream:
The Ocean @ 4:50pm EST / 10:50pm CET: Link]
Bison B.C. @ 1:15pm EST / 7:15pm CET: Link]


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