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24.07Cloudscape - Release New Video
04.12Cloudscape - New Album Completed, Artwork Revealed
28.01Cloudscape - Album Teaser Online
27.12Cloudscape - Putting Final Touches On New Album
16.04Cloudscape - Part Ways With Guitarist, New Album Title
04.03Cloudscape - New Drummer Announced
13.02Cloudscape - Part Ways With Drummer
18.11Cloudscape - New Video Online
22.05Cloudscape - New Album Samples Online
30.04Cloudscape - New Album Update

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Cloudscape - Release New Video

"Your Desire", the brand new video from Swedish prog metal band Cloudscape has been released and you can see it below presented by RoastingHouse Records/Sound Pollution. The song for this video, which was filmed and produced by Rainer Holmgren, comes off the group's new upcoming album New Era. You can head over here for the details of the album. New Era is scheduled for a September 11th release date via Nightmare Records.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Cloudscape
Posted: 24.07.2012 by Abattoir | Comments (2)

Cloudscape - New Album Completed, Artwork Revealed

Swedish prog metallers Cloudscape have completed the work on their upcoming album New Era and unveiled its artwork.

The band posted the following on their official website: "The work with Cloudscape's forthcoming 4th album entitled New Era is now finished! The band offers a strong, melodic album and probably their best to date. New Era was produced by Micko Twedberg, mixed by Micko Twedberg together with Anders "Theo" Theander, mastered by Anders "Theo" Theander, who also is executive producer, all done at RoastingHouse Studios."


Source: cloudscape.se
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Posted: 04.12.2011 by Reign | Comments (2)

Cloudscape - Album Teaser Online

Swedish prog metallers Cloudscape are all set to record their forthcoming album New Era during the next few months. The album is tentatively slated for a late 2011 release. A sneak preview can already be watched below.


Source: cloudscape.se
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Posted: 28.01.2011 by BudDa | Comments (1)

Cloudscape - Putting Final Touches On New Album

Swedish progressive metal band Cloudscape have issued the following update on the band's forthcoming album, New Era:

"Cloudscape is very excited about 2011 considering they'll release their fourth album to be entitled New Era. All songs are now written and the band is making plans with their management. Cloudscape will most likely enter the studio during the first months of 2011. Cloudscape have as you may know went through a few member changes (new drummer, new bassist, new guitarist, ed.) and it's been 2.5 years since the release of Global Drama so, the band is happy to say that all wounds are healed and the band is back in the saddle more inspired than ever."

In other news, vocalist Mike Andersson's other band, Full Force, have uploaded a new song to be included on their debut album to be released also in 2011. The track "None Of Your Concern" can be heard here.


Source: cloudscape.se
Band profile: Cloudscape
Posted: 27.12.2010 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Cloudscape - Part Ways With Guitarist, New Album Title

Cloudscape is working on a fourth album to be entitled New Era. Here's an update from the band:

"As some of you might have noticed it has been quite silent around Cloudscape for some time. We have updated a few minor news in order to send you all some life-signs. Nonetheless as mentioned, Cloudscape is still fully alive and hungrier than ever. But, 2009 and parts of 2010 have been quite struggling years mainly because of member changes and stuff which have prevented us from moving on. Roger Landin and Haynes Pherson left Cloudscape in early 2009 because of personal issues and they were shortly replaced by Fredrik Joakimsson (drums) and Håkan Nyander (bass). Fredrik and Håkan have filled the band with new fuel and inspiration and the song-writing for our fourth album is going really damn well and all of us are very excited about the new songs.


Source: cloudscape.se
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Posted: 16.04.2010 by Fastolphbolger | Comments (0)

Cloudscape - New Drummer Announced

Cloudscape have found a new drummer to replace Roger Landin. His name is Fredrik Joakimsson and is a friend of Cloudscape since a few years back.

Fredrik played live with Cloudscape on February 27 in their hometown (Helsingborg) and everything went really awesome both personally and musically and fans of Cloudscape praised his performance. Fredrik learned the setlist (10 songs) in less than 9 days and impressed a lot with his skillfull playing so, the guys in Cloudscape was totally convinced that Fredrik is the right guy for the band to play drums. Fredrik is more or less unknown considering he haven't recorded any albums before and has only been (and is) active in locally known bands so, Cloudscape is happy and pleased to introduce fredrik Joakimsson to the world of metal as their new permanent drummer.


Source: blogs.myspace.com
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Posted: 04.03.2009 by ArtiA | Comments (2)

Cloudscape - Part Ways With Drummer

Statement from the guys in Cloudscape:

"It is with sadness and grief that we must announce that our good friend and drummer Roger Landin have decided to leave Cloudscape. His descision to leave is personal and has nothing to do with Cloudscape and we are still the best of friends. We have recorded 3 albums that we are really proud of and we will miss Roger enormously both as a drummer, musician and as a part of Cloudscape. We have had a great time together that will never be forgotten. We'll wish all the best for Roger and his family in the future to come."

And the statement from Roger Landin:

"I have made an extremely hard decision. I´m leaving the great Cloudscape due to personal reasons. The band has been a big part of my life for many years, and it has been a wonderful ride. I will thank my great bandmates and of course all of you out there who have supported us over the years. Keep tuning in to this awesome band in the future. To my fellow comrades in the band: Best of luck!"


Source: cloudscape.se
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Posted: 13.02.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (1)

Cloudscape - New Video Online

"Darkest Legacy", the new video from Swedish metallers Cloudscape, can be viewed at this location. The clip was filmed, directed and edited by Rainer Holmgren (Pain Of Salvation, Arsis).

"Darkest Legacy" comes off the Cloudscape's third album, entitled "Global Drama", which was released this past summer in Europe through Goldencore/Roastinghouse Records and in North America through Nightmare Records.


Source: youtube.com
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Posted: 18.11.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Cloudscape - New Album Samples Online

Swedish metallers Cloudscape have issued the following update on their MySpace page:

"The wait is almost over!! Cloudscape is proud to announce that they have inked a deal with recordlabel Golden Core / Roastinghouse Records (ZYX) to release the new (third) album entitled "Global Drama" all over Europe during mid August, 2008. "Global Drama" will also be released in the US and Canada through Nightmare Records in August.

An 8 minute sample containing parts from all songs from "Global Drama" have been uploaded here, so, go there and have a listen… comments are welcome so, please join the official Cloudscape forum.

For magazines, webzines, TV and radio stations who wants to get in touch with Cloudscape for interview requests, promos and so forth ..please contact their management at roger@roastinghouse.com or contact the staff at Golden Core."


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Cloudscape
Posted: 22.05.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Cloudscape - New Album Update

Swedish metallers Cloudscape have issued the following update:

"It's been a long wait for the announcement of release dates and info regarding the third Cloudscape album entitled "Global Drama". The original plan was to release the album during spring 2008, but, as you already know those plans took a different direction so, right here right now we can reveal that "Global Drama" will be released during August/September 2008 but, you have to wait a very few more days to get the exact release dates and info and sneak peek(s). As soon as Cloudscape's management gives the green light, all info will be announced and this will only take a few more days. But, until then you can watch the fantastic album cover Link] made by Mattias Norén (www.progart.com). Stay tuned for more news to be announced in a few days…"


Source: cloudscape.se
Band profile: Cloudscape
Posted: 30.04.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (3)