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18.09Dalriada - Premiere New Video
19.01Dalriada - New Video Online
28.11Dalriada - More Details On Upcoming New Album
19.08Dalriada - New Album Artwork And Tracklist Revealed
28.01Dalriada - Keyboardist Left The Band
14.12Dalriada - New Bassist Announced

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Dalriada - Premiere New Video

Hungarian folk metal act Dalriada present the first video from their upcoming album Napisten Hava (Season of the Sungod). The song is called "A Dudás" and the video can be viewed below. The video was produced by Mihaszna Film. The album Napisten Hava is scheduled for release on September 28th, 2012 through Nail Records.


Source: facebook.com
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Posted: 18.09.2012 by Ellrohir | Comments (4)

Dalriada - New Video Online

"Hajdútánc", the new video from Hungarian metallers Dalriada, can be viewed at this location.

"Hajdútánc" comes off the band's forthcoming album, Ígéret, which will be released on February 11 in Hungary (February 18 in the rest of Europe) via AFM Records.

Ígéret cover art] tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Hajdútánc
03. Hozd El, Isten
04. Mennyei Harang
05. Ígéret
06. Igazi Tuz
07. Kinizsi Mulatsága
08. A Hadak Útja
09. Leszek A Csillag
10. Leszek A Hold
11. Outro


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Dalriada
Posted: 19.01.2011 by White Winter Sun | Comments (7)

Dalriada - More Details On Upcoming New Album

Taken from the Wretched Spawn blog

Hungarian extreme folk metal band Dalriada have recently finished recording their new studio album Igéret; which is pegged for a release date of February 11th, 2011 through AFM Records.

Fronted by vocalist Laura Binder, Dalriada are known for their use of poetry and European folktales in their lyrics; along with their incorpation of traditional Hungarian melodies and instruments into their sound.

Igéret, which is the seventh full-length in their discography; is said to feature not only feature instruments like the kobza and doublebass but also include appearances from fellow countrymen Fajkusz Band and Korpiklanni's Jonne Järvelä. In an official press statement on their website, the band have added that his guest performance shall be to sing sections of the epic "Kalevala" in Finnish; which compliments Dalriada's own choice to sing in Hungarian.


Source: truecultheavymetal.com
Band profile: Dalriada
Posted: 28.11.2010 by csiga | Comments (2)

Dalriada - New Album Artwork And Tracklist Revealed

Hungarian folk metallers, Dalriada have announced the cover artwork and song titles of their upcoming album "Arany-Album". The album contains poems of János Arany (one of the greatest Hungarian poets) and will be released at the end of September via Hammer Records.

"Arany-Album" cover art] tracklist:

01. Ágnes Asszony (Part 1-2)
02. Bor Vitéz
03. János Pap Országa
04. Szent László (Part 1-2)
05. Zách Klára
06. A Rab Gólya
07. A Walesi Bárdok (Part 1-3)
08. Szondi Két Apródja (Part 1-2)


Source: echoofdalriada.hu
Band profile: Dalriada
Posted: 19.08.2009 by Janne | Comments (34)

Dalriada - Keyboardist Left The Band

Due to personal conflits András Kurz (keyboards) left the band in the beginning of the year. The replacement will be announced on the band's official website soon.

More info about the band on http://www.myspace.com/dalriadahu


Source: echoofdalriada.hu
Band profile: Dalriada
Posted: 28.01.2009 by Janne | Comments (1)

Dalriada - New Bassist Announced

Hungarian Folk metal band Dalriada have announced their line up is complete again. According to a posting on the band's official website, Imre Cserdi was already replacing György Varga (former bassist) as a tour musician in Autumn. Now the band has found a permanent bassist in Istvan Molnar, a friend of the band from the village Sopron. From now on he's a full-time member and new bass player of Dalriada.

More info about the band on http://www.myspace.com/dalriadahu.


Source: echoofdalriada.hu
Band profile: Dalriada
Posted: 14.12.2008 by Janne | Comments (6)