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Divine Heresy - Former Members Launch New Band, Song Online

Former Divine Heresy members Tommy Vext and Tim Yeung have reunited in Westfield Massacre, a brand new band also featuring guitarists Bill Hudson and Rick Di Marco. Former In This Moment and Scar The Martyr bassist Kyle Konkiel helped out during the pre-production process for their debut album. If you want a taste of this new band, listen to their first single "Darkness Divides" right here.


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Divine Heresy - First New Album Details, Song And Video Online

Original news, posted on 11.06.2009

Official press release

The creative force behind the genre-defying, legendary metal titans Fear Factory, guitarist Dino Cazares, has returned with a mind-blowing, scathing new offering that shatters the boundaries of conventionality with unrelenting intensity, precision and speed.

This new offering from Cazares' extreme metal juggernaut Divine Heresy also features one of the genre's most acclaimed drummers, Tim Yeung (ex-Nile, Vital Remains), bassist Joe Payne (ex-Nile) and newcomer vocalist Travis Neal (ex-The Bereaved, Pushed).

This pummeling new offering, "Bringer Of Plagues", which is set for a July 28th North American release, redefines the meaning of aggression and takes extreme to an all new level. Neal has undoubtedly proven that he is the perfect fit for the role as he delivers a debut performance for the ages.

The album's scathing opening cut, "Facebreaker", is now available on the band's newly revamped MySpace page, so head over now to stream the song and view the brutal new artwork.

Cazares further comments: "The songwriting process for this album was a great experience and the ideas were constantly flowing. Collaborating with Tim Yeung, Joe Payne and Neal, all together hashing out ideas in the practice space was very therapeutic and enjoyable. We all had a collective desire to take our performances to the next level with this release to undoubtedly prove that we are one of the most devastating bands in the scene today. This is most evident on the opening cut 'Face Breaker,' which we can't wait for all of you to hear. Check it out and drop us a message to let us know what you think of it. We will see you all soon."

Read the full press release at this location.

UPDATE (thanks to 13767)

"Facebreaker", the new video from US metallers Divine Heresy, has been made available online. The clip was helmed by renowned director Brian Thompson (Killswitch Engage).

"Facebreaker" comes off the band's latest album, "Bringer Of Plagues", which was released on July 2009 via Century Media Records.

Also, behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot can be viewed at this location.


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Divine Heresy - Prepare New Material, New Video With New Singer Online

Century Media press release:

Divine Heresy are hard at work on their much anticipated sophomore release, their first with Travis Neal on vocals. The group plan on hitting the studio early next year once again with acclaimed producer Logan Mader (Gojira, Cavalera Conspiracy). To tide fans over, Divine Heresy have completed work on a new video for "Bleed The Fifth," which perfectly captures the band's frenetic live energy. It made its exclusive, online debut through the Headbangers Ball Blog yesterday (16th October) and premieres on MTV2 this Saturday night. Click on this link.

Dino Cazares (guitars) further comments: "The original concept for the "Bleed The Fifth" video was just to have a stripped down, in your face performance clip that was as unrelenting as the song itself. We shot it on a green screen and all of the effects were added in post production, which was very odd considering we are jamming out in front of a blank wall not having any idea how everything was going to look.

We are so confident with our choice of a new vocalist that we decided to re-record the track with his vocals and cut together a new performance clip with him. In the end, everything worked out perfectly and we think we delivered a pretty intense clip that is very indicative of the tenacity of a Divine Heresy live performance. Enjoy"

Divine Heresy kicks off a string of headlining dates in Texas on Nov. 7th and be sure to visit to view their remaining touring itinerary.


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Divine Heresy - South American Cancellation

Divine Heresy regret to announce the following message, posted on the group's MySpace page:

"Divine Heresy would like to send our sincerest apologies to all of our South American fans. We were so happy to finally be able to come down and play some killer show's for all of you guys!, but the promoter (Casa De Musica) fucked up getting the necessary work visa's and flight's. Please do not let this reflect negatively on the band and as soon as we find a new promoter we will come back down there and tear it up!"


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Event: Divine Heresy: Latin American Tour [CANCELLED]
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Divine Heresy - Search For New Vocalist

Century Media announced the following post for the Divine Heresy regarding their search for a new vocalist:

"There has been much speculation as of late to the status of Divine Heresy's lead singer situation after their last tour, and the band is now going back to the drawing board to explore more options. If you are interested in trying out for the position, you need to go to the group's Myspace page to download some instrumental tracks. You will need to record your vocals on them and submit them back to along with a bio, any possible photos and contact info. Vocal tracks should be as organic as possible. No autotune or vocal effects, excessive reverb, etc.

In other news Divine Heresy recently completed a very successful run as part of the "Tyranny and Bloodshred Tour," and will now spend the summer months writing material for their much anticipated, sophomore release. However, the group does plan on playing a few dates in Mexico and South America this August."


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Divine Heresy - Vocalist Fired

Headbangers Ball Blog can exclusively reveal that singer Tommy Cummings has been fired from Divine Heresy. The move came after Cummings flew into a rage during a show on April 26 in Poughkeepsie, New York when the other players wouldn't let him end the set early.

"He gave us 10 different reasons why we should stop 'My microphone doesn't work, I got diarrhea, the monitors are f-ked up' whatever he could think of," Cazares told "And we decided that's not fair to the fans. We wanted to give them a full show."

In part, the other members of Divine Heresy decided to finish the gig because they didn't think Cummings was being honest about why he wanted to cut the set short. "We felt that he wanted to end the show early to go hang out at the New England Metal Fest, which we were supposed to be performing at the next day," Cazares said.

But when Divine Heresy blasted into the next song, Cummings became unglued. He tried to pry the drumsticks from Tim Yeung's hands, then he shoved Cazares, knocking him down. "The venue has a weird step onstage, and I hit the step and fell after he pushed me," Cazares said. "He just caught me off balance. It was extremely unprofessional, and, in my head I just knew it was over with him."

The Poughkeepsie incident was the final straw in a relationship that had grown increasingly strained over time. From the start, Cummings' hardcore and hip-hop background clashed with the rest of the band's brutal death metal orientation, and as the lead singer, he seemed to see himself as the leader of the group even though the band was formed by Cazares. "He's a big, intimidating guy and he knows how to use that to his advantage," the guitarist explained. "We didn't agree on a lot of things and we thought it was better that he left."

After the onstage confrontation, Divine Heresy canceled their April 27 headline show at the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest and returned to California. Currently, the band has auditions scheduled with four other singers and will definitely be onboard when their tour with Arch Enemy and Firewind launches on May 9 in Philadelphia.

"Even if we have to go as a three-piece we'll be there because Joe sings as well," Cazares said. "Sometimes it's a bit difficult for him to do both. But even if I have to sing which you don't want to hear we'll be there."


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Divine Heresy - Japanese Bonus Track Online

Roadrunner Records UK reports: "To coincide with the beginning of the Divine Heresy UK tour we have uploaded "Purity Defiled", a song which is only available on the Japanese version of "Bleed The Fifth". The stream will only be available for the duration of the tour so make your way to our music section to listen to it while it's there. Click here to listen to "Purity Defiled".

Divine Heresy UK Tour dates are:

11 Dec 2007 UNDERWORLD London, UK
12 Dec 2007 ZODIAC Oxford, UK
13 Dec 2007 WEDGEWOOD ROOMS Portsmouth, UK
14 Dec 2007 ARTS CENTRE Colchester, UK
15 Dec 2007 SUGARMILL Stoke, UK
16 Dec 2007 KING TUTS Glasgow, UK
17 Dec 2007 ACADEMY 2 Manchester, UK


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Event: Divine Heresy + Blood Red Throne: European Tour
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