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Evoken - Debut New Song

New music alert! Death/funeral doom metal lords Evoken have shared the massive 8-minute new song "Ceremony Of Bleeding". You can hear it below, for another taste of the long-awaited new album, Hypnagogia. You can get your hands on the new record on November 9th via Profound Lore Records.


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Evoken - First Single Revealed Off 'Hypnagogia'

You have already read the details regarding Hypnagogia, the new full-length album from iconic death/funeral doom unit Evoken. In advance of its release, on November 9th via Profound Lore Records, the band has unveiled the track "Valorous Consternation", which you can check out below.


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Evoken - Announce New Album, Details Unveiled

New Jersey funeral doom leaders Evoken have finally announced their new album, Hypnagogia, which will be released on November 9th by Profound Lore Records. Once again the album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Sound Spa studios in New Jersey by Steven DeAcutis and features album cover artwork by Adam Burke.


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Evoken - Begin Recording New Album

Good news for Evoken fans! The U.S. band is bringing the doom once again and just entered the studio and have begun recording their sixth full-length LP. Their latest release, Atra Mors, came out in 2012. More details are expected soon about the upcoming record to drop via Profound Lore Records.


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Evoken - New Track Available For Streaming

US death/funeral doom metal band Evoken has released the new track "Descent Into Chaotic Dream" from their upcoming fifth album Atra Mors, which is available for streaming at this location.


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Evoken - Complete Work On New Album, Stream New Track

US atmospheric death/funeral doom metal band Evoken have completed work on their anticipated new full-length album Atra Mors (the Latin translation for "Black Death"). The album is due out on July 31st under Profound Lore Records. Also, Evoken has a new track, "An Extrinsic Divide", available for streaming at this location.


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Evoken - Reveal New Album Details

US funeral doom metal band Evoken has revealed the title and release date for their upcoming new album. The band posted the following on their Facebook page: "The new album Atra Mors is now set for release July 31, 2012 via Profound Lore. We'll be playing one new song from the album this Saturday. Plans to tour in support of the new album will be addressed quite soon stay tuned and doomed."


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Evoken - To Enter The Studio

US funeral doomsters Evoken are preparing to enter the studio in the upcoming week to lay down their next full-length album.


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Evoken - To Enter Studio In November

US death/doom metal band Evoken have announced that they will enter the studio in November to record their new album.

The band issued the following statement on their official Facebook page: "The first 3 dates for the studio are booked, and we're ready to go. November 11th, 12th, and 13th we begin recording our new opus. We will be returning to the same studio behind A Caress Of The Void with Steve DeAcutis behind the board once again."


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Evoken - To Enter Studio This Weekend

Evoken have issued the following update:

"It has been quite a awhile since the last update so without further hesitation, I give you the latest news regarding Evoken.

We have just completed our version of "Yet The Watchers Guard" for the upcoming Thergothon tribute on Solitude Productions. We think it is a respectable and authentic tribute to the kings of Lovecraftian DOOM!

We will also be entering the studio this weekend to begin recording a 4 song (3 songs/outro) split CD with Swedish heavyweights Beneath The Frozen Soil. This will be released by I Hate Records. Details are still mostly unclear as of this moment, however more will be posted as soon as I receive it... including the titles, time lengths, release date as well as other important news. So check back here as it will be updated soon."

In a further blog comment, Evoken further revealed: "All but one track is new. We will be redoing "Omniscient" from the 2002 promo. It was actually recorded for the 2005 album "Antithesis Of Light" but was scraped at the last minute due to time restrictions on a single CD."

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Evoken - New Keyboard Player

Guitarist Nick Orlando from US Funeral Doom band Evoken has updated their MySpace page with the following blog:

"Greetings, everybody....Hope your Thanksgiving was good and the gravy was flowing fast & free!!! Anyway, on to the important news.....

First and foremost, we would like to introduce & welcome our new keyboard player into the fold, Don Zaros. He is a very talented musician with a lot of knowledge regarding this type of music...which is exactly what we were looking for. Evoken has started practicing again as a full band (finally) after a lengthy layoff and initial rehearsals have been very promising.

Secondly, the new Evoken album has arrived, so we will be able to take care of all orders from here on out. Apologies to all those who've emailed me the last 1-2 weeks and were turned away, I just didn't want to start taking pre-orders and have something else go wrong (knowing the luck this band usually has). Now they are in my hands, so all is well.

I will update the merchandise page, as that is were all the rest of the info is anyway

Ok, you may now resume your Triptophane stupors !!!!! Dark Regards"

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Evoken - "Embrace The Emptiness" Re-Released By Solitude Prod

Russian doom-metal label Solitude Prod. has concluded an agreement with Elegy Records for releasing Evoken's "Embrace the Emptiness" album. Earlier this album had been released by the American label in 1998 with limited circulation.

The CD is to be released in the first half of October this year, it will be exclusively designed.

In America "Embrace the Emptiness" will be spread only by Elegy Records.

Solitude Prod - Russian Doom Metal Label

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Evoken - Announce New Bass Player

The following message by the members of Evoken has been posted on the band's official forum announcing their new bass player:

"Greetings all,

it's been a very long time since I have posted here, and now that the dust has settled, once again I now have the opportunity to chat and post as in the past.

First....we are extremely honored, and proud to announce the newest member of Evoken. Former Incantation,Disciples of Mockery, and current mastermind of Methadrone Craig Pillard as our new bassist.

We have been good friends with Craig for many years and it was only a matter of time before we could combine Craig's sound, talent, and experience with Evoken. We are very excited about the future of Evoken, with many things planned for the future. So Evoken are now a complete line-up once again as: John Paradiso-Guitars/Vocals, Nick Orlando-Guitars and Clean Guitars, Craig Pillard-Bassist, Denny Hahn-Keyboards, and Vince Verkay-Drums.

We will be e-mailing our Newsletter out on Tuesday with all this information. Also, the website is near completion with only a couple of minor tweeks here and there, and full band approval before going up. For now, the news regarding Craig will be in the Intro to the new Evoken website.

A lot! more news to come

with darkest regards,
John, Nick, Craig, Denny, and Vince

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Evoken - Final Tracklist & Cover Art Revealed

After a few years of silence Evoken finally re-emerged from the vault and completed the new album "Antithesis of Light".

We have just received the master tape a few hours before doing this news update, so we can't really say much about it in this very moment. From the few songs we had the opportunity to listen to, we all can expect an extreme album, with very little left to melodies and hope.

Album tracks list :


(for a total playing time of 73 minutes !!!)

Here you have an anticipation of the album front cover ( click here )


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Evoken - Recordings Complete

"NYC's doomsters EVOKEN have also completed the recordings of their new album, to come in 2005.

The album is now tentatively titled "The Last of Vitality" (might change !)

We also have an anticipation on the songs titles :

Mournful Refusal
Antithesis of Light
Darkness Visable
The Last of Vitality

We asked the guys to describe the album in words, and here it comes directly from their pen.... :

"This album will show more variety in structure and sound. Yet, will still keep its dark, heavy, and ominous overtone. This definitely has more structure, yet has subtle differences from previous work. Each song has a swelling and sweeping, darkened atmosphere that will be felt from opening track, to final note. 7 songs plus one intro will come together like a life ending story. The clean guitar sounds as if a distant tolling bell warns of an impending dying sun. The rest of the instruments will complete a sound that we will let the listener await. Some surprises will be found on this album that will show Evoken will continue to expand its sound, its song structure, and influences, while still committing to their doom laden foundation.
Nobody has heard a more cold, haunting, and livid Doom metal album until now""

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