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15.11Lacrimosa - Check Out New Video
16.10Lacrimosa - Entire New Album Streaming Online
29.07Lacrimosa - Release New Album Cover Art
05.07Lacrimosa - Announce New Album Release Date
23.04Lacrimosa - Anniversary Album Samples Streaming
05.03Lacrimosa - New Double Album In May
22.08Lacrimosa - New Video Online
11.03Lacrimosa - New Album Details
02.09Lacrimosa - Update From The Band
31.05Lacrimosa - DVD Trailer, Cover And Infos
01.02Lacrimosa - Update On New Live Album And Movie
17.02Lacrimosa - News on the Releasing Date
11.01Lacrimosa - Message From The Band
24.12Lacrimosa - Tilo Wolff Thoughts & News
08.10Lacrimosa - T. Wolff & his solo project Snakeskin

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Lacrimosa - Check Out New Video

"Revolution", a brand new video filmed in Berlin on October 4th, 2012, from German gothic metal duo Lacrimosa, is now available for viewing online at the band's Facebook page. The song is off the band's new album Revolution out now via Hall Of Sermon.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 15.11.2012 by BudDa | Comments (0)

Lacrimosa - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Three years after the band's last studio release Sehnsucht, Lacrimosa is back with the new album Revolution, which will be released today in North America via End Of The Light Records. Revolution is now streaming in its entirety right here.


Source: music.aol.com
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 16.10.2012 by Cynic Metalhead | Comments (0)

Lacrimosa - Release New Album Cover Art

German symphonic gothic metal band Lacrimosa will release their new album Revolution on September 7th through Hall Of Sermon. This is the first Lacrimosa release with Henrik Flyman (Evil Masquerade) on guitar. The band also previously announced that the album will feature guest performances by Mille Petrozza (Kreator) and Stefan Schwarzmann (Accept). The album artwork for Revolution has been unveiled and can be seen below.


Source: lacrimosa.ch
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 29.07.2012 by Armin | Comments (13)

Lacrimosa - Announce New Album Release Date

The wait is finally over for fans of German symphonic gothic metal band Lacrimosa. The band has just announced the release date for their new upcoming album to be entitled Revolution, the first in three years after Sehnsucht was released in 2009.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 05.07.2012 by BudDa | Comments (1)

Lacrimosa - Anniversary Album Samples Streaming

Starting April 17th, Lacrimosa are introducing new samples of each track of the upcoming 20th anniversary album Schattenspiel. The anniversary album will feature a bunch of unreleased tracks as well as two brand new songs. The album will be in stores on May 7th. Check out the samples at this location.

Schattenspiel cover art] tracklist:

01. Seele In Not (Urversion)
02. Requiem (Urversion)
03. Seelenübertritt
04. Schuld Und Sühne
05. Dreht Euch
06. Dem Ende Entgegen
07. Schakal (Urversion)
08. Vermächtnis Der Sonne (Urversion)
09. Copycat (Extended Version)
10. Ein Hauch Von Menschlichkeit (Late Night Remix)
11. Morgen
12. Schönheit Straft Jedes Gefühl
13. Ein Fest Für Die Verlorenen


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 23.04.2010 by BudDa | Comments (0)

Lacrimosa - New Double Album In May

For their 20th anniversary, German Gothic outfit Lacrimosa will release a new double-CD with 17 previously unreleased tracks from their 20-years band history on May 7th. This will also include the first demos from 1990 and brand-new songs, which at present the band is recording in the studio.

Stay tuned for more information about this release.


Source: lacrimosa.ch
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 05.03.2010 by BudDa | Comments (8)

Lacrimosa - New Video Online

Lacrimosa have presented the videoclip for the song "Feuer". The video was directed by Carlos Toro, a Chilean video director, who Tilo Wolff met for the first time on the Lichtgestalt Tour back in 2005. The track is taken from the band's last album "Sehnsucht", released in May.


Source: lacrimosa.ch
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 22.08.2009 by Thryce | Comments (5)

Lacrimosa - New Album Details

Lacrimosa's new album will be released on the 8th of May 2009. The band's tenth album will be called "Sehnsucht" (=Longing) and features the following tracklist:

01. Die Sehnsucht In Mir
02. Mandira Nabula
03. A.U.S.
04. Feuer
05. A Prayer For Your Heart
06. I Lost My Star In Krasnodar
07. Die Taube
08. Call Me With The Voice Of Love
09. Der Tote Winkel
10. Koma

Check out the official Lacrimosa website for an audio teaser and for a preview of the cover artwork.


Source: lacrimosa.ch
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 11.03.2009 by Daggon | Comments (9)

Lacrimosa - Update From The Band

Lacrimosa have posted the following short August update on their website:

"After our concerts in the Ukraine, Russia, Germany and Romania we thank you - our audience - for those wonderful evenings we could spend together with you!

With these memories we are back in the studio working on the new Lacrimosa-songs, before we are going to perform in London for the first time ever on September 26th, followed by the concerts in Madrid on October 17th and in Barcelona on October the 18th!"

Source: lacrimosa.ch
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 02.09.2008 by Memento Mori | Comments (2)

Lacrimosa - DVD Trailer, Cover And Infos

The following message was posted on Lacrimosa's official website:

"On June, 29th 2007 the DVD Lichtjahre (light years) comes out! This documentation shows Lacrimosa during their one and a half years lasting Lichtgestalt-Tour, which brought them on the stages of Europe, Asia, Central and South America. Never before has the world seen such an unique concert movie, not only showing a band on stage during one concert, but during many concerts on several continents, plus an exclusive view behind the scenes and into private moments in the backstage and the hotelrooms.
And for those, who remember the special versions of many songs, Lacrimosa played during this tour, this DVD is accompanied by its soundtrack of the same name, the first live-CD from Lacrimosa since nine years!"


Source: lacrimosa.ch
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 31.05.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (3)

Lacrimosa - Update On New Live Album And Movie

Taken from their official site, Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi from German Gothic Metal band Lacrimosa announce:

"We can announce the release of our second live-album this year! Moreover, this year we will also release the long awaited Lacrimosa-movie, that follows us during one and a half years touring through Europe, South America and Asia, and the camera was still rolling after we left the stages... quite some interesting material was shot there! Now the cutting is in process and in a few month this major project will finally come to an end!"

Source: lacrimosa.com
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 01.02.2007 by The Alchemist | Comments (7)

Lacrimosa - News on the Releasing Date

A message posted on Lacrimosa official page by T. Wolff & A. Nurmi:
"We are still working on our new album, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel! Therefore we can tell you already now the date, when our nineth studio album will be released:
Monday, May the 2nd, 2005

There are still some days to come untill then, but we are sure, the 2nd of May will be a very special day in the history of Lacrimosa!

All the best,
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi"


Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 17.02.2005 by janhuss | Comments (0)

Lacrimosa - Message From The Band

"First of all from the bottum of our hearts we wish you lots of love, health and joy in 2005! Furthermore we want to thank you so much for your faith, your support and your believe in us, which made it possible, that Lacrimosa is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year!! Sincere gratitude!!

As mentioned earlier, we are at the studio right now, recording our anniversary-album... and already now we can promise, that it's gonna be an exceptional album! Addinional we will play a large-scaled tour and some more surprises are to come this year...!

Into this senses we look upon the future with great expectations!
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi"


Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 11.01.2005 by janhuss | Comments (0)

Lacrimosa - Tilo Wolff Thoughts & News

Taken from the official Lacrimosa homepage:
"I have no idea how you see it, but I love Chistmas and everything that belongs to it! And that is why I enjoy every minute these days and I hope that you find lots of good and heart-warming moments in this special time of the year!
I wish you a wonderful season of Advent and peaceful Christmas!

And then to something else that might be of your interest... several days ago I started the recordings for the new Lacrimosa-album...

Take good care!
Tilo Wolff"

Source: lacrimosa.com
Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 24.12.2004 by janhuss | Comments (0)

Lacrimosa - T. Wolff & his solo project Snakeskin

From Lacrimosa's homepage:

"After the speculations condense and the rumours are becoming preeding-places for cranky fantasy-stories, I want to end the presumptions and notify what I originally wanted to announce earliest in several weeks: Yes, Snakeskin is my solo-project!
More information about Snakeskin you can find on www.snakeskin.ch, but already now I want to mention and anticipate new possible rumours, that Snakeskin is another musical and emotional playground for me, but that it won't detach Lacrimosa! Lacrimosa is and always will be my band and nothing is going to change that!
Without having the need to sacrifice Lacrimosa for it, the gentle listener therefore receives another facet, and I wish lots of pleasure with it!


Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 08.10.2004 by janhuss | Comments (0)