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Incubate Festival 2015 - Confirm Lifelover, The Ruins Of Beverast And More

More heavy music for Incubate Festival 2015! The Dutch festival has announced a new batch of bands that will perform in a beautiful secluded Nature theatre in a forest outside of Tilburg in what promises to be a special event. Lifelover, Secrets Of The Moon, The Ruins Of Beverast, Bölzer, and more have been confirmed for these specially curated events.


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Lifelover - Confirmed For Prophecy Fest

Surprisingly, the Swedes Lifelover have been confirmed for Prophecy Fest. After the tragic death of their founding member and main composer B in September 2011, Lifelover disbanded. Now, ten years after their formation, Kim Carlsson and the remaining members are going to revive the group once again and play an exclusive concert at Prophecy Fest with songs from Lifelover's entire discography and selected guest appearances, promising to be a unique and memorable event. Be there!


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Lifelover - 'Sjukdom' Album To Be Reissued

Prophecy Productions has just announced that Lifelover's Sjukdom album will be re-released on vinyl on February 21st. The fourth and last album of the now defunct band followed Konkurs from 2008. Sjukdom (English: disease) is "where the extremes of the characteristically idiosyncratic Lifelover sound are pushed to their utmost limit." After the tragic death of B in September 2011, this is Lifelover's final studio album.


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Lifelover - Guitarist B Passes Away

In a statement on their Facebook page, Lifelover announced the passing away of their guitarist and main composer, B aka Nattdal. The shows in Aarschot and Rotterdam were played, but in quite a different form. In Aarschot, the band played four songs as a tribute to their lost brother.


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Lifelover - New Album Details

Swedish metallers Lifelover will release their fourth album, Sjukdom ("Disease" in English), via Prophecy Productions on February 14th, 2011.

Sjukdom cover art] tracklist:

01. Svart Galla
02. Led By Misfortune
03. Expandera
04. Homicidal Tendencies
05. Resignation
06. Doften Av Tomhet
07. Totus Anctus
08. Horans Hora
09. Bitterljuv Kakofoni
10. Becksvart Frustration
11. Nedvaknande
12. Instrumental Asylum
13. Utdrag
14. Karma


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Lifelover - Sign With Prophecy Productions

Official press release

Lifelover have signed a long-term contract with Prophecy Productions. Our forth album is scheduled for release in early 2011.

This is what is stated by Prophecy Productions: "With their three full-length albums Pulver (2006), Erotik (2007), and Konkurs (2008), as well as the Dekadens EP (2009), Lifelover have established themselves as one of the most eccentric and notorious bands on the scene in the last few years. The Swedes' unconventional music, their cynical image, and their chaotic live performances have had an extremely polarizing effect. After several changes of labels, Lifelover have now found a partner for a close, long-term collaboration: they have signed a contract with Prophecy Productions over four albums.

Lifelover founding members B aka Nattdal and Kim "( )" Carlsson consider the signing of the contract with Prophecy a logical step for their band: "We always strive to evolve with each effort that we pursue as a band. Signing to Prophecy feels like a good progression for us, and we look forward to work with a label for the first time with consecutive releases."

A new album by Lifelover is scheduled for release in 2011.


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Lifelover - New MCD Details

Lifelover have announced the title, tracklist and cover art of the band's upcoming release. "Dekadens" will be be released in September. The MCD version will be out through Osmose Productions, and the MLP version will be released through Elitmusik. The music has been mastered, all of the artwork has been finished, and everything is on its way to the printing plant. The MCD will feature 7 tracks, and have the total length of around 26-27 minutes.

The band commented: "As we've proclaimed before, we're all extremely satisfied with this release, and we all feel that this has turned out to be Lifelover's finest effort to date. The respose from the select few that have already heard the material has been absolutely overwhelming, and we feel confident that it will be recieved just as well by all of you. We will be publishing a little preview from the MCD here on MySpace shortly. Thanks for all your patience and support. We're counting the days!"

"Dekadens" cover art] tracklist:

01. Luguber Framtid
02. Myspys
03. Major Fuck Off
04. Lethargy
05. Androider
06. Visdomsord
07. Destination: Ingenstans


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Lifelover - Line Up Changes

The following announcement was posted on Lifelover's Myspace blog:

"1853 and S. have quit the band.
Our members 1853 - Additional vocals, speech, lyrics and S. - Drums (live) has left Lifelover, due to personal reasons they could no longer be a part of this sick miserable orchestra. We wish them the best in the future and would like to thank them for their time in Lifelover.

Some of their work during their time in the band:


Lyrics: Herrens Hand, En Sång Om Dig (written in co-operation with B), Besatt, Cancertid, Twitch, Mitt Annexia.
Vocals/speech: Vardagsnytt (second verse), Herrens Hand, Besatt, Mitt Annexia.


Rehearsed with the band 2007-2008 and played the drums during our first live show September 2008, and was supposed to be handling the drums on upcoming releases and live-shows.

We have found ourselves a new drummer now! He will call himself Non and will if everything works out fine, play drums on our upcoming live-shows and releases. We welcome him to the band."

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