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Pagan's Mind - Release New DVD Trailer

Prog/power metal band Pagan's Mind is releasing a new DVD! One year ago, the band performed at ProgPower USA where they recorded the upcoming live DVD/Blu-ray Full Circle. On September 11th 2014, a historical performance took place at Center Stage, featuring the classic album Celestial Entrance in its entirety plus an additional set of "True Norwegian Hard-Hitting In-Your-Face Space Metal", including the instrumental piece "Full Circle". It is this piece which comprises the theme of the show you are about to witness. And now the band will release this concert on October 16th 2015 as a 2CD/DVD digipak version, Blu-ray/2CD version, 2LP gatefold version and download through Steamhammer /SPV. Don't miss the trailer here.


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Pagan's Mind - New Album Update

If you were hoping for an update on what Pagan's Mind have been up to, you are in luck today. The successor to Heavenly Ecstasy is in the works and the power/prog metallers just released an update about their upcoming new album in the form of a video. Check it out below. The band is in songwriting and recording mode.


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Darkwater, Pagan's Mind, Theocracy - Contribute To Charity Track

Something awesome is happening. In fact, vocalists Nils Rue from Pagan's Mind, Henrik Båth from Darkwater, Elin Redin from End Of September and Theocracy's Matt Smith have joined forces to sing in a track composed by Smith himself and enriched with the guitar solo of Darkwater and Harmony's Markus Sigfridsson. The cool fact is that 100% of the income of this track will be delivered to The Bridge Bunch, an organization dedicated to serving the homeless population of Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States. Below you find a teaser of the track, which you can hear in full at this location.


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Pagan's Mind - Audio Samples Of Entire New Album, New Video Online

Norwegian metallers Pagan's Mind have issued the following statement:

"Everyone, has uploaded 30 sec samples of all our songs of the standard edition! You really get a great feeling of the album if you listen to this. We hope you guys really enjoy this and that it encourages you to pre-order the album! For other buy links go to our website. Enjoy!

Samples can be listened here.

New album Heavenly Ecstasy will be released on May 20 in Germany, May 23 in the rest of Europe and on May 31 in USA/Canada via SPV/Steamhammer."

Also a video for the song "Intermission" can be viewed at this location.


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Pagan's Mind - Ink Deal With SPV/Steamhammer

Norwegian melodic power metallers Pagan's Mind have inked a deal with SPV/Steamhammer for the release of their fifth studio album, Heavenly Ecstasy.

Heavenly Ecstasy will be released on May 20th in Germany, on May 23rd in the rest of Europe and in June on North American territory.

One of the new tracks, called "Intermission", was already made available for streaming over at this location.

Guitarist and producer Jørn Viggo Lofstad says: "After considering offers from various labels, we decided to be a part of the new SPV family. Signing with such a respected label gave us the spark to come up with what we think is the most cohesive album we have done, and probably our best offering so far. We can't wait to get back in action and present these songs to you all."

SPV/Steamhammer A&R Olly Hahn replies: "I'm very happy that Pagan's Mind decided to join the SPV family. The band always delivered some of the best and most exciting metal music and with the new album they even put up a dash more!"


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Pagan's Mind - Reveal New Album Title, New Song Online

Pagan's Mind has set Heavenly Ecstasy as the title of their new album, to be released later in the year.

The album was mixed in autumn last year by Stefan Glaumann at Toytown Studios (Within Temptation, Madonna) in Stockholm, Sweden.

One of the new songs on the album, called "Intermission" premiered last night on "The Metal Madman" radio show, and has been made available for streaming below, or over at this location. The stream is available for just one week.


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Pagan's Mind - Update From The Band

Norwegian metallers Pagan's Mind have issued the following update on their MySpace blog:

"Greetings Earthlings, Aliens and whomever else!

Believe it or not, despite the lack of activity here in our official MySpace, we have been busy lately. A new spaceship is in the works, that will take you on a travel through what's musically been created in our heads over the last few years, but we are still in the process of finding a partner that will launch the ship (or album, if you want the clear picture...).

However, we are nearing completion of recording the new album, and work with our Facebook page has been intensified, we have launched a Twitter page, and we will do our best to keep you up to date also here on the MySpace. Yes, there will be a newsletter about the new album coming soon, and maybe a little taste or two...

Over at our Facebook page, we have set up a player where we have album tracks, but also songs that we consider a bit rare. So far, two rare songs have been added; the Japanese bonus track from God's Equation called "Forever Seeking", as well as the homage we did for the local soccer team in Skien, "Helter Fra Telemark". Ok, some of you might recognize the song as a cover by P.O.D., but it's nevertheless recorded by us. We hope you enjoy it!

We have five shows scheduled in Norway for the next 5 weeks or so, please see our "On Tour" section for details on our website. We hope to see as many of you as possible out there. These will be the last shows in support of God's Equation and Live Equation, so who knows when some of these songs will be performed live again (yes, that's how confident we are with our new material).

Have a nice summer still!

Nils, Jorn Viggo, Steinar, Ronny and Stian."


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Pagan's Mind - Working On First Live DVD

Norwegian metallers Pagan's Mind have posted the following tour recap about a week ago:

"We just returned from three weeks of tour craziness along with our friends from Sonata Arctica and Vanishing Point. Thanks to all those guys as well as their crews for a great time with ringing ears, lack of sleep, greasy aftershow food and stress - let's do it again soon!

Anyway, we aim for more exhaustion, and are currently hard at work putting together our first DVD. We filmed our hometown (well, almost) show in Oslo, which went beyond our expectations, and are currently editing this and taking care of the bonus material. We aim for an April release, so be prepared for a real pagan live assault."

To read the tour diary of Pagan's Mind bassist Steinar Krokmo, go to this location.


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Pagan's Mind - Confirmed For ProgPower Scandinavia

Pagan's Mind has announced the following:

"The Scandinavian version of the ProgPower festival that launched last year has booked Pagan's Mind for this years event. October 31st and November 1st 2008 will the doors open for the second edition of ProgPower Scandinavia."

Also confirmed for the event are:
Pain Of Salvation
Wuthering Heights
Anubis Gate
Zero Hour

The two remaining headliners are yet to be announced.


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Pagan's Mind - Headlining ProgPower Europe 2008

The Norwegian progressive metal act Pagan's Mind has been chosen as one of the three headliner's for ProgPower Europe 2008. After their performances at ProgPower both in 2003 and 2005, the band has been confirmed for a full show of around 2 hours long on Friday 3 October. Because this year is ProgPower's 10-year anniversary, the event will be three days long, stretching from Friday 3 October to Sunday 5 October. The festival will take place at JC Sjiwa, Baarlo, The Netherlands and will feature three bands on Friday, and six bands on both Saturday and Sunday.

Other bands confirmed thus far include Division By Zero (Poland) and Suspyre (USA).

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Pagan's Mind - New Album E-Card Online

Pagan's Mind has launched a New Album E-Card Online containing some samples from their new album "God's Equation" and a new video for "Atomic Firelight".

"God's Equation" will be released on 9 November. For a picture of the cover art click here (WARNING: nudity. Not work friendly)
The tracklisting is as follows:

01. The Conception
02. God's Equation
03. United Alliance
04. Atomic Firelight
05. Hallo Spaceboy
06. Evolution Exceed
07. Alien Kamikaze
08. Painted Skies
09. Spirit Starcruiser
10. Farewell
11. Osiris' Triumphant Return


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Pagan's Mind - New Album Update

This following text was posted at the Pagan's Mind Official Forum:


So people it is time for us (Øyvind "Docrock" Doksrød & Kai "Otherman" Hansen), to update you on the latest stuff from the Pagan camp.

Guess you all would like to know the title of the forthcoming masterpiece, or? Would you like to know? Would you?!? Allright then, here it is; "GOD'S EQUATION".

So lets get into the stuff that went down tonight: the PM boys rounded up a mix of fellow local musicans, friends, family and fans - a total of 26 persons - to lay down some backing vocals, a choir thing - AWESOME! here]

The working-title for the track is "RETURN OF OSIRIS"!

Well thats all we had for this time-STAY TUNED! "


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Pagan's Mind - Thorstein Aaby Dies Aged 36

On the front page of the official Pagan's Mind website, the following message reads:

"On the night of 24th of July, our dear friend Thorstein passed on.

After a long time of illness, things took a turn for the worse the last weeks.

Thorstein has been a respected member of the local musicenviroment since the mid-eighties, later nationwide and also outside ofnorwegian borders-all well deserved.

Well known for his skills with the guitar as well as his easy going personality - he was the kind of guy who got more and more friends for each gig he did.

Thorstein did two albums while he was in Pagan's Mind; "Infinity Divine" and "Celestial Entrance", and after parting with the band Thorstein quickly moved on and joined Smalltown Rockets.

Smalltown Rockets appeared on the norwegian KISS-tribute; "God's of Thunder", with the track "C'mon and Love Me".

The last couple of years Thorstein has handled the guitar-duties in the Mötley Crüe tribute-band Wild Side.
Wild Side also recorded some of their own material.

This is a sad, sad day and all our thoughts goes out to Ingvild and the rest of Thorsteins family,and also to his big network of friends and fans.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

We will always miss you, and we will never forget you."

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Eidolon: Change singer, Pagan's Mind singer joins

Toronto, Canada's EIDOLON have parted ways with their singer, Pat Mulock, "for reasons of both a musical and personal nature," according to an official press release. "I express no interest in giving any childish, gory details or go into any specifics as to why we have decided to take this path," said drummer Shawn Drover. "It simply wasn't working for us anymore on a musical level mostly, so in all fairness to the band, a change is necessary at this point in time - we do wish Pat luck on his future musical endeavors.

With regards to the task of replacing Pat, Shawn says, "Once again we are left with the arduous position of trying to find a new 'family' member, as it were - a task (and I think I speak for Glen and Adrian here as well) that we are not fond of. At this juncture of the game, finding the 'right guy for the job' who expresses the same musical goals as well as sharing the same outlook on this retarded business and NOT be delusional about it is not an easy thing - we certainly don't do this for money - if we did, we certainly are playing the wrong type of music!!! We do this for completely selfish reasons, which to me, is the ONLY reason to play music - to express ourselves in a genuine fashion and not bow to any pathetic trends - in the end, we do this for ourselves first and hope to expand our fan base with each release.

"As well, the 'right' vocalist has to be great in all facets - melodic, wide range of vocal styles, great frontman and one who can rip your face off in a live setting - in other words, a complete pro!!!!!! Unfortunately, this type of vocalist does not grow on trees here in North America. Europe however, is a different story, so we decided to try a different approach in finding who we were looking for.......

"It didn't take too long to figure out who we wanted to fill this position. Since late December, Glen and myself have been working on a record called 'Dimension Infinte' which also features 3 members of a band called PAGANS MIND, who, in my opinion, are a fantastic metal-progish style band from Norway (great guys as well, actually) their singer - Nils.K.Rue is lending his talents for this record, in which he, Ronni and Steinar (bass and keyboards, respectively) are currently working on as I write this. After seeing PAGANS MIND last fall at 'Progpower' festival, I was blown away on how great of a live performer Nils was - something that now has played a part on us approaching him to become the new singer for EIDOLON. In my opinion, Nils has all the elements of we want in a great singer, so after contacting him and offering him the 'job', I am happy to say that Nils.K.Rue is now the new vocalist for EIDOLON!!!!!!


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