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Savage Circus - Band Update, Drummer Thomen Stauch Rejoins The Band

German power metallers Savage Circus have announced the return of drummer Thomen Stauch and that they are currently writing new material, which they plan to release at the end of the year. The band posted the following on their Facebook page: "Allright guys! After quite a while of silence from SC we're again ready to drop some news your way. Some of you might have thought 2009's Of Doom And Death was the last thing you'd hear from this band but this is simply not the case."


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Savage Circus - Piet Sielck Leaves The Band

German power metallers Savage Circus have announced the departure of guitarist Piet Sielck. You can read his statement below.

"After long and intensive thinking I came to the conclusion that I cannot uphold any further engagement for Savage Circus any more and hereby officially quit. I am proud of what has been achieved, but I just cannot imagine myself doing songwriting and production more or less completely alone for a third time. This has drained too much energy in the past already, which was needed in more important spots. I am not willing to make such a sacrifice again."


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Savage Circus - New Album Details

German metallers Savage Circus have issued the following update on their official website:

''Savage Circus is ready to return to the scene with a crack of thunder. The long awaited new album "Of Doom And Death" shows all trademarks of "Dreamland Manor". Progressive and powerful songwriting combined with elaborate arrangements, tons of melodies and harmonies, raging guitars rounded up with the trademark vocals towering on the music. From speed monsters such as the title track "Of Doom And Death" to the majestic "Ballad Of Susan" Savage Circus created an album with all the varieties one would expect and beyond.

Savage Circus are finally back with a thunderclap and with their long awaited 2nd studioalbum and ready to set the next milestone in the metaluniverse!"

The album will be released on October 23 via Dockyard 1 Records.

"Of Doom And Death" cover art] tracklist:

01. Of Doom And Death
02. The Ordeal
03. Devil's Spawn
04. Chasing The Rainbow
05. Empire
06. Ballad Of Susan
07. Legend Of Leto II
08. From The Ashes
09. Dreamland


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Savage Circus - Writing New Material

Savage Circus have issued the following update:

"It's been a long time... and if you say too long, you are damned right! Well, there is not really one overall reason for this absence; it's more or less a combination of smaller and bigger things in the life of the individual band members. But there's been one thing for sure, that struck all of us at the same time: the separation from Thomen. This hit us right in the middle of the first songwriting process for the follow up album and - as you may imagine - was not really a boost to our creativity. This had to be "digested" for a while…

While "digesting" in Umea, Sweden a lot of things did happen. Jens and Emilio got involved in the annual House Of Metal Festival (where SC played in 2007). This is quite a lot of stuff to take care for and indeed is time consuming. Yet another quite time consuming activity can be reported from Jens: he built a house! And nevertheless Emilio has encountered the maybe by far most time consuming thing in the world: the man got married! Congratulations and welcome to the club!

But also in Hamburg time moved on. In early 2006 my 3rd (!) daughter was given birth and she's just sweet as honey. By now she is 3 years old and started kindergarten in October 2008. This finally gave me back the time I needed so bad to finish up my songwriting for SC! In the year before it has been my job to take care of the little one during the day… I thought, songwriting is best at night, so no problem. Unfortunately I forgot, how much energy such a little thing draws from you. Those of you with kids of their own know, what I am talking about. So this whole thing turned into a more or less unplanned Sabbath year for little Piet. The only thing I managed to do was to play 2 US shows with my other band Iron Savior (check for more details on this) and to come up with a handful of riffs and melodies for the SC songwriting.

At this point the whole band would like to thank all of you for your patience big time. And your patience shall be rewarded! We are in the final process of the songwriting and a good 90% of the songs are finished and ready to get recorded. But it will get even better: while I am writing this, Jens and Emilio have already started to record vocals on the first song. Once they are finished, we will load the thing up as we did with "Evil Eyes" as a proof of life. By the end of the month you can check out for yourself, if the new stuff can match up with Dreamland Manor. Official production start is scheduled for April, where Mike will lay down the drum tracks. After that it will be Yenz turn to record the bass guitar. Guitars, vocals, keyboards and backing vocals will follow. We are in good hope to start with the final mix down in early summer. The release is scheduled for late summer/early autumn. The whole band is highly motivated to keep this schedule, because we strongly believe in this album. The songwriting turned out to be really strong and powerful. See (or better listen) for yourself and check out the SC page for the exact date of the teaser song release."

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Savage Circus - Announce New Members & Update

The following message has been posted on the band's official website:

"Dear Friends,

After all it's time for some good news again. Savage Circus is happy to present our new official drummer, Mr. Mike Terrana. Known from great bands like Axel Rudi Pell, Rage, Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Masterplan not only to the metal community, Mike is a versatile artist with a very unique style of his own. Exactly this style along with his great character makes the mighty troll a perfect match. Mike, welcome aboard!

But that's not all! After being our unofficial bass guitarist for over a year it is more than due to make Jens Leonhardt an official member too. This has been in our heads for a long time, but being lazy bastards we never came up with an announcement. Jens is known from playing with or in bands like Lacrimosa, Kingdome Come, Stormwarrior and Iron Savior. Needless to say that Jens is a great person. Jens, welcome aboard officially!

Now with the completion of the Circus we are ready for action again. Work on the new record runs at full throttle and release is scheduled for early 2008 followed by various live performances.

All of us are totally happy about this great line up, which already brings so much energy to the band.

All the best to you!

Savage Circus"

And so as things stand, the current line-up of the band is as follows:

Jens Carlsson: Lead Vocals
Emil Norberg: Guitar
Piet Sielck: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jens Leonhardt: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mike Terrana: Drums & Percussion

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Savage Circus - Parts Ways With Thomen Stauch

As posted on Savage Circus official website:

Umea/Hamburg the 17th of August 2007

Dear Friends,

After the recent events at the Rengsdorf Rock&Blues Festival and the Rock Am Schloss Festival the band sees no perspective any more to go on with our drummer Thomen Stauch. Therefore we immediately release him from all duties.

Even though we are aware of his personal situation we cannot ignore the fact anymore that he is still not able to carry out his duties for Savage Circus. Already in summer 2005 Thomes started to cancel most of his all planed out promotional activities. In 2006 he canceled the Japanese shows and wasn't part of any other activity for the whole year. We gave him this entire year to solve his situation because we deeply hoped that he would be able to recover and to get back into pace again. But instead in spring this year Thomen almost canceled the Circle II Circle tour. Now he canceled two festival shows with extremely short notice again…

We are very sorry, but we cannot take this any more. We supported and backed Thomen up for over 2 1/2 years by now, but as sad as it is we must face that it is just not going anywhere. Even though we still do have a lot of understanding for his situation, we cannot allow the unintended but yet serious damage he is doing to the band in which all of us invest so much energy and work. We do want Savage Circus to happen, but we cannot see it happen with Thomen any more.

We are not looking back in anger, we'd rather like to look into the future. This does not dramatically effect the production of the Dreamland Manor follow-up, but we will need some time to decide and work in a worthy replacement, who will be announced shortly. Therefore the release date will move to early 2008.

We wish Thomen well and hope, that he will find his way.

With deepest regrets,

Emil, Jens and Piet

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Savage Circus - Thomas Nack Replaces Thomen Stauch

The band has posted theese following messages on their official website:

Thomen Stauch: July 4th

Dear Savage Circus fans, friends and business partners,

Once again I unfortunately have to surprise you all with really sad news!

Due to ongoing serious private problems in the past months my psychological and physical constitution is completely broken and makes me unable to play the upcoming shows planned for this year! I know you all have been waiting a long time already to see Savage Circus live for the first time and I have been really curious to meet you all again as well, but there is just nothing I can do to change this situation

The doctors are convinced, that a long-term rest along with several psychological and physical treatments for the next months is the only way to make me feel better. After fighting this reality for a longer time I am ready now to take this road. It is the only way to get back on my feet. My entire body is totally power-drained and I am almost unable to concentrate on anything. Furthermore I am suffering from a chronic tonsillitis for almost 10 weeks by now which even with antibiotics is not getting better. According to the docs it seems that all is based on my stressed body and mind, which do not get a recovery if I go on like this. So I will take this advice and will give my body and soul a break to regain my powers and charge up my battery for the upcoming Savage Circus production in 2007.

Please understand that I cannot give you any information about the nature of my private problems since they should stay private. I am not exaggerating in saying, having still some power left in me is already a miracle under this circumstances. I hope you all do understand this serious situation. It breaks my heart to post this message, but I see no alternative.

But there also is some good news: all shows will happen as planned! For good luck Piet could manage to hire Thomas Nack once more for the upcoming gigs, so the shows will happen for sure and with a more than worthy stand-in for me! So don't be sad, friends! Kick ass, as Piet, Thomas, Jens, Emil will do as well! Make every show a big party for me and have fun! This will give me the strength to go through all this. Right now I am not in the position of giving. This time I need you and your support. I know that none of you will let me down and this makes me feel better already.

I truly hope to see you all again soon!

Love and respect,

The band: July 4th

Dear fans, friends and partners,


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Coldseed - Soilwork/Savage Circus Collaboration

Speed's and Thomen's band signed.

Soilwork singer Björn "Speed" Strid and former Blind Guardian/current Savage Circus skinsman Thomen Stauch are collaborating on a band called Coldseed - and signed a deal with Nuclear Blast! Expect their debut album in spring 2006!.

- Nuclear Blast Newsletter -

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Savage Circus - Thomen Announces New Band

Thomen Stauch posted an statement about his new and main project "Savage Circus", here you have a fragment:

"Hi friends,

I hope the shock about my departure from the band wasn't too much, but I'm sure time will heal these wounds.

As I mentioned before in the forum, over the last two years I have been working on two different formations: the Modern Metal Project with Bjoern (Soilwork) and Savage Circus. Since leaving Blind Guardian, Savage Circus has become my main project.

Here a few personal words to introduce you to Salvage Circus …

Have fun


to read the complete statement go to:

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