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The Black Locust Project - New Band Of Former Theatre Of Tragedy Drummer

More than a year after Theatre Of Tragedy has called it quits, ex-drummer Hein Frode Hansen formed a new band called The Black Locust Project.

The line-up is completed by Kristian Sigland (The Crest) on vocals, guitars and bass and guitarist Marcus Granlien (To Cast A Shadow).

The band's sound will take a more progressive route than Theatre Of Tragedy, but still can be considered as Gothic. According to the band, The Black Locust Project is single minded in its mission to create music... sincere music, deeply grounded in our roots and hearts.

The Black Locust Project has already finished recorded their debut album and are currently in search for a label now. Two full-length tracks, called "We Remain Strangers" and "Wounded Sky", are available for streaming over at the band's Facebook page. Both songs feature background vocals of Nell SIgland (The Crest, ex-Theatre Of Tragedy).


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Theatre Of Tragedy - Potential DVD In The Works

Theatre Of Tragedy, who have decided to break up at the end of the year, need your help for their farewell project. Here's the story.

As some of you might have heard already, Theatre Of Tragedy are planning their first and last DVD with lots of live and background footage. The DVD should be some kind of farewell gift to the fans.

Though due to unforeseen events, it is getting quite difficult to get through with it. The band thought the financial side was cleared (about 25.000 Euros) but it was withdrawn at the last moment. This was quite a shock for everyone and the band had to think of a solution to go on with the DVD.

After lots of talk, the label will now give 10.000 Euros and the band members themselves will also give 10.000 Euro for the production of the DVD. This leaves a missing 5.000 Euros. The band's idea is to give you the possibility to make this DVD possible with your donations.

Said Theatre Of Tragedy: "If we don't reach 5.000 Euros within a week we will pay all your donations back of course but we sadly have to bury the idea of this DVD then. If you donate 100 Euros or more we will put your name on the DVD cover and send you a signed DVD after the release. Let's give this a try. It's our last chance for a final Theatre of Tragedy release!"

The appropriate Paypal link can be found here.


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Theatre Of Tragedy - First And Last S. American Tour

A few days after the disclosure the band will be calling it quits at the end of the year, Theatre Of Tragedy announced they'll be touring Latin America for the very first and very last time before breaking up for good.

19.06.2010 - Mexico City, Mexico - (venue TBA)
20.06.2010 - Quito, Ecuador - (venue tba)
22.06.2010 - Lima, Peru - Discoteca Voce
24.06.2010 - Santiago, Chile - Club Cadilac
25.06.2010 - Salta, Argentina - Teatro del Huerto
26.06.2010 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Teatro Colegiales
27.06.2010 - São Paulo, Brazil - Club Carioca


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Theatre Of Tragedy - The Theatre Is Closing Down

After nearly 17 years in existence Theatre Of Tragedy has decided to call it a day. The band's last words read as follows;

"This has not been an easy decision to make and we have thought about this for a long long time. We finally agreed to this during the production of our latest album Forever Is The World.

Theatre of Tragedy will come to an end on October 2nd 2010, exactly 17 years after we started making music together. Over the years all of us have strived to combine the Theatre with everyday life but in the end it has proven more and more difficult. We have come to appreciate our family lives and jobs, which makes it very hard to continue this life of rock'n'roll on the road.

We know that some of you will probably be very disappointed, but we also hope you will continue to listen to our music, which all of you learned to appreciate and love so much.

We want to thank everyone of you for all your support over the past 17 years! Theatre of Tragedy wouldn't have been possible without you! Be sure to catch us on the last Theatre of Tragedy shows ever this year! The final gig will take place on October 2nd in Stavanger, where it all began.

Our music will live on... and forever is the world."


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Theatre Of Tragedy - Cover Artwork And Album Samples Online

Original news, posted on 18.08.2009

Theatre Of Tragedy have made two album samples available online. Both samples come off the band's forthcoming album "Forever Is The World", to be released on 18 September. Samples from "Deadland" and "Hide And Seek" can be listened at the band's official website and MySpace.

The album cover artwork has been found at this location. The band added: "We are proud to present the 7th Theatre of Tragedy album cover! This was one again made by the ingenious artwork wizard Thomas Ewerhard. Following up his excellent work on "Assembly" and "Storm", Thomas has once again managed to amaze us with his skills. The album artwork is also a challenge to the die hard ToT fan. Somewhere inside this cover there are incorporated elements from all 6 studio album covers of the band. See if you can find it?"

UPDATED, on 21.08.2009

Norwegian metallers Theatre Of Tragedy have posted online a sample of a third new song, "Hollow", at the band's official website and MySpace page. The sample comes off the band's forthcoming album, "Forever Is The World", which will be released on 18 September via AFM Records.

UPDATE (thanks to 817)

Norwegian metallers Theatre Of Tragedy have posted online a sample of a fourth new song, "A Nine Days Wonder", at the band's official website. The sample comes off the band's forthcoming album, "Forever Is The World", which will be released on 18 September via AFM Records.


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Theatre Of Tragedy - Album Title And Tracklist Revealed

Original news, posted on 17.06.2009

The seventh Theatre Of Tragedy album has finally gotten a real title: "Forever Is The World". The official release date has been set for september 18th in Europe. Other release dates will follow.

The songs are currently in the middle of mixing and the results sounds great. Very ToT like, and not! Mastering will be done by the infamous Bjørn Engelmann at Cutting Room in Sweden.

UPDATE (thanks to 13767)

As the message from Theatre Of Tragedy goes, the album is finally completely done. "Mastering went great and Mr. Engelmann did a marvelous job. We can now officially announce the final running order for the upcoming "Forever is the World" album:

01. Hide and Seek
02. A Nine Days Wonder
03. Revolution
04. Transition
05. Hollow
06. Astray
07. Frozen
08. Illusions
09. Deadland
10. Forever is the World

The album will be available in three different versions. A limited digipak with one bonus song, a very limited double vinyl version with two bonustracks (one exclusive only for vinyl edition!) and finally a regular jewelcase. The albumcover is almost done and will be announced shortly. August 1st should see the premiere of the first soundclip."


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...In Deviltry - New Band Of Ex-Theatre Of Tragedy Guitarist

...In Deviltry was formed by Tommy Lindal in late 2008. Tommy Lindal who left the Norwegian band Theatre Of Tragedy in 1997 for medical reasons, moved to Brasil, was not ready to quit making music and formed the band "...In Deviltry" with all Brazilian members. ...In Deviltry will be Tommy´s sequel.

The whole idea of the band is to continue the saga that Theatre Of Tragedy began writing in the beginning. It has been decided to only play old Theatre Of Tragedy material from this epic for one reason, to get all members to "communicate" in the same language, before they start writing new material early this year.

2009 will be a very busy year for ...In Deviltry that will consist of shows, touring and recordings. They are still waiting for the bands Ravenland and Semblant to release their albums and go on tour which is aparently going to be in march/april next year. ...In Deviltry´s Tommy Lindal also did a guest appearance last week and recorded two songs for the release of Ravenland´s "And A Crow Brings Me Back" CD that is scheduled for an release by the Brazilian recordcompany "Free Mind Records" in March 2008.

Last week, though, 3 members (vocalist Gerson Carvalho (Primordium), bassist Alex Pereira (Lord Blasphemate) and drummer Matheus Medeiros) left the band.

The remaining ...In Deviltry line up looks as follows:

Larisse Katarine (Mystic Melody) - vocals
Tommy Lindal - guitars
Thiago Varella (Primordium) - guitars
Ariane Salgado - violin
Luciana Varella - keyboards

More info about the band on and


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Theatre Of Tragedy - Working On New Album, Demo Samples Available

Theatre Of Tragedy have updated their website with the following news:

"Another year has passed and not much has happened publically with the band. Rest assured we haven´t just been lazy (well a bit of that too :-). The year has mainly been spent writing and rehearsing the new material for the upcoming 7th Theatre Of Tragedy album. So far 12 songs are done and 10 of those will make it to the album.
As usual we are nowhere near a title for the album, not even a songtitle is ready, but it will come.

The drums have been recorded together with a really nice guy called Alexander Nyhus and now we are waiting for our producer to finish up his current project with some elderly pop legends. Recordings are planned for February and March so a release date should be either June or August depending on what AFM Records want to do.
Erik Ljunggren will be handling the production side of things. We are very pleased about working with him again. He knows the band very well and is a wizard when it comes to sound. He has turned the knobs for The Kovenant, Kari Rueslåtten, A-Ha, Seigmen, Zeromancer, Satyricon. But for us he will alway be the mastermind of the legendary industrial metal band Vampire State Building. We even played support for VSB in our early beginnings of 1995. Time goes by fast.

As the year reaches an end we want to wish you all a nice christmas, or whatever you celebrate, and a happy new year. Here are two new demo clips for all of you to enjoy over the holidays!"


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Theatre Of Tragedy - Poland Tour Dates Scheduled

Theatre Of Tragedy have announced two shows that they will be playing in Poland. The first show will be on October 12th in Krakow at Klub Studio, and the second on October 13th in Warsaw at Progresja. More details will be revealed soon.

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Theatre Of Tragedy - Cancel Show At Metal Female Voices Fest

The Metal Female Voices Festival IV takes place in Wieze, Belgium today. Theatre Of Tragedy were due to perform but have been forced to pull out. They have issued the following statement:

"Unfortunately we have to announce that Theatre Of Tragedy have to cancel their show at the Metal female Voices Fest in Belgium this weekend due to sickness of two band members (one of those is the singer). The band has already announced to be willing to do the show at next year's event. Apologies for this inconvenience."

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Theatre Of Tragedy - News And Tour Date

The storm is coming! The remaining weeks until the release of the Norwegians'new album, which is called "Storm", are passing by faster than the wind.

As a first thunderstorm the title track will be released as a single on the 24th February.

Next to the song itself and a club-remix of it, the single will contain another track from the new album

("Begin And End") as well as a totally exclusive one.

The more than strong comeback of a band has begun that has never really been away.

And it will be a new proof that Theatre of Tragedy not only have influenced the music scene, but they still do.

A proof for no other band than Theatre of Tragedy themselves to be as good in that as they are.

The signs are saying "storm" - let 's get blown away!


plus special guest: GOTHMINISTER (31.03. - 16.04.2006)

new THEATRE OF TRAGEDY-Album „Storm" on 24.03.2006 via AFM RECORDS

31.03.2006 Kopenhagen (DK), The Rock

01.04.2006 Glauchau, Alte Spinnerei

02.04.2006 Nürnberg, Löwensaal

03.04.2006 Frankfurt, Batschkapp

04.04.2006 Berlin, Kato

05.04.2006 Hamburg, Markthalle

06.04.2006 Duisburg, Pulp

07.04.2006 Leiden (NL), LVC

08.04.2006 Gent (B), Arena van Vletingen

09.04.2006 London (UK), Islington Academy

10.04.2006 Paris (F), La Locomotive

11.04.2006 Zürich (CH), Abart

12.04.2006 Roma (I), Alpheus (new!!! venue change)

13.04.2006 Bassano (Vicenza / I), La Gabbia

14.04.2006 Wien (A), Szene Wien

15.04.2006 Bad Salzungen, Kallewerk

16.04.2006 Hannover, Musikzentrum

27.04.2006 Oslo (N), John Dee

28.04.2006 Bergen (N), Kvarteret

06.05.2006 Stavanger (N), Folken

12.05.2006 Tromso (N), Driv

13.05.2006 Hamar (N), Hydranten


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Theatre Of Tragedy - Album Title Revealed

The following message was posted at the band's official site:

"After months in the studio, the work on the new Theatre of Tragedy album is coming to an end.
Producer Rico Darum has met up with mixmaster Greg Reely(Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy etc) at The Green Jacket, Richmond, BC, Canada. What remains is the final twisting and turning of knobs.
12 songs have been picked out of the 15 that were recorded.

10 will make it to the final version of the album. The remaining songs will either be bonus tracks or included on future releases.

The title for the 6th Theatre Of Tragedy album will be "Storm".
Some of the song titles that will be included on the album are "Storm", "Begin and End", "Disintegration", Fade" and "Dust".
More titles will be revealed later on."

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Theatre Of Tragedy - Update From The Studio

The band posted the following message on their official website:

"Things are coming together now and the songs are already now sounding great.
Last week the finishing touch on the bass were laid down by Magnus Westgaard (Nell's brother), our "rent-a-brilliant bassplayer". He went through the songs like knife through butter. One of the best sounding bass rig we've ever heard.

We started by recording the synths last week as well. This time we actually recorded the songs live, instead of programming lots of stuff. It sounds and feels much better with all the songs. On some songs we even got the chance to record some real grand-piano. Last Friday the boys (Lorentz, Rico, Børge & Vegard) went into Fagerborg Studio in Oslo to record on a Steinway & sons C4 grand piano.
Not used to the heavyweight keys Lorentz hammered his way through hell and back to get it right. After the molestation of the grand piano we all went back to the studio happy as hell. It sounds Fantastic!!! We're going to put up some video clips of it. Just hang around this space for more info.

As most of the songs has strings as a major part of the sound, we brought in Sareeta from Ram-Zet (whom we befriended on the "Assembly" tour 2002) to play some violin for us. She just received a new electrical violin which she used for these recordings. A pure evil specimen, with the beautiful name Thea. You can see it in the picture section.

Right now Frank and Vegard are in the studio electrifying the songs with a wall of guitar sound!. Just to make sure the sound is going to be killer, we amped them up with Engl, Mesa Boogies and Marshalls to play their Gibson Gothic guitars through. IT SOUNDS HEAVY AS F**K!"


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Theatre Of Tragedy - Sign With AFM Records

Norway's THEATRE OF TRAGEDY have inked a deal with Germany's AFM Records. Last Friday, the band and label met in Hamburg to discuss their future. The gothic metal act are currently working on their new album and have most of the material already completed. Musically, the band are promising a return to their early sound.

"If you want, you can consider this album as a kind of follow-up to 'Aegis'," drummer Hein Frode Hansen said of the new album's musical direction. "For us this was a very natural way right now."

THEATRE OF TRAGEDY's as-yet-untitled new album will be the group's first to feature singer Nell (THE CREST), who replaced Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull (currently in LEAVES' EYES) in early 2004. A March 24, 2006 release is expected.


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Theatre of Tragedy: new singer possibly found

Norway's THEATRE OF TRAGEDY have posted several photos taken during a recent rehearsal session with an as-yet-unidentified female singer who may — or may not — end up becoming the official replacement for departed vocalist Liv Kristine.

Kristine issued a statement in late August slamming her former THEATRE OF TRAGEDY bandmates over her dismissal from the group, saying that she learned of their plans to carry on without her via an e-mail. Liv has since teamed up with members of the German band ATROCITY (fronted by Liv's husband Alexander Krull) in a brand new group called LEAVES' EYES. LEAVES' EYES recently spent time at Alex's Mastersound studios in Stuttgart/Fellbach, Germany recording material for their debut album, "Lovelorn", due on May 24, 2004 through Austria's Napalm Records.

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