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06.10Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos North America Tour Dates
 Darkseed - Reforms With Different Vocalist
05.10NULLL Records - Goes Netlabel
04.10Opeth - DVD Mini-Site Online
 Sepultura - Kisser Solo Songs Online
 Korpiklaani - Japanese Bonus Track Online
 Novembers Doom - Pull Out Of N. American Tour
 Subway To Sally - Working On New Album
 Posthumous Blasphemer - New Album This October
 Criminal - Sign To Massacre Records
 Goatwhore - Writing New Material
 Arise - New Album On The Way
 General Surgery - Begin Recording New Album
03.10Amoral - Working On New Material
02.10Pain - Album Trailer, European Dates Announced

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Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos North America Tour Dates

World management is truly excited to announce that Thrash legends Kreator are coming to North America in 2009. The band will have a new release on January 13, 2009 entitled "Hordes of Chaos".

Kreator's Mille Petrozza had this to say about the upcoming tour and album: "The new album is recorded and mixed and I'm really looking forward to getting some feedback from our worldwide legion of supporters and friends. I promise that you will not be disappointed! "Hordes of Chaos" is our most intense album so far! Collin Richardson did an amazing job mixing this monster. Kreator is very excited to come to the USA and Canada again to play for all our fans overseas! This will be a killer tour and we're expecting total chaos at the shows. We're honored to have such a great bands as Exodus on the bill, they have been - and still are - a huge inspiration for us. It'll also be cool to see Belphegor and Warbringer every night. It's been way too long since we've been among North American metal hordes!"


Band profile: Kreator
Event: Hordes Of Chaos N. American Tour
Posted: 06.10.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (12)

Darkseed - Reforms With Different Vocalist

September 2, 2008

The news came straight from Tommy that Darkseed have decided to officially reform.

Harald Winkler (formerly on drums) has returned to Darkseed to handle vocals for the upcoming reunion show! [note: The Helion Festival which occured October 4th).

And on top of that, Darkseed will be entering the studio soon to work on a new album. More details will be posted as they become available!

Stay tuned for more news on Darkseed's future and upcoming work!

- Don

Band profile: Darkseed
Posted: 06.10.2008 by dismaleuphony | Comments (7)

NULLL Records - Goes Netlabel

Most of our releases can now be downloaded for free either in MP3 or FLAC format. Downloads also include the images used for the booklet and inlays of the CD releases. NULLL releases extreme doom, ambient, drone and some noise albums and has currently almost 40 available albums. Check the individual releases pages or visit the store to get a list of all available releases for download.
Or go here :

Future releases will from now on be available both as CDr in jewelcase and as free download.

2 Until Death Overtakes Me albums 'Prelude To Monolith' and 'Symphony III - Monolith' have been rereleased as download only (for now) and there are 4 new releases coming up : one funeral doom, two ambient and one drone doom album. Not all albums can be downloaded yet, i'm in the process of talking to the artists and bands to see if they're interested in having their stuff netreleased.

Posted: 05.10.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (13)

Opeth - DVD Mini-Site Online

"The Roundhouse Tapes", the long-awaited new DVD from Opeth, will be released on October 27 in Europe and November 11 in the U.S. via Peaceville Records.

"The Roundhouse Tapes" set contains the critically acclaimed Opeth performance from the Camden Roundhouse, London, UK in 2006 and sees the band in scintillating form playing a selection of classics from their illustrious career.

A mini-site featuring a trailer for the DVD, info on the release, downloads and more is now online at this location .

1,000 copies of the special edition of the DVD, packaged in a deluxe rigid digibook inside a hard slipcase, includes postcards of each band member, an exclusive art booklet featuring the work of Travis Smith (renowned Opeth sleeve designer) and "The Roundhouse Tapes" booklet, is also available to pre-order from the mini-site.


Band profile: Opeth
Posted: 04.10.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (17)

Sepultura - Kisser Solo Songs Online

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser has uploaded a couple of new songs from his forthcoming solo album, "Hubris I & II." The songs are entitled "Vivaldi", "God's Laugh", "Page" and "Eu Humano" and you can check them out by heading to Kisser's official Myspace page .

"Hubris I & II" Cover Art] is scheduled for an October 6th release and contains the following tracklisting:

Hubris I

01. Protest!
02. Euphoria
03. Desperation
04. Eu Humani
05. The Forum
06. Virgulândia
07. God's Laugh
08. R.H.E.T.
09. Em Busca Do Ouro
10. Lava Sky
11. A Million Judas Iscariotes

Hubris II

01. Sad Soil
02. Worlds Apart
03. Breast Feeding


Band profile: Sepultura
Posted: 04.10.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (4)

Korpiklaani - Japanese Bonus Track Online

The Japanese bonus track from the latest album "Korven Kuningas" called "Kipakka" is now available for streaming online over at the official Korpiklaani MySpace.

A comment from the band reads as follows: "We got several requests to put our instrumental "Kipakka" on our MySpace, since this bonustrack only appears on our Japanese albums. Finally the message came through the misty haze caused by all beers, and here it is! And in the process we got the right mood and also replaced "Northern Fall" by "Metsämies". There we stopped to take another beer, and well, the mood was so cool that we forgot about replacing the rest."


Band profile: Korpiklaani
Posted: 04.10.2008 by Janne | Comments (7)

Novembers Doom - Pull Out Of N. American Tour

Novembers Doom have posted the following explanation regarding their cancellation of the North American tour with Rotting Christ:

"It is with much regret that we must announce our departure from the Rotting Christ tour in January, 2009. A serious medical issue arose with a member of the band, making us unable to tour during that time. While this unfortunately prevents us from participating in the tour, thankfully it has come to light now rather than at the last minute, leaving 3 months time for the promoter to find a suitable replacement for us. We wish the very best for Rotting Christ, and Epicurean, and hope their tour has great success!

Our apologies to our fans who were looking forward to seeing us. This is our greatest regret, and we assure you, we'll do our best to play for you later in 2009."


Band profile: Novembers Doom
Event: Rotting Christ: Lucifer Over America Tour
Posted: 04.10.2008 by Bad English | Comments (4)

Subway To Sally - Working On New Album

Subway To Sally´s Michael Simon has posted the following short news update:

"Busy times these days! I am on the train from Potsdam to Bamberg right now. The past week we worked hard on new songs for our next album due April 3rd. The tracks mostly done already and will be recorded in November. On Friday we went to try our new stage outfits, on Saturday we went to the meeting of our fanclub in Gelsenkirchen and got right back to Berlin after that. There we will rehearse and kick off our tour in October! ...we're really looking forward to this!"

Band profile: Subway To Sally
Posted: 04.10.2008 by Knightrider | Comments (3)

Posthumous Blasphemer - New Album This October

Belarus-based metal band Posthumous Blasphemer are finishing the recordings of the new upcoming album "Fracture The Worship". The album is expected to be released somewhere this October.

The tracklisting of the band's fourth full-length "Fracture The Worship" Cover Art], is as follows:

01. Revival of Сontempt
02. Sermons of Enthralment
03. Remains Devouring Consciousness
04. Flagellation for Rescue
05. Doomed Flesh Tortures
06. Inconsistent Doctrine of Expiation
07. Disfigured Faces of Pontifexes
08. Poisonous Сompassion


Band profile: Posthumous Blasphemer
Posted: 04.10.2008 by koldyr | Comments (1)

Criminal - Sign To Massacre Records

Anglo-Chilean thrash masters Criminal are proud to announce their signing of a new recording deal with Germany's Massacre Records. The band will enter the studio in September to record its sixth studio album for an early 2009 release. The follow-up to 05's "Sicario" will be released in a limited edition package including a bonus DVD.

Vocalist/guitarist Anton Reisenegger states: "It's great to be on a label like Massacre, that has carved its niche in today's vercrowded market through hard work and dedication. We are looking forward to a long and productive collaboration.

"I have nothing but good things to say about the staff at Metal Blade Europe," the frontman comments on the band's former label, "but the company's priorities were clearly somewhere else, so it made no sense for us to continue working together. I honestly wish them all the best for the future."


Band profile: Criminal
Posted: 04.10.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (0)

Goatwhore - Writing New Material

Goatwhore, the New Orleans-based band featuring vocalist L. Ben Falgoust II (Soilent Green) and guitarist Sammy Duet (Acid Bath, Crowbar), is currently writing material for their follow up to "A Haunting Curse".

According to Duet, "We are well into it. I won't go in the whole, 'This one is gonna be the heaviest one yet, blah blah blah,' but it's gonna be pretty damn heavy. I am really happy with what we have written so far."

He continues, "If all goes to plan, we will enter Mana Studios in early February. Hopefully we will do some shows before then. Other than that, I'm just sitting on my ass being bored. I miss being on tour, but I guess you have to take what you can get."


Band profile: Goatwhore
Posted: 04.10.2008 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Arise - New Album On The Way

The Swedish death/thrashers Arise are now preparing for the definitive comeback after three years of silence with the fourth album entitled "The Reckoning". This album will be the definite comeback of Arise and will be released February/March 2009 through Regain Records. The new album will feature the following guestmusicians: Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry, ex-Carnal Forge etc), Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity) and Jake Fredén (Nostradameus).

Arise are often described as an crossover between At The Gates, Hypocrisy and Carcass and are responsible for the 3 albums "The Godly Work Of Art", "Kings Of The Cloned Generation" and "The Beautiful New World" released through Spinefarm/Universal Records. They have along toured with Vader also performed with bands like Morbid Angel, Entombed, Exodus, The Crown and Hatesphere to name a few.


Band profile: Arise
Posted: 04.10.2008 by Thryce | Comments (1)

General Surgery - Begin Recording New Album

Guitarist Joacim Carlsson of Swedish grindcore metallers General Surgery has issued the following update:

"As of today (October 2nd), we have once again entered the filthy and repulsive confinements of Off Beat Studio to record our second still-untitled full length album. 20 songs will be recorded, and we'll pick the best material to surface on the release. Some new titles to be included are "Plexus Necrosis", "Exotoxic Septicity", "Necronomics" and "Ichor". Due to scheduling conflicts, the new effort will be self-produced and will not utilize the services of Fred Estby Dismember drummer] as previously reported. We hope to finish the recording by mid-November and the release is scheduled for February/March 2009. More news on the album and possible sound snippets as we progress.


Band profile: General Surgery
Posted: 04.10.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (0)

Amoral - Working On New Material

Finnish metallers Amoral have posted the following message:

"Just a quick update on what's going on in the Amoral world... we're hard at work on the material for the fourth album, with a few songs ready and a bunch more in the works. So far so good! The songs are coming to us pretty easily and we're very happy with them, hopefully you guys will be too.

As for the singer situation, we've received tons of applications from singers all over the world. We've listened to each and every one of you, and now have a couple of strong candidates. Hopefully we'll be able to make the important announcement in the near future. Thanks for everyone who applied for the job, it was nice to see so many interested in joining this band!"


Band profile: Amoral
Posted: 03.10.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (2)

Pain - Album Trailer, European Dates Announced

The first trailer for the upcoming Pain album "Cynic Paradise" is online. Two more will follow within the next two weeks. Watch the trailer here. The album will come out October, 31st, 2008 and include the following tracks:

01. I'm Going In
02. Monkey Business
03. Follow Me
04. Have A Drink On Me
05. Don't Care
06. Reach Out (And Regret)
07. Generation X
08. No One Knows
09. Live Fast - Die Young
10. Not Your Kind
11. Feed Us

CD 2 - Limited edition:

01. Behind The Wheel (Depeche Mode cover)
02. Here Is The News (Electric Light Orchestra cover)
03. Follow Me (Peter vox version)
04. Clouds Of Ecstasy (bassflow remix)
05. No One Knows (rectifier remix)

Pain will embark on the European tour in January/February 2009. Support on the road will be Brother Firetribe, the Finnish AOR/hard rock band featuring Nightwish guitarist Emppu Vuorinen.


Band profile: Pain
Posted: 02.10.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (4)

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