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26.02Anaal Nathrakh - Sign With Candlelight Records
25.02The Haunted - Premieres New Video Online
 Swallow The Sun - Band Update
24.02Neurothing - New Album Ready
 Fairyland - New Album To Be Released In May
 Sabaton - New Video Online
23.02Dark Empire - Need New Vocalist After Split
 Svartsot - Line Up Complete Again
 Grave Digger - Part Ways With Guitarist
 Squash Bowels - New Album On The Way
22.02Slowgate - Demo Available For Download
 Down The Drain - New Video Out
 Black Label Society - Compilation Details
 Demonical - Headlining Northern Death Blow European Tour
21.02Uziel - Satyricon Cover Online

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Anaal Nathrakh - Sign With Candlelight Records

UK metallers Anaal Nathrakh have issued the following update:

"The work on the new album is nearing completion, and we can now announce the record label via which it will emerge later this year: Candlelight Records."

The popular extreme metal duo are currently in the studio working on its new album, "In The Constellation Of The Black Widow", for a summer release. Vocalist Dave Hunt says: "Candlelight have shown a strong belief in Anaal Nathrakh and looking at some of the acts on their roster both past and present it seems they are capable of backing up their good intentions. With their help, we hope we can finally get the planet cracked in half."

Commenting on the new album, Dave states: "Constellation will be faster, more insidious, more ominous, more musically dextrous and wilder than ever before. The album will feature a curve ball guest appearance from Zeitgeist Memento of Mexican extremists Republica."

Band profile: Anaal Nathrakh
Posted: 26.02.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (7)

The Haunted - Premieres New Video Online

February 23, 2009:

The Haunted have released a music video for the song "Trenches", which can you watch HERE in high quality. You can check it out in lesser quality on the band's site as well.

The song comes from the group's latest album ''Versus'', released in September last year.


Band profile: The Haunted
Posted: 25.02.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (4)

Swallow The Sun - Band Update

Finnish metallers Swallow The Sun have posted the following update on their official MySpace:

"Hi all! We want to thank all of the new and old fans for making last year another successful chapter for us, thank you all!!

We released the "Plague of Butterflies" -mini album and reached our first no.1 position on Finnish single charts with it. We toured England for the first time supporting Apocalyptica on their UK tour and played big festivals in England and Czech Republic. We also signed new merchandise, booking agency and management deals worldwide, so it didn't turn out to be a quiet, resting year as we planned it to be!

And about 2009... New Album!

Yes, we are currently touring with a massive North American tour, and after coming back to Finland we will do some select festivals before entering the studio next summer. So, all you who survived the hands of the plague last year will be harvested by the new gloom of Swallow the Sun next fall 2009.


Band profile: Swallow The Sun
Posted: 25.02.2009 by SlaytallicA | Comments (12)

Neurothing - New Album Ready

Neurothing just unveiled the latest info about the upcoming album "Murder Book". The band's first full length masterpiece is done. The long awaited follow-up to "Vanishing Celestial Bodies" EP will feature 11 tracks and it's a real murderous trip through the human mind. "Crime and Punishment", "Alice in Wonderland", murder cases, sins and fears, it's all there mixed with neurotic, disturbed guitar riffs and drum rhythms.

Impatient fans can check the "Murder Book" cover art exposed on the band's website, or visit Neurothing forum on for lyrics description and other murderous details.

"Murder Book" track list:

01. Hope


Posted: 24.02.2009 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Fairyland - New Album To Be Released In May

According to Blabbermouth, French symphonic metal band Fairyland will release their third full-length album, "Score To A New Beginning", on the following dates :

Mar. 25 - Japan and rest of Asia (Marquee/Avalon)
Apr. 29 - Finland, Spain (Napalm Records)
Apr. 30 - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, France, Italy, Sweden (Napalm Records)
May 04 - Rest of Europe (Napalm Records)

Fairyland keyboardist/backing vocalist Philippe Giordana previously stated about the new album, "The main vocal character on the disc is the Italian singer Marco Sandron from the progressive metal band Pathosray. His voice fits perfectly into our style. Other vocal participations on the album by Elisa Martin (the original Fairyland vocalist from the debut album), Lars Larsen (from Danish power metal band Manticora) and Georg Neuhauser (from Austrian power metal band Serenity).


Band profile: Fairyland
Posted: 24.02.2009 by T0w4rdsD34d3nd | Comments (8)

Sabaton - New Video Online

Sabaton has released a new official video for the song "40:1", off the latest album "The Art Of War".


Band profile: Sabaton
Posted: 24.02.2009 by Hrothdane | Comments (6)

Dark Empire - Need New Vocalist After Split

New Jersey-based progressive metal band Dark Empire have parted ways with vocalist Jens Carlsson and seek a replacement immediately.

Band leader/lead guitarist/death vocalist Matt Moliti comments: "This decision was a long time coming and it was a hard one to make, since Jens is a great dude to work with. With him living in Sweden and the rest of us in the New Jersey, it is impossible to do any kind of gigging, which is something we need to make this band continue. This was a mutual decision and there are no hard feelings at all. We wish Jens the best in his endeavors with Persuader and Savage Circus. As for a replacement, since I am already writing new material, we would like to find one as soon as possible. We're most interested in a singer with an abrasive or hard rock quality to their voice, and of course, must be living in or willing to commute or relocate to the northern New Jersey/NYC area. Send any audio or video samples to our MySpace page."


Band profile: Dark Empire
Posted: 23.02.2009 by SlaytallicA | Comments (3)

Svartsot - Line Up Complete Again

Danish Folk Metal band Svartsot have announced the following on their MySpace:

"After having been in contact with a few vocalists and trying one or two of them out, we have finally found one just two weeks before the first show with the new line up! The new man is Thor Bager of Disintergrated (DK) who only had a week to prepare himself for the first rehearsal. We have just held a rehearsal weekend with him and he has settled quite well into the band already. We can also announce that drummer Danni Lyse Jelsgaard has now joined the band on a permanent basis.

Work on the new material has already started, and we will concentrate on this over the next few months. We hope to enter the studio as soon as the material is ready and all the formal procedures have been sorted."


Band profile: Svartsot
Posted: 23.02.2009 by Sjuk | Comments (5)

Grave Digger - Part Ways With Guitarist

Grave Digger have posted the following update:

"We are very sad to inform you that we have separated from Thilo Herrmann. After all the euphoria about the second guitarist in the beginning, first doubts regarding the current situation of the band started showing up bit by bit.

There were many different things, starting with the free room on the stage and going on to musical aspects, that have been observed by every old member of the band independently and which finally made us feel that we would have to separate from Thilo. This decision has been made by common consent and on behalf of the whole band. It does not have to do with any interpersonal problems or the like. In fact we took it very hard to separate from that really nice guy that Thilo is.


Band profile: Grave Digger
Posted: 23.02.2009 by SlaytallicA | Comments (8)

Squash Bowels - New Album On The Way

Squash Bowels is set to go in the Hertz Studio (Bialystok, Poland) on April 17 to record the next full length album, entitled "Grindvirus". The album cover and inlay art will be done by the Szymon Siech (Dead Infection, Disgorge, Magrudergrind, Neuropathia, Afgrund).

Advance song titles taken from "Grindvirus":

Oust - Odor Eliminator
Shit Oneself
Hamsters in Your Head
Bronze Eye Lubricating Grease
Abhorrently Stinking Rich Man

More details to follow soon!


Band profile: Squash Bowels
Posted: 23.02.2009 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Slowgate - Demo Available For Download

Swedish Thrash/Heavy metal act Slowgate have recently released a four track demo, entitled "The Descent". All four mp3 songs off that demo are now availabel for download at the band's website.

The tracks are called:

01. Die And Believe
02. My Shadow
03. Bite The Bullet
04. The Descent

According to the band, the music Slowgate deliver is aggressive, with a large touch of bitterness in its dark approach, like walking naked in a cold nordic winterlandscape,calm and peaceful, but also like a panzer attack from hell.

More on Slowgate at


Posted: 22.02.2009 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Down The Drain - New Video Out

Malevolent Creation vocalist Bret Hoffmann has posted his first music video ever with his band Down The Drain. The track is called "Back Of My Hand" and was shot by John Radice at the Tudor Lounge and The Red Eye Saloon (USA).

The band has finished recording their sophomore album "Ground Pounder", which will be released later this year.


Band profile: Malevolent Creation
Posted: 22.02.2009 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Black Label Society - Compilation Details

New Black Label Society "greatest-hits" collection, "Skullage", which is due on April 21, will be released in three different configurations: stand alone CD, stand alone DVD and CD/DVD.

The tracklistings are as follows:

"Skullage" CD

01. Machine Gun Man
02. Dead As Yesterday
03. All For You
04. 13 Years of Grief
05. Bleed for Me
06. Doomsday Jesus
07. Stillborn
08. Won't Find It Here
09. Suicide Messiah
10. In This River
11. Fire It Up
12. New Religion
13. Instrumental Intro (acoustic)
14. The Blessed Hellride (acoustic)
15. Spoke in the Wheel (acoustic)
16. Stillborn (acoustic)

"Skullage" DVD

01. All For You (from "Boozed Broozed & Broken-Boned")


Band profile: Black Label Society
Posted: 22.02.2009 by ArtiA | Comments (3)

Demonical - Headlining Northern Death Blow European Tour

The Swedish hellfire horde Demonical will embark on a 17-date European crusade in support of their new grand opus "Hellsworn" (to be released in April through Cyclone Empire). The Finnish death dealers Torture Killer and Swedish destroyers Facebreaker will join the trek making it one of the heaviest tours of 2009. These three acts will show you once and for all why the northern countries are among the top notch of creating brutal and sinister death metal.

Here are the chosen targets for the "Northern Death Blow Tour" (featuring Demonical, Torture Killer, Facebreaker)

15.05 2009 SWE - Stockholm - Kafe 44
16.05 2009 SWE - Köping - Ögir/Eldfesten Festival
17.05 2009 SWE - Gothenburg - Kreta


Band profile: Demonical
Event: Demonical: Northern Death Blow Tour
Posted: 22.02.2009 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Uziel - Satyricon Cover Online

Polish death/black metal band Uziel have added their version of Satyricon's "K.I.N.G." to their profile on MySpace. The band is currently working on their debut album which is scheduled to be out at the end of the year.


Posted: 21.02.2009 by Thryce | Comments (1)

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