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16.10Demonical - Working On New Album
 Iron Maiden - Eddie Flag Rocks Spanish Town Hall
 Sworn - In Writing Mode
 Aborted - Turmoil Cover Online
 Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - New Member, New Album
 Exodus - Two Re-Recorded Songs Online
 Guillotine - Video Online, New Album Out Soon
 Doom Shall Rise VI - First Names Announced
15.10AC/DC - Black Ice Available Online
 Behemoth - New Video Online
14.10Def Leppard - Indian Shows Cancelled
 Chimaira - Entering The Studio
 Wizard - Upcoming Album Details Revealed
 Officium Triste - 15th Anniversary
 Secrets Of The Moon - New Album And Tracklist Revealed

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Demonical - Working On New Album

Swedish death metallers Demonical announced the following update on their Myspace mage:

"The successful festivals last weekend completed the touring cycle for "Servants Of The Unlight". Massive hails to all warriors, maniacs and witches who have shown their support during the last 16 months.

We will now fully concentrate on our second - yet untitled - full-length album which will be recorded during November and December for a release in April 2009.

We can hereby also announce the first battles for next year as we will hit Finland in April together with our fellow swedish scumbags Tyrant."

10.04 2009 Finland - Helsinki - Lepakkomies
11.04 2009 Finland - Turku - TVO


Band profile: Demonical
Posted: 16.10.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (1)

Iron Maiden - Eddie Flag Rocks Spanish Town Hall

Eddie the Head, the demoniacal mascot of the British heavy metal group Iron Maiden, has made his way into the debating chamber of a Spanish town hall. Eddie's cadaverous face appears regularly at council meetings in the town of Villava, in Navarre, as part of a war of political symbols between local parties.

Basque separatist councillors insist on hanging the Basque flag on their desks during debates, upsetting other politicians at the town hall. Most dislike the idea of the Navarre region being treated as part of the Basque country.

The Socialists have responded by hanging an Iron Maiden flag on their desks. The Socialist leader, José Luis Uriz, said: "The Iron Maiden flag means a lot to me. If I have to put up with their flag, they'll have to put up with Eddie's face."


Band profile: Iron Maiden
Posted: 16.10.2008 by Ivan | Comments (44)

Sworn - In Writing Mode

Norwegian black metallers Sworn has issued following statement:

"The songs for the next album is taking form and the plan is to enter the studio in the beginning of 2009, but we have already started on pre-productions of songs. The new material is harder, faster, darker, more grim and with the Sworn-touch that perpetuates the athmosphere from The Alleviation!"

The working title for the second album is "Bastards And Conquerors" and some songtitles for the album will include:

Carnal Monuments
Damnation Spawned
The Bastard, The Conqueror
Remnants of Past and Present
Summoning the Sinister
The Archaic Wraith

Band profile: Sworn
Posted: 16.10.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (1)

Aborted - Turmoil Cover Online

Century Media is streaming Aborted's cover of the Turmoil track "Playing Dead". Check it out at this location. The song will be released on the Century Media Records 2CD compilation "Covering 20 Years Of Extremes" cover], which was released in North America on 14 October.
The all-covers release "Covering 20 Years Of Extremes" celebrates Century Media's 20th anniversary and includes 32 mostly exclusive recordings and will be available in stores for the price of one CD.

The tracklist of that compilation is as follows:


Arch Enemy: Dream Evil - The Book Of Heavy Metal
Dark Tranquillity: Sentenced - Broken
Heaven Shall Burn: Tiamat - Whatever That Hurts


Band profile: Aborted
Posted: 16.10.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (7)

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - New Member, New Album

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow have issued the following update:

"For the first time, Eternal Tears of Sorrow has six members. We welcome Mr. Jarmo Kylmänen to join our forces. Jarmo K has been our "sixth member" since late 2005, helping us with songs, melodies and his voice on "Before The Bleeding Sun" and all the gigs after our comeback. Cheers, it's about time!

Our sixth album will be out in April 2009 by Suomen Musiikki in Finland, Massacre Records in other European countries and Marquee/Avalon in Asia.

The first chance to hear our new material will be Finnish Metal Expo in Helsinki in February 2009. This will be the release date of the forthcoming single as well. And don't forget - we'll finally enter the music video era, so stay tuned, folks!"

Band profile: Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
Posted: 16.10.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (11)

Exodus - Two Re-Recorded Songs Online

Exodus have posted the re-recorded versions of "Metal Command" and "A Lesson In Violence" online at their official Myspace. The songs come from the bands new album "Let There Be Blood" which is a re-recording of the bands classic 1985 debut album, "Bonded By Blood." The album will be released on October 28th.

Produced by guitarist Gary Holt, the new "Let There Be Blood" CD was recorded at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California; JKZ Production Studio in San Rafael, California; with vocal tracks recorded at J. Rod Production Studios in New City, New York. Andy Sneap is currently mixing the CD at his Backstage studio in Derbyshire, England. An October 2008 release through Zaentz Records is expected.


Band profile: Exodus
Posted: 16.10.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (5)

Guillotine - Video Online, New Album Out Soon

The new Guillotine music video for the song "Rebellion" can be watched in high-resolution quality here (click on 'watch in high quality' at the bottom of the video screen).

The upcoming new album "Blood Money" cover] from Swedish Thrashers Guillotine has set a worldwide street release date as 27th October 2008.

There has also been some last-minute changes in the deluxe digipak version, and the digipak version will NOT include the 'Rebellion' music video as previously stated. Instead, a Guillotine logo patch will be included for the digipak edition, which should really please the diehard Thrash fans!

The final tracklisting for the digipak edition is still the same, with an additional bonus track of "I Hate Society":


Band profile: Guillotine
Posted: 16.10.2008 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Doom Shall Rise VI - First Names Announced

Doom Shall Rise festival will continue after a year off with the sixth edition. On April 17th and 18th 2009 the Chapel in Göppingen (near Stuttgart, Germany) will be the place to be for all things DOOM!

Confirmed so far:

Black Shape Of Nexus
Lord Vicar
Omega Massif
Pagan Altar
Reino Ermitaño
The Lamp Of Thoth
Tortured Spirit

More bands will follow.

Ticket presales will start on the 1st of January at 8 PM CET on the Doom Shall Rise website.


Band profile: Warning
Event: Doom Shall Rise VI
Posted: 16.10.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (9)

AC/DC - Black Ice Available Online

AC/DC's Black Ice is currently streaming on VH1's "The Leak", giving fans a taste of AC/DC's first album in eight years a week early. Black Ice will officially be available for purchase starting Monday, October 20th.

Check out Black Ice here:

Events surrounding AC/DC's Black Ice launch in NYC and LA this week, bringing fans a first taste in the countdown to the excitement of Black Ice's release date. Fully decked-out interactive Black Ice trucks and "pop-up" stores will enhance the fan experience to new heights.

Beginning Thursday, October 16, AC/DC fans will be able to visit the Black Ice trucks in various locations (see schedule below) to listen to the Black Ice album in full, try out the yet-to-be-released AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack video game and compete for AC/DC concert tickets amongst like-minded super-fans. Fans are invited to join the celebration at Times Square on Sunday, October 19 where Wal-Mart and MTV will unveil the AC/DC Rock Band-branded store, selling the first copies of Black Ice available to the public (which will be on-sale from the nearby Black Ice truck as well).


Band profile: AC/DC
Posted: 15.10.2008 by Jeff | Comments (2)

Behemoth - New Video Online

Behemoth's recently filmed video for the song "Inner Sanctum" can be viewed here. The clip was shot with director Mateusz "Mania" Winkiel.

Commented by the band's mainman Nergal: "What's up everybody! Here we finally come with our brand new video… surprised? I fuckin' hope so. I'm still blown away by the effect myself. Why? Coz it looks like NOTHING I've ever seen in the metal genre. Lately it felt like we've pretty much explored every territory in the world of music videos, especially with our last clip for "At The Left Hand Ov God". This time we took completely opposite artistic approach… we went black and white, absolutely no effects, analogue film tape… and something we're doing for the first time ever: acting. I truly believe this bizarre video will show you a little bit different aspect of Behemoth's complex nature. Watch and enjoy!"


Band profile: Behemoth
Posted: 15.10.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (19)

Def Leppard - Indian Shows Cancelled

Def Leppard are sorry to report that due to unforeseen circumstances, the two shows in India (scheduled to take place on October 17 and 19 in Bangalore and Mumbai, resp.) have been cancelled. The band added: "We apologize to our Indian fans and we hope to be able to make up for it in the future."

Band profile: Def Leppard
Event: Def Leppard: Indian Tour [CANCELLED]
Posted: 14.10.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (4)

Chimaira - Entering The Studio

As posted on Chimaira's official website by bassist Jim LaMarca:

"Well here we go again with a new record. We're about to step in the studio again with Ben Schigel. Some of us have been working with Ben for over 13 years and I am really excited to be working on this record at home this time. We start pre-production this week and it will be fine tuning from here on out. I hope that everyone enjoy's the YouTube stuff and hopefully we will have some new footage up for you this week. The attached video Link] is a little homeage to The Great Hoya (Madball), I have to admit he is my favorite guy to tour with."


Band profile: Chimaira
Posted: 14.10.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (3)

Wizard - Upcoming Album Details Revealed

Wizard are ready for the next CD production. Here is some information about the new album "Thor".

The production will be done by Andy Horn. Achim Köhler will be arranging the sound. While the artwork is drawn by Anthony Clarkson, the photographer will be Jochen van Eden, who is known from his other work for the band.

The following songs will be featured on the new album, which doens't have any official release date yet:

Midgards Guardian
Utgard (Part I & II)
The visitor
Stolen Hammer
Pounding in the night
What would you do?
Serpents venom

Band profile: Wizard
Posted: 14.10.2008 by Sostoa | Comments (6)

Officium Triste - 15th Anniversary

Next year in April we will celebrate our 15th anniversary. We'll do a special gig featuring some very special guests on April 11th at Baroeg in Rotterdam.

Next to that we have agreed with our label Displeased Records that we will release a special EP featuring 4 songs. Right now I won't go into detail concerning this EP; just wait and see. It'll be great though.

Band profile: Officium Triste
Posted: 14.10.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (4)

Secrets Of The Moon - New Album And Tracklist Revealed

At last, Secrets of the Moon have revealed the name and tracklist of their fourth studio album! The album will be entitled 'PRIVILEGIVM'.

The band is stated to enter the studio in early 2009. These are a few of the listed track names, but no specifics yet:

Black Halo
A Million Suns
For They Know Not
Queen Among Rats
I Maldoror

The last statement from the blog at myspace: 'Major updates, samples, lyrics aswell as impressions on the evolvement of the record can be found on a special website that will be revealed next week.'

In other news, the band announced the following: "We are proud to annonce that K.S.A. has joined Secrets Of The Moon as a permanent member. His skills and his exigent nature just feel right for the band and he already contributed some extremely good ideas to what will become the new album."

Band profile: Secrets Of The Moon
Posted: 14.10.2008 by CDR | Comments (2)

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