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08.12Obituary - To Release Best Of Album
 Deftones - Working On New Album
07.12Avantasia - Album Trailer Online
 Cryptopsy - New Line Up
 Cradle Of Filth - Working On New Album
06.12Kreator - Upcoming Album And DVD Details
 Hate Eternal - New Album Update
 Brainstorm - New Bassist Announced
 Illdisposed - Parts Ways With Guitarist
04.12Dream Theater - Xbox Live Artist Of The Month
 Arsis - Demos To Be Re-Released
03.12Dismember - Headlining Europa Burns Tour
 Suidakra - Previously Unreleased Song Online
 Therion - Budapest Show To Be Recorded
02.12Decrepit Birth - Another New Song Online

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Obituary - To Release Best Of Album

Roadrunner Records has set a January 29, 2008 release date for a "best-of" collection from legendary Florida death metallers Obituary.

The press release reads as folows:
"If you're a true metalhead, the name Obituary isn't new to you. They made some of vilest and darkest music there ever will be and was once the definitive death metal band. The Best of Obituary comes out on January 8, 2008."

"The Best of Obituary" cover] tracklist:

01. Internal Bleeding
02. 'Til Death
03. Slowly We Rot
04. Cause Of Death
05. Chopped In Half
06. Turned Inside Out
07. The End Complete
08. I'm In Pain
09. Don't Care
10. Final Thoughts
11. Kill For Me
12. Threatening Skies


Band profile: Obituary
Posted: 08.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (11)

Deftones - Working On New Album

The Deftones have offered the following studio update:

"After a month long stay in Los Angeles, we're back in Sacto at the Spot where we'll continue to work on new material until the holidays. As of right now, there's about 6 to 8 songs finished, and we hope to have a few more completed before we break. As some of you may have read, we've taken a different approach to writing this record than we have the past few years, and so far it's been a lot of fun. The material seems to be flowing freely, and each song is different from the other. We feel like we're accomplishing what we set out to do, which is to write a record that pushes boundaries for us creatively. We can't wait for you all to hear it. More updates to come..."

Band profile: Deftones
Posted: 08.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (6)

Avantasia - Album Trailer Online

The brand new album trailer for Avantasia´s upcoming masterpiece, "The Scarecrow", is online now. Click here to watch it! "The Scarecrow" will be released on January 25th 2008 as a standard CD as well as rare picture (double) vinyl.

Here's the tracklist:

01. Twisted Mind
02. The Scarecrow
03. Shelter From The Rain
04. Carry Me Over
05. What Kind Of Love
06. Another Angel Down
07. The Toy Master
08. Devil In The Belfry
09. Cry Just A Little
10. I Don't Believe In Your Love
11. Lost In Space
+ Media Player

The Scarecrow - interview
Carry Me Over - video clip
Carry Me Over - making of
Lost In Space - Electronic Press Kit
Lost In Space - video clip


Band profile: Avantasia
Posted: 07.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (13)

Cryptopsy - New Line Up

Canadian Death Metallers Cryptopsy have announced the addition of two new members. Vocalist Matt Mcgachy and Keyboard player/Samplist Maggie Durand are joining the band. A picture of the new line up can be found by clicking here.
The band will enter the studio mid December for their upcoming sixth album. Cryptopsy will, for the first time ever, be touring Mexico, Central and South America during the month of february and will possibly hit Mexico once more in April. Tour dates to be announced shortly.


Band profile: Cryptopsy
Posted: 07.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (21)

Cradle Of Filth - Working On New Album

Notorious British extreme metallers Cradle Of Filth have posted the following short update:

"The world tour for the "Thornography" album, which last saw COF in Russia, Ukraine, U.K., Romania, Slovakia and the USA with Gwar is now complete. The band has now returned home to start writing for a new record over the dark months in the rehearsal room. The new album, which is not yet titled, will be released some time in 2008 via RoadRunner Records. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our website."


Band profile: Cradle Of Filth
Posted: 07.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (28)

Kreator - Upcoming Album And DVD Details

Following their truly global "Enemy Of God" World Tour, Thrash gods Kreator will be parking the steamrollers for a while and taking a creative break in 2008 to concentrate on writing new material and recording their next album. Live activity for the band in 2008 will only be sporadic, consisting primarily of selected festival appearances. Kreator's next album is currently scheduled for release in January of 2009, to be followed by an extensive world tour later in the year.

To make the long wait a little less painful for Kreator fans, March of 2008 sees the re-release on DVD of "Live In East Berlin" and "Hallucinative Comas", both re-edited and previously only available on VHS video cassette. The DVD release goes out under the title "At The Pulse Of Kapitulation - Live In East Berlin 1990".


Band profile: Kreator
Posted: 06.12.2007 by Morbid | Comments (12)

Hate Eternal - New Album Update

Hate Eternal has announced the new album title, "Fury And Flames", which will be out on February 19th, 2008.

"Fury And Flames" will feature cover art by Paul Romano (Mastodon, Animosity, The Red Chord) and features the addition of new members Shaune Kelley as second guitarist and Jade Simonetto on drums. The addition of second guitarist Shaune means that this will be the first time Hate Eternal will be able to perform as a four piece live. Something fans will be able to experience on the first tour for "Fury And Flames" when the band heads out with label-mates The Black Dahlia Murder. Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse fame stepped in on bass for the recording, but due to his insane schedule with Cannibal Corpse will not be able to tour with the band.


Band profile: Hate Eternal
Posted: 06.12.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (7)

Brainstorm - New Bassist Announced

German metallers Brainstorm have issued the following update via their website:

"Please welcome to the Brainstorm family our new bassplayer Antonio Ieva (picture here). Attached you'll find some pictures of this groove monster at his live premiere for Brainstorm.

Picture 1 | Picture 2

He impressed us not only with his playing skills at the auditions, which led to his invitation to play the show in Hungary with us (and where he impressed us even more), the chemistry was amazing from the first moment we met. After some very intense rehearsals over the last weeks and months we feel that Toni is the right man for the job and we will babtize and seal this new alliance on our upcoming tour. Give him a warm welcome and pay us a visit on our upcoming tour to assure yourselves - this guy rocks!"


Band profile: Brainstorm
Posted: 06.12.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Illdisposed - Parts Ways With Guitarist

Danish extreme metallers Illdisposed have issued he following update:

"On December 15th Martin Thim will play his last show with us. Martin doesn't have the time it takes to play with us anymore, his normal job and private life is his priority. He is the first Illdisposed member ever who wasn't sacked. But Martin will still come with us on the road now and then and you might find him sleeping at the merch booth pretending to be selling our stuff. We have known Martin's decision since July. Within the next day we will reveal Martin's replacement."

Band profile: Illdisposed
Posted: 06.12.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (4)

Dream Theater - Xbox Live Artist Of The Month

Dream Theater will be featured as the Xbox LIVE Artist of the Month for the month of December

LIVE members on Xbox 360 will have access to exclusive performance, interview, and behind the scenes footage from Dream Theater's recent tour, themes, gamer pics and more!

Dream Theater will be playing the game "Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge" over Xbox Live THIS WEDNESDAY 12/5 from 5 pm-7 pm EST. Get onto Xbox LIVE and prepare to get pwned by DT. Get all the details on how you can play with DT in "Crimson Skies" at this location.

Xbox Live Game With Fame with Dream Theater

Date: December 5, 2007
Time: 5-7PM (EST)
Game: Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
Gamertags: DreamTheaterMP | DreamTheaterJP | DreamTheater JM (with a space between DreamTheater and JM) | DreamTheaterJL | DreamTheaterJR


Band profile: Dream Theater
Posted: 04.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (17)

Arsis - Demos To Be Re-Released

On December 28 Negative Existence Records will officially release Arsis' demos on a proper format. The album will be entitled "As Regret Becomes Guilt" and will contain two demos from 2001 and 2002 plus rare bonus tracks and a live video CD-ROM segment.

The music on the disc was recorded between 2001 and 2002 by guitarist/songwriter James Malone and drummer Michael Van Dyne. These demos gained them considerable attention in the underground music scene leading to several tours and landing them with recording contracts from two notable record labels.

The two additional tracks found on this release are alternative studio takes never before released. The CDrom video segment recorded April 12, 2003 at Pallette's Outer Banks (Norfolk, VA) includes 3 classic Arsis songs and a Mercyful Fate cover.


Band profile: Arsis
Posted: 04.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Dismember - Headlining Europa Burns Tour

On February 8 starts a European tournee promoting Swedish MeloDeath outfit Dismember's upcoming new full length album called "Dismember" (out on Regain Records in 2008). Danish thrasher Hatesphere and German Gothenburg-metallers Fall Of Serenity will appear on that tour as special guests (on some of the gigs there will be also an opening act, to be announced soon).

"Europa Burns Tour 2008" will cover mostly territory of Germany (10 gigs!). The tour schedule contains 23 dates (3 gigs haven't been confirmed yet), see below to check the revealed dates. More details will be announced soon. The tour is presented by famous "Metal Hammer" magazine and one of the biggest heavy metal portals in Germany - Special trailer of the tour will be available soon!


Band profile: Dismember
Event: Dismember: Europa Burns Tour
Posted: 03.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (14)

Suidakra - Previously Unreleased Song Online

Suidakra have posted the following blog on their MySpace page:

"We have a little suprise for you: Maybe some of you know the song "Fall Of Tara" from our "Auld Lang Syne" album. To reduce some waiting time to our "DVD/Best Of" Release, we've added an instrumental version of this song to our profile, which was arranged by Arkadius.

Enjoy this kind of SuidAkrA music and don't forget to comment!"


Band profile: Suidakra
Posted: 03.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (6)

Therion - Budapest Show To Be Recorded

Therion mastermind Christofer Johnsson has posted the following short announcement on the band's homepage:

"Due to technical reasons the recording of a show on the tour has been moved to Budapest, Hungary." The show will take place on December 12th at Petofi Hall.

The following details have been announced concerning this anniversary tour with The Vision Bleak:

Piotr Wawrzeniuk will be joining us at Glachau and go with us til Krakow.
Messah Marcolin (ex. Candlemass, Momento Mori, Mercy) will be joining us at Budapest and will go with us til London. He will also fly down later and join us for the finale Paris.
Mats Levén Krux, ex-At Vance and ex-Yngwie Malmsteen] will be joining us for the finale in Paris.


Band profile: Therion
Event: Adulruna Rediviva Tour
Posted: 03.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (6)

Decrepit Birth - Another New Song Online

Another new song from Brutal Death Metallers Decrepit Birth entitled "…And Time Begins" has been put online over at their official MySpace page. The song is a re-recording of the title track of Decrepit Birth's last album.

The track comes off the band's upcoming new album "Diminishing Between Worlds", which will be released on January 29th through Unique Leader Records.


Band profile: Decrepit Birth
Posted: 02.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (2)

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