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02.03The 69 Eyes - Entire Album Streaming Online
 Mayhem - Upcoming Album Details
 Cephalic Carnage - Near Completion Of New Record
 Megadeth - New Song Posted Online
 Odious Mortem - New Album Ready
 Soulitude - New Album This Year & To Become A Live Band
01.03Octavia Sperati - New Album In May
28.02Abigor - New Album News
 Tristania - Departure Of Vibeke
27.02KoRn - Entire MTV Unplugged Album Available For Streaming
 Black Sabbath - New Single Streaming Online
 Type O Negative - Album Samples Online
 Nagelfar - Reissue Of Virus West Available
 Illnath - Former Drummer Returns
26.02Samael - Sign With Nuclear Blast, New Song And Concert Online

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The 69 Eyes - Entire Album Streaming Online

The 69 Eyes' forthcoming new album "Angels" out through Virgin/EMI on March 5th, is currently streaming in it's entirety at the band's MySpace page.

"Angels" tracklisting:

01. Angels
02. Never Say Die
03. Rocker
04. Ghost
05. Perfect Skin
06. Wings & Hearts
07. Star Of Fate
08. Los Angeles
09. In My Name
10. Shadow Of Your Love
11. Frankenhooker


Band profile: The 69 Eyes
Posted: 02.03.2007 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Mayhem - Upcoming Album Details

Season Of Mist has set an April 23 release date for the new Mayhem album, "Ordo Ab Chao". A track from the CD, entitled "Anti", is available for download at this location.

"Ordo Ab Chao" (view cover artwork here) tracklisting:

01. A Wise Birthgiver
02. Wall Of Water
03. Great Work Of Ages
04. Deconsecrate
05. Illuminate Eliminate
06. Psychic Horns
07. Key To The Storms
08. Anti

Commented guitarist Blasphemer (a.k.a. Rune Erickson): "The sound is raw and powerful, and listening to it, it reminds me of the 'Wolf's Lair Abyss' era, only more varied and more philosophical. The album also contains the most aggressive songs in the Mayhem history as well as the most wicked and darkest."


Band profile: Mayhem
Posted: 02.03.2007 by beer | Comments (8)

Cephalic Carnage - Near Completion Of New Record

Cephalic Carnage are currently wrapping up the recording process on their new full-length album. The band has spent most of the winter locked in their new recording studio with long time producer/engineer Dave Otero working on their fifth full-length. Advance song titles include: "Endless Cycle Of Violence," "Touched By An Angel," "Vaporized," "G.lobal O.verhaul D.vice," and "Ov Vicissitude." The still-as-yet-untitled record is expected to see a May 2007 release.

Additionally, Cephalic Carnage will kick-off a week's worth of Texas and New Mexico tour dates with Brujeria starting tomorrow, March 2nd, in El Paso, TX. A complete listing of tour dates can be found online here with more to be announced soon.


Band profile: Cephalic Carnage
Posted: 02.03.2007 by pyroleprechaun | Comments (2)

Megadeth - New Song Posted Online

You can check out a new song from Megadeth entitled "Sleepwalker," off their upcoming new album United Abominations, online here.
Lyrics of the song can be found here.

The album is currently scheduled to be released on May 15, 2007.


Band profile: Megadeth
Posted: 02.03.2007 by pyroleprechaun | Comments (11)

Odious Mortem - New Album Ready

One of the most promising bands in 2005 will finally release their Willowtip Records debut "Cryptic Implosion" somewhere in April; their fans expectations are high enough already, stay tuned for what it'll surely be one of the best Death Metal albums of 2007.

As always, Metal Storm will offer a full review on this album for those who are requesting it already; wait for it on the reviews section a couple of months from now, it will be worthwhile believe me.

for now, you can pre-order the album directly from the official Willowtip Records Site and you can hear some samples there as well.


Band profile: Odious Mortem
Posted: 02.03.2007 by Herzebeth | Comments (3)

Soulitude - New Album This Year & To Become A Live Band

There will be another work released in 2007.
Almost 100% of the music is written and now it is time to start writing the lyrics.
This time it won't be a conceptual album. Music is more fresh and up-to-date, less epic but more solid and powerfull. I've been in contact with a couple of musicians for the vocals and drums and I hope to start recording in spring so the album may be ready at the end of spring or summer.
There won't be so many singers as in the first album because I'd like to have fix members so Soulitude can became also a live band and not only studio project.
Cover artwork is going to be done again by Xabier Amezaga, that is also the webmaster of this site.

Posted: 02.03.2007 by Baz Anderson | Comments (3)

Octavia Sperati - New Album In May

We are proud to announce that Octavia Sperati's new album entitled "Grace Submerged" will be released via Candlelight Records in May. There will be two release dates; one to coincide with the band's release party in Bergen on the 16th of May (actual Norwegian release date is the 10th of May), and for the rest of Europe it is May 21st. The Japanese and North American dates are still to be confirmed.

The album will contain the following tracks:

Provenance of hate
Guilty am I
Don't believe a word
As fire swept clean the earth
Going north
...and then the world froze
The final rest

Band profile: Octavia Sperati
Posted: 01.03.2007 by dismaleuphony | Comments (3)

Abigor - New Album News

Reunited Austrian black metallers Abigor have finalized the track listing for their new album, "Fractal Possesion", tentatively due this spring via End All Life Records. Check out a few audio samples at the band's MySpace page.

"Fractal Possession" track list:

01. Warning
02. Project: Shadow
03. Cold Void Choir
04. Lairf Of Infinite Deparation
05. 3D Blasphemy
06. The Fire Syndrom
07. Injection Satan
08. Libery Rises A Diagonal Flame
09. Vapourzied Tears
10. Heaven Unveiled

Abigor has announced plans to release a strictly limited 7" demo box featuring the demos "Ash Nazgh...", "Lux Devicta Est", "Promo-Tape II/94" and "Moonrise". The band is currently searching for reviews, interviews and articles from this period to include in the packaging... If you own, or know someone who could help the band with this, contact them via their MySpace page.


Band profile: Abigor
Posted: 28.02.2007 by beer | Comments (5)

Tristania - Departure Of Vibeke

Tristania is sorry to announce that Vibeke has decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. The band regrets this fact, but respect her decision and wish her all the best in the future.

Tristania is now looking to find a new female singer, as they are anxious to start touring and promoting the new album.

Please send demos, along with a recent photograph, to;

Askeladdveien 12
N-4019 Stavanger

Band profile: Tristania
Posted: 28.02.2007 by Lord Grim | Comments (48)

KoRn - Entire MTV Unplugged Album Available For Streaming

KoRn's entire "MTV Unplugged" CD is available for streaming at

KoRn's "Unplugged" show will premiere on MTV on March 2, with the CD arriving on March 6. The show will be broadcasted on on March 4 at 24.00.
Guests include members of The Cure as well as Evanescence singer Amy Lee and Chester Bennington from Linkin Park.

KoRn is currently recording its eighth studio album and plans to release it this summer. Veteran rock drummer Terry Bozzio is filling in for original KoRn drummer David Silveria, who is taking a hiatus from the group.

A tracklisting of the "MTV Unplugged Album" goes as follows:

01. Blind
02. Hollow Life
03. Freak On A Leash ft. Amy Lee


Band profile: Korn
Posted: 27.02.2007 by Thryce | Comments (47)

Black Sabbath - New Single Streaming Online

Rhino Records has the new Black Sabbath track, 'The Devil Cried', streaming at the following locations: Windows Media (100k), Windows Media (56k), Real Player, Quicktime Stream.

The song was written and produced by guitarist Tony Iommi and singer Ronnie James Dio and recorded with bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Vinny Appice in November 2006 in the UK. The song was engineered and mixed by Mike Exeter who worked on Fused and The 1996 DEP Sessions (both featuring Iommi and Glenn Hughes).

The single will be released in digital form to the public via all digital retailers on Tuesday, March 13th. The track is available on the forthcoming "Black Sabbath: The Dio Years compilation" CD, due out on April 3rd via Rhino. More info about that album can be found here.


Band profile: Black Sabbath
Posted: 27.02.2007 by Thryce | Comments (15)

Type O Negative - Album Samples Online

30-second audio samples of all 10 tracks that are set to appear on the new Type O Negative album, entitled "Dead Again", are available at

"Dead Again" is scheduled for release on the following dates:

March 13 - USA/Canada
March 16 - Germany
March 19 - Europe

"Dead Again" (cover art) tracklist:

01. Dead Again
02. Tripping A Blind Man
03. The Profits Of Doom
04. September Sun
05. Halloween In Heaven
06. These Three Things
07. She Burned Me Down
08. Some Stupid Tomorrow
09. An Ode To Locksmiths
10. Haill And Farewell To Britain


Band profile: Type O Negative
Posted: 27.02.2007 by Thryce | Comments (10)

Nagelfar - Reissue Of Virus West Available

Van Records has reissued the third album from disbanded German black metallers Nagelfar called "Virus West".
According to a press release: "Virus West is by far the most aggressive and powerful piece of music ever released by the band, leaving the shores of melancholy and reverie behind and setting sails for harsh and wrathful fields of either fast or energetic mid-tempo tunes. The production of the album was once again taken over by Andy Classen (Belphegor, Dew Scented) within the walls of the famous Stage One studio, which means that the sound of the compositions will rearrange your entire anatomy."

"Virus West" was released in 2001, and had the following tracklisting:


Posted: 27.02.2007 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Illnath - Former Drummer Returns

Danish Symphonic Black Metal outfit Illnath have been rejoined by drummer Benjamin Johannesen, who was drummer for Illnath during 2001-2002 and 2003.

The band wrote the following on their website: "BENJAMIN IS BACK. Yep, that's right. We finally found our drummer - again. This is a big surprise for everyone, most of all ourselves. We have put everything that has happened in the past behind us, and we will focus exclusively on what is most important for Illnath - THE MUSIC. And when it comes to drums, we have always known that Benjamin was best for the band. Welcome back big daddy!!!"

Illnath recently entered Borsing Studios to begin recording their third album entitled "Three Nights In The Sewers Of Sodom".

Band profile: Illnath
Posted: 27.02.2007 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Samael - Sign With Nuclear Blast, New Song And Concert Online

Swiss metal experimentalists Samael have inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The group's eighth album, "Solar Soul", is scheduled for release on June 1. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include 'Solar Soul', 'Promised Land', 'Slavocracy', 'Western Ground' and 'On The Rise'.

Commented vocalist Vorph: "We're thrilled to enter this new collaboration with an album we believe to be our greatest achievement to date. We know Nuclear Blast is providing a solid ground that will enable us to build something worth your attention. For us, it feels like the time is now!"

For more news about "Aeonics - An Anthology", Samael's best of compilation through Century Media Records, go to here.


Band profile: Samael
Posted: 26.02.2007 by Thryce | Comments (4)

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