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02.08Rage - Russian Tour Dates
 Ministry - Final Album In The Works
31.07Diablo Swing Orchestra - Headlining Blikfest IV Festival
 Ayreon - Demo From New Album Online
 Fairyland - Parts Ways With Four Members
 Deinonychus - New Album Update And Sample
30.07Iced Earth - European Tour Dates
 Suidakra - Best Of Album And DVD Announced
 Chain Collector - New Album Information Revealed
 Subway To Sally - New Album Announced
 Apocalyptica - New Album Information, New Songs Online
29.07Kreator - South American Tour
 Symphony X - First Ever Video Posted Online
27.07Avantasia - Tobias Sammet At Wacken Open Air 2007
 Brainstorm - Start Recording New Album

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Rage - Russian Tour Dates

German metallers Rage will embark on the "Metal Firestorm" tour of Russia in November.

The dates are as follows:

Nov. 06 - Moscow - Apelsin-Club
Nov. 07 - Nizhniy Novgorod -
Nov. 08 - Vladimir -
Nov. 10 - Ryazan -
Nov. 11 - Tula -
Nov. 12 - Bryansk -
Nov. 14 - St. Petersburg - Roks-Club

At the moment, Peavy, Victor and André are working with high pressure at their new album, with the working title "Carved In Stone". "Carved in Stone" is also the title of a new song, a super hymn, which could open the live shows in future. More titles are (under reserve): 'Open My Grave', 'One Step Ahead', 'Long Hard Road' and 'Without You'.


Band profile: Rage
Event: Rage: Russian Tour
Posted: 02.08.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Ministry - Final Album In The Works

Ministry mainman Al Jourgensen has revealed to Germany's Metal Hammer magazine that the group's previously announced "final" album, "The Last Sucker", will be followed by an all-covers release, tentatively due in 2008. According to Jourgensen, the as-yet-untitled effort will contain "a lot of different cover songs from various bands," some of which have already been released on Ministry albums over the years.

Ministry's upcoming covers album is expected to include the following tracks, among others:

Previously released songs:
"Supernaut" by Black Sabbath (from "Supernaut" EP)
"Lay Lady Lay" by Bob Dylan (from "Filth Pig")


Band profile: Ministry
Posted: 02.08.2007 by Thryce | Comments (4)

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Headlining Blikfest IV Festival

The Blikfest-organisation has revealed the complete line up of the fourth edition of the Blikfest Festival, also dubbed as Metal Extravaganza 2007, set to take place on November 3 at JH Togenblik, at Beveren-Waas, Belgium.

The only international band and headliner of the festival will be Diablo Swing Orchestra. D:S:O already earned a lot of fame for their highly acclaimed debut album "The Butcher's Ballroom". The Swedish Symphonic Avantgarde Metallers were also chosen as The Biggest Surprise of the Metal Storm Awards 2006. Their new upcoming album is currently due for an April 2008 release.
Other names on the festival line up are Oceans Of Sadness (unique progressive metal), Axamenta (orchestral prog metal), Crusader (medieval heavy metal), Gwyllion (symphonic metal) and Apocryph (death-thrash metal).


Band profile: Diablo Swing Orchestra
Event: Blikfest IV
Posted: 31.07.2007 by Thryce | Comments (9)

Ayreon - Demo From New Album Online

A 10 minutes demo was posted on Ayreon's official MySpace page here, this piece will appear on the next album of the group. The vocal parts were not recorded yet.

Three vocalists are now confirmed for the new, as of yet untitled, Ayreon album: Magali Luyten (Virus IV and Beautiful Sin) Simone Simons (Epica) and Ty Tabor (King's X).

To be complete the following message was posted on Ayreon's official website:
"Members of the messageboard spent nearly a year already organizing a fan-meet for Ayreon (Arjen Lucassen) fans. What started out as an informal get-together for forumers at a zoo, turned into a little bit of an event where 250 people can attend. It takes place September 15th, 2007 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It starts 13:00 and ends aproximately 19:00.


Band profile: Ayreon
Posted: 31.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (8)

Fairyland - Parts Ways With Four Members

The following message was posted by Philippe Giordana (keyboards) from French Symphonic Power Metal band Fairyland on the band's official website:

"Anthony, Vincent, Tom and Max have decided to leave Fairyland and go on with their own project. The reasons for their departure have not been clearly expressed, and the way they handled the whole business, with direct annoucement on Fairyland's forum prior to any kind of discussion with Intromental Management, Napalm Records, Marquee Avalon, Burrn! Corporation or even me, was not very professional. However, it is their decision and I wish them all the luck they will need to make their new project break through.

Regarding Fairyland, I am and have always been the song writer, also taking care of the lyrics and vocal lines, plus the concept behind my music. So there is no reason why I should stop doing so. The only point I need to think about is whether I will try and build a new line-up, or just stay by myself and use guest musicians from different horizons. that last solution is quite appealing, since it can bring a lot of diversity to Fairyland, plus it will mean I don't have to handle a line-up's personnal issues, which is really time consuming. I'll then be able to concentrate on the music only, and all will be best.


Band profile: Fairyland
Posted: 31.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (5)

Deinonychus - New Album Update And Sample

The following update was posted on the official website of Dutch Doom Metal band Deinonychus:

"Warfare Machines" is the new title of the forthcoming Deinonychus album which will be released on My Kingdom Music on the 12th of Oct. 2007. Recorded and mastered in Italy under the guidance of Giuseppe Orlando (who also played drums on this album). This album is another progress containing a fine mixture of black/doom metal with up-tempo/blast and doom parts.
First there will be a limited slipcase-edition of 2000 pcs. The artwork was again done by Eric Massicotte who also did artwork for Darkthrone etc.

Here is a preview of the slipcase cover and here of the CD jewelcase cover.

"Warfare Machines" tracklisting:


Band profile: Deinonychus
Posted: 31.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (2)

Iced Earth - European Tour Dates

Iced Earth will embark on a European tour this fall. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

8 Okt 2007 D Köln Live Music Hall
9 Okt 2007 D München Backstage Werk
10 Okt 2007 I Milan Alcatraz
12 Okt 2007 E Barcelona Sala Razzmatazz 1
13 Okt 2007 E Madrid La Riviera
15 Okt 2007 CH Pratteln Konzertfabrik Z7
16 Okt 2007 A Graz Orpheum
17 Okt 2007 A Wien Planet Music
18 Okt 2007 CZ Brno Fleda
19 Okt 2007 D Berlin Columbia Club
21 Okt 2007 S Malmö Kulturbolaget
22 Okt 2007 N Oslo Rockefeller
23 Okt 2007 S Gothenburg Tradgarn
25 Okt 2007 S Stockholm Tirol
26 Okt 2007 DK Kopenhagen Pumpenhuset
28 Okt 2007 D Hamburg Markthalle
30 Okt 2007 D Stuttgart LKA Longhorn
1 Nov 2007 NL Tilburg Club 013


Band profile: Iced Earth
Event: Iced Earth + Annihilator: Wicked European Tour
Posted: 30.07.2007 by Thryce | Comments (14)

Suidakra - Best Of Album And DVD Announced

Suidakra will be going into Gernhart Studio to record some old tracks and re-mastering the newer ones for a Best Of compilation. This album will be released together with a live DVD containing the Wacken 2006 show, the acoustic show at the Kielowatt Festvial 2006 and various other video clips. This fine package will be complimented graphical with artwork by Kris Verwimp, so this will surely be a must-have for every Suidakra fan, and fans of the future! More info soon.

The band has also posted some news about their upcoming performance at Wacken Open Air festival: "Just a few days left until Wacken Open Air! As a surprise and as an additional incentive (as if it was needed!) for you to be at front of the Black Stage for 11 PM on Friday, the band will be accompanied by Axel and his highland bagpipes! The opportunity to see Suidakra live on stage with bagpipes doesn't happen every day, so be sure not to miss it!"

Band profile: Suidakra
Posted: 30.07.2007 by bluemobiusx | Comments (1)

Chain Collector - New Album Information Revealed

The following message was posted on Chain Collector's official website:

"We're still going strong in studio with the recording of "Unrestrained". Some final vocal tracks are being done at the moment. We'll get some sound samples up for you guys to enjoy as soon as the album is finished. Meanwhile you can check out a preview of the cover-art for the album made by Niklas Sundin himself."

"Unrestrained" is scheduled for release October 22nd in Europe (October 19th in Germany). A preview of the CD's artwork (created by Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity) is available at this location.


Band profile: Chain Collector
Posted: 30.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Subway To Sally - New Album Announced

Subway To Sally will be releasing their new album, "Bastard", on 26th October. It will be released through Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded at Horus studio in Hannover, Germany and Lundgaard studio in Denmark. The cover artwork image can be seen here.

Bastard tracklisting:
01. Meine Seele Brennt
02. Puppenspieler
03. Auf Kiel
04. Umbra
05. Voodoo
06. Wehe Stunde
07. Die Trommel
08. Unentdecktes Land
09. Hohelied
10. Canticum Satanae
11. Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan
12. Fatum
13. In Der Stille


Band profile: Subway To Sally
Posted: 30.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Apocalyptica - New Album Information, New Songs Online

The following message was posted on official Apocalyptica's MySpace page:

"Apocalyptica has announced the worldwide release of their 6th studio album - Worlds Collide - on September 17th. The first track from the album, "I'm Not Jesus" features Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour. "I'm Not Jesus" will be available September 3rd (August 31st in Germany).

Special guests on Worlds Collide include: Corey Taylor, Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Tomoyasu Hotei, Joseph Duplantier (Gojira), Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and more to be announced soon!"

The band's myspace page also has the three songs 'I'm Not Jesus', 'Peace', 'SOS' (with Cristina Scabia) and 'Worlds Collide' from the upcoming new album available for streaming.


Band profile: Apocalyptica
Posted: 30.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (7)

Kreator - South American Tour

The following message was posted on Kreator's official website:

"We're proud to announce the first South American tour dates of 2007! Also appearing at selected shows are Swedish Power Metal kings Hammerfall (co headliners!) and Kotipelto. More detailed information soon!"

Dates are as follows:

Sep 22 - Monterrey, Mexico - Cafe Iguana
Sep 23 - Mexico City, Mexico - Corco Volador
Sep 27 - Santiago, Chile - Estadio Victor Jara
Sep 29 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Obras
Sep 30 - Lima, Peru - Discoteca Voce

Some more dates will be announced by the band soon.


Band profile: Kreator
Event: Kreator: S. American Tour
Posted: 29.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (5)

Symphony X - First Ever Video Posted Online

Power/Progressive metallers Symphony X have posted a new video online at their official myspace site. The video is for the song Serpent's Kiss, which comes from the band's new album Paradise Lost. As stated, this is the first official Symphony X video clip ever made. The video can't be downloaded, but it can be streamed from the aforementioned location.

Band profile: Symphony X
Posted: 29.07.2007 by Raiden | Comments (13)

Avantasia - Tobias Sammet At Wacken Open Air 2007

The organizers of W:O:A state in an email sent to Press representatives around the world:

"Tobias Sammet returns with his mammoth project AVANTASIA!!!!!

Presenting the third part of an ongoing epic concept journey through a progtastic variation of styles, elements and emotions, the first gigantic appetizer is about to be unleashed: in October, the first single / EP will hit the shelves and all details and infos will be revealed at an exclusive press conference at Wacken Open Air. But we can assure you this single / EP will feature enough material other bands would fill a full-length album with - for mastermind and EDGUY-fronter Tobias Sammet it is a sign of things to come....

Also be aware of the fact that Mister Sammet has once more summoned a whole bunch of famous guest stars...that we won't reveal to you yet!


Band profile: Avantasia
Posted: 27.07.2007 by jupitreas | Comments (5)

Brainstorm - Start Recording New Album

Brainstorm have entered Gate Studios in Wolfsburg together with producers Sascha Paeth and Michael Rodenberg to start recording their new upcoming album, which is due 25th January 2008. Preceding the full length CD will be a single release, which will come out on 19th October 2007. The single will give fans a first look at the new Brainstorm tunes. "Be prepared for a real Brainstorm from head to toe." say the band.

Brainstorm comments further: "Recordings are going extremely well so far and we are simply overwhelmed how impressive the new songs sound. These are definitely the best Brainstorm songs that have seen the light of day yet, no kidding, no empty phrases - this is the ultimate Brainstorm album so far. Really can't wait to let you hear!!!"

Band profile: Brainstorm
Posted: 27.07.2007 by Raiden | Comments (1)

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