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Draconian - New Video Online

"The Last Hour Of Ancient Sunlight", the first-ever video from Swedish gothic/doom metal band Draconian can now be watched below.


"The Last Hour Of Ancient Sunlight" comes off the band's upcoming new album, entitled A Rose For The Apocalypse, which will be released on June 24th through Napalm Records.


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Chimaira - Sign To Long Branch Records

Chimaira have inked a deal with Long Branch Records for the European and Australian territories. The band's new album, entitled The Age of Hell, will be released August 26 in Germany and August 29 in the United Kingdom, Australia and the rest of Europe. The CD will be made available in North America on August 16 via eOne Music.

Long Branch Records is a new SPV label imprint created by industry veteran Maria Ouellette. Chimaira is the first of many acts to sign to Long Branch Records, therefore becoming a cornerstone in the label's quest to build a home for today's best in new and established rock and metal groundbreakers.


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Omnium Gatherum - Touring Guitarist Officially Joins The Band

Finnish melodic death metal band Omnium Gatherum have announced that current touring guitarist Joonas "Jope" Koto (Malpractice, ex-To/Die/For) has officially joined the band. Jope has been on tour with the band since former guitarist Harri Pikka (Total Devastation) left the band in August 2010.

Omnium Gatherum comments: "Joonas "Jope" Koto officially joins Omnium Gatherum as a new guitarist and backing clean vocalist, so OG is a twin guitar squad again and what's even better is that now we have Jackson guitar tour de force on both sides of the stage! He have been playing already a big bunch of gigs with OG as session live member as the previous guitarist Harri Pikka left the band over a year ago, and Jope was even filling up Harri in some gigs even before we separated ways with him.

Jope have been Markus Vanhala' partner in crime in a progressive metal band Malpractice for many years by now, so he was the first, the most natural and the only candidate for the job for us and gladly we got him on board! He has been playing and recording previously in To/Die/For and Hateframe too, so he is a hard core professional dude."

Joonas had the following to say: "After two years as a session guitarist the guys finally asked me to join OG and I didn't hesitate one second! From the get-go I have felt like part of a family. The guys are very great as persons and professional as musicians. I'm very happy and proud to be a part of such a great band of brothers."


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Hackneyed - New Song Online

"Maculate Conception", a brand-new track from German death metal band Hackneyed has been made available for streaming over at Facebook (you'll have to "like" the page to access the stream)

"Maculate Conception" comes off the band's forthcoming album, entitled Carnival Cadavre, which will be released on August 22nd in Europe and August 30rd in North America through Lifeforce Records.


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Municipal Waste - Ink Deal With Nuclear Blast

Undisputed masters of the crossover genre, Richmond, Virginia's Municipal Waste are proud to announce their new worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

States Waste frontman Foresta: "It took a real long time to decide what we were going to do for our next record. We wanted to work with a label that were not only fans of the band and our music, but were willing to get behind any ridiculous idea that we could think of. Once we realized this, Nuclear Blast was the obvious choice. The Blast has been friends with the band long before doing a record was even a possibility. I feel like we're starting off with a clean slate and decade of experience to start back up on the right track. Expect some great things in the near future from the Waste. This is only the beginning!"

Drummer Dave Witte continues: "Nuclear Blast has shown their love for the Waste for years. And when it came time for a new deal, it was a no brainer in my eyes. NB all the way. We are thrilled to be included among a roster of great bands and hard working people that love them. I can't wait to get into that studio!"

Gerardo Martínez, long-time Municipal Waste fan and Label Manager of Nuclear Blast USA, comments on the newest members of the Nuclear Blast Family: "We've known the Waste guys for some time and when the moment was right to bring them on board, we did not hesitate one second. They are the best and most relevant band at what they do, and a pleasure to be around... not to mention they are some of the funniest and down-to-earth people we've met. The excitement level for a new Municipal Waste record is at its highest and we are ready to deliver this to the masses!"

The Waste will be entering the studio this summer to record their fifth full-length album and Nuclear Blast debut in their hell-bent quests for infectious riffs and never-ending headbanging sessions. A 2012 release is expected.


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Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Working On New Album

Finnish extreme power metal band Eternal Tears Of Sorrow are busy working on their new studio album, tentatively due for a 2012 release.

Guitarist Jarmo Puolakanaho checked in with the following update: "As we already told on our Facebook page, we have finished our first recording session at Tico-Tico Studios. We are recording this album in two main sessions + some extra sessions throughout this year. This way has proven to be the best for us and our timetables and we've been using the same 'take it slowly, make it good' method ever since our comeback in 2005.

What we did during the past weeks was recording the basic tracks for six songs. Now, it's time for a short summer holiday after which we're going to do the vocals and the keyboard tracks, and, of course, to write more new songs for the second main recording session, which is going to take place at the end of this year.

Trying to verbally describe the new songs is like trying to draw how they sound like. And even if we somehow managed to describe how the new songs sound like, they only represent one half of the forthcoming album.

Anyway, it has been announced that we're going to play our second (and last) gig in 2011 at Jyrkka Festival in Pudasjärvi. Which is nice, as this band was formed in the very same town and as a matter of fact, we played our very first gig on the same stage fourteen years ago. And now, after eleven years, we're coming back to our original home town. Nice."

Some photos from Eternal Tears of Sorrow at the studio can be found on Facebook.


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Yob - New Album Details, New Song Online

Atma, the upcoming new album of Oregon doom trio Yob will be released on August 16th in North America and on August 22nd in the UK through Profound Lore Records.

One of the new tracks, called "Prepare The Ground", has been made available for streaming over at Stereogum.

The follow-up to 2009's The Great Cessation is described in a press release as "dirtier and sludgier than ever before."

Atma features guest appearances by Neurosis frontman Scott Kelly on the tracks "Before We Dreamed Of Two" and "Adrift In The Ocean".

Atma tracklist:

01. Prepare The Ground
02. Atma
03. Before We Dreamed Of Two
04. Upon The Sight Of The Other Shore
05. Adrift In The Ocean


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Revocation - Another New Song Online

"No Funeral", a brand-new track from US tech death metal band Revocation has been made available for streaming over at

Another new track, called "Cradle Robber", is still streaming at this location.

"No Funeral" and "Cradle Robber" come off the band's upcoming new album Chaos Of Forms, which will be released on August 16th in North America and September 5th internationally through Relapse Records.


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Warbringer - New Album Details

Worlds Torn Asunder, the new upcoming album of US thrashers Warbringer will be released in September through Century Media Records.

The album was produced by Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sepultura, Symphony X).

Commented vocalist John Kevill: "With this record we were trying to do 2 things: to make something that progressed in new directions from our previous work, but also to keep all the speed and intensity at the forefront. I really think we've pulled that off with this record, we have a great and diverse batch of songs. Musically I think we have songs on this record that move forward from the styles of both our previous records, and some that go in completely new directions that the band has never done before. We are really excited to put this record out, we are really trying to raise the bar with this one."

Worlds Torn Asunder tracklist:

01. Living Weapon
02. Shattered Like Glass
03. Wake Up... Destroy
04. Future Ages Gone
05. Savagery
06. Treacherous Tongue
07. Echoes From The Void
08. Enemies Of The State
09. Behind The Veils Of Night
10. Demonic Ecstasy


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The Gathering - New Video Online

"Heroes For Ghosts", the new video from Dutch atmospheric rock band The Gathering can now be watched below.

The clip was filmed in Bergen, Norway with director Marcus Moonen.

"Heroes For Ghosts" comes off the band's forthcoming as-yet-untitled studio album, due for release later this year. More album details are expected to be announced soon.


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Metallica - Collaboration Project With Lou Reed

Metallica has revealed more details regarding their "secret recording project". Turns out the band is releasing a collaboration album with none other than the legendary Lou Reed.

Metallica released the following piece of news: "A few months ago our own Kirk Hammett hinted at a new Metallica project that's "not really 100 percent a Metallica record." While Kirk may have jumped the gun a little (and has since been properly punished with a series of push-ups!), we are more than proud to announce that we have just completed recording a full-length album that is a collaboration with none other than the legendary Lou Reed.

Ever since we had the pleasure of performing with Lou at the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden in October of 2009, we have been kicking around the idea of making a record together. Some of you astute Bay Area residents may have picked up news of recent Lou Reed sightings in the greater San Francisco area and we have indeed been working at our home studio at HQ on and off over the last few months. In what would be lightning speed for a Metallica related project, we recorded ten songs during this time and while at this moment we're not exactly sure when you'll hear it, we're beyond excited to share with you that the recording sessions wrapped up last week."

"A true innovator and easily one of the most influential songwriters, musicians, and performers in rock music history, Lou's work with the Velvet Underground and as a solo artist has such an enduring quality that he has long been revered and respected by us and many of our peers. We can't wait for you to listen to the finished record, so as we like to hear ourselves say around here, keep watching this spot for updates... we'll be back with more details as they come together."


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Adrenaline Mob - New Project Of Mike Portnoy, Russell Allen

Back in February we told you about the collaboration project between former Avenged Sevenfold drummer Mike Portnoy and Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen. Well, the project is called Adrenaline Mob.

The rest of the line-up features guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando (Sonic Stomp), bassist Paul DiLeo and Stuck Mojo/Fozzy axeman Rich Ward.

The band will make its live debut on Friday, June 24 at The Hiro Ballroom in New York City. The group will play songs from its upcoming debut album as well as a few classic covers.

In a March 2011 interview, Russell described Adrenaline Mob as "a straight-up rock band with just rock songs — kind of like an edgy, modern kind of sound. It's not progressive or trying to be too metal or anything — it's just good, old crunchy rock stuff."

Speaking to, Mike Orlando said the following about Adrenaline Mob: "This band is not in the vein of Symphony X or Dream Theater. It's more along the lines of, say, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Disturbed, Black Label Society, Shinedown... with Russell's absolute pipes from hell and Mike just outright killing it on the kit. The guitar is really rocking and has some pretty insane moments, but it's a song-oriented band and that's the most important aspect before anything."

He continued: "Russell and I have an amazing writing chemistry together and he is one of my closest and dearest friends. It's an absolute pleasure to work with such a great talent as Russell on every level."

He added: "Mike is just unbelievable. His playing is beyond words at times. He's the utmost professional musician but also one of the nicest and coolest guys I have ever met and played with. It's an honor to call him my bandmate, to say the least, and I look forward to ripping it up every night out there with Mike and Russ and the guys!"


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Tsjuder - New Album In October

As you probably heard, Norwegian black metal act Tsjuder recently reunited after a five-year hiatus. The infernal trio's forthcoming album is entitled Legion Helvete and has been scheduled for an October 14th release in Europe and October 18th in the US.

In the meantime, you can catch the band live this weekend at France's Hellfest Open Air, as well as at Brutal Assault in Czech Republic on August 11th.


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Setherial - Ink Deal With Debemur Morti Productions

Swedish black metal band Setherial have signed with French label Debemur Morti Productions. The band is currently writing their as-yet-untitled seventh studio album slated for a 2012 release.

Commented Setherial frontman Mysteriis: "I think Debemur Morti Productions is perfect for Setherial. We really have found our best settlement for the horde and we're working with great enthusiasm on the next album."

Lurking in the underground since 1993, Setherial's latest release was the Treason 7'' EP, which came out through Goathorned Productions.


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Queensrÿche - New Video Online

"Wot We Do", the new video from Seattle progressive heavy metallers Queensrÿche can now be watched below.

The clip footage from the group's 2010 Queensrÿche Cabaret tour, with the band performing their hits and never-heard-before selections accompanied by go-go dancers, burlesque dancers, drag queens, a juggler, ballet dancer, trapeze artist, a contortionist and others.

"Wot We Do" comes off the band's forthcoming album, entitled Dedicated To Chaos, which will be released on June 28th in North America through Loud & Proud Records, a Roadrunner Records imprint focusing on established artists. More album details were previously reported over here.


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