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Opeth - Part Ways With Keyboardist Per Wiberg

Keyboardist Per Wiberg has been relieved of his duties in Opeth as part of a mutual decision with the band. Keyboard duties on upcoming tours will be handled by a musician who is already rehearsing with the band. Said musician's identity will be released at a later date.

Vocalist/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt released the following statement about the matter: "Well, it's been somewhat of a revolving door of members during the last couple of years, and now, Per is no longer a member. Mendez, Axe and Fredrik and I came to the decision that we should find a replacement for Per right after the recordings of the new album, and this came as no surprise to Per. He had, in turn, been thinking about leaving, so you could say it was a mutual decision. There's no bad blood, just a relationship that came to an end, and that's that. We wish Per the best, and he did a splendid job recording keyboards for the last record, which stands as his final recording with Opeth."

Opeth remain hard at work on their next as-yet-untitled album, which follows up 2008's critically acclaimed Watershed. The album is due out this Fall on Roadrunner Records.

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Kekal - New Video Online

"Track One", the new video from Indonesian avantgarde metallers Kekal, can now be watched below.

The message behind the video as explained by the band: "First off, I am AGAINST all sorts of endorsement towards hierarchies in social life.. But as human, as in animal, I believe that we tend to behave such way, where the more dominant one bullies the less dominant one.. Bullying happens everywhere, across all cultures, ethnicities, and genders, and it happens in many forms and contexts.. On this video, I took a very old public domain footage about an experiment to 3 rats, where in such cases, they developed a hierarchy between the most dominant and the less dominant ones.. The less dominant rat on the experiment did not fighting the more dominant one until the end, but instead it developed a kind of behavior where it no longer wanted to eat the food and to let it consumed by the more dominant one..

The message of this video is all about fighting to get your own right, and to keep fighting until the end.. That is also the message of the song itself: to keep moving and breaking all the barriers.. What depicted on the video should not happen in the context of human's social life.. We are a social animal, where are ways to communicate and interact between each human, and we can exchange expressions and ideas.. And most importantly, human also has a kind of fighting spirit that doesn't seem to appear in other, non-social animals, because we are driven by the so-called motivation as the driving force..

There are many cases in history where the "weak" ones overcame the "strong" ones.. We can even risk our lives to have the victory at the end.. We can fight all the bullies, we can fight the corrupt government even though they seem to be too strong to be fought, and they keep intimidating the less dominant ones.. Those in majority tend to intimidate the minority.. It is true and real, and I must say it now depends whether we are motivated enough to fight it or not, and not letting ourselves to automatically create any thought of "social hierarchy" based on what we perceive in the first place.. If we do so, we're same as rats..

And oh, no animal was hurt during the making of the video.. The entire footage was taken from the old public domain film.."

"Track One" comes off the band's latest album 8, which was released on January 23rd through Whirlwind Records. More album details were previously reported over here.


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Manowar - Former Drummer Passed Away

According to a Facebook posting by former Manowar guitarist Ross "The Boss" Friedman, ex-Manowar drummer Scott Columbus passed away yesterday evening (Monday, April 4th) at the age of 54. A cause of death is still unknown at this time.

This information was later verified by Columbus' girlfriend Nancy who wrote: "For all you to know, this is Scott Columbus's girlfriend of over 3 1/3 years... and I cannot get the words out, but he died today... Please send your thoughts and prayers. I can't believe he is gone. He was the absolute love of my life."

Scott Columbus was a part of the band from 1983 until 1990, when he was eventually forced to leave the band when his son fell ill. He was replaced by Rhino for The Triumph of Steel album but returned for Louder Than Hell and remained with the band until the summer of 2008 when he was replaced once again by Rhino during Manowar's performances in Bulgaria and Magic Circle Festival.


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Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire - New Song Online

"Lower Than Life, High As The Sky", a brand-new track from US grinders Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, has been made available for streaming, exclusively at MetalSucks.

"Lower Than Life, High As The Sky" comes off an as-yet-untitled upcoming new split album with Nesseria, which will be released supposedly by summer through Throatruiner Records and Wooaaargh Records. A CD-version will also be available via Trendkill Recordings.


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Morbid Angel - Album Tracklist Revealed

Illud Divinum Insanus, the eagerly awaited forthcoming album of US death metal band Morbid Angel, will be released on June 6th in Europe and June 7th in North America through Season Of Mist.

The album will be released as a Wooden Foldout Box, Metal starpak CD (outside North America), Deluxe digipak CD (North America only), Double gatefold LP with download card, Jewel case CD, and digital download. For more format details click here.

A single for the song "Nevermore" will be out on May 16th as 7" vinyl and digital download. The B-side will be another song from the album, called "Destructos VS the Earth", remixed by Combichrist.

Illud Divinum Insanus tracklist:

01. Omni Potens
02. Too Extreme!
03. Existo Vulgoré
04. Blades For Baal
05. I Am Morbid
06. 10 More Dead
07. Destructos VS The Earth / Attack
08. Nevermore
09. Beauty Meets Beast
10. Radikult
11. Profundis - Mea Culpa


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Pain - New Song Online

"Dirty Woman", a brand-new track from Swedish industrial metal band Pain, has been made available for streaming over at Facebook, or for free download (well, technically at the price of your e-mail address) over at this location.

"Dirty Woman" comes off the band's upcoming new album You Only Live Twice, which will be released on June 3rd through Nuclear Blast Records. More album details were previously reported over here.

Studio trailer


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My Dying Bride - Confirm 20th Anniversary Collection Release Date

Evinta, the long-awaited 20th-Anniversary Collection of My Dying Bride, will be released on May 16th through Peaceville Records.

To commemorate two decades of doom & gloom, My Dying Bride embarked upon a project to re-work familiar melodies & themes from the band's extensive catalogue into long, flowing symphonic compositions, including new vocals & passages from Aaron Stainthorpe.

As previously reported, these arrangements have been brought to life in co-operation with keyboard maestro Johnny Maudling (of Bal-Sagoth fame) and will be released as Evinta, as both a 2 disc & special 3 disc set, each disc its own sprawling classical work spanning a large period of My Dying Bride's album material. The 3 disc set will also be accompanied by a specially limited 72 page hardback book featuring rare images & photographs from the band's personal archive from over the years.


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Volbeat - New Video Online

"16 Dollars", the new video from Danish rock 'n' rollers Volbeat, can now be watched below.

"16 Dollars" comes off the band's latest album Beyond Hell/Above Heaven, which was released in September last year through Universal Music.


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Swashbuckle - New Drummer Announced

New Jersey pirate thrashers Swashbuckle have parted ways with the drummer, Paul "Bootsmann Collins" Christiansen, who joined the band exactly one year ago.

The band eloquently commented as follows: "The 'Buckle is proud to announce our new drummer Legendary Pirate King Eric "The" Brown, a.k.a. Longer John Silver, b.k.a. "Lojo", p.k.a. Eric W. Brown of notable Destroy Destroy Destroy, Inferi, Vale Of Pnath, Collapse, Magic Hammer, Rainbowdragoneyes fame. It is with heavy hearts that we part ways with Bootsmann Collins, but alas his dream of becoming a dancer for The Underwater Rockettes has finally become a reality. Goodnight sweet prince, good morrow legendary pirate king!"

A video interview of the band introducing their new drummer can be watched by the people who hate themselves below.

Yar and all that fucking stuff.

L.P.K. Eric is ready to smash faces and will join Swashbuckle for the first time on stage this spring/summer for a run of European festival shows, with more TBA.

Apr 01 - Metal Franconia Fest - Dettelbach, DE
Aug 12 - Rock im Betonwerk - Mittelbach, DE
Aug 14 - Ieperfest - Ieper, BE
Aug 18 - Summer Breeze - Dinkelsbühl, DE


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Loudblast - New Song Online

"Emptiness Crushes My Soul", a brand-new track from French thrash/death metal band Loudblast has been made available for streaming, exclusively at RadioMetal.

"Emptiness Crushes My Soul" comes off the band's upcoming new album Frozen Moments Between Life And Death, which will be released on April 18th through XIII Bis Records.


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Eden Weint Im Grab - Album Tracklist Revealed

German gothic metal band Eden Weint Im Grab has revealed the tracklist for the upcoming Geysterstunde I (trans: Witching Hour I), to be released on May 6th through Winter Solitude Productions.

The track "Tango Mortis" features a guest appearance of singer Jan Lubitzki from now-defunct German thrash metal band Depressive Age. Geysterstunde I is said to contain elements of tango and waltz next to melodeath, doom and black.

Geysterstunde I tracklist:

01. Geysterstunde
02. Moritat Des Leierkastenmanns
03. Armee Der Wiedergänger
04. Die Knochenmühle
05. Ein Requiem In Sepia
06. Feuer-Inferno (Vision Swedenborgs 1759)
07. Nautilus
08. Der Galgenvogel
09. Gespenster-Revue Im Theater Obszön
10. Friedhof Der Sterne
11. Irrfahrt Durchs Leichen-Labyrinth
12. Taphephobie
13. Tango Mortis
14. Der Nachtalb - Eine Finstere Heimsuchung
15. Gang Durch Ein Modriges Beinhaus


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Emergency Gate - Working On New Material With New Drummer

German power metal band Emergency Gate have recruited Raphael Saini (Chaoswave, Corpsefucking Art, live Visions Of Atlantis) as their new drummer.

Meanwhile the band has entered Dream Sound Studio in Munich, Germany, to begin writing new material for their upcoming album, scheduled for an early 2012 release.

A full video message from the band can be watched below.


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North Atlantic Oscillation - To Support Blackfield On European Tour

With Anathema filling in the support slot on the North American trek, Blackfield has now announced UK progressive rock band North Atlantic Oscillation as the support act for the final ten dates of Blackfield's upcoming European tour.

Blackfield - European Tour Dates with North Atlantic Oscillation:

18th April - Pratteln, Z7, Switzerland
19th April - Milan, Magazzini Generali, Italy
20th April - Rome, Alpheus, Italy
21st April - Treviso, New Age, Italy
23rd April - Karlsruhe, New Substage, Germany
24th April - Frankfurt, Batschkapp, Germany
25th April - Bochum, Matrix, Germany
26th April - Cologne, Stollwerck, Germany
28th April - Antwerp, Trix Hall, Belgium
29th April - Trianon, Paris, France


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Detonation - New Video Online

"Washing Away The Blood", the new video from Dutch Gothenburg metal band Detonation, can now be watched below.

The clip was shot by Framecat film and video productions.

"Washing Away The Blood" comes off the band's latest album Reprisal, which was released earlier this week, March 31st, as a self-released album due to the fact the band are still unsigned after their Osmose Productions contract ended. More album details were previously reported over here.


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Falconer - New Album Details

Armod, the new album from Swedish folk power metal band Falconer, will be released on June 3th in Europe through Metal Blade Records.

The CD features 11 songs completely sung in Swedish and four bonus tracks that are said to be English versions of the bandmembers' favorite new songs. Armod was once again recorded at King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden during December and January.

Armod tracklist:

01. Svarta Änkan
02. Dimmornas Drottning
03. Griftefrid
04. O, Tysta Ensamhet
05. Vid Rosornas Grav
06. Grimborg
07. Herr Peder Och Hans Syster
08. Eklundapolskan
09. Grimasch Om Morgonen
10. Fru Silfver
11. Gammal Fäbodpsalm


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