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06.12Deeptrip - TV Interview And First Show In England
05.12Enslaved - New Video Online
 Kreator - New Album Details, New Song Online
03.12Deströyer 666 - Australian Tour Cancelled, New Album Renamed
02.12Candlemass - Finish Recording The New Album
 Mithras - Rayner Coss To Depart
01.12Sepultura - Two New Songs Online
 Acid Drinkers - Guitarist Passes Away
 Zonaria - New Video Online
 Samael - New Album On The Way
30.11Loudness - Drummer Passes Away
 Hate Eternal - Frontman Hospitalized, Drop Off US Tour
 Nominon - Working On New Material
 Kramola - New Album Out
29.11Sepultura - Volkswagen Commercial Song Online

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Deeptrip - TV Interview And First Show In England

The unique Swiss band Deeptrip that plays a type of grunge rock with classical instruments will be interviewed by the independent TV station "Balcony News". This interview should be online on the 15th December on

On the evening of the same day they will be giving their first concert in England, headlining a show in The Dublin Castle, London ( The complete line-up is as follows:

Deeptrip - Prog grunge with strings! Violin, contrabass and cello-plus a guitarist/singer and pounding drummer. It's sort of Soundgarden meets Yes…
Wreck Of The Minotaur - Fabulously ridiculous grindcore/thrash metal which is so over the top it's ace. The singer sounds like a Satanistic fairground barker, and all in all they make Napalm Death sound like Steps!


Band profile: DeepTrip
Event: Deeptrip
Posted: 06.12.2008 by Bas | Comments (4)

Enslaved - New Video Online

"The Watcher", the new video from Norwegian metallers Enslaved, can be viewed at this location.

The clip was shot in Gothenburg, Sweden with Revolver Film Company director Patric Ullaeus (Dimmu Borgir, Keep Of Kalessin, In Flames).

"The Watcher" comes off Enslaved's latest album, entitled "Vertebrae", which was released on September 26, 2008.


Band profile: Enslaved
Posted: 05.12.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (3)

Kreator - New Album Details, New Song Online

German metallers Kreator have posted online a new song, entitled "Warcurse", on their MySpace page.

The track comes off the band's new album, entitled "Hordes Of Chaos", which will be released in Europe on January 19, 2009 via SPV Records (January 16 in Germany and January 13 in the US).
"Hordes Of Chaos" was recorded at Berlin's Tritonus studios under the direction of producer Moses Schneider. The cover artwork was created by Joachim Luetke.

"Hordes Of Chaos" cover] tracklisting:

Disc I
01. Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)
02. Warcurse
03. Escalation
04. Amok Run
05. Destroy What Destroys You
06. Radical Resistance
07. Absolute Misanthropy


Band profile: Kreator
Posted: 05.12.2008 by Deadmeat | Comments (27)

Deströyer 666 - Australian Tour Cancelled, New Album Renamed

The Australian tour announced by Deströyer 666 some months ago has been cancelled. Dates for the tour hadn't been posted yet, but the tour has been postponed until further notice. The reason for the postponement is the untimely death of drummer Mersus' uncle. The band has however been confirmed for the United Metal Maniacs Festung Festival 2009.

In other Deströyer 666 news, the upcoming new album from the band originally titled "Siege" has now been renamed to "Defiance".

Band profile: Deströyer 666
Posted: 03.12.2008 by Raiden | Comments (12)

Candlemass - Finish Recording The New Album

Legendary Swedish doom metallers CANDLEMASS have completed work on their new album for an early 2009 release.

Commented bassist/songwriter Leif Edling: "We've worked on the album all autumn and it feels really good that it is completed. The sound is superfat, heavy as hell, and very organic/dynamic at the same time. Our friend Chris (Laney; Randy Piper, Zan Clan) has done a great job mixing it! I personally think this album is the best one of the three we have released in the new millennium, easy! It is bigger, better, louder and a bit more mature, I must say! It is our 'Heaven And Hell', hehe. And if you guys behave and eat your vegetables, we just might be able to add a couple of sound bits on the C-MASS site. Maybe the wait for the release in May next year will be easier. Check this page sometime before X-mas. The only thing that pisses me off is the fact that we can't call it 'Hammer Of Doom', after one of the songs on it. A brand new stupid festival in Germany calls themselves that! Who spilled the beans??? Well, well... the album absolutely KILLS and we will surely come up with a suitable name for it."


Band profile: Candlemass
Posted: 02.12.2008 by Lucas | Comments (13)

Mithras - Rayner Coss To Depart

The end of an era, Rayner Coss departs Mithras

"I have some sad news for all our Mithras fans; the ZT Xmas bash on the 14th of December will be my last show with Mithras as I am leaving the band. I realise this may come as somewhat sudden news, but I have found myself increasingly unable to commit as much time to Mithras as a) I could like and b) it really requires of me. The result is that I'm holding the band back and putting increasing pressure on Leon and his own busy lifestyle, which has never been something I wanted to do as a band member or as a friend. I find myself with increasing commitments and responsibilities in my life which at this point in time could do with my full attention. This isn't to say I'm just going to disappear into the void, I'm still a massive fan of the band and will support it in all its pursuits and I'll still be around on the board and myspace. I have had a fantastic time writing, recording and rehearsing all the albums and music that has been written so far, it's been a huge part of my life that I have really enjoyed and am very proud of all we've accomplished.


Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 02.12.2008 by Baz Anderson | Comments (13)

Sepultura - Two New Songs Online

Sepultura have posted two new songs from the upcoming album "A-Lex". The songs are called "The Treatment" and "We've Lost You". "A-Lex" cover art] will be released through SPV Records on the following dates in January:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Brasil: January 23rd
UK, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe: January 26th
USA and Canada: January 27th


Band profile: Sepultura
Posted: 01.12.2008 by The Thrasher | Comments (10)

Acid Drinkers - Guitarist Passes Away

Polish media have informed - and the official Acid Drinkers website confirmed the news - that their second guitarist, Aleksander "Olass" Mendyk has died yesterday (November 30th). He passed away in Krakow, at the age of 29. Cause of death is unknown, the police is still investigating the case. No further details are currently available.

Band profile: Acid Drinkers
Posted: 01.12.2008 by raceCh- | Comments (17)

Zonaria - New Video Online

Metal Hammer have posted the newest video, "At War With The Inferior", from Swedish Melodic Death metallers Zonaria, online. The song comes off the band's second full-length album, "The Cancer Empire", which was released last month via Century Media Records.


Band profile: Zonaria
Posted: 01.12.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (0)

Samael - New Album On The Way

Samael have set "Above" as the title of their upcoming album due to be release in winter 2009.

This is what vocalist/guitarist Vorph says about the record: "After 20 years we've tried to do an album that would represent what Samael is all about and we did "Solar Soul". We feel now it is the right time to remember the people where we come from and that's exactly what "Above" will do. It is like an enhanced version of our three or four first albums, maybe the missing link between "Cermony Of Opposites" and "Passage". With the "Era One" project we've tried to work on different influences, with "Above" we stripped everything down. It is a metal album through and through."

Band profile: Samael
Posted: 01.12.2008 by Damned-In-Black | Comments (13)

Loudness - Drummer Passes Away

WeRock City has informed that drummer Munetaka Higuchi of veteran Japanese metallers Loudness passed away today (Sunday, November 30) around 10:00 a.m. (Japan Standard Time) at a hospital in Osaka, Japan. He was 49 years old. Loudness guitarist Akira Takasaki confirmed the news on his online blog (also in Japanese).

Higuchi was diagnosed with liver cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma) in April 2008. He had reportedly undergone two rounds of chemotherapy treatment and an operation to remove part of his liver.

In an October 18, 2008 statement released via the band's official website, Munetaka wrote about his condition (translated from Japanese): "It has been half a year since I was diagnosed with liver cancer. I am really sorry that the fans are worried. The cancer has become worse despite the fact that I have been taking care of my health, and I will need more time for my treatment. Even after undergoing the big operation to remove half of my liver, I still need more treatment. There are various risks and dangers involved with my condition, but I'll do my best to keep my spirits up and maintain my physical strength to fight this illness. I know it is still the middle of my treatment, but I just wanted inform you about my progress since the operation. Thank you very much for all the support."


Band profile: Loudness
Posted: 30.11.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (14)

Hate Eternal - Frontman Hospitalized, Drop Off US Tour

Florida death metallers Hate Eternal have issued the following update:

"Hate Eternal have been forced to drop off the ongoing Job For A Cowboy North American tour due an infection in Erik Rutan's hand and complications in his kidney. Erik was admitted to an Iowa City hospital on the early morning of Nov. 23rd and has remained under doctor's supervision since.

The infection has caused concern for the doctors, but the major concern of the doctor's is, Erik's kidney. Erik has had a couple of procedures done on his kidney. Erik will not be able to continue the tour, but he is expected to make a full recovery. He is expected to be released sometime next week and then will seek further treatment at home in Florida.


Band profile: Hate Eternal
Event: Job For A Cowboy: N. American Tour
Posted: 30.11.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (14)

Nominon - Working On New Material

Swedish death metallers Nominon have issued the following update:

"Writing this note to let you all know wtf that is going on in the Nominon clan. For now we're more or less only concentrate to write new riffs and stuff for the fourth album that we do plan to record sometime during 2009. We have a few songs already written, but still there is a bit of arranging to take care of since we do want to release the best and most grotesque shit ever and not any half-hearted weak pussy Metal that so many other bands do.

We are also (as usual) negotiating about doing some touring next year, and for now it looks as we'll probably be doing a headline European trip for two weeks in May. There's also a few openings for Nominon to tour The States again, so who knows, we might be doing a triumphant return over there during 2009. Would be fucking awesome, so we could brutalize the west coast this time around as well. See you in the pit motherfuckers, and be prepared because we'll be heading your way sooner or later!"

Band profile: Nominon
Posted: 30.11.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (2)

Kramola - New Album Out

Russian label Irond records presents the new Kramola album "Krov Svobody". Kramola is the latest side project with members of Moscow metal band Nevid.
The album was recorded by some original Nevid members: Lesiar, Arsafes, Olga Lantseva, Olga Mashkina, and other musicians like Wolfenhirt, Harry, Alex Kozlovsky, Alex Bolshov. Also live on stage other Nevid members Alex Smirnov and Glen will be performing for Kramola.


01. Kanun
02. Kramola
03. Bedny Mesyats
04. Zabludilas Vnov Dusha
05. Moye Pole
06. Smert' Lubit Tolko Voynu!
07. Pogorelets
08. Veter
09. Tihim Ehom Ptichih Stay...
10. Zveri, Ptitsy - brat'ya Moi Odnokrovnye
11. Step'
12. Moya radost'-Gore!


Band profile: Nevid
Posted: 30.11.2008 by Alex Smirnov | Comments (0)

Sepultura - Volkswagen Commercial Song Online

Sepultura recently composed a bossa nova song, called "Coquinho", for the new Volkswagen Voyage commercial that aired all over South America since late October. Now as a "Christmas gift", the band has made the track available for direct download at this location. You can watch the actual commercial clip in high quality on YouTube here.

Sepultura's upcoming album "A-Lex" will be released through SPV Records in January.


Band profile: Sepultura
Posted: 29.11.2008 by Thryce | Comments (21)

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