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05.10Poema Arcanus - Update From The Band
 Vanden Plas - Explain ProgPower Cancellation
 Bal-Sagoth - Parts Ways With Drummer, Replacement Announced
 Shores Of Sheol - Release New Demo
04.10Korpiklaani - Yet Another New Album In The Works
 Aborted - Working On New Album
03.10Darkmoon - New Album Details
 Biomechanical - Announce New Bassist
 Black Metal Documentary - Online For Free This Friday
 Forest Stream - Sign To Candlelight Records
 Tool - More US Tour Dates
 Forgotten Tomb - Update From The Band
 Shaman - New Video Online
 1349 - Announce Live Line Up For UK Tour
02.10Atrocity - "Todessehnsucht" Re-release

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Poema Arcanus - Update From The Band

The following message was posted on the band's website:

''Hello Everybody

Looks like we had left this space a bit forgotten for a while…

But there is a good reason for that, and it is that we have been locked in our rehearsal room writing and arranging new music for our upcoming album. Besides that we hadn't that much to tell you … it is such a paradox that the most exciting part of being a band (the process of giving shape to the new songs) is the one you have the less to talk about.

It would have been no fun to make news updates such as "well, this week we have been rehearsing", and then, the week after something like "ok, this week we have been also rehearsing", so we preferred just to stay quiet and concentrate on the music.


Band profile: Poema Arcanus
Posted: 05.10.2007 by Kariasakis7 | Comments (2)

Vanden Plas - Explain ProgPower Cancellation

As posted on the German Progressive metallers' website, here's a message from the band about the cancellation of today's ProgPower show:

"Dear Fans and people who wanted to see us play at PP 2007!

We feel deeply sorry about what happened and that we couldn't make it this year. Unfortunately we couldn't pass the immigration control when we arrived in Detroit on Wednesday October 3rd. The immigration service told us that we had the wrong papers. We don't understand the problem because we did it in the regular way. They were sending us back home after six hours of questioning. We had no chance to go to Atlanta. Now that we're back home after 40 hours of non-stop travel we are sad and empty to face this disappointing situation. We've been really looking forward to PP VIII for such a long time. Nevertheless we whish you a great festival in our absence with all the other great bands."

Band profile: Vanden Plas
Event: ProgPower USA
Posted: 05.10.2007 by Thryce | Comments (5)

Bal-Sagoth - Parts Ways With Drummer, Replacement Announced

The following update was posted on Nuclear Blast Records website:

"Britannia´s symphonic War Metal heroes Bal-Sagoth and drummer Dan Mullins have officially parted ways. Mullins is replaced full time by Paul "Wak" Jackson, who also assumed kit duties for Bal-Sagoth during their two most recent live shows. Paul is also the drummer for the bands Extreme Maggot Infestation and Decimation of Truth. Bal-Sagoth released their current and highly acclaimed album "The Chthonic Chronicles" in March 2006."

Band profile: Bal-Sagoth
Posted: 05.10.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (4)

Shores Of Sheol - Release New Demo

Austrian Black Metal band Shores Of Sheol have sended us the following news:

"The "Forlorn Realms" demo is now finished. All tracks will be made available on in the next hours. Further news about professional pressing, etc. will follow."

"Forlorn Realms" Tracklist:

01. The Return To Gaia
02. Dreams Of Eternal Torment
03. A Collection Of Guilt
04. Acheron


Posted: 05.10.2007 by Thryce | Comments (4)

Korpiklaani - Yet Another New Album In The Works

On their MySpace blog, the Finnish Folk Metal band posted the following message:

"We have been in the studio again every now and then since last spring, and we have more material ready than is needed for an entire album. It is already mixed and ready.
The album became quite long, but we just could not drop any of the 14 songs. It was already hard to decide which songs would become bonus tracks.
So, we offer to you 14 new songs plus 2 bonus tracks on our upcoming album "Korven Kuningas", which means 'King of the Woods'
This time the album cover will be painted, not photoshopped. The old man "Vaari" will be figuring on the cover again, so it will look familiar and faithful to everyone, even though a different technique is used."


Band profile: Korpiklaani
Posted: 04.10.2007 by MissRagnarok | Comments (15)

Aborted - Working On New Album

Belgian Deathmetal butchers Aborted sign in from the european tour with Kataklysm and Behemoth: vocalist Sven comments:

"Hey everyone, its been a fucking pleasure & an honour to share the stage each day with our friends from Kataklysm and Behemoth, both monstrous acts on stage & very down to earth people off stage, the tour has been doing phenomenal so far & we'd like to thank all our friends out there who came & supported us & the other bands, keep on showing up, you guys are the reason this is all possible for any of us.

We'd also like to announce that we have started the songwriting for the follow up record to Slaughter & Apparatus, the album title will be revealed in due time & should be recorded early 2008 & set for a summer release which will coincide with lots of touring activity in the US. Which couldn't make us happier cause we are dying to get out there & play for all of you out there sta tewise who have had to wait since our last tour with Suffocation to come over. We also promise we will be extensively touring the US for the next record so you will get plenty of chances to catch us live then!"


Band profile: Aborted
Posted: 04.10.2007 by Thryce | Comments (7)

Darkmoon - New Album Details

Switzerland's Darkmoon have revealed the following album details on their website:

"Very great thanks go to all the maniacs who supported us in the Kultik. You have driven us to the point of exhausting. On December the 2th we will play our first show in France. For details look at dates section.

And now we show you the artwork and tracklist of our upcoming record "Apocalyptic Syndrome" (click here)."


01. Apocalyptic Syndrome
02. My Misery
03. The Hate Still Burns
04. Caravan Of The Dead
05. Black Domain
06. I Am The End
07. Falling Down
08. Human Plague
09. I Will Be The Last
10. Before The Storm

The album is due via CCP Records on November 9th.


Band profile: Darkmoon
Posted: 03.10.2007 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Biomechanical - Announce New Bassist

Following the completion of their new album "Cannibalised" Biomechanical have also completed their line up, with the addition of ex-DragonForce bassist Adrian Lambert.

A blog posted on the band's MySpace page goes as follows:

"We are very happy to announce that the Biomechanical line-up is now complete with the addition of bassist Adrian Lambert! Adrian also plays with Son of Science and has also played for Dragonforce and Intense. His fast and furious bass style is exactly what the band was looking for! The band will get together soon and will get ready for touring the new Biomechanical album Cannibalised (out Feb 2008)."

Biomechanical frontman John K commented the following:


Band profile: Biomechanical
Posted: 03.10.2007 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Black Metal Documentary - Online For Free This Friday

"Murder Music: A History of Black Metal", an in-depth documentary about the history of black metal, the most controversial and misunderstood arm of heavy metal's complex genealogy, will be free to view for the first time since its release on Rockworld.TV from Friday, October 5.
(To watch it, click here:

"Murder Music: A History of Black Metal" is a 64-minute documentary eschews much of the tabloid sensationalism that shrouded the genre in the early to mid-'90s, focussing instead on the music itself — an element thus far overlooked by the mainstream media.

Written by well-established rock journalist and radio DJ Malcom Dome and directed by David Kenny, "Murder Music" is presented and narrated by Rockworld.TV's own Rene Ackermann, boasting over 20 exclusive interviews with band members, journalists, authors and other scene affiliates and experts. The production team travelled all across the U.K. and to black metal's spiritual home of Norway to research their subject and to conduct interviews.


Posted: 03.10.2007 by Thryce | Comments (21)

Forest Stream - Sign To Candlelight Records

Official Candlelight Records press release:

Forest Stream was founded in 1995 by Sonm (drums, keys, vocals) & Omin (guitars, bass) in a small Russian town called Chernogolovka, 40 km north-east of Moscow. From the very beginning their goal was to create the music that would capture the beauty and magic of existence at the same time showing its triviality, misery, and despair.

The duo worked only together at the beginning, but soon other members started to join and an embryonic full band started to take shape. Silent Anth began to help Forest Stream as bass player, and he quickly became a permanent fixture.

In 1999 this line-up recorded the first demo, "Snowfall". Influenced by the pioneers of the UK doom scene, but complete with a blackened edge, their music expressed deep sorrow and hopelessness of the existence on this pitiable planet.


Band profile: Forest Stream
Posted: 03.10.2007 by Thryce | Comments (7)

Tool - More US Tour Dates

Tool will tour the United States again from mid-November to Christmas. So far the following dates have been confirmed:

Nov. 14 - Austin, TX @ Frank Erwin Center
Nov. 16 - Houston, TX @ Toyota Center
Nov. 17 - New Orleans, LA @ New Orleans Arena
Nov. 23 - Casper, WY @ Casper Events Center
Nov. 27 - Saskatoon, SK @ Credit Union Centre
Dec. 10 - Los Angeles, CA @ Nokia Theatre
Dec. 11 - Los Angeles, CA @ Nokia Theatre

Band profile: Tool
Event: Tool: N. American Tour
Posted: 03.10.2007 by lordz | Comments (1)

Forgotten Tomb - Update From The Band

Exclusive news was posted on the Italian Doom Metal band's website:

Herr Morbid entered the german Dark Metal legends Bethlehem as the new guitar player!! This is the announcement, directly from the Official Bethlehem MySpace: "We proudly present our new guitarist known as "Herr Morbid" of Forgotten Tomb. Bartsch and Morbid soon will start writing a new Bethlehem longplayer for 2008 which more will follow the dark path again, containing some more sick and disturbing ideas like once done on the 90s albums. All other informations who else will play on this record are given to a later date and arent relevant yet. First we have to collect some song ideas, so please dont bother bout possible vocal rumours or other useless things spred around in the underground at the moment. Thank you." Be prepared!!!


Band profile: Forgotten Tomb
Posted: 03.10.2007 by Kariasakis7 | Comments (2)

Shaman - New Video Online

Shaman has released its video for the song 'In The Dark' at this location (or by clicking here for a direct link to the video).
On this video you can see the band featuring curent line-up with drummer Ricardo Confessori alongside guitarist Leo Mancini, vocalist Thiago Bianchi and bassist Fernando Quesada.

The track comes off the group's new album, "Immortal" due in November via Italy's Scarlet Records.

Also Shaman recently posted another new song, entitled 'Tribal By Blood' at this location.
The other song already posted online, 'One Life', can be streamed here.


Band profile: Shaman
Posted: 03.10.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (4)

1349 - Announce Live Line Up For UK Tour

Norwegian black metallers 1349 have announced the band lineup that will embark on the forthcoming UK tour. It will be as follows:

Ravn - vocals
Archaon - guitar
Seidemann - bass
Mads Gullbekkhei - drums
Blasphemer - guitar

The band will do a signing session after each shows.

1349 UK tour dates:

16 - Cathouse - Glasgow, Scotland
17 - Junktion 7 - Nottingham, England
18 - Underworld - London, England
19 - Corporation - Sheffield, England
20 - Damnation Festival - Leeds, UK

Band profile: 1349
Event: 1349: UK Tour
Posted: 03.10.2007 by lordz | Comments (1)

Atrocity - "Todessehnsucht" Re-release

The classic is available again! The second ATROCITY album "Todessehnsucht" (Longing For Death) will be re-released on 15th October 2007 in a most exclusive digipak version. The American fans can look forward to the 5th of November to get this masterpiece including the Death coverversion "Archangel"! Remastered by Alex Krull at Mastersound Studio.

Band profile: Atrocity
Posted: 02.10.2007 by dismaleuphony | Comments (11)

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