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04.12Arsis - Demos To Be Re-Released
03.12Dismember - Headlining Europa Burns Tour
 Suidakra - Previously Unreleased Song Online
 Therion - Budapest Show To Be Recorded
02.12Decrepit Birth - Another New Song Online
 Sinister - Change Label, Working On New Album
 Dark Tranquillity - Two Albums To Be Re-Released In Japan
01.12Grave - Sign To Regain Records
 Immortal - Demonaz Solo Project
 God Dethroned - Last Minute At Arnhem Metal Meeting
30.11Bolt Thrower - Not Playing Wacken After All
 Death - Canadian Death Tribute
 Cadaveria - New Video Online
 Gojira - Live Clips From Last Tour Online
 Hellfest 2008 - 20-22 June Line-up Thus Far

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Arsis - Demos To Be Re-Released

On December 28 Negative Existence Records will officially release Arsis' demos on a proper format. The album will be entitled "As Regret Becomes Guilt" and will contain two demos from 2001 and 2002 plus rare bonus tracks and a live video CD-ROM segment.

The music on the disc was recorded between 2001 and 2002 by guitarist/songwriter James Malone and drummer Michael Van Dyne. These demos gained them considerable attention in the underground music scene leading to several tours and landing them with recording contracts from two notable record labels.

The two additional tracks found on this release are alternative studio takes never before released. The CDrom video segment recorded April 12, 2003 at Pallette's Outer Banks (Norfolk, VA) includes 3 classic Arsis songs and a Mercyful Fate cover.


Band profile: Arsis
Posted: 04.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Dismember - Headlining Europa Burns Tour

On February 8 starts a European tournee promoting Swedish MeloDeath outfit Dismember's upcoming new full length album called "Dismember" (out on Regain Records in 2008). Danish thrasher Hatesphere and German Gothenburg-metallers Fall Of Serenity will appear on that tour as special guests (on some of the gigs there will be also an opening act, to be announced soon).

"Europa Burns Tour 2008" will cover mostly territory of Germany (10 gigs!). The tour schedule contains 23 dates (3 gigs haven't been confirmed yet), see below to check the revealed dates. More details will be announced soon. The tour is presented by famous "Metal Hammer" magazine and one of the biggest heavy metal portals in Germany - Special trailer of the tour will be available soon!


Band profile: Dismember
Event: Dismember: Europa Burns Tour
Posted: 03.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (14)

Suidakra - Previously Unreleased Song Online

Suidakra have posted the following blog on their MySpace page:

"We have a little suprise for you: Maybe some of you know the song "Fall Of Tara" from our "Auld Lang Syne" album. To reduce some waiting time to our "DVD/Best Of" Release, we've added an instrumental version of this song to our profile, which was arranged by Arkadius.

Enjoy this kind of SuidAkrA music and don't forget to comment!"


Band profile: Suidakra
Posted: 03.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (6)

Therion - Budapest Show To Be Recorded

Therion mastermind Christofer Johnsson has posted the following short announcement on the band's homepage:

"Due to technical reasons the recording of a show on the tour has been moved to Budapest, Hungary." The show will take place on December 12th at Petofi Hall.

The following details have been announced concerning this anniversary tour with The Vision Bleak:

Piotr Wawrzeniuk will be joining us at Glachau and go with us til Krakow.
Messah Marcolin (ex. Candlemass, Momento Mori, Mercy) will be joining us at Budapest and will go with us til London. He will also fly down later and join us for the finale Paris.
Mats Levén Krux, ex-At Vance and ex-Yngwie Malmsteen] will be joining us for the finale in Paris.


Band profile: Therion
Event: Adulruna Rediviva Tour
Posted: 03.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (6)

Decrepit Birth - Another New Song Online

Another new song from Brutal Death Metallers Decrepit Birth entitled "…And Time Begins" has been put online over at their official MySpace page. The song is a re-recording of the title track of Decrepit Birth's last album.

The track comes off the band's upcoming new album "Diminishing Between Worlds", which will be released on January 29th through Unique Leader Records.


Band profile: Decrepit Birth
Posted: 02.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Sinister - Change Label, Working On New Album

Legendary Dutch Death Metallers Sinister have posted the following update:

"After 15 years of making records for Nuclear Blast records, we have signed a new record deal with another label. Massacre Records will release our upcoming release, "The Silent Howling" in the fall of 2008. The album (which will include 7 tracks) will be recorded in may 2008 in the Soundlodge studio, Germany. Some of the songtitles are: "The Silent Howling", "If It Bleeds... The Kill To Come", and "Fortified Bravery". We are happy to be under the wings of Massacre Records and looking forward to work with them in the future.

Meanwhile we have departed with our drummer Paul who wants to do other things in life. Paul will finish the shows that are planned. The search for a new drummer continues..."

Band profile: Sinister
Posted: 02.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Dark Tranquillity - Two Albums To Be Re-Released In Japan

As posted on the official website:

"To coincide with our shows in the land of the rising sun, "Haven" and "Projector" will be released in new versions. Both albums will feature lengthy liner notes by sensei Stanne detailing the writing and recording process as well as the inner working of the band at the time of creating the songs.

"Projector" will feature the extra track "Exposure" - previously unreleased in Japan - and "Haven" will be graced with "Cornered" as bonus song."

Asian Dark Tranquillity tour dates:

Jan. 11: Beijing, China - MG Live Hall
Jan. 13: Taipei, Taiwan - Young lion

Japanese Tour 2008: (co-headline with The Haunted)


Band profile: Dark Tranquillity
Posted: 02.12.2007 by Warman | Comments (5)

Grave - Sign To Regain Records

Regain Records proudly welcome Swedish death metal kings Grave to the family. The band is currently in the studio working on their 8th album with a title yet to be announced.

Grave comments the following in their newsletter:

"We are proud to announce that we have signed a record deal with Regain records. After 15 years and 7 albums on Century Media and
free from any contract we felt the need to try something new. The recording of our 8:th album began this week and is scheduled for release before the summer."

"Next year it´s already 20 years since Grave was formed. In 1988 after replacing some members we changed our name from Corpse. That year we also recorded our classic first demo "Sick Disgust Eternal" and continued musically what we started with our previous bands Destroyer, Anguish, Corpse and Putrefaction. We will mark the anniversary with a new album and also massive touring and festival appearances where we will mainly play old stuff from the early days.."

Band profile: Grave
Posted: 01.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Immortal - Demonaz Solo Project

Demonaz Occulta of Immortal has posted four songs from his new project, dubbed simply Demonaz, on his MySpace page. The songs "Demonized", "Over The Mountains", "Under The Dying Sun" and "Perfect Visions" were recently recorded at Soundsurf studios in Bergen, Norway. A full length album is to be released in 2008 (No schedule set yet).

Commented Demonaz: "The forthcoming album is what I'm working with these days on the side of Immortal. It's another cold dimension in my musical and lyrical world."

The musicians on the project consist of:
Demonaz (vocals, music & lyrics)
Abbath (Bass, backing vocals)
Ice Dale (guitars)
Armagedda (drums)


Band profile: Immortal
Posted: 01.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (19)

God Dethroned - Last Minute At Arnhem Metal Meeting

God Dethroned guitarist Isaac Delahaye has issued the following statement yesterday (30 Nov.) on the band's website:

"Has been some time since there has been an update on our website, cause we've been doing a lot of "behind the scene" things. So no panic, we're still here and we'll start writing new songs for our upcoming album soon.
Anyway, today we were asked to substitute one of the bands on the Arnhem Metal Meeting bill... which means we're playing TOMORROW already! A very last minute concert, but seen the great organisation and the good response we had on previous editions, we just couldn't refuse this offer. The festival is already sold out, so we hope all our fans in our home country already bought their ticket.


Band profile: God Dethroned
Event: Arnhem Metal Meeting
Posted: 01.12.2007 by Bararey | Comments (7)

Bolt Thrower - Not Playing Wacken After All

Bolt Thrower have posted the following message:

"Thanks a lot to the 17,484 people who voted in the poll, it was very much appreciated! Poll Results]

As you know, this time we decided not to decline the Wacken Open Air offer as usual, but to have a poll and hear your views on it firsthand, before making our decision. Obviously we realised that a lot of people who would be voting would not necessarily be into Bolt Thrower, but we were very interested in the comments you would send. In the end we received hundreds of comments, and the huge majority confirmed what we were already thinking, that WOA 2008 is not the right festival for Bolt Thrower.

We would like to thank the WOA organisers for their very unique offer and wish them every success, and for those of you going to WOA 2008, and who voted in favour of us playing there, we hope you have a great weekend.


Band profile: Bolt Thrower
Event: Wacken Open Air 2008
Posted: 30.11.2007 by Thryce | Comments (9)

Death - Canadian Death Tribute

The Canadian Death tribute band Symbolic will play a tribute show for Death founder Chuck Schuldiner on December 12th at the Theatre Imperial in Quebec City, QC. Symbolic share the stage with Bobby Koelble (Symbolic album), Shannon Hamm, Scott Clendenin (The Sound Of Perseverance album) and Daniel Mongrain (Martyr).

All the profits will be divided between Schuldiner's foundation for cancer research and a local foundation.

Below the list of performing musicians:

1- Nicholas Barker (ex-Dimmu, ex-Cradle, etc)
2- Jonathan Lee (The Autumn Offering, ex-Acheron)
3- Antoine Baril (Symbolic)

1- Scott Clendenin (Death 1996-1999)
2- Alexis Robitaille (Symbolic)
3- Daniel Perron (ex-Symbolic)


Band profile: Death
Posted: 30.11.2007 by Warman | Comments (16)

Cadaveria - New Video Online

The announced new video by Cadaveria for the song entitled "Anagram" is finally out.

The band adds: "Switch your mind to the profane, to flesh and to madness. "Anagram" is a mass of deranged surrealism, of innocence turned into sin, stuffed with first choice offal. From a concept by Cadaveria and Marçelo Santos, the video features the contribution of Italian artist Max Bottino and involves theater actresses and performers. Soaked of tension and of obscure energy, the video shows the anguished face of the band's last album "In Your Blood"."

You can click here to solve the anagram (or by clicking here for a direct link to the video at YouTube). Also video shootings photos are available here."


Band profile: Cadaveria
Posted: 30.11.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (3)

Gojira - Live Clips From Last Tour Online

Gojira's management has added new live songs on the band MySpace player here and posted some videos online taken from the latest "Radio Rebellion" US tour with Behemoth, Job For A Cowboy and Beneath The Massacre.
You can check the "Radio Rebellion Tour" on Gojira's YouTube here.


Band profile: Gojira
Posted: 30.11.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Hellfest 2008 - 20-22 June Line-up Thus Far

According to, CARCASS, MESHUGGAH, MINISTRY, AT THE GATES, FORBIDDEN and TESTAMENT are among the confirmed bands for next year's Hellfest festival, set to take place June 20-22, 2008 in Clisson, France. More than 60 bands will perform on 2 stages. The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


Event: Hellfest Summer Open Air 2008
Posted: 30.11.2007 by Marcel H. | Comments (0)

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