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03.08Axel Rudi Pell - New Album Details
 WarCry - New Album Details Revealed
 Judas Priest - Mexico And South America Tour Dates [UPDATED]
01.08Carcass - Finally In Mexico
 Cattle Decapitation - Enter The Studio
 Trouble - Part Ways With Drummer
31.07Winds Of Plague - New Video On MySpace
 Secrets Of The Moon - Also Guitarist Leaves The Band
 Flowing Tears - New Album Details
 Sanctification - New Album Details
 Kamelot - To Film Upcoming European Shows For DVD, Announce 2009 European Tour
 U.D.O. - New DVD Details
 Atheist - Writing New Material
 Antigama - Part Ways With Singer, Announce Replacement
 Vreid - New Album Update

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Axel Rudi Pell - New Album Details

German metallers Axel Rudi Pell will release their new album, entitled "Tales Of The Crown", on October 24th in Germany (October 27th in the rest of Europe and October 28th in US/Canada) via SPV Records.

SPV press release:
"With an impressive seventeen releases in 19 years, the Axel Rudi Pell Band counts among the most consistent, lasting and creative acts in the whole of Europe. Very few German guitarists can point to as long and successful a career as the musician from Bochum, whose unmistakable signature marks not only his characteristic guitar style, but also his compositional skills. 27 October 2008 (Germany: 24 October 2008) will see the arrival of his eighteenth offering, "Tales Of The Crown", a haunting studio album featuring ten brand-new compositions. "Our fans will get just the kind of songs they have come to know and expect from me and my band", says Pell, adding, "plus a few little innovations". Axel Rudi Pell is referring to the contemporary touch which some of his latest tracks feature, mainly in terms of rhythm. "But don't worry, these modern approaches are only gradual and don't affect the typical flair of my songs".


Band profile: Axel Rudi Pell
Posted: 03.08.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (3)

WarCry - New Album Details Revealed

WarCry have announced the title and the tracklist of their upcoming new album on their official website. The album will be called "Revolución" and the tracklist goes as follows:

01. La Última Esperanza
02. El Cazador
03. Nada Como Tu
04. La Carta Del Adiós
05. Invierno En Mi COrazón
06. Coraje
07. La Prisión Invisible
08. La Vida En Un Beso
09. El Camino
10. Absurda Falsedad
11. Devorando El Corazón
12. Abismo

The album will be released later this year.

Band profile: WarCry
Posted: 03.08.2008 by Sostoa | Comments (2)

Judas Priest - Mexico And South America Tour Dates [UPDATED]

Judas Priest have confirmed live dates for Mexico and Argentina.

Oct. 27 - Monterrey, Mexico - Arena Monterrey
Oct. 29 - Guadalajara, Mexico - VFG Arena
Oct. 30 - Puebla, Mexico - Auditorium Siglo XXI
Oct. 31 - Mexico City, Mexico - Sportspalace
Nov. 03 - Columbia, Bogota - Palacio Deportes
Nov. 06 - Santiago, Chile - Arena
Nov. 08 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Luna Park
Nov. 12 - Porto Alegre, Brazil - Teatro Bourbon
Nov. 14 - Rio De Janiero, Brazil- Citibank Hall
Nov. 15 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Credit Card Hall
Nov. 16 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Credit Card Hall

Still more dates for Central and South America will be announced soon.

Band profile: Judas Priest
Event: Judas Priest + Testament
Posted: 03.08.2008 by Murder | Comments (11)

Carcass - Finally In Mexico

Finally! After so many rumors, after so many tours in other countries, after so many delays due to festivals and programming issues, Carcass will do one special gig in Mexico City.

September-16-2008 is a date that must be on every mexican calendar pinned with blood and guts, the masters of Goregrind, the pioneers of Melodeath and the true kings of extreme metal have announced a date in Mexico City, the gig will take place at "El Circo Volador", the flyer is not ready yet, but at least we have a date now.

We'll see you there mexican metalstormers!

Band profile: Carcass
Event: Carcass
Posted: 01.08.2008 by Herzebeth | Comments (4)

Cattle Decapitation - Enter The Studio

As posted on the band's official website:

"We enter Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, CA tomorrow to start working on our fourth Metal Blade full length! We'll be doing the drums with the mighty Zach Ohren (All Shall Perish, Decrepit Birth) and then over to Sharkbite studios to record the rest and mix with our man Billy Anderson. This is going to be devastating, we promise. The new material is over the top. The lyrics, as hateful as "Karma.Bloody.Karma" but much more disgusting this time around.

We'll be announcing the name of the album, song titles and cover art when we have completed the recording! Details on that, studio reports and fly on the wall footage in the studio coming soon!"


Band profile: Cattle Decapitation
Posted: 01.08.2008 by abattoir | Comments (4)

Trouble - Part Ways With Drummer

Drummer Jeff Oly Olson has issued the following statement:

"Under great consideration, I have decided to part ways with Trouble. My reasons are justified. I felt like I was never taken seriously as a musician with the guys from Trouble, but I did the best I could in that 28 year effort with the band. That is all I would like to say for now. However, this is not a retirement from the music industry for I have my band, Retro Grave, with the full length coming out in a few months with fine players (the EP was a solo effort). I thank the Trouble fans for all their support and dedication and I'm sorry if I let you down. Moreover, I will say that Bruce and Rick are the drive and sound for Trouble and every one else are replaceable, so I'm sure they will carry on well. It's been an honor to have played with Bruce, Rick and Eric. I would also like to mention to Kerrang Magazine that I'm not leaving to become a preacher as you once noted many years ago and never corrected".


Band profile: Trouble
Posted: 01.08.2008 by Bararey | Comments (7)

Winds Of Plague - New Video On MySpace

Winds Of Plague recently stirred up some controversy as their much-anticipated new video for the track "The Impaler" (taken from "Decimate The Weak" album) was rejected by MTV for it's supposed "graphic language and questionable content". However, this didn't deter MySpace Metal from stepping up to the plate and debuting the clip on their site, which has just gone live. Click on this link to check it out now.

Johnny (vocals) further states:

"We wanted to create a video that was entertaining and a bit outside the box as far as metal videos go. We were torn between an over the top epic metal video and a more fun, rap club style video, so we decided to combine the two worlds since we have been known to cross over genres anyways. We had a lot of our good friends come down to the location in Los Angeles and just had a blast putting this video together. Despite being really sick, it was one of the most fun days of my life. Director Jake Avignone was amazing to work with and I was really impressed with how efficient and smooth the whole operation went. I hope it confuses the hell out of everyone and makes traditional metal patrons heads explode."


Band profile: Winds Of Plague
Posted: 31.07.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (18)

Secrets Of The Moon - Also Guitarist Leaves The Band

Only a few month after bass player and founding member Daevas left Black Metal band Secrets Of The Moon, now also guitarist A.D. quits the band.

A.D., who had significant influence on the songwriting for the band's latest album "Antithesis" (2006), explains his decision: "Due to my all-dominant negativity I cannot extract a single good aspect from representing my music live on stage any more. Thus the time on the road has been horrible for me. After I hit rock bottom the last time I decided to stop it all."

S.O.T.M. mastermind sG finds himself distress in view of the situation: "I feel like a shadow these days. Humble, yet having the will to appear more potent than ever when all this struggle is endured one day. A.D.'s leaving is comprehensible for all people involved in the band, still it hits us with an intensity which consequences are not foreseeable yet." Still he forcefully denies rumors that the Secrets Of The Moon have split up or will do so in the near future.

Band profile: Secrets Of The Moon
Posted: 31.07.2008 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Flowing Tears - New Album Details

German female-fronted gothic metallers Flowing Tears have set "Thy Kingdom Gone" as the title of their new album, tentatively due in October via Ascendance Records.
It will be a concept album containing 12 songs.

Posted by the band on their MySpace site:

''It has probably become the darkest and most intense one we ever did. We are really excited about how this one turned out and can't wait for you to listen to it!
I think we really managed to capture the essence of what Flowing Tears is about: there is tons of really heavy melancholic guitar stuff, tons of atmospheres, and probably the most personal and dedicated lyrics we have ever written.

Somehow the album pretty much breathes the spirit of albums like "Joy parade" or "Jade" in terms of atmosphere and density, even though it..s much heavier. And even though the album feels very homogenous, it is probably our most varied one. There is a lot to'll be surprised. Expect an intense one. No party music, not meant to have a good time with definitely.


Band profile: Flowing Tears
Posted: 31.07.2008 by abattoir | Comments (9)

Sanctification - New Album Details

Swedish Death Metallers Sanctification have announced their new album title as "Black Reign". Peter Tägtgren from the legendary Hypocrisy and Emperor Magus Caligula from the mighty Dark Funeral have contributed guest vocals on this new album and the tracklisting are as follows:

01. Thirst For Blood
02. Black Reign
03. Raw
04. Eternal
05. Hear This
06. Dead Forever
07. Flesh, Bone And Skin
08. Trucido Christianese
09. Storm

The band commented: "We are done and back home from the studio. The recording was nothing but a walk in the park, fun as hell!! Everyone in the band did a super job and everything sounds awesome! There have been some changes in the band as well; Kristoffer Hell is the new singer since Mohlin doesn't have the time that is needed. He has a big family and that is his life. So Mr. Hell is now in charge of both bass and vocals.


Band profile: Sanctification
Posted: 31.07.2008 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Kamelot - To Film Upcoming European Shows For DVD, Announce 2009 European Tour

Posted on the official site of Kamelot:

"Kamelot are preparing for the upcoming shows in Europe this August. We just received confirmation from Kamelot's management company that the band plans to shoot video from each of the upcoming concerts including the utilization of the massive camera crew planned for the Wacken Festival in Germany."

The 2008 shows that will be recorded are as follows:

August 01 - Wacken Open Air Festival, Wacken, Germany
August 03 - Ankkarock Festival, Vantaa, Finland
August 15 - Metal Rock Fest, Lillehammer, Norway
August 16 - TT Circuit, Assen, Netherlands (with Iron Maiden)

Kamelot have also announced another European tour to happen in 2009. The band will be announcing ticket information soon. Here are the dates:


Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 31.07.2008 by abattoir | Comments (6)

U.D.O. - New DVD Details

German metallers U.D.O. will release new DVD. The three-hour Tuttlingen concert, which was filmed for a DVD and live CD, is going to be released in October in three different formats: as a double live CD, a DVD with bonus material, and as a DVD without bonus material.

The planned track listing is as follows:

Disc 1:
01. Mastercutor
02. 24/7
03. They Want War
04. The Bullet And The Bomb
05. Midnight Mover
06. Vendetta
07. Mission No. X
08. Midnight Highway
09. The Wrong Side Of Midnight
10. Breaker
11. Guitar Solo
12. Princess Of The Dawn
13. One Lone Voice
14. Winterdreams

Disc 2:
01. Living For Tonite
02. Thunderball
03. Drum Solo
04. Man And Machine
05. Animal House
06. Metal Heart
07. Holy


Band profile: U.D.O.
Posted: 31.07.2008 by abattoir | Comments (0)

Atheist - Writing New Material

Atheist has been writing new material as of late, notable because the group hasn't released a studio album since 1993. Here's a statement from frontman Kelly Shaefer:

"You asked for it, the first new Atheist material in 15 years has risen to the surface and it was truly amazing, much better than we could have expected! We ended up with a bit over 3 minutes of truly Atheist, brutal, fast as hell, technical metal madness!

...we also intend on celebrating the 20th anniversary of Piece Of Time release with a bunch of shows in 2009 in Europe and the USA live DVD and now a brand new set of Atheist's metal puzzles for your confusing enjoyment of course. We will keep you posted on all of the details as they happen. Hold on to your brains fuckers!"


Band profile: Atheist
Posted: 31.07.2008 by abattoir | Comments (11)

Antigama - Part Ways With Singer, Announce Replacement

Antigama have issued the following update:

"After eight years of grinding Lukasz "Lucas" Myszkowski has left the band. Due to his job, personal issues and other things he decided to quit. We wish Lucas only the best and fully respect his decision. Look out for his new musical projects in near future. Luckily the new throat has already been found and the guy seems to be the right person in the right place. His name is Patryk Zwolinski, the man known for using his tremendous vocal abilities in Blindead. We are even more stoked to have such a great artist in our line-up. Additionally, Antigama's recent bass player Mike has been temporarily replaced by a nice Spanish guy called Jose. The new steady bassist will be announced soon.


Band profile: Antigama
Posted: 31.07.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (0)

Vreid - New Album Update

The Black Metal band from Norway have issued the following update on their Myspace page:

"The spring/summer has been spent working on the 4th Vreid album. In early May we recorded the drums at good old Subsonic Society. We have a strong working bond with Lars Klokkerhaug, and I dare say that we have created the best drum sound for Vreid so far. We spent quite some time testing before we found the drum sound we were searching for. The recordings themselves went fast. Steingrim impressed us all with this drum work this time. Absolute killer and bombastic. Some of the songs are the fastest we have ever done, and some of the other stuff is heavy as hell.

In the beginning of June we went back to the base camp: Studio 1184.


Band profile: Vreid
Posted: 31.07.2008 by Sjuk | Comments (3)

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