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Lake Of Tears - Digipak Detailed

Illwill, the new album from Swedish gothic metallers Lake Of Tears, will be released on April 29th through AFMRecords.

Illwill will be made available on CD, limited edition digipak and limited 180 gr. vinyl (with different cover artwork). The digipak will contain the following live bonus tracks recorded at the Gloria Club in Helsinki, Finland:

11. As Daylight Yields (live)
12. Demon you/Lily Anne (live)
13. Crazyman (live)

One of the new tracks, called "U.N.S.A.N.E.", was already made available for free download over at this location.


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Versailles - European Live Shows Announced

Lock up your daughters, Japanese neoclassical power metal/J-Rock outfit Versailles are coming to Europe. The band has scheduled the following three (3!) live shows in June:

June 1st - France, Nancy - L'Autre Canal
June 3rd - Sweden, Uppsala - Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
June 4th - Italy, Cava de' Tirreni - Area Mecratale


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Event: Versailles
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Chthonic - New Album In June

Taiwanese metal band Chthonic have entered the studio to record their new album, Takasago Army.

Takasago Army was produced by Rickard Bengtsson (Arch Enemy, Nemesis) in Sweet Spot Studios, Sweden. The 10-track album completes a trilogy by Chthonic, binding the albums Seediq Bale (2007) and Mirror Of Retribution (2009) together. The album will be released in June through Spinefarm Records.

Comments bassist Doris Yeh: "The Takasago Army was a Taiwanese troop of Japanese force/Axis powers that fought in the Pacific War/World War II between 1940 and 1944. The Takasago soldiers were descendants of a brave and powerful people from the mountains of Taiwan, people with a strong warrior tradition. They impressed their rivals with their cunning, tenacity and skill on the battlefield, and they became the most revered and most feared combat unit in the Japanese Imperial Army.

We have been categorized as black metal, death metal, melodic death, symphonic black metal and folk metal by different critics, and we appreciate that it's very hard to put us into a precise genre, On the one hand, we are inspired by some western metal music, but on the other, we are influenced by traditional Asian music forms, such as pentatonic scales, 'enka' music, and Taiwanese opera.

When we were writing this new album, we tried to find the perfect balance between these two traditions, so that is why we've decided to use the 'orient metal' banner to define what we do. Plus, it provides a reference point for other Asian bands who want to head in the same direction...."

In other news, Chthonic are planning several festival shows for the summer. And also an extended re-release version of Seediq Bale will be available through Spinefarm Records in summer.


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BitchTroll Demo Track

We're excited to debut the the first recording specifically done under Metal Storm Music. Other bands had music done, but this is the first track recorded in house in the basement vault/studio of Metal Storm Towers.

Enjoy the extremely rough, un-mixed, un-mastered majesty of BitchTroll's "The Siren"

Click and brace to be rocked!



The Bitches and the Troll just got done layin' down another smokin' track. Again, it's just a demo, but it is so hot I'm typing with oven mitts!

More Pnwership.


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Metal Storm Music

This news was part of our April Fools joke 2011.

First it was .Net. Then it was version 4.0.Now Metal Storm is taking the next step towards total world domination. No, we aren't looking to overthrow a Eastern European government and installing ourselves as a Metal Oligarchy. Our plans are much more insidious.

We are proud to announce the launch of Metal Storm Music!

That's right. We're taking the steps to become our own label! We figure with the number of acts throwing stuff at us for reviews or write-ups in the Clandestine Cuts features, and hoping some label signs the brightest and boldest, why not just cut out the middle man and start putting stuff out our damned selves. After all, we've been telling all of you what is worth listening to in metal for nearly a decade.

So today, we announce the first stable of bands to Metal Storm Music. We'll have some interviews with our "Founding Fathers" that will be popping up in the near future. Check 'em out. And be sure to check them out again once we get the ball rolling on recording and putting albums out!

Forty-Two Tits
Angelic Power Force Redemption
Black Death Suicide
Deathday 666

UPDATE! Check out BitchTroll's The Siren rough rough pre-mix demo!

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Slayer - Cannibal Corpse Guitarist Filling In On Tour

Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien will be filling in for Exodus guitarist Gary Holt who was filling in for Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman who is recovering from an emergency surgery on his right arm after contracting necrotizing fasciitis (commonly known as flesh-eating disease), possibly caused by a spider bite. Got all that?

The Slayer camp released the following message: "Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien will fill in for Exodus' Gary Holt when Holt leaves the Slayer European tour to play with his own band Exodus at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile on April 4. Holt has been filling in for Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman since the tour kicked off February 26 in Australia.

Holt's last show with Slayer will be April 4 in Padova, Italy;, O'Brien will join the band for the April 6 show in Croatia, and will finish the European dates with Slayer that wrap up on April 14 in Holland.

Hanneman has amazed his doctors with his speedy recovery from an infection thought to have been caused by a spider bite. Following surgery on his right arm, he continues his physical therapy and has already been practicing with his guitar."


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Mourning Caress - Announce New Guitarist, Album Title

German melodic death metal band Mourning Caress has issued the following statement:

"We finally found a new guitarist and can officially call ourselves a five-piece again. The new guy is called Wolfgang "Sandman" Sander, a skilled guitar player and insane metalhead. He joined the band directly after the recordings of the new album were completed. So you naturally can´t hear him on the new output. In the meantime he got introduced to our friends and families on a very intimate and private gig we played in our rehearsal room some weeks ago. It was a blast! Please check our new facebook site for some pictures of the event.

We're also happy to unveil the title of our third album: Deep Wounds. Bright Scars.. As mentioned above the recordings are done and we are now facing the mixing stage, the mastering is due in April or May. Once this all is finished we need to find a suitable label to release Deep Wounds. Bright Scars.. The result is sure enough a heavy and very intensive yet melancholic piece of metal which makes us proud to the bone. We can´t wait to share the first songs with you, it´s only a matter of time..."

Former Mourning Caress guitarist Benedikt Bjarnason, who left the band in 2009, lost his battle with cancer in late December last year.


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Becoming The Archetype - New Album Streaming, New Video Online

Celestial Completion, the new upcoming album from US progressive metalcore band Becoming The Archetype, is now available for streaming in its entirety at AOL Music.

Celestial Completion was released on March 29th through Solid State Records. More album details were previously reported over here.

In other news, the new Becoming The Archetype video "Magnetic Sky" can now be watched below.

The clip is described in a press release as "an 8-bit fantasy adventure that finds the members of Becoming The Archetype wandering through a sci-fi landscape in the format of an old Nintendo game, fighting their way through a wasteland of terrifying creatures to fulfill an arcane mission."

41942 for the news!]


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Winds Of Torment - Part Ways With Vocalist, Working On New Album

French melodic death metallers Winds Of Torment have parted ways with their vocalist Xavier. He has since been replaced with Pierre Arnoux of the French death metal band Aabsinthe.

The band posted the following: "The members of Winds Of Torment are pleased to announce the official arrival of Peter (Aabsinthe) as vocalist, replacing Xavier. Effective since the beginning of the year. The arrival of Peter is a boost to the group as they are currently finalizing the composition of their second album."


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Caliban - Coverfield EP Details

Coverfield, the new cover EP from German metalcore band Caliban, will be released in May through Century Media Records.

Comments the band: "We finished recording the songs for our Cover EP Coverfield, and the results literally blew us away! We really hope you will be overwhelmed with our song collection (see the tracklist below) and how we interpreted those originals in our very own way."

Cover artwork by Mark Kraemer for

Coverfield EP tracklist:

01. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend Type O Negative cover]
02. Sonne Rammstein cover]
03. Blinded By Fear At The Gates cover]
04. Helter Skelter The Beatles cover]

In other news, Caliban will embark on the Cover Europe With...! Tour in May with support from As Blood Runs Black, Adept and For Today.

May 04 - Frankfurt, Batschkapp (GER)
May 05 - Stuttgart, LKA-Longhorn (GER)
May 06 - Duisburg, Pulp (GER)
May 08 - Prague, Exit Chmelnice (CZ)
May 09 - Nürnberg, Hirsch (GER)
May 10 - Budapest, Dürer Kert (HUN)
May 11 - Salzburg, Rockhouse (A)
May 12 - Graz, PPC (A)
May 13 - Rome, Blackout Club (I)
May 14 - Brescia, Latte (I)
May 15 - Lindau, Club Vaudeville (GER)
May 16 - Straßbourg, La Laiterie (F)
May 17 - Lyon, Marche Gare (F)
May 18 - Barcelona, Sala Mephisto (E)
May 19 - Vigo, Sala Mondo (E)
May 20 - Villalba (Pamplona), Sala Totem (E)
May 22 - Knokke-Heist, Ravelingen (B)


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Sodom - Guitarist Rushed To Hospital, Polish Show Cancelled

Sodom are forced to cancel their appearance at the Silesian Massacre Festival in Katowice, Poland this weekend, after guitarist, Bernd "Bernemann" Kost, was rushed to the hospital today.

Sodom's booking agency, Fleisch, issued the following statement: "A few minutes ago I received an upsetting phone call from Tom and Makka as Bernemann has been rushed to hospital. We do not know what exactly has happened as I write this e-mail, he is currently under medical observation in the emergency section to discover exactly what the problem is.

We feel very sorry, but unfortunately and obviously because of the situation as it stands at the moment the band cannot travel to Katowice on Saturday. I know it is not the best time and it is short notice, but the situation as it is with Bernemann leaves the band no choice. I hope for your understanding and I regret that this situation has come about, the band were looking forward to playing at your festival."

More news on Bernemann's condition as we get it.


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Thin Lizzy - Considering New Studio Album

Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham told that it may be time to bring his band back into the studio again.

Thin Lizzy hasn't released a new album since 1983's Thunder and Lightning and certainly have not thought about it since iconic frontman Phil Lynott's death in 1986. But according to the Billboard interview, guitarist Gorham - who was with the group from 1974-83 and has led various configurations of reconstituted Thin Lizzys since 1996 - thinks that the current line-up may just be good enough to try to add some music to the Lizzy legacy.

Said Gorham: "That's the No. 1 question we're getting from people are we gonna record some new material? The fans seem to trust this line-up, and I don't blame them. We've kind of jumped this emotional hurdle together. Ricky's writing some fucking killer lyrics, and with the kind of talent that's in Thin Lizzy now I think we can pull off a really cool set of tunes. At least it's something that we can think about now, where before it wasn't on the table."

You can read the full interview here.


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Blaze Bayley - Parts Ways With His Band (UPDATED)

Original news, published on 30.03.2011

British heavy metal vocalist Blaze Bayley has issued the following message:

"Due to financial and medical reasons I've been forced to part ways with the band. I will give a full statement in the next few days about my future plans. I hope that all my fans will keep on supporting me in my further projects. The English dates will be postponed to December but the festivals in Germany, Sweden, Lithuania and the show in Istanbul will definitely proceed!"


Blaze Bayley has released the following lengthy statement explaining his decision of going solo:

"First of all thanks again for all the wonderful messages of support I have received in the last few days. The mental, financial and emotional strain of keeping the Blaze Bayley Band together has proven to be too much for me and has taken a terrible toll on my mental health. As a result of that, I have had to split with the Blaze Bayley Band, now I am just Blaze Bayley, a soloartist and also the lead singer of Wolfsbane. Since Anna and Larry left the Blaze Bayley Band, we've tried to do everything ourselves and for me it has been too much. Without a proper manager coordinating concerts, touring, festivals, promotion, record releases and all the finances, it's too much to cope with.

Now I've finally taken this incredibly difficult decision, I feel I can breathe again. It has been an upsetting, frustrating and sad time because the Blaze Bayley Band will not be going on any more, but it is also for me a huge relief and a time to look forward. I wish David, Nico and Jay every succes with their future projects and like to thank them for their loyalty, commitment and sharing their musical talent on The Man Who Would Not Die and Promise and Terror. They are arguably two of the best metal albums I have ever made. We have made a live album and a DVD and I am immensly proud of all of those things as well as the incredible concerts we have played to fans all over the world.

I apologize to my UK fans for postponing the upcoming tour. We are still in the process of rearranging all the dates that we can to happen in December. The shows I have booked with Wolfsbane will all go ahead. Also, all the festivals I have booked will go ahead with different musicians.

I have a lot of plans that I am very excited about for the future and on top of that I am expecting my first child to be born in September.
Look out for me popping up in different places all over Europe in the summer, because I am still available and being booked for festivals and guest appearances. The first two weeks of September is my unplugged acoustic UK tour with Jase Edwards from Wolfsbane, called the Blaze and Jase: The Incredible Tour. The full dates will be announced in the next few weeks. After that there will be a week of European full metal shows.


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Morbid Angel - Reveal Cover Art Work From New Album Designed By Gustavo Sazes

Morbid Angel revealed the cover artwork of their newest opus Illud Divinum Insanus :

It was designed by Gustavo Sazes, who commented on it:

"To create this cover we worked from several references, ideas, elements, and I would say a ''world'' of options and paths. After a long brainstorming period and some ideas left behind we came up with the concept of this organic surreal insane being; a fallen God or a weird mirror image of our own madness. It is a different Morbid Angel cover for sure, but I think that's how Morbid Angel is...Deviant and different on each new release. They never repeat themselves. They are always pushing the boundaries and setting new standards. I'm really proud of the final results and hope the fans appreciate my work, while listening to the new album!"

Also was revealed the cover artwork of their single Nevermore, designed by French artists Valnoir and Fursy Teyssier for Metastazis:


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Disfear - Bassist Loses Battle With Cancer

Disfear bass player and long-time member Henrik Frykman has passed away last Friday after a long battle with cancer.

The surviving band members released the following statement: "It is with heavy hearts we inform you that on Friday the 25th of March, Henrik Frykman passed away in his home after a long battle with cancer. Henrik will be greatly missed by family and friends."


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