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08.07Squash Bowels - New Album Ready, Two Songs Online
 At Vance - New Album In September
 Job For A Cowboy - New Song And Video Online
 Velattore - New Album Details
 Megadeth - New Song Available For Download
 Whiplash - New Album Details Announced
 Between The Buried And Me - New Album Details Revealed
 Brainstorm - Sign With AFM Records
 The Black Dahlia Murder - New Album Details
 Metal Church - Call It Quits
07.07Dååth - New Video Available Online
 Kruger - To Enter The Studio In September
 Stratovarius - European Tour Announced
06.07Gorgoroth - Complete Work On New Album
04.07Kingcrow - New Album Details

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Squash Bowels - New Album Ready, Two Songs Online

The new album Squash Bowels is done: 14 tracks of old school Grind Core. "Grindvirus" will be releasedd some time during September 2009 on Willowtip Records (USA). As usual, the album was recorded and mastered at Hertz studio in Białystok, Poland in May and June 2009. The artwork was done by Lukasz Jaszak (Behemoth, Carpathian Forest, Blood Red Throne, Emperor, Gehennah and more).

"Grindvirus" cover art] tracklist:

01. Grindvirus
02. Two Cows And Monkey
03. Oust - Odour Eliminator
04. Wriggler
05. Abhorrently Stinking Rich Man
06. Shit Oneself
07. D. I.
08. Sheep Dag
09. Bacterial Fertiliser
10. Hamsters In Yout Head
11. Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Sss
12. Nose - Lunger


Band profile: Squash Bowels
Posted: 08.07.2009 by Thryce | Comments (0)

At Vance - New Album In September

At Vance fans schould mark the 18th of September in their calendar. At this date the new studioalbum of At Vance will be released. The album was produced by At Vance mastermind Olaf Lenk. The name of the album will be "Ride The Sky" and will feature the following cover artwork.


Band profile: At Vance
Posted: 08.07.2009 by Thryce | Comments (7)

Job For A Cowboy - New Song And Video Online

Original news, posted on 27.06.2009

US metallers Job For A Cowboy have posted online a new song, "Regurgitated Disinformation", on their MySpace page.

Another new song, entitled "Unfurling A Darkened Gospel", was already posted online at the same location one month ago.

The two songs come off the band's forthcoming album, entitled "Ruination" cover art], which is scheduled for release on July 7 via Metal Blade Records.

"Ruination" was tracked and mixed at AudioHammer studios in Sanford, Florida with producer Jason Suecof (The Black Dahlia Murder, Devildriver, Trivium).


"Unfurling A Darkened Gospel", the brand new music video from award-winning Glendale, AZ heavy music powerhouse Job For A Cowboy has been posted online and makes its world premiere today on MySpace. Check out the action now here.


Band profile: Job For A Cowboy
Posted: 08.07.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Velattore - New Album Details

"Answers", the first LP from Velattore is going to be released very soon. Here are the cover artwork and tracklist of the album.

01. You'll Burn
02. Recalling The Fear
03. Turning Of Life
04. I Belive
05. Heir Of The Sorrow
06. Make It Real
07. Behind The Cross
08. We Are One
09. Erased Line
10. Fake Kings

"Answers" was recorded by Elías Martinez at Black Sun Studios and mixed by Jorge "Gato" Esteban at Miau Studios (Los Tres, Los Prisioneros, La Ley, The Ramones).

You can hear the first new single "Recalling the Fear" at Velattore´s MySpace.


Posted: 08.07.2009 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Megadeth - New Song Available For Download

Download a free MP3 of "Head Crusher", the first track from Megadeth's upcoming new album "Endgame" at this location. Hurry though, the download is available for 24 hours only, ending on July 8 at 11AM EST. (If you miss out on the download, check YouTube). The new album "Endgame" is set to be released September 15, 2009, via Roadrunner Records.

"Endgame" cover art] tracklist:

01. Dialect Of Chaos
02. This Day We Fight!
03. 44 Minutes
04. 1,320
05. Bite The Hand That Feeds
06. Bodies Left Behind
07. Endgame
08. The Hardest Part Of Letting Go... Sealed With A Kiss
09. Headcrusher
10. How The Story Ends
11. Nothing Left To Lose
12. El Pistolero


Band profile: Megadeth
Posted: 08.07.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (22)

Whiplash - New Album Details Announced

The album artwork and final tracklisting for "Unborn Again", the latest and much anticipated album by reunited New Jersey Thrashers Whiplash are now revealed by Pulverised Records.

01. Swallow The Slaughter
02. Snuff
03. Firewater
04. Float Face Down
05. Fight Or Flight
06. Pitbulls In The Playground
07. Parade Of Two Legs
08. Hook In Mouth
09. I've Got The Fire
10. Feeding Frenzy

With the album cover created by the legendary master of Thrash Metal artist Ed Repka (Death, Atheist, Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, Possessed, etc), "Unborn Again" will be released exclusively in Digipak format.

A later release date will be set for the Digipak CD + DVD format, which documents the visuals of behind-the-scenes and the making-of of "Unborn Again".


Band profile: Whiplash
Posted: 08.07.2009 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Between The Buried And Me - New Album Details Revealed

Between The Buried And Me have released the tracklisting and title for their upcoming album via their Myspace blog. The album will be called "The Great Misdirect".

The track listing is:

01. Mirrors
02. Obfuscation
03. Disease, Injury, Madness
04. Fossil Genera - A Feed from Cloud Mountain
05. Desert of Song
06. Swim to the Moon

Singer Tommy Rogers stated: "We have FINISHED! tracking our new record and we are spending this week mixing/mastering and all that fun stuff. It's hard to believe we've been recording for 5 weeks already. Everything went really smooth and we are very confident in the fact that this is some of the best material we've ever created. Can't wait for all of you to hear it! We have LOTS of footage from the studio that will hopefully be part of a special edition DVD that will come with the new record... We will also be posting some studio videos in the next few months. Our touring plans are starting to come together and we'll be putting up dates tomorrow, So be sure and keep checking back for that info."


Band profile: Between The Buried And Me
Posted: 08.07.2009 by MeloDeathViking | Comments (15)

Brainstorm - Sign With AFM Records

AFM Records are proud to announce that Brainstorm signed a new contract with AFM Records. Both sides are very happy with the new signing and everybody is looking forward to a new album release.

Brainstorm are expected to release their new album later this year. In an update from March, the band confirmed they were in the final stages of songwriting. More details are expected to be announced soon.

Band profile: Brainstorm
Posted: 08.07.2009 by ArtiA | Comments (2)

The Black Dahlia Murder - New Album Details

The Black Dahlia Murder will be releasing their new album "Deflorate" on September 15 via Metal Blade Records. "A Selection Unnatural", the first single, is now available for streaming on RevolverMag.

"Deflorate" tracklisting goes as follows:

01. Black Valor
02. Necropolis
03. A Selection Unnatural
04. Denounced, Disgraced
05. Christ Deformed
06. Death Panorama
07. Throne Of Lunacy
08. Eyes Of Thousand
09. That Which Erodes The Most Tender
10. I Will Return


Band profile: The Black Dahlia Murder
Posted: 08.07.2009 by ArtiA | Comments (0)

Metal Church - Call It Quits

Metal Church have issued the following update:

"To all of our fans and friends... We regretfully announce that Metal Church is calling it quits. The performance at Rocklahoma will be our last show. We have had to cancel the shows scheduled for August and that, among other things, has led us to have to make this decision. There has been far too much frustration and disappointment in trying to keep moving forward. The collapse of our record company, SPV, has made it next to impossible for us continue in any kind of professional manner due to lack of tour support. This decision was not made lightly. We do have unfinished business in the studio, and with any luck we will have something that will be of interest to Metal Church fans in the near future. We would like to thank all the fans that have stuck with Metal Church through all these years, the line-up changes and the ups and downs. We can't tell you how much your support has meant to us, we appreciate each and every one of you. It's been a great ride."


Band profile: Metal Church
Posted: 08.07.2009 by SlaytallicA | Comments (17)

Dååth - New Video Available Online

Dååth have posted a brand new video "Day Of Endless Light", online. The track for this video comes off the band's latest album "The Concealers", which was released on 21st April.


Band profile: Dååth
Posted: 07.07.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (1)

Kruger - To Enter The Studio In September

Kruger have issued the following update:

"Beloved and gigantic fanbase: some news about what we have been doing the past weeks. Since you might think the answer is "nothing" - it aint'! We've finally completed the new songs for our upcoming album, which is scheduled for... March 2010! Slow dudes, uh? The new baby, still on the incomparable Listenable Records (the only label whose fierce professionalism and reckless humor fits Kruger) will be a hell of beast, made of eight tracks that, we might say, are even a bit more frontal than they used to be. We'll spend this summer to prepare the recording, starting end of September! Keep in touch!"

Band profile: Kruger
Posted: 07.07.2009 by SlaytallicA | Comments (0)

Stratovarius - European Tour Announced

Stratovarius have confirmed the dates for the European section of the Polaris world tour. It will take place in January/February of 2010 and so far the confirmed gigs cover Germany, Benelux, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, and Scandinavia.

Tour dates are as follows:

January 07, 2010: Zeche, Bochum, Germany
January 08, 2010: Hof ter Lo, Antwerp, Belgium
January 09, 2010: Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
January 10, 2010: Garage, London, UK
January 12, 2010: Elysee, Paris, France
January 13, 2010: Le Bikini, Toulouse, France
January 15, 2010: La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
January 16, 2010: Rockstar Live, Bilbao, Spain
January 17, 2010: Razzmatazz 1, Barcelona, Spain


Band profile: Stratovarius
Event: Stratovarius: European Tour
Posted: 07.07.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (8)

Gorgoroth - Complete Work On New Album

The ninth Gorgoroth album, "Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt", has now been completed. The album was recorded in Tomas Asklund's Monolith Studio, and features Infernus on guitars, Frank Watkins (Obituary) on bass, Pest on vocals and Tomas Asklund on drums. Since Infernus wrote all the music for the album and extensive rehearsals and a pre-recording had also been made before second guitarist Tormentor re-joined the band last year, it was decided that it would be more convenient for Infernus to record all the guitars on the album. The album is produced by Infernus and co-produced/engineered by Tomas Asklund. It will be mastered at Cutting Room Studios in Stockholm in July. It will be released in Europe by Regain Records on October 21st and in the US on November 11th.


Band profile: Gorgoroth
Posted: 06.07.2009 by C. | Comments (13)

Kingcrow - New Album Details

Kingcrow are proud to announce the title and the provisional tracklist of the new album "Phlegethon". Release date is scheduled for the next autumn, but no further official information is yet available.

"Phlegethon" tracklist:

01. The Slide
02. Timeshift Box
03. Islands
04. The Great Silence
05. Lullaby For An Innocent
06. Evasion
07. Numb (Incipit, Climax & Coda)
08. Washing Out Memories
09. A New Life
10. Lovocaine
11. Fading Out Pt. III
12. Phlegethon

Commented Kingcrow guitarist Diego Cafolla: "Here we are, 9 months later, after a long and tough working session in our "Sound Under Pressure Studio" it is time to spend a few words about the new forthcoming Kingcrow's album.


Posted: 04.07.2009 by Thryce | Comments (1)

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