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29.07Kreator - South American Tour
 Symphony X - First Ever Video Posted Online
27.07Avantasia - Tobias Sammet At Wacken Open Air 2007
 Brainstorm - Start Recording New Album
 Exciter - Signs With Massacre Records, New Album On The Way
 DragonForce - To Remix Valley Of The Damned
 S.O.D., M.O.D. - New Releases Coming Soon
 Rotting Christ - Canadian Tour In November
 Korpiklaani - European Tour Announced
 Hate Eternal - Announce Permanent Drummer, New Album Details
 Megadeth - Set To Tour Japan
26.07Therion - European Tour Dates
 Edenbridge - New Album In The Works
 Soilwork - New Album Details
25.07Destruction - To Film Wacken Show For Anniversary DVD

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Kreator - South American Tour

The following message was posted on Kreator's official website:

"We're proud to announce the first South American tour dates of 2007! Also appearing at selected shows are Swedish Power Metal kings Hammerfall (co headliners!) and Kotipelto. More detailed information soon!"

Dates are as follows:

Sep 22 - Monterrey, Mexico - Cafe Iguana
Sep 23 - Mexico City, Mexico - Corco Volador
Sep 27 - Santiago, Chile - Estadio Victor Jara
Sep 29 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Obras
Sep 30 - Lima, Peru - Discoteca Voce

Some more dates will be announced by the band soon.


Band profile: Kreator
Event: Kreator: S. American Tour
Posted: 29.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (5)

Symphony X - First Ever Video Posted Online

Power/Progressive metallers Symphony X have posted a new video online at their official myspace site. The video is for the song Serpent's Kiss, which comes from the band's new album Paradise Lost. As stated, this is the first official Symphony X video clip ever made. The video can't be downloaded, but it can be streamed from the aforementioned location.

Band profile: Symphony X
Posted: 29.07.2007 by Raiden | Comments (13)

Avantasia - Tobias Sammet At Wacken Open Air 2007

The organizers of W:O:A state in an email sent to Press representatives around the world:

"Tobias Sammet returns with his mammoth project AVANTASIA!!!!!

Presenting the third part of an ongoing epic concept journey through a progtastic variation of styles, elements and emotions, the first gigantic appetizer is about to be unleashed: in October, the first single / EP will hit the shelves and all details and infos will be revealed at an exclusive press conference at Wacken Open Air. But we can assure you this single / EP will feature enough material other bands would fill a full-length album with - for mastermind and EDGUY-fronter Tobias Sammet it is a sign of things to come....

Also be aware of the fact that Mister Sammet has once more summoned a whole bunch of famous guest stars...that we won't reveal to you yet!


Band profile: Avantasia
Posted: 27.07.2007 by jupitreas | Comments (5)

Brainstorm - Start Recording New Album

Brainstorm have entered Gate Studios in Wolfsburg together with producers Sascha Paeth and Michael Rodenberg to start recording their new upcoming album, which is due 25th January 2008. Preceding the full length CD will be a single release, which will come out on 19th October 2007. The single will give fans a first look at the new Brainstorm tunes. "Be prepared for a real Brainstorm from head to toe." say the band.

Brainstorm comments further: "Recordings are going extremely well so far and we are simply overwhelmed how impressive the new songs sound. These are definitely the best Brainstorm songs that have seen the light of day yet, no kidding, no empty phrases - this is the ultimate Brainstorm album so far. Really can't wait to let you hear!!!"

Band profile: Brainstorm
Posted: 27.07.2007 by Raiden | Comments (1)

Exciter - Signs With Massacre Records, New Album On The Way

Veteran thrashers Exciter have ended their search for a new record label. The band is now signed to Massacre Records, who will release their upcoming new album "Thrash, Speed, Burn". The newly announced album will have ten tracks and is the first Exciter release to feature new vocalist Kenny Winter. The album will be released on the 9th November this year.

Here is the full track list for Thrash, Speed, Burn:

01. Thrash Speed Burn
02. Demon's Gate
03. Evil Omen
04. Hangman
05. In Mortal Fear
06. Crucifixion
07. Betrayal
08. The Punisher
09. Massacre Mountain
10. Rot The Devil King

Band profile: Exciter
Posted: 27.07.2007 by Raiden | Comments (0)

DragonForce - To Remix Valley Of The Damned

DragonForce announced they'll re-release their debut album Valley of the Damned - Remixed & Remastered with a bonus DVD in October 2007. The remixed debut and their second album Sonic Firestorm will also be available for the first time on picture disc vinyl.
You can find an extensive statement from guitarist Herman Li regarding this re-release package at this location.

Valley Of The Damned - REMIXED & REMASTERED
Disc 1 - CD
1. Invocation of the Apocalyptic Evil
2. Valley of the Damned
3. Black Fire
4. Black Winter Night
5. Starfire
6. Disciples of Babylon
7. Revelations
8. Evening Star
9. Heart of a Dragon

Disc 2 - DVD
- Interviews
Interviews with the band members and producer reflecting on the Valley of the Damned period and the remix


Band profile: DragonForce
Posted: 27.07.2007 by Steve | Comments (13)

S.O.D., M.O.D. - New Releases Coming Soon

Both Anthrax relatives Stormtroopers Of Death and Method Of Destruction have new releases on the way. Megaforce Records will release S.O.D.'s final (extended) E.P. 'Rise Of The Infidels', which contains four studio tracks, a live concert from Seattle and a DVD with footage of 'The Fenix' show. It's release date will be August 21, 2007.

One month later, Index Entertainment is going to release M.O.D.'s new studio album, called 'Red, White And Screwed', which was recorded earlier this year. It's release date will be September 25, 2007.

The cover artwork for both albums can be seen here (Rise Of The Infedels) and here (Red, White And Screwed).


Posted: 27.07.2007 by Raiden | Comments (0)

Rotting Christ - Canadian Tour In November

Greek Black metal band Rotting Christ will, for the first time, embark on a Canadian tour in November.

The dates are as follows:

Nov. 20 - CAN Mondreal The Saints
Nov. 21 - CAN Quebec L'anti
Nov. 22 - CAN Trois-Riviere Le Maquisart
Nov. 23 - CAN Saint-Hyacinthe Bar le Trash
Nov. 24 - CAN Rouyn Petit Theatre du Vieux - Noranda
Nov. 25 - CAN Sudbury The Jubilee Hall
Nov. 26 - CAN Toronto The Metal Bar
Nov. 27 - CAN Hamilton The Underground
Nov. 28 - CAN Ottawa TBA

Band profile: Rotting Christ
Event: Rotting Christ: Ravaging The East Tour
Posted: 27.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Korpiklaani - European Tour Announced

The Finnish Folk metallers and happy little boozers of Korpiklaani have updated their official website with the following joyful message:

"Hide your booze and lock your daughters, for 'klaani will once again ravage Europe from North to South and from East to West! Check the tour dates for Germany, Italy, France and more."

Confirmed dates are as follows:

16.10.2007 TBA, Berlin Germany
17.10.2007 Firley, Wroclaw Poland
18.10.2007 Zluty Pes, Pardubice Czech Republic
19.10.2007 KD Serikovka, Plzen Czech Republic
20.10.2007 Masters Of Rock Cafe, Zlin Czech Republic
22.10.2007 Kultiplex, Budapest Hungary
23.10.2007 Arena, Vienna Austria
24.10.2007 Gala Hala, Ljubljana Slovenia
25.10.2007 New Age, Treviso Italy


Band profile: Korpiklaani
Event: Korpiklaani: European Tour
Posted: 27.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (7)

Hate Eternal - Announce Permanent Drummer, New Album Details

Hate Eternal have announced their new permanent drummer. Jade Simonetto is now their full member of the band. Jade has been working with the band lately, but has just now been given a full position. In further Hate Eternal news, new details about an upcoming album have been announced.

Vocallist/guitarist Erik Rutan made the following comments on the band's official website: "Jade and I have been working together for six months or so, and his incredible skill and dedication to extreme drumming and groove has made him the perfect drummer for Hate Eternal. We gel on everything from all the old songs to the new and the creativity process has been amazing. Working with Jade on the new songs, there is so much diversity and signature drumming to the melodies and riffs.


Band profile: Hate Eternal
Posted: 27.07.2007 by Raiden | Comments (5)

Megadeth - Set To Tour Japan

Around early November thrashers Megadeth will be hitting the island of Japan for a tour. The band are excited about the tour, and look forward to playing in Japan after their US tour has finished.

Here is a comment from frontman Dave Mustaine: "I really hope to see as many of you as possible on this next leg and as you probably noticed on the Killing Road page, we have added our Japanese dates and we are excited about our returning to The Land Of The Rising Sun."

Here are all the upcoming Japanese tour dates:

October 30 - Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall, Tokyo
October 31 - Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall, Tokyo
November 1 - Shibuya AX, Tokyo
November 5 - Zepp Nagoya, Nagoya
November 6 - Koseinekin Kaikan, Osaka

Band profile: Megadeth
Event: Megadeth
Posted: 27.07.2007 by Raiden | Comments (2)

Therion - European Tour Dates

Therion, Sirenia and The Vision Bleak are joining forces for a European tour in December dubbed as the "The Theli - Adulruna Rediviva Tour".

Dates are as follows:

07.12.2007 - GER, Glauchau - Alte Spinnerei
08.12.2007 - GER, Memmingen - Kaminwerk
09.12.2007 - SLO, Ljubljana - VPK Mediapark
10.12.2007 - CRO, Zagreb - Boogaloo
11.12.2007 - SER, Belgrad - SKC
12.12.2007 - HUN, Budapest - Petöfi Hall
13.12.2007 - POL, Krakow - Club Studio
14.12.2007 - CZE, Prague - Roxy
15.12.2007 - BEL, Antwerpen - Hof Ter Lo
16.12.2007 - ENG, London - The Fridge
17.12.2007 - NED, Amsterdam - Melkweg
18.12.2007 - FRA, Strasbourg - La Laiterie
19.12.2007 - FRA, Lyon - Transbordeur
20.12.2007 - FRA, Toulouse - Bikini


Band profile: Therion
Event: Adulruna Rediviva Tour
Posted: 26.07.2007 by Thryce | Comments (13)

Edenbridge - New Album In The Works

Austrian Symphonic metal band Edenbridge have updated their official website with the following message;

"Songwriting for Edenbridge´s 6th studio album has just been finished. The band will enter the studio on September 19 to start the recordings. Mix is scheduled for early January and the album will be released in April/May 2008.

Some of the new songs are titled:
"Undying Devotion", "Fallen From Grace", "Place Of Higher Power", "Whale Rider" and "Remember Me".
All in all the album will contain 10 songs plus intro.

More news according to the new album will follow soon!"

Band profile: Edenbridge
Posted: 26.07.2007 by Thryce | Comments (5)

Soilwork - New Album Details

As posted on Soilwork's official website:

"Soilwork are proud to announce that the release for their upcoming album, "Sworn To A Great Divide", has been set for October 19 2007 through Nuclear Blast Records.

"Sworn To A Great Divide" cover] tracklisting:

01. Sworn To A Great Divide
02. Exile
03. Breeding Thorns
04. Your Beloved Scapegoat
05. The Pittsburgh Syndrome
06. I, Vermin
07. Light Discovering Darkness
08. As The Sleeper Awakes
09. Silent Bullet
10. Sick Heart River
11. 20 More Miles

To watch a video statement from guitarist Ola Frenning on the new album, click here.


Band profile: Soilwork
Posted: 26.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (8)

Destruction - To Film Wacken Show For Anniversary DVD

German Thrash Metal Legends Destruction have posted the following message on their website:

"The show in Wacken this year will feature some special surprise performances:

Beside the "Mad Butcher & his pleasureslaves", all the original and former members will join the band for the finale of the performance. Although the band will perform '"the Alliance of Hellhoundz" with different guest singers!

You can enjoy the 75 minutes "Best of Destruction" set at 6.45PM on the Wacken BLACKSTAGE.

The event will be filmed for the 25th anniversary DVD, that will be released in 2007!"

Band profile: Destruction
Event: Wacken Open Air 2007
Posted: 25.07.2007 by Thryce | Comments (6)

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