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23.07Omnium Gatherum - Three New Songs Online
22.07Majesty - Split, New Band Launched
 Eluveitie - Announce New Members
 Octavia Sperati - Taking A Break
21.07Andromeda - New Album Details
 Bloodbath - Album Tracklist And Album Art Revealed
 Hearse - New Album On The Way
20.07Amon Amarth - New Album Tracklist And Guest Musicians
 Children Of Bodom - Announce A US Tour
 Poisonblack - New Song And Studio Report Video Online
19.07Slipknot - New Album And New Masks
 Alice Cooper - New Album Streaming Online
18.07Metallica - Entire New Album Available For Guitar Hero
 Kampfar - New Album Details
 Intronaut - New Album Details

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Omnium Gatherum - Three New Songs Online

A new Omnium Gatherum track, called "Nail" is available for streaming through the band's official MySpace page. An E-card for "The Redshift" album is available at this location, which has the tracks "Shadowkey" and "The Redshifter". The album is scheduled to be released on 22 September in Europe and 14 October in the U.S. via Candlelight Records.

Album tracklisting cover]:

01. Nail
02. A Shadowkey
03. Chameleon Skin
04. No Breaking Point
05. The Return
06. Shapes And Shades
07. The Redshifter
08. Greeneyes
09. The Second Flame
10. Song For December
11. Distant Light Highway


Band profile: Omnium Gatherum
Posted: 23.07.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (3)

Majesty - Split, New Band Launched

As posted on the Majesty myspace page:

"A new era is beginning!

Here is an official statement from Tarek "MS" Maghary: "First of all I want to tell all fans, partners and friends, that Majesty no longer exists. There was no basis anymore for me and the previous nembers of Majesty to continue our creative work.
I had a feeling for quite a while now that the time has come to restart with a new band to point out that Heavy Metal can never be stopped and that a new force will bring the whole world that mighty message. In a dream I recently had, only one name for that power came to my mind: Metalforce
This new band will exactly do what also was the essence of Majesty, but even bigger and more powerful. The first gig on the MCF 08 already filled me up with pride as I looked into the eyes of tenthousands of fans who encouraged us in our decision.


Band profile: Majesty
Posted: 22.07.2008 by Baz Anderson | Comments (7)

Eluveitie - Announce New Members

Swiss metallers Eluveitie have issued the following update:

"During the last couple of weeks we received many applications for the two vacant positions in our band. We'd like to use this opportunity to thank all musicians who contacted us for their messages, efforts and interest in our band. We read all applications assiduously and thought a lot about the whole thing.

Now we are very pleased to announce that we have decided for two new band members! And we are as confident to have found two awesome musicians and as we're proud and happy to introduce them to you:

Päde Kistler:
Playing diverse kinds of bagpipes, as well as whistles and acoustic guitars, Päde is a multi-instrumentalist and especially an experienced piper! To some of you (especially the folk interested guys) Päde might not be unfamiliar: He used to proof his abilities as musician and also as disarming performer in the Swiss folk band Branâ Keternâ, where also Meri and Chrigel used to play. So we esteem Päde since a couple of years, both as great musician as well as a fantastic guy and friend.


Band profile: Eluveitie
Posted: 22.07.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (11)

Octavia Sperati - Taking A Break

Norwegian metallers Octavia Sperati have issued the following update:

"Dear all.

At our last band meeting, Octavia Sperati decided to put band activities aside/take a break. We have reached a point where we have decided to put more time into other projects both within music, studies and families among other things for a while. We will all continue playing music, but we will take a break from the normal "Octavia life". If there are any news from any of us, we will of course let you know as soon as possible.

We are all looking forward to playing the lovely outdoor festival Lost Weekend near our headquarters Bergen on Friday, August 1st and will take the break after that. We are sorry to say that we will have to cancel the Dames Of Darkness festival in Birmingham in September.


Band profile: Octavia Sperati
Posted: 22.07.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (3)

Andromeda - New Album Details

Swedish metallers Andromeda will release their fourth album, entitled "The Immunity Zone", on September 16th via Nightmare Records.

"The Immunity Zone" cover] tracklisting:

01. Recognizing Fate
02. Slaves Of The Plethoria Season
03. Ghosts On Retinas
04. Censoring Truth
05. Worst Enemy
06. My Star
07. Another Step
08. Shadow Of Lucent Moon
09. Veil Of Illumination

Also the band adds: "Soon there will be previews to be heard right here on the Andromeda MySpace which is under new management. From now on it will be kept up to date, so check back for updates!"


Band profile: Andromeda
Posted: 21.07.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (4)

Bloodbath - Album Tracklist And Album Art Revealed

Bloodbath's third full-length album has been entitled The Fathomless Mastery and is currently being mixed. The album is due for an October 6th release on Peaceville records. Tracklist:

01. At The Behest Of Their Death
02. Mock The Cross
03. Iesous
04. Wretched Human Mirror
05. Treasonous
06. Devouring The Feeble
07. Hades Rising
08. Slaughtering The Will To Live
09. Earthrot
10. Process Of Disillumination
11. Drink From The Cup Of Heresy

View cover artwork by Dusty Peterson here.


Band profile: Bloodbath
Posted: 21.07.2008 by Eden Fire | Comments (18)

Hearse - New Album On The Way

Swedish metallers Hearse have issued the following update:

"Finally something to report from the Hearse camp! Yup, the band has begun the recording of the fifth album. So far the drums has been recorded. 12 songs are planned to be recorded and most likely 10 of them will end up on the album. As soon as we get green light from our record label (depending on which one it´ll be) the recording will continue.
More info on the recording to follow. In the meantime check out some pics from the recording here."


Band profile: Hearse
Posted: 21.07.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Amon Amarth - New Album Tracklist And Guest Musicians

"Twilight of the Thunder God" will be released on the 17th of September in Sweden, the 19th of September in D/A/CH/I and the 22nd of September in the rest of Europe. North American release date is September 30.

The final track listing for "Twilight of the Thunder God" is as follows:

01. Twilight Of The Thunder God
02. Free Will Sacrifice
03. Guardians Of Asgaard
04. Where Is Your God?
05. Varyags Of Miklagaard
06. Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags
07. No Fear For The Setting Sun
08. The Hero
09. Live For The Kill
10. Embrace Of The Endless Ocean

"Twilight of the Thunder God" features several high-profile guest appearances including Entombed singer L.G. Petrov (on 'Guardians of Asgaard'), Children Of Bodom guitarist Roope Latvala (who shreds a fierce solo on the track 'Twilight of the Thunder God') and Finnish cello metal band Apocalyptica (a guest appearance on 'Live For The Kill').


Band profile: Amon Amarth
Posted: 20.07.2008 by Manzo | Comments (24)

Children Of Bodom - Announce A US Tour

Children Of Bodom have announced a U.S. headlining tour in support of their critically acclaimed new album, Blooddrunk. The scheduled four week, 25 city tour will kick off on September 11 in Baltimore, MD and criss-cross the U.S., closing with a bang on October 10 in Worcester, MA.

The Children Of Bodom U.S. headlining tour will feature support from Between The Buried And Me as well as a "very special guest to be announced". The major market trek will represent the influential metal band's first U.S. headlining jaunt in support of Blooddrunk and follows the quintet's red hot summer North American "Gigantour" live dates as hand-picked support for heavy music legends Megadeth.


Band profile: Children Of Bodom
Posted: 20.07.2008 by abattoir | Comments (10)

Poisonblack - New Song And Studio Report Video Online

The song "Hatelove" from the new Poisonblack album has just been posted at the official MySpace page.

Furthermore, you can now watch part two of a studio report, allowing further insights into very Finnish recording sessions. "Dead Heavy Sessions - Part II": watch it here.

The new Poisonblack album "A Dead Heavy Day" will be released via Century Media Records on the following dates:

27.08 - Finland
29.08 - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy
01.09 - UK, France, Greece, Denmark, Norway, rest of Europe
02.09 - Spain, Portugal
03.09 - Sweden, Hungary


Band profile: Poisonblack
Posted: 20.07.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (4)

Slipknot - New Album And New Masks

Slipknot will release their new album "All Hope Is Gone" on 26th of August 2008. The tracklist is:

1. Execute
2. Gematria (The Killing Name)
3. Sulfur
4. Psychosocial
5. Dead Memories
6. Vendetta
7. Butcher's Hook
8. Gehenna
9. This Cold Black
10. Wherein Lies Continue
11. Snuff
12. All Hope Is Gone

Bonus tracks:
13. Child of Burning Time
14. Til We Die
15. Vermillion Pt. 2 (Bloodstone Mix)

The band has released two songs of this album, "All Hope Is Gone" and "Psychosocial", available on YouTube and the official MySpace page.

Slipknot has also changed their masks, you can see the new masks here.


Band profile: Slipknot
Posted: 19.07.2008 by - DaN - | Comments (103)

Alice Cooper - New Album Streaming Online

Alice Cooper's entire new album, entitled "Along Came A Spider", is available for streaming on his MySpace page.

"Along Came A Spider" was co-produced by Danny Saber, Greg Hampton and Alice himself. The album will be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland on July 25th (July 28th in the rest of Europe and July 29th in North America) via Steamhammer/SPV.


Band profile: Alice Cooper
Posted: 19.07.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (10)

Metallica - Entire New Album Available For Guitar Hero

From the band's MySpace blog:

"Death Magnetic," the entire album will be available for Guitar Hero too!

It's a first in both music and gaming - the same day that "Death Magnetic" hits the streets, you'll be able to download every song from the album for "Guitar Hero III!" We are so psyched that we'll be the first out of the gate with this simultaneous release... who knows, maybe a few years from now this will be the norm when your favorite band's new record comes out.

And for those of you who are anxiously awaiting the next Guitar Hero, "World Tour," we're ready for that too - you will be able to experience "Death Magnetic" for drums, vocals, and guitar when that game emerges this Fall."


Band profile: Metallica
Posted: 18.07.2008 by +{Jonas}+ | Comments (51)

Kampfar - New Album Details

Norwegian metallers Kampfar will release their new album, entitled "Heimgang", on September 26th (October 7th in US and Canada) via Napalm Records.
The album was recorded at Silvertone Studio in Norway.

"Heimgang" cover] tracklisting:

01. Vantro
02. Inferno
03. Dodens Vee
04. Skogens Dyp
05. Antvort
06. Vansinn
07. Mareham
08. Feigdarvarsel
09. Vettekult
10. Vandring


Band profile: Kampfar
Posted: 18.07.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (8)

Intronaut - New Album Details

US metallers Intronaut will release their new album, entitled "Prehistoricisms", on September 16 via Century Media Records.
The drums for the album were tracked at Opera Studios in North Hollywood, guitars and bass were laid down at Castle Oaks Studios in Calabasas. Vocals were completed at Clearlake Audio in North Hollywood, and the whole process was engineered by Josh Newell (Jane's Addiction).

"Prehistoricisms" raw cover] tracklisting:

01. Primordial Soup
02. The Literal Black Cloud
03. Cavernous Den Of Shame
04. Prehistoricisms
05. Any Port
06. Sundial
07. Australopithecus
08. The Reptilian Brain
1 - Sleep
2 - Eat
3 - Shit
4 - Fight
5 - Fuck

The band adds: "We have also posted some footage of us jamming in the practice room."


Band profile: Intronaut
Posted: 18.07.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (2)

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