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07.01Illdisposed - New Album Details Revealed
 In Flames - Announce The Title Of The New Album
 Napalm Death - European Tour
 Devildriver - North American Tour
 Norther - Announce Finnish Dates
06.01Destinity - New Song Online
05.01Lost Horizon - Start Recording New Material
 Dødheimsgard - Vocalist Leaves Band
 Agalloch - EP Available For Pre-Ordering
 Deathstars - Ex-Cradle Of Filth Drummer To Tour With Band
04.01Iron Fire - Guitarist Leaves Band
 Epica - Will Perform A Classical Show
03.01Sabaton - New Album Tracklisting Revealed
02.01Circle Of Dead Children - Band Update
01.01Megadeth - Gigantour Lineup Announced

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Illdisposed - New Album Details Revealed

Danish extreme metallers Illdisposed have set "The Prestige" as the title of their 10th album, due on March 28 via AFM Records.
"The Prestige" was mixed at Studio Fredman (Gothenburg, Sweden) with Fredrik Nordström and cover artwork (here) was made by Mattias Norén.

"The Prestige" tracklisting:

01. Let Go
02. The Tension
03. Weak Is Your God
04. Working Class Zero
05. A Song Of Myself
06. Like Cancer
07. Love Is Tasted Bitter
08. She Knows
09. A Child Is Missing
10. The Key To My Salvation
11. ...Your Devoted Slave
12. Ich Bin Verloren In Berlin


Band profile: Illdisposed
Posted: 07.01.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

In Flames - Announce The Title Of The New Album

Today the Gothenburg band posted following message:

"We can now officially announce the title of the new In Flames album. The album is called "A Sense Of Purpose".
The mastering is done. The album is complete and ready to be released in April.

"We are extremely happy with the end result and so proud of what we have achieved with the new album and can't wait for you all to hear it." - In Flames

Band profile: In Flames
Posted: 07.01.2008 by WinterChild | Comments (39)

Napalm Death - European Tour

Napalm Death and Suffocation will team up for a European co-headlining tour in May/June 2008. Also appearing on the bill will be Warbringer, a thrash metal band from the Bay Area.

The dates are as follows:

May 08 - Dordrecht, Holland @ Bibelot
May 09 - Zaandam, Holland @ De Kade
May 10 - Berlin, Germany @ SO36
May 11 - Gelsenkirchen, Germany @ Gelsenkirchen Amphitheatre (Rock Hard Festival)
May 12 - Hasselt, Belgium @ Muziek-O-Droom
May 13 - Paris, France @ La Locomotive
May 14 - Rennes, France @ Antipode
May 15 - Biarritz, France @ Atabel
May 16 - Durango, Spain @ Plateruena
May 17 - Corroios, Spain @ Cine Teatro de Corroios
May 18 - Madrid, Spain @ Caracol
May 19 - Barcelona, Spain @ Mephisto


Band profile: Napalm Death
Posted: 07.01.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (7)

Devildriver - North American Tour

Devildriver will start a North American Tour entitled "Bound By The Road 2008" on February, 27th. Napalm Death, Walls Of Jericho, 36 Crazyfists and In Vitro are announced as special guests.

The "Bound By The Road 2008" dates are as follows:

Feb. 27 - The Fat Cat - Modesto, CA
Feb. 28 - The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA
Feb. 29 - House Of Blues - West Hollywood, CA
Mar. 02 - The Rock - Tucson, AZ
Mar. 04 - Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM
Mar. 06 - Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, OK
Mar. 07 - Ridglea Theater - Fort Worth, TX
Mar. 08 - Scout Bar - San Antonio, TX
Mar. 09 - House Of Rock - Corpus Christi, TX
Mar. 14 - Boomerz - Seminole, FL
Mar. 15 - Mojo Room - Port St. Lucie, FL


Band profile: DevilDriver
Posted: 07.01.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (11)

Norther - Announce Finnish Dates

Finnish Extreme Power Metallers Norther have announced on their website new dates for Finland:

16 Feb - Finnish Metal Expo, Helsinki
22 Feb - Nivala, Tuiskula
23 Feb - Hellä, Tampere

In other news, Norther's guitarist Kristian "Kride" Ranta, has updated the band's blog with the following update about their upcoming video:

"So I guess you have all heard the news about our new album N. Hopefully we can also confirm the US release quite soon. We shot our new video some time ago and it is starting to be ready. It's looking damn good and will be something a way cooler than we've ever done before We did the video with Tunne Productions, check out what other they have done before us. I must say that besides being really pro guys they were also really nice and everything went smoothly.


Band profile: Norther
Posted: 07.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (4)

Destinity - New Song Online

French metallers Destinity have announced that their next album entitled "The Inside", will be out on February 2008. The song "Enemy Process" which is taken from the new album is online on the Destinity's MySpace page at this location.

"The Inside" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Destruction, Hatesphere, ...).

"The Inside" tracklisting cover:

01. My Senseless Theory
02. Murder Within
03. Thing I Will Never Feel
04. Still Remember
05. A Thousand Falling Skies
06. Inhuman Corrosive Report
07. Ready To Leave
08. Enemy Process
09. Escaping Reality
10. The Inside


Band profile: Destinity
Posted: 06.01.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (3)

Lost Horizon - Start Recording New Material

Almost five years have passed since the release of "A Flame To The Ground Beneath" and after the turbulence the band experienced. The remaining members now realize this period was necessary to regain the energy, strength, motivation and inspiration needed to continue with the unearthly creations.

While continuing the search for the voice, which will be embraced by our music, the recording of the new material will be carried through independently of that and immediately, starting in January 2008. All instruments will be successively fully recorded and maybe even mixed without vocals on. All skeptical or frightened by this procedure should know/be-reminded it was more or less the same case with "Awakening The World" album when Daniel's vocals was post-mixed after the instrumental mix in Studio Fredman.


Band profile: Lost Horizon
Posted: 05.01.2008 by Ivan | Comments (16)

Dødheimsgard - Vocalist Leaves Band

Kvohst has posted the following on the band's myspace blog:

"After a pretty tough month and some deep contemplation, I have decided to call it a day and check out of the Dødheimsgard asylum. The reasons for my departure are personal and I'd like them to stay that way. My work in DHG and on Supervillain has been a labour of love but, unfortunately, love, as Bukowski once said, can often be "like trying to carry a full garbage can on your back over a rushing river of piss." I can only thank the rest of the band, especially Vicotnik and the fans, for their total support and dedication and for some of the best years of my life. As a fan of the band since I was young, I will continue to support DHG and I hope that you will do the same.


Band profile: Dødheimsgard
Posted: 05.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (6)

Agalloch - EP Available For Pre-Ordering

Agalloch has recently posted a new song on their myspace page entitled "Sowilo Rune" from their upcoming EP "The White EP." The EP will be released by Vendlus Records on 29 February.

The White EP can be pre-ordered at Vendlus Store. The release is limited to 2000 copies.


Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 05.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (15)

Deathstars - Ex-Cradle Of Filth Drummer To Tour With Band

Adrian Erlandsson (Cradle Of Filth, At The Gates, The Haunted, Nemheim) is going to tour with the Deathstars for their upcoming European tour with Korn during Jan/Feb 2008.

Deathstars's drummer, Ole "Bone W Machine" Öhman, will not be able to tour with the band for undisclosed personal reasons.


Band profile: Deathstars
Posted: 05.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (3)

Iron Fire - Guitarist Leaves Band

The band has announced on their mypace blog that guitarist Johan Jacob no longer wants to be a part of Iron Fire. According to the band, Johan's passion for Jazz has over the years grown bigger then for good old Heavy Metal and he now wants to give that full attention. The band is currently looking for a guitarist to start recording for the next album in the spring.


Band profile: Iron Fire
Posted: 04.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (3)

Epica - Will Perform A Classical Show

The Miskolc International Opera Festival proudly announces that Epica will be performing a classical show with symphonic orchestra and choir.

The "Epica: The Classical Conspiracy Show" is going to be a very unique event, because the Dutch symphonic-metal band will play a very specific musical program. They will perform classical pieces from Mozart, Dvorak, Verdi, Orff, Prokofiev, Grieg, Vivaldi in Epica's style and of course symphonic versions of Epica songs. Some Epica songs will be rewritten - to make it more bombastic - only for this event. Moreover there will be other surprises as well.

The Epica classical show is going to start on 14.06.2008 at 21:00.

Band profile: Epica
Event: Epica: The Classical Conspiracy Show
Posted: 04.01.2008 by LifeExit | Comments (15)

Sabaton - New Album Tracklisting Revealed

Sabaton has posted the tracklist for "The Art Of War":

01. Sun Tzu says
02. Ghost Division
03. The Art Of War
04. 40:1
05. Unbreakable
06. The nature Of Warfare
07. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
08. Talvisota
09. Panzerkampf
10. Union (Slopes Of St.Benedict)
11. The Price Of A Mile
12. Firestorm
13. A Secret

The band will enter the studio this Friday to start the recording.

Band profile: Sabaton
Posted: 03.01.2008 by WinterChild | Comments (12)

Circle Of Dead Children - Band Update

Deathgrinders have updated their MySpace with the following New Year's message:

"Hails dirty bastards! 2008, a year of likely recession and warpiss is upon us and I'm sure we can all drink to that. It will also mark Circle of Dead Children's 10th year in the ear-slaughter business. 2007 was a bum year for CODC and without a doubt our least active, but after all the craziness I think we're ready to step into 2008 with more fire than ever.

In February, Matt Francis joined as CODC's 4th and hopefully last drummer. Despite the 7-hour distance and infrequent band practices, we've been able to write the majority of a new yet-to-be-titled album which we're confident to say will be the most cataclysmic and venomous release that we've done in 10 years. Matt's addition has allowed the band to step into a new realm of noxious sonic hate.


Band profile: Circle Of Dead Children
Posted: 02.01.2008 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Megadeth - Gigantour Lineup Announced

The 2008 Gigantour's lineup has been officially announced. According to Megadeth's website, the tour is scheduled to kick off mid-April and run through end of May with the lineup as follows:

In Flames
Children Of Bodom
Job For A Cowboy
High On Fire

Tour dates to be revealed soon.

Dave Mustaine has posted the following:
"The breaking news is we are going to have five bands this year, instead of eight. The decision to drop it down from eight bands to five was based on timing, set lengths, stage sizes, unions, and most importantly allowing 'us' - the musicians - to deliver to 'you' - the fans - the best shows we can."


Band profile: Megadeth
Posted: 01.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (30)

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