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23.10Amon Amarth - Swedish Dates Rescheduled
 Aborted - Lineup Changes/Album News
 Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ, Malevolent Creation - Domination Tour Dates
 Illnath - Updates On Legal Battle
22.10Angra - The Course Of Nature Video Online
 Anvil - Videos Available
 Swallow The Sun - New Album Details
 Naglfar - New Album Info
21.10Michael Kiske - Busy Working On New Releases
 Crypt Of Kerberos - Reunion
 The Haunted - Announce U.K. Tour
 Theatre Of Tragedy - Cancel Show At Metal Female Voices Fest
 Impetigo - Track From Upcoming Reissue Online
20.10Abigor - Upcoming Album Preview Online
 Averse Sefira - Sign To Candlelight Records

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Amon Amarth - Swedish Dates Rescheduled

Swedish viking metallers Amon Amarth has rescheduled the Swedish dates that they were forced to cancel in late November/early December in order to join the Children Of Bodom North American trek.

UPDATED (thanks Damnated)
The new dates are as follows:

Jan. 31 - Göteborg, SWE @ Musikens Hus
Feb. 01 - Malmö, SWE @ KB
Feb. 02 - Huskvarna, SWE @ Folkets Park
Feb. 03 - Oslo, NOR @ John Dee (Inferno Festival kick-off party)
Feb. 04 - Stockholm, SWE @ Klubben


Band profile: Amon Amarth
Event: Amon Amarth: Scandinavian Tour
Posted: 23.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (5)

Aborted - Lineup Changes/Album News

Belgian Brutal Death Metal outfit Aborted have posted the following update:

"Ok everyone, time for a big update on what has been going on with Aborted in the past months. To confirm rumours, drummer Gilles & bass player Olivia are no longer part of the band. Here is the official statement of the band:

Being in a band like Aborted at this point takes a lot of investment and commitment, right now we are not making money to support members of the band. Every tour is a financial hazard for the band which forces us to keep the small amounts of money we do make on shows to keep as backup if anything goes wrong on tour or any other situation, so that we don't have to pay the bills from our own pockets anymore. The result of this is quite simple: we can't afford to pay band members to play in this band. These conditions are simple facts & didn't work for Gilles & Olivia, which made it quite obvious they couldn't be in the band anymore.


Band profile: Aborted
Posted: 23.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (5)

Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ, Malevolent Creation - Domination Tour Dates

Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ, Malevolent Creation, Incantation, Neuraxi and an as-yet-undisclosed opening act will team up for the 2007 edition of "The Domination Tour", set to kick off February 14. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

Feb. 14 - POL Warsaw @ Progresja
Feb. 15 - GER Leipzig @ Hellriser
Feb. 16 - A Wien @ Szene
Feb. 17 - A Salzburg @ Rockhaus
Feb. 18 - A Innsbruck @ Hafen
Feb. 19 - CH Plattern @ Z7
Feb. 20 - FR Strasbourg @ Laiterie
Feb. 21 - FR Paris @ Locomotive
Feb. 22 - HOL Eindhoven @ Effenaar
Feb. 23 - BEL Vosselaar @ Biebob
Feb. 24 - GER Adelsheim @ Live Factory
Feb. 25 - CZ Brno @ Fledo
Feb. 26 - SK Bratislava @ Randal
Feb. 27 - ITA Este (PD) @ Sottosopra Rock Club


Band profile: Carpathian Forest
Event: The Domination Tour 2007
Posted: 23.10.2006 by Damnated | Comments (3)

Illnath - Updates On Legal Battle

It appears that "Second Skin..." has been released in Japan. However, we haven't got our copies yet, and we advise people to hold off buying the album until it reaches the European market. Stay tuned for details..

If you have bought "Second Skin of Harlequin" we would very much like to hear how/where you bought it. This information is essential in our legal battle with World Chaos Production, so we really appreciate your feedback. Send a mail to or write a message in the guestbook. THANK YOU!

Band profile: Illnath
Posted: 23.10.2006 by dismaleuphony | Comments (1)

Angra - The Course Of Nature Video Online

Angra's video for its new single, "The Course of Nature", has been posted online here.
The clip was filmed in early September in São Paulo under the guidance of director Carina Zaratin.

"The Course of Nature" comes off the band's forthcoming album, "Aurora Consurgens", due on October 24 (one day earlier internationally).


Band profile: Angra
Posted: 22.10.2006 by Baz Anderson | Comments (7)

Anvil - Videos Available

The official fansite of Canadian Heavy Metal band Anvil, (, have posted five YouTube videos including: 'Metal On Metal' (1983), 'Smokin' Green' (1998), '666' (2005), 'Winged Assassins' (2006) and 'Forged In Fire' (2006 - from the crowd by a fan). To view them head to this location.

Anvil recently completed their forthcoming album," This Is Thirteen", with producer Chris Tsangarides. Chris produced both "Metal On Metal" and "Forged In Fire". The album will contain 13 tracks. The lyrics are available here. As well, a documentary on Anvil is being filmed. It is being directed by Sacha Gervasi, who wrote the Steven Spielberg movie The Terminal. Sacha is an old friend of the band's that used to do some roadie work for them back in the 1980's. He has filmed some of their shows from their November 2005 and June 2006 European tours. He also filmed Lips 50th birthday show at Heads Or Tails in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada on February 25th, 2006. As well he filmed some of the recording of the new album. Sacha also interviewed many people from Anvil's past and present, including former band members. The plan is to release the new album and the documentary, sometime next year.


Band profile: Anvil
Posted: 22.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Swallow The Sun - New Album Details

Finnish metallers Swallow The Sun have confirmed that their third album will be called "Hope" and will be released February 7th via Spinefarm Records. The track list is as follows:

01. Hope
02. These Hours Of Despair
03. The Justice Ff Suffering
04. Don't Fall Asleep
05. Too Cold For Tears
06. The Empty Skies
07. No Light, No Hope
08. Doomed To Walk The Earth

The album will feature vocal appearance by Jonas Renkse of Katatonia on 'The Justice Of Suffering'.
A single called "Don't Fall Asleep" will be released prior to the album release, and it will include a cover of Timo Rautiainen And Trio Niskalaukaus song 'Alavilla Mailla', with Amorphis singer Tomi Joutsen on vocals. More information can be obtained from the address on November 1st.


Band profile: Swallow The Sun
Posted: 22.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Naglfar - New Album Info

Swedish black metallers Naglfar have posted the following message at their official website:

So we've finally finished writing and arranging all the songs, and the drums for the album has been recorded at the Toontrack studio here in Umea. Now the time has come to start recording the guitars, which shouldn't turn out to be any problem. The title of the album has been set to be "Harvest", and will tentatively include the following attacks of audial terror:

01. Into the Black
02. Prayer of Cain
03. The Way of the Rope
04. Harvest
05. Feeding Moloch
06. The Mirrors of My Soul
07. Wargod
08. Plutonium Reveries
09. Odium Generis Humani

That's all for now. Be sure to check back for further announcements that will be made in the following days.

Band profile: Naglfar
Posted: 22.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (7)

Michael Kiske - Busy Working On New Releases

The following message has been posted on the official Michael Kiske website:

Acoustic Past/new Guest Appearance/new album:

Acoustic Past:
while preparing his next solo-album, Michael Kiske had the idea to make a full-acoustic album of his Helloween-compositions. All in all around 11 songs will be re-arranged but also one brand new song will find its way on this album. More news follow soon...

New Guest Appearance:
Michael accepted an offer for another guest appearance. Michael took over a guest role singing a duet with the feminine vocalist of the band Indigo Dying for the song 'Breathe In Water'.

New Solo-album:
while collecting new ideas for his upcoming solo-album, Michi developed the feeling for his new songs that are supposed to go in a more mythical direction like 'Do I Remember A Life Or Longing'...Great idea!

Band profile: Helloween
Posted: 21.10.2006 by cradka | Comments (9)

Crypt Of Kerberos - Reunion

Swedish death metal band Crypt of Kerberos reunited after more than ten years of inactivity. After releasing their demo compilation in 2005 (The Macrodex of War) under Australian record label Bleed Records, the band is planning on recording new material, which will be quite different from the early days but yet will still have the CoK touch according to the band members. Let's wait and see.

Current line up :
Peter Bjärgö - Guitar
Jonas Strandell - Guitar
Mattias Borgh - Drums
Christian Eriksson - Vocals
Stefan Källarsson - Bass

Crypt of Kerberos' debut album World of Myth is available through Adipocere records.

Posted: 21.10.2006 by ylside | Comments (0)

The Haunted - Announce U.K. Tour

Swedish metallers, The Haunted have announced that they will be returning to the U.K. in February 2007 for a full tour in support of their new album, "The Dead Eye". The full touring package is still to be confirmed and will be announced shortly along with additional shows. The band has been confirmed to play the following venues so far:

Feb. 04 - Bristol - Academy 2
Feb. 05 - Birmingham - Academy 2
Feb. 06 - Dublin - Temple Bar
Feb. 07 - Liverpool - Academy 2
Feb. 08 - Nottingham - Rock City
Feb. 09 - Glasgow - Cathouse
Feb. 10 - Manchester - Hop & Grape
Feb. 11 - Leeds - Cockpit
Feb. 12 - Norwich - Waterfront

Band profile: The Haunted
Posted: 21.10.2006 by Damnated | Comments (4)

Theatre Of Tragedy - Cancel Show At Metal Female Voices Fest

The Metal Female Voices Festival IV takes place in Wieze, Belgium today. Theatre Of Tragedy were due to perform but have been forced to pull out. They have issued the following statement:

"Unfortunately we have to announce that Theatre Of Tragedy have to cancel their show at the Metal female Voices Fest in Belgium this weekend due to sickness of two band members (one of those is the singer). The band has already announced to be willing to do the show at next year's event. Apologies for this inconvenience."

Band profile: Theatre Of Tragedy
Event: Metal Female Voices Fest IV
Posted: 21.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Impetigo - Track From Upcoming Reissue Online

The song 'Dis-Organ-Ized' from underground death metal legends Impetigo's classic 1990 album "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" has been put online on this location.
The album will be re-issued on Halloween through Razorback Records. For more information on the release, click here.


Posted: 21.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Abigor - Upcoming Album Preview Online

Reunited Austrian black metallers Abigor have posted the following update at their MySpace page:

"Finally we decided to upload an exclusive studio outtake from the upcoming album "Fractal Possession". Note: it's a studio outtake of 2 songs, not mixed, nor mastered, but you'll haven an approximate view, what could await you..."

Check out the preview at this location.

Since March, the new Abigor line-up goes as follows:

Peter Kubik - guitars, bass
Thomas Tannenberger - drums
A.Sethnacht - vocals
Lucia-M. Fàroutan-Kubik - live synth

Abigor website:


Band profile: Abigor
Posted: 20.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Averse Sefira - Sign To Candlelight Records

Texas Black Metal act Averse Sefira have officially inked a deal with Candlelight Records.
The band was formed in 1996 and has released three albums so far. They already toured in support of bands such as Cradle Of Filth, Dark Funeral and Candlemass.
Averse Sefira is currently working on their Candlelight debut and they'll be headlining the Halloween Metal Ball on October 28th in Austin, Texas at the Redrum Club.

You can check out a video for 'Plagabraha' here, or listen to a few songs at the band's MySpace page here.

Averse Sefira website:


Band profile: Averse Sefira
Posted: 20.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (0)

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