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03.09Nailed - New Release Date Announced
 Warrel Dane - New Video Online
 Evergrey - Entire New Album Streaming Online
 Dagoba - Two New Songs Posted Online
02.09Cynic - New Album Info
 Deceiver - Final Album Details
 Psycroptic - New Song Online
 Månegarm - Enter Studio This Month
 Lacrimosa - Update From The Band
 Metallica - New Video Online
 Girlschool - New Album Details
 Soil - Issue Update
 Darkane - Sign To Massacre Records For Europe
01.09Bloodstock Open Air - Next Year's Tickets On Sale
31.08Catamenia - New Album Release Date Announced, Artwork Revealed

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Nailed - New Release Date Announced

Anticulture Records act, Nailed have posted the following update:

"So we have just been informed that our release date for "Hatred, Failure & The Extinction of Mankind" will be November 3rd 2008. The album will be available all over the known universe (according to our contract anyway) and will also be available in Leeds. Plastic Head are the distributors so if you want our CD in your shop, tell the staff to get onto them to get the CD ordered! Expect to see us in a venue near you soon."

More on Nailed, including audio samples at this location.


Band profile: Nailed
Posted: 03.09.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (0)

Warrel Dane - New Video Online

Warrel Dane has posted a video online for his solo-debut "Praises To The War Machine". The video is for the track "Brother" and is a haunting look into Dane's childhood and relationship with his older brother. The stunning piece was filmed by Max Gutierrez and also features home videos from Dane's childhood. Warrel Dane had the following to say about "Brother":

"I'm very happy with the end result, working with Max Guiterrez was a great experience; he really translated the lyrics into a beautiful piece of cinematic art. The day of the shoot I was confronting issues I had been holding inside for years, you can see this in my face. All the home movie footage is authentic, raw and very real. This is a glimpse into my life that I never though I would share."


Band profile: Warrel Dane
Posted: 03.09.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (7)

Evergrey - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Swedish metallers Evergrey have made their entire new album "Torn" available for streaming on their MySpace site. The album streaming will be available only for one week (starting Tuesday the 2nd of September).

Evergrey's seventh studio album will be released via Steamhammer/SPV (which is the band's new label) on the following dates:

Germany: September 19
Rest of Europe: September 22
USA/Canada: September 23

"Torn" tracklisting:

01. Broken Wings
02. Soaked
03. Fear
04. When Kingdoms Fall
05. In Confidence
06. Fail
07. Numb
08. Torn
09. Nothing Is Erased
10. Still Walk Alone
11. These Scars


Band profile: Evergrey
Posted: 03.09.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (9)

Dagoba - Two New Songs Posted Online

French metallers Dagoba have posted two new song, entitled "Face The Colossus" and "Back From Life", on their MySpace. The songs are coming from Dagoba's forthcoming album "Face The Colossus", which will be released on September 29th in Europe and on October 14th in North America via Season Of Mist Records. The album was mixed by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Hatesphere, Mnemic) at Antfarm studios in Århus, Denmark.

The whole tracklist of the album:

01. Abyssal
02. Face the Colossus
03. Back from Life
04. Somebody Died Tonight
05. The World in Between
06. Transylvania
07. Orphan of You
08. The Nightfall and all its Mistakes
09. Silence
10. The Crash
11. Sudden Death


Band profile: Dagoba
Posted: 03.09.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (3)

Cynic - New Album Info

Seasons Of Mist are reporting:

"Dear Cynic fans, the time has now come to unveil cult American band's sophomore album's artwork and track listing! As previously announced, "Traced In Air" will be released on October 27th, and it contains the following songs:

01. Nunc Fluens
02. The Space For This
03. Evolutionary Sleeper
04. Integral Birth
05. The Unknown Guest
06. Adam's Murmur
07. King Of Those Who Know
08. Nunc Stans

Here is the artwork of the album. Yes, it is the work of renowned artist Venosa, who created the unmistakable cover and visuals for "Focus" in 1993."


Band profile: Cynic
Posted: 02.09.2008 by Thryce | Comments (15)

Deceiver - Final Album Details

Swedish Old School metallers Deceiver have issued an update on their new album "Thrashing Heavy Metal", and reveals the confirmed tracklisting as follows:


01. The Tail's Of Whom In Shadows Fall
02. Ghost Of Souls & Inner Hate
03. Graveyard Lover
04. Coma Of Death Toxication
05. Machinery Of God
06. Blood Of The Soul
07. Dead To The World
08. The Dungeon
09. Legacy
10. Thrashing Heavy Metal

According to Deceiver, this will be the band's last and final album and should be set for a release date later this year.

"Thrashing Heavy Metal" was recorded and mixed at the Abyss Studio with Tommy Tägtgren (Dark Funeral, Marduk, God Among Insects, etc) and mastering duties handled by Nicklas "Terror" Rudolfsson (Runemagick, ex-Swordmaster), with the artwork and illustration designed by Israeli artist Eliran Kantor, who recently did the album artwork for Testament's "Formation Of Damnation" CD.


Band profile: Deceiver
Posted: 02.09.2008 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Psycroptic - New Song Online

Psycroptic have posted a new song on their official MySpace page entitled "The Immortal Army Of One". You can listen to the song here.

The release date for the upcoming album "Ob (Servant)" is due for October 14th worldwide and October 19th in Australia.


Band profile: Psycroptic
Posted: 02.09.2008 by CarrionShine | Comments (1)

Månegarm - Enter Studio This Month

Månegarm have issued the following update:

"On Monday 1st september we will enter Studio underground in Västerås (Sweden) for three weeks to record our 6th fullength album. The album will be named "Nattväsen", Nightcreatures. Some new song titles are: "I den svartaste jord", "Bergagasten" and "Vetramegin".

We will keep you updated of what is going on with reports from the studio here on MySpace. We will also launch a 3 part videoreport between the end of the recordings and the release date. This videoreport will start from the development in the rehersal place and until the album is completed. So if you not already have, make sure to subscribe to our official Youtube site.


Band profile: Månegarm
Posted: 02.09.2008 by Sjuk | Comments (6)

Lacrimosa - Update From The Band

Lacrimosa have posted the following short August update on their website:

"After our concerts in the Ukraine, Russia, Germany and Romania we thank you - our audience - for those wonderful evenings we could spend together with you!

With these memories we are back in the studio working on the new Lacrimosa-songs, before we are going to perform in London for the first time ever on September 26th, followed by the concerts in Madrid on October 17th and in Barcelona on October the 18th!"

Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 02.09.2008 by Memento Mori | Comments (2)

Metallica - New Video Online

The music video for the new Metallica single "The Day That Never Comes" is out. It can be viewed on the band's website. Here is what the Metallica members themselves say about it:

"It's midnight here at HQ and we are incredibly proud to present you with the debut of "The Day That Never Comes"... not so much the standard video fare, but what we like to think of as a short film.

We were honored to work with acclaimed film director and fellow Dane Thomas Vinterberg, as our goal with this song was to step outside of the usual every day music video box and into to the world of film. As you may have see here earlier, we shot it outside of Los Angeles a month ago and we hope that you are as blown away by Thomas' vision as we are."


Band profile: Metallica
Posted: 02.09.2008 by K†ulu | Comments (30)

Girlschool - New Album Details

The new album titled "Legacy" from Girlschool will be released through Wacken Records/Steamhammer on October 24th in Germany, October 27th in Europe and November 4th in the USA.

According to a press release: "30 years of female powered heavy Rock N Roll, 30 years of Girlschool. The longest existing all-girl band Girlschool is back with a bang. Their newest album "Legacy" mixes old school Classic Rock with new and modern influences. As "Legacy" is the 30th anniversary album of Girlschool some friends showed up and left their mark. Ronnie James Dio is singing on the bonus-track version of "I Spy" as well as Lemmy left his voice on "Don't Talk To Me" and such musicians like J.J. French (Twisted Sister), Neil Murray, Phil Campbell (Motörhead), Fast Eddie Clarke, Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister) and Tony Iommi (Heaven And Hell) left clicks and licks on several songs too. Even the original guitarist Kelly Johnson, who died last year, can be heard on the opener "Everything Is The Same" with a special ghost appearance! But enough talking, take a deep breath and enjoy the "Legacy"."


Band profile: Girlschool
Posted: 02.09.2008 by Opethienne | Comments (4)

Soil - Issue Update

Chicago's Soil has issued the following update on their MySpace site:

"Hey there you crazy people! We haven't given you an update in a few months, so here ya go! The Mayhem show we did in Chicago (which was amazing btw, thanks again to the fans for going nuts) will be our last till probably next year. We are hard at work on the new album and will be entering the studio by fall. The songs we have so far are coming together great and we are just enjoying the writing process more than ever.

We'll keep you posted on the progress, as well as, get you in studio video footage and all that good stuff. Things have been quiet for now since we are in writing/recording mode, but thanks to you guys for sending all the e-mails and pics to the myspace page. We definitely try and get to all that we can. Be safe, live life to the fullest, and play your music as loud as possible."


Band profile: SOiL
Posted: 02.09.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (0)

Darkane - Sign To Massacre Records For Europe

Swedish thrash metal band Darkane with their new fronter Jens Broman (ex-The Defaced) have signed with Massacre Records for Europe. The 5th album of the band "Demonic Art" will be unleashed October 24th and will be available as limited Digipak format with exclusive bonus material!

The tracklisting reads as follows:

01. Variations Of An Eyerush
02. Leaving Existence
03. Demonic Art
04. Absolution
05. Execution
06. Impetious Constant Chaos
07. Demigod
08. Soul Survivor
09. The Killing Of I
10. Wrong Grave
11. Still In Progress
12. Wrath Connection


Band profile: Darkane
Posted: 02.09.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (2)

Bloodstock Open Air - Next Year's Tickets On Sale

"Greetings Metal Heads!!

The dates are now set for 2009; they are Friday 14th, Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th August!

Tickets will be going on sale from 1st September at this year's price of £85.00; as of 15th December 2008 the ticket prices will be increasing. We have decided as always for our fans loyalty to offer the early bird ticket prices for a limited time, this will give you the chance to get next years tickets at this years prices!!

We will soon be announcing bands for 2009; we cannot give you any clues but can assure you of a bigger and even better line up for 2009!!!!!!!

Bloodstock is the UK's number 1 Metal Festival & we intend to keep true to our word in bringing you the bands you have been requesting as well as UK Exclusives!!


Event: Bloodstock Open Air 2009
Posted: 01.09.2008 by Baz Anderson | Comments (7)

Catamenia - New Album Release Date Announced, Artwork Revealed

Finnish melodic black metallers Catamenia will release their new album, "VIII - The Time Unchained", on October 24 via Massacre Records.
The cover artwork, which was created by Anthony Clarkson, can be viewed here

The band had recently parted ways with singer Olli-Jukka Mustonen. The lead vocals in the band are now being handled by guitarist Ari Nissilä.


Band profile: Catamenia
Posted: 31.08.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (17)

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