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Dragonland - Will Enter The Studio In May

After five years Dragonland's latest masterpiece, fifth album and follow up to 2006's Astronomy is nearing completion. This latest opus is set to be recorded at Hansen Studios starting May 31st.

Several different studios will be used to put this utterly ambitious album together, though Jacob Hansen is set to put his magic touch to the mix. Twelve songs will recorded, and the music itself is founded upon a a deep and emotional story, picking up where second album Holy War left off nine years ago.

Commented guitarist Olof Mörck: "After 5 years of doing concepts, writing lyrics and composing we are seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel! After Astronomy we knew we needed to explore our music further not to risk becoming a band that releases music every year cast in the same mold, so the idea from the beginning was; what would it be like with a metal album based in fantasy that respects the literary genre, that actually tries to be mature and that enriches said fantasy world with inspiration from millenias of human mythology? To make a neoclassical album filled with overly bombastic clichés of steel clad warriors was out of the question - instead we explored the themes and sounds around various fantasy movies, new and old, and also countless computer RPG soundtracks to infuse the musical aspect with a genuine fantasy feel, and as previously stated heaps and stacks of tomes on every mythological tale from Gilgamesh to the Aeneid provided a genuine and credible backdrop to the story.

The album is genuinely a concept album in every aspect, and we will collaborate with some truly gifted artists who are experts in this genre to bring our world to life visually - more on that soon.Prepare yourself to be engulfed in a world of enchanting fantasy and songs of swirling magic later this year!"


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Nightwish - Announce One-Off US Live Date

Nightwish have announced that the very first show for the Imaginarium World Tour will take place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA, on Saturday the 21st of January 2012.

This event will mark the biggest Nightwish show production ever on North American soil and will be a strictly one-off date - there will be no US tour until later in 2012.

Ticket sales will begin soon. More tour dates to be announced soon.


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Event: Nightwish: Imaginarium World Tour
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Rhapsody Of Fire - New Album Details

Rhapsody Of Fire are proud to announce to the world that the mix of From Chaos To Eternity is now at the end and that the new album will be released by Nuclear Blast on June 17th, 2011.

The band issued the following statement: "It is the end of an era. This historical release will end the Rhapsody's sagas once for all after 15 years of fantasy oriented lyrics and for the last time we'll hear Sir Christopher Lee narrating in one of our albums the last dramatic events of a legendary tale started in 1997 and told through 2 different sagas and 10 full length albums. We are surely very sad but we also know that for this same reason the upcoming release will remain in the history of the band for its artistic importance and unique epic!"

It is also arrived the moment to present the new album cover, realized once again by Felipe Machado Franco, and the new tracklist. Enjoy and wait for further exclusive news on April 15th 2011!

From Chaos To Eternity tracklist:

01. Ad Infinitum
02. From Chaos To Eternity
03. Tempesta Di Fuoco
04. Ghosts Of Forgotten Worlds
05. Anima Perduta
06. Aeons Of Raging Darkness
07. I Belong To The Stars
08. Tornado
09. Heroes Of The Waterfalls' Kingdom
I - Lo Spirito Della Foresta
II - Realm Of Sacred Waterfalls
III - Thanor's Awakening
IV - Northern Skies Enflamed
V - The Splendour Of Angels' Glory (A Final Revelation)

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Iced Earth - New Vocalist & European Tour Dates Announced

Official press release

In the wake of vocalist Matt Barlow's retirement, dozens of demos and resumes flooded Iced Earth's management team. But one name kept popping up - Into Eternity vocalist Stu Block, who has been named the new lead singer for Iced Earth.

According to Schaffer, Robert Kampf, CEO of Century Media, early on suggested Block, whose band Into Eternity was previously on the CM label. That reminded Schaffer of one night in September, 2008, when Into Eternity opened for Iced Earth.

"Iced Earth was backstage waiting to go on," said Schaffer. "We heard one of Stu's incredible wails. I remember turning to Matt and saying, 'Damn, that dude has serious range.'"

So while Iced Earth's management team sifted through the growing number of prospective vocalists, Schaffer got in touch with Block. After several phone conversations with the then-prospective Iced Earth vocalist, Schaffer asked his manager to e-mail Block several key Iced Earth songs, with the vocals stripped. Block went into his studio and recorded himself singing, then sent the files back to the team. The result landed Block an intense two days at Schaffer's studio where the two musicians hit it off.

"I felt a lot of chemistry between us, we knocked out a couple of great original pieces of music in no time" said Schaffer. "He's very good at coming up with catchy melodies, and will help with lyrical duties as well. There's no doubt Stu has an amazing vocal range and a lot of energy, but he also has the touring experience, which is a big plus for our plans of performing in all corners of the world."

In addition, Schaffer said Block has what Iced Earth needs in a front man: "stage presence that includes high energy, passion, and focused rage."

"Stu is charismatic and understands the depth and varying emotions in Iced Earth's music," said Schaffer. "So he will embody not only the emotion of our songs, but he will be able to perform them in a dynamic way. I believe fans are in for some incredible records and live shows in the coming years."

(Photo courtesy of Cortney Roth)

New Iced Earth vocalist Stu Block concurs: "Iced Earth fans are wonderful, wonderful people," he said. "The music is so passionate. So they're passionate, and very loyal to the band. I am, too. I'm a huge fan of Iced Earth myself. So I share that same passion, and I will show it on stage. I think the fans are really going to dig it."


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Event: Iced Earth: World Dystopia Tour 2011-2012
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The Haunted - Entire New Album Available For Streaming

Unseen, the new upcoming album from Swedish thrashers The Haunted, is now available for streaming in its entirety, exclusively at MetalSucks.

Unseen will be released on March 21st in Europe and a day later in North America through Century Media Records.

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Ritual Of Rebirth - New Album Available For Free Download

Of Tides And Desert, the new album from Italian melodic death metal band Ritual Of Rebirth, is now available for streaming in its entirety/free download over at this location (press "Scarica" for download (email sign-up required) or "Ascolta" for the stream).

The band's 2008 debut album, Ethical Disillusion, is also available for free download/streaming at this location.

Of Tides And Desert tracklist:

01. Of Tides And Desert
02. Skep.tic
03. All Is Blank
04. Leeches
05. Sick Shylock
06. Zebra Stripes
07. Hell To Pay
08. The Blind Watchmaker


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Firewind - New Video Online

"Embrace The Sun", the new video from Greek power metallers Firewind, can now be watched below. The clip was helmed by acclaimed director Patric Ullaeus.

"Embrace The Sun" comes off the band's latest album Days Of Defiance, which was released in late October last year through Century Media Records.


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Hammerfall - New Album Details

Hammerfall will release their new upcoming album, Infected, on May 20th through Nuclear Blast Records.

Laying down the foundation themselves in their own studio in Sweden, the band then traveled to Nashville, TN, to finish it up with acclaimed producer James Michael (Mötley Crüe, Scorpions, Meat Loaf). He also mixed the album, giving it a decisive updated edge without losing anything of the essence of the band.

"James helped us create something that was new and exciting while still in the line of our heritage", Oscar Dronjak, guitar player and founder of the band, explains.

"Never before have we sounded this fresh and up to date without losing the essence of what HammerFall is all about: Pure "Infected" Heavy Metal!", comments vocalist and frontman Joacim Cans.

"You will experience us like you've never done before! We've got a lot of fresh influences shining through in the music, but everything you love about HammerFall will still be there", says Oscar. "This is HammerFall in 2011, the legend has been reborn!".

The first single will be One More Time, to be released on April 6th, digital only. A video will be shot by Patrick Ullaeus, who is also responsible for the cover artwork of Infected.

Infected tracklist:

01. Patient Zero
02. Bang Your Head
03. One More Time
04. The Outlaw
05. Send Me A Sign
06. Dia De Los Muertos
07. I Refuse
08. 666 - The Enemy Within
09. Immortalized
10. Let's Get It On
11. Redemption


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Manowar - Cause Mass Blackout In Cleveland

In case you were wondering, Manowar are still the loudest band on the planet... 'Cuz when they're in town, the power explodes.

During the sound-check last Friday afternoon (March 11th) for their first of two shows at the Agora in Cleveland, Ohio, the self-proclaimed kings of metal blew one of the city's power grids, causing a massive blackout on the entire city block where the venue is located.

Workers at the local electricity company took 24 hours to get the grid back online. Temporary generators had to be rushed in to run Manowar's sound and lights, and a lot of extra gear was brought in for the show. Fortunately, the generators worked and the show was not cancelled.


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Warrant - Tentative Album Title Revealed

California hard rockers Warrant have been in the studio recording their seventh studio album with legendary producer Keith Olsen (Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Scorpions) at the helm.

The CD - featuring singer Robert Mason (ex-Lynch Mob) - is tentatively titled Rockaholic and will be released worldwide in May through Frontiers Records.

In a recent Twitter update, the band states: "Three new songs mixed and sounding killer... stoked! 11 more to go."

Bassist Jerry Dixon commented: "The last few years has been like holding in a big "secret"from the world and now we get to share it. I really think we captured a perfect mix of the past and present on this record. Each song has its own vibe that's going to take people on a kick-ass Warrant rollercoaster ride. To help achieve an old school sound mixed with the flair of today, we called on the legendary Keith Olsen to do the production. There's enough '80's influence on songs like "Tears In The City" and "Sex Ain't Love" to keep the die-hard Warrant fans rocking while introducing them to new material."


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Saxon - New Album Details

Saxon will release their new upcoming album, Call To Arms, on May 23rd through Militia Guard Music, UDR & EMI.

The album was recorded at the Brighton Electric Recording Studio in Brighton earlier this year.

Call To Arms tracklist:

01. Hammer Of The Gods
02. Back In 79
03. Surviving Against The Odds
04. Mists Of Avalon
05. Call To Arms
06. Chasing The Bullet
07. Afterburner
08. When Doomsday Comes (Hybrid Theory Soundtrack)
09. No Rest For The Wicked
10. Ballad Of The Working Man
11. Call To Arms


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Gojira - Working On New Material

Gojira has issued an update from the studio, revealing plans for a live DVD, the Sea Shepherd EP and a new album.

In the words of the band: "We are currently working on a live DVD with important bonus section : "The Way Of All Flesh From The Inside", the Sea Shepherd EP, (a non profit operation with a lot of people involved is a bit complicated to wrap, but we're getting there and we promise to release these songs soon). We're also composing a new album! We've written pretty much half of it, and we are very excited by this new material. It's a big step for us. These songs are original and a good reflection of what we are today.

We are so focused on these things, that sometimes we forget to communicate with you guys, but we'll try to post more updates from now on."


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King Diamond - Completes Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Livia Zita has issued the following update on the health status of her husband, the legendary Kim Bendix Petersen - who underwent open-heart triple-bypass surgery last November:

"Some of you have been asking for an update on King Diamond's health, so I thought I'll write what's been going on.

King has just finished his Cardiac Rehabilitation program this past Friday, and graduated with flying colors. Thanks to the wonderful people at the rehab center, his exercise regimen helpe him gain a lot of muscle, and start on the road of building up good endurance. We will start regular exercises now to get the endurance up to nice levels.

The examinations by his heart surgeon and cardiologist revealed that his health is steadily improving, and they all expect him to feel better than ever, 15 years younger than he really is. I am immensely proud of what he has achieved in these short 3 months, stopped smoking entirely, changed diet and doing regular exercise among other things.

I cannot say anything certain about when he will be back working on King Diamond related things, but he is looking forward to finishing the DVD's eventually, and he is most certainly not stopping music.

I hope this information was helpful, I can honestly say that his progress has been nothing short of amazing. He is the strongest person I know. He would also like to extend his huge gratitude to all of you, for your absolutely amazing support. It has really meant a lot to him.

Enjoy his cardiac rehabilitation 'graduation' picture below."


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Loudness - 30th Anniversary US Tour Dates

Veteran Japanese heavy metallers Loudness have scheduled the following 30th anniversary US tour dates:

May 06 - The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA
May 07 - Dante's - Portland, OR
May 08 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
May 10 - Avalon - Santa Clara, CA
May 11 - Key Club - Los Angeles, CA
May 12 - Club Red - Tempe, AZ
May 13 - Galaxy Concert Theatre - Santa Ana, CA
May 14 - 4th & B - San Diego, CA
May 15 - Cheyenne Saloon - Las Vegas, NV
May 17 - Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO
May 20 - Token Lounge - Westland, Michigan , US
May 21 - Reggie's Rock Club - Chicago, IL
May 22 - Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH
May 23 - Mercy Lounge - Nashville, TN
May 26 - Samurai's - Oklahoma, OK
May 27 - Trees - Dallas, Texas, USA, TX
May 28 - BackStage Live - San Antonio, TX
May 29 - Warehouse Live-Ballroom - Houston, TX
Jun. 01 - B.B. King Blues Club & Grill - New York, NY
Jun. 03 - Jaxx - West Springfield, VA
Jun. 05 - Crazy Donkey - Farmingdale, NY


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Vicious Rumors - New Song Online, European Tour Dates

"Pearl Of Wisdom", a brand-new track from US power/thrash metal band Vicious Rumors, has been made available for streaming over at this location.

Another new track, called "Razorback Blade", is still streaming at Decibel Magazine.

"Pearl Of Wisdom" comes off the band's upcoming new album Razorback Killers, which will be released on March 25th in Germany, on March 28th in Europe and on April 5th in North America through SPV/Steamhammer. More album details were previously reported over here.

In other news, Vicious Rumors has announced the following string of European tour dates:

April 29 - D-Lauda/Königshofen, Germany - Keep It True Festival
May 01 - Uster, Switzerland - Rock City
May 02 - Prague, Czech Republic - Exit Chemilize
May 04 - Siegen, Germany - Vortex
May 05 - Osnabrück, Germany - Ballroom
May 06 - Berlin, Germany - Halford
May 07 - Wuustwezel, Belgium - Puntpop Festival
May 09 - Prague, Czech Republic - Exit Chemilize
May 12 - Lübeck, Germany - Riders Cafe
May 13 - Uelsen, Germany - UJT
May 15 - Paris, France - Le DivanDu Monde
May 19 - Vienna, Austria - Viper Room
May 20 - Munich, Germany - Garage
May 21 - Ljubljana, Slovakia - Orto Bar
May 22 - Balingen, Germany - Sonnenkeller
May 24 - London, UK - Underworld
May 26 - Innsbruck, Austria - Weekender
May 27 - Antwerp, Belgium - De Rots
May 28 - Spriens, Netherlands - Dokk'em Open Air


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