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04.01Epica - Will Perform A Classical Show
03.01Sabaton - New Album Tracklisting Revealed
02.01Circle Of Dead Children - Band Update
01.01Megadeth - Gigantour Lineup Announced
 Cattle Decapitation - New Drummer Announced
 Ayreon - 'Beneath The Waves' Film Premiere Available
 Eluveitie - New Song Online
 Usurper - Details Revealed For 10th Anniversary Reissue
31.12Marduk - Cancels Athens Show
 Mob Rules - New Album In The Works
30.12Middian - Support Middian For They Received A Cease And Desist Demand
29.12Ihsahn - New Solo Album
 Korpiklaani - Release Date For New Album
28.12Metsatöll - New Album In February, Two Songs Online
 Eluveitie - Album Details Revealed

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Epica - Will Perform A Classical Show

The Miskolc International Opera Festival proudly announces that Epica will be performing a classical show with symphonic orchestra and choir.

The "Epica: The Classical Conspiracy Show" is going to be a very unique event, because the Dutch symphonic-metal band will play a very specific musical program. They will perform classical pieces from Mozart, Dvorak, Verdi, Orff, Prokofiev, Grieg, Vivaldi in Epica's style and of course symphonic versions of Epica songs. Some Epica songs will be rewritten - to make it more bombastic - only for this event. Moreover there will be other surprises as well.

The Epica classical show is going to start on 14.06.2008 at 21:00.

Band profile: Epica
Event: Epica: The Classical Conspiracy Show
Posted: 04.01.2008 by LifeExit | Comments (15)

Sabaton - New Album Tracklisting Revealed

Sabaton has posted the tracklist for "The Art Of War":

01. Sun Tzu says
02. Ghost Division
03. The Art Of War
04. 40:1
05. Unbreakable
06. The nature Of Warfare
07. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
08. Talvisota
09. Panzerkampf
10. Union (Slopes Of St.Benedict)
11. The Price Of A Mile
12. Firestorm
13. A Secret

The band will enter the studio this Friday to start the recording.

Band profile: Sabaton
Posted: 03.01.2008 by WinterChild | Comments (12)

Circle Of Dead Children - Band Update

Deathgrinders have updated their MySpace with the following New Year's message:

"Hails dirty bastards! 2008, a year of likely recession and warpiss is upon us and I'm sure we can all drink to that. It will also mark Circle of Dead Children's 10th year in the ear-slaughter business. 2007 was a bum year for CODC and without a doubt our least active, but after all the craziness I think we're ready to step into 2008 with more fire than ever.

In February, Matt Francis joined as CODC's 4th and hopefully last drummer. Despite the 7-hour distance and infrequent band practices, we've been able to write the majority of a new yet-to-be-titled album which we're confident to say will be the most cataclysmic and venomous release that we've done in 10 years. Matt's addition has allowed the band to step into a new realm of noxious sonic hate.


Band profile: Circle Of Dead Children
Posted: 02.01.2008 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Megadeth - Gigantour Lineup Announced

The 2008 Gigantour's lineup has been officially announced. According to Megadeth's website, the tour is scheduled to kick off mid-April and run through end of May with the lineup as follows:

In Flames
Children Of Bodom
Job For A Cowboy
High On Fire

Tour dates to be revealed soon.

Dave Mustaine has posted the following:
"The breaking news is we are going to have five bands this year, instead of eight. The decision to drop it down from eight bands to five was based on timing, set lengths, stage sizes, unions, and most importantly allowing 'us' - the musicians - to deliver to 'you' - the fans - the best shows we can."


Band profile: Megadeth
Posted: 01.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (30)

Cattle Decapitation - New Drummer Announced

Cattle Decapitation has announced on their myspace blog that David McGraw (ex-Sleep Terror) is the band's new drummer. David had toured the US with the band during the Death By Decibels tour with Vader and Malevolent Creation.

The band has also announced that they will start writing for the new album next month and is also planning an Australian tour in the second half of 2008.


Band profile: Cattle Decapitation
Posted: 01.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (8)

Ayreon - 'Beneath The Waves' Film Premiere Available

Ayreon's official web site (here) is currently premiering "Beneath The Waves", a stunning CGI film produced by Simon van Vegten. The film was made to accompany the song of the same name from the upcoming Ayreon album, "01011001", which is scheduled for release on January 28 via InsideOut Music. The "Beneath The Waves" movie with 5.1 mix will be included as one of many bonus DVD features on "01011001".

"01011001"will be available in three editions:

- a regular two-CD edition with a 28 page booklet.
- a special edition: a box containing the regular 2CD edition and a bonus DVD.
- a deluxe limited edition, a DVD size fold-out case with embossed silver lettering on the slipcase. This edition contains the 2 CDs and a bonus DVD plus a 36 page booklet with additional artwork.


Band profile: Ayreon
Posted: 01.01.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (13)

Eluveitie - New Song Online

The following update was issued on Eluveitie's Mypace page:

"New song tonight!! 2008 is near - and the release of our new album "Slania" is coming closer!
While you've probably been enjoying your holidays we haven't been lazy, so here you go with some goodies for the start of the new year...
First of all: tonight, at 00:00 CET, we will upload a first song out of our new album "Slania", called 'Inis Mona'! (song available by clicking here).
You may want to enjoy the new new wave of folk metal on our new designed Myspace-page together with the final cover artwork for "Slania" (by clicking here), done by Manuel Vargaz (


Band profile: Eluveitie
Posted: 01.01.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (13)

Usurper - Details Revealed For 10th Anniversary Reissue

More fine details have been posted on the Myspace blog of recently split Chicagoan extreme metal band Usurper. In November it was announced that a 10th anniversary re-release was in the works for the group's critically acclaimed CD EP 'Threshold of the Usurper'. Here are the specifics straight from the band's fingers:

"Greetings Warriors of Iron and Rust! This is just a quick update on the new Usurper album slated for early January 2008.

Actually it is not really a new album, it is a re-issue of our long out-of-print "Threshold of the Usurper" MCD. It does however have 2 unreleased tracks in addition to new killer artwork from JUHA VUORMA (Usurper: Skeletal Season/Autopsy fame), as well as never-seen-before photos, a 16 page booklet with extensive liner notes, and a new interview with founding members/songwriters Rick Scythe and General Diabolical Slaughter. This is a must have for anyone who followed Usurper over the years.


Band profile: Usurper
Posted: 01.01.2008 by Syk | Comments (0)

Marduk - Cancels Athens Show

Sold Out Promotion has issued a press release stating that Marduk's show on 15 January 2008 which was suppose to take place at the Underworld Club in Athens has been cancelled.

The booking agency stated that the cancellation was from the band. The reasons were that the transportation of the band from Turkey to Athens via ferry is impossible and so there is no other option than to cancel the show.


Band profile: Marduk
Event: Marduk: The Vanitas Tour
Posted: 31.12.2007 by Bararey | Comments (5)

Mob Rules - New Album In The Works

German power metallers Mob Rules have been working on writing songs for the upcoming album since November. The band reports that almost half of the material has already been finished and the current work concentrates on three to four songs at the same time. Next May, the band will be back in the studio to record the next album. The album, with no title yet, will be released in late summer, after that the band heads for a brand new tour.

Band profile: Mob Rules
Posted: 31.12.2007 by Bararey | Comments (2)

Middian - Support Middian For They Received A Cease And Desist Demand

As many of you know, Middian received a cease and desist demand in October from Midian of Milwaukee LLC. This demand required Middian to stop using our name completely, stop selling our album, and further demanded that all of our recorded cds and albums be destroyed. Middian was served a cease and desist by a band that has never played outside of Wisconsin, hasn't put out a single record, or had a steady line up in the last 7 years. They hadn't even updated their website since year 2000, as of a few weeks ago. We played Milwaukee in May, and no one there even mentioned a local band Midian of one "d". Nor did one of their "fans" come to the show.

Prior to this demand, we had never heard of them. Upon further research into the group, we discovered they had not used their name or trademark in years or even played outside of Wisconsin, ever. Our initial response was that our bands could peacefully co-exist. Especially since we learned that our usage combined with their non-usage entitled us to the name, rendering their trademark useless. But we felt it would be wasting everyones time and money to send the issue to litigation. Besides, before the name Middian was chosen, a careful online search was done, proving that no other active unit had the same spelling.


Band profile: Middian
Posted: 30.12.2007 by Marcel H. | Comments (36)

Ihsahn - New Solo Album is reporting that former Emperor vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn has set "Angl" as the title of his second solo album, tentatively due mid-spring via Candlelight Records. The follow-up to 2006's "The Adversary" is "in its final completion stages now," according to a Candlelight press release.


Band profile: Ihsahn
Posted: 29.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (16)

Korpiklaani - Release Date For New Album

Korpiklaani's next album entitled Korven Kuningas will be released 21 March 2008.

And on 14 February 2008 a CD single as well as a 7" picture vinyl will be released. The title for the single will be "Keep On Galloping" and it will contain the two songs "Keep On Galloping" and "Paljon On Koskessa Kiviä".


Band profile: Korpiklaani
Posted: 29.12.2007 by Bararey | Comments (21)

Metsatöll - New Album In February, Two Songs Online

Official Nailboard Records press release:

"Throughout the ages it has been under way. Life has carried itself. Carried secrets in itself... Carried life through life. Ourselves among the bearers. Together we have come from the unknown and are heading... This path begins somewhere and it will lead on to somewhere... to the finite and the endless, in ourselves and in those who will follow... The thirst for life spurs one to heave the fertility stone... to blow life's sparks into a roaring flame, to find answers in oneself to the most primeval roots that fall speechless before our questions. To questions that rise swords and let them fall again, feel harsh fangs and blow warmth to frozen hearts. A human being's questions to life. And the answers scour wild expanses and the frozen high seas, and roam among people and the inner flame...


Band profile: Metsatöll
Posted: 28.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (10)

Eluveitie - Album Details Revealed

Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie will release its new album, "Slania", in Germany on February 15, 2008. According to the band, the CD is "the perfection of the first album, but still there is enough room to give some new influences a chance. Expect nothing less than a masterpiece of hellish heavy folk metal with an 'x' factor!"

Slania tracklist:

01. Samon
02. Primordial Breath
03. Inis Mona
04. Grey Sublime Archon
05. Anagantios
06. Bloodstained Ground
07. The Somber Lay
08. Slanias Song
09. Giamonios
10. Tarvos
11. Calling The Rain
12. Elembivos

In other news, Eluveitie are confirmed for next years installment of the Summer Breeze festival - taking place August 14-16 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. Other confirmed bands: Exodus, Paradise Lost, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Kataklysm and many more…


Band profile: Eluveitie
Posted: 28.12.2007 by Thryce | Comments (7)

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