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15.05Tristania - New Album Details Revealed
 Helloween - Working On New Album
13.05Rosetta - European Tour Canceled, North American Tour Dates Revealed
12.05Sanctuary - Sanctuary Is Back
11.05Nidingr - New Album In June
 Audiovision - Another New Video Online
 Obscene Extreme Festival 2010 - Line-Up Confirmed
 Accept - New Video Online, Live Show With AC/DC
 Anthrax - Joey Belladona Back In The Band
 Hate - To Enter Studio Next Month
 Therion - Latin American Tour Dates Announced
10.05Blind Guardian - Album Title Revealed
 Debauchery - Vocalist Sacked From His Job For Being In A Death Metal Band
 Godflesh - To Re-Release Streetcleaner
 Crystal Viper - Live Album Details

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Tristania - New Album Details Revealed

Norwegian gothic metallers Tristania have issued the following album update:

"As we are now completely done with the recording, mixing and mastering of the new album, we proudly announce that Tristania's sixth album has been entitled Rubicon. We think the result has turned out amazing, and we're extremely eager to get this album released. The photo shoot has already taken place in the Angst-im-Wald studio in Germany, and the only thing which isn't finished yet is the artwork design."

More news on the album will be revealed in the near future. Rubicon was recently mixed by Waldemar Sorychta (Samael, Tiamat, Moonspell, The Gathering) and will be released later this year via Napalm Records.


Band profile: Tristania
Posted: 15.05.2010 by Fastolphbolger | Comments (7)

Helloween - Working On New Album

Helloween recently entered Andi Deris' Mi Sueno Studios on Tenerife to start working on the yet untitled 13th full length studio album. The band wrote more than 20 songs and is currently selecting the best ideas with long time producer Charlie Bauerfeind.

Bass player Markus Grosskopf comments the direction of the album as follows: "For all those out there who found our special best-of Unarmed to be too smooth and calm, I have a great news: The new album will hit you right in the face! It´s gonna be very heavy and contain all Helloween trademarks! Some songs are very powerful and hymnic, others contain the fastest bass drum patterns our drummer Dani ever played, and this means a lot! I am really excited about the material we brought together and can´t wait to put my bass tracks on those kick ass metal songs!"


Band profile: Helloween
Posted: 15.05.2010 by Kallis Helmi | Comments (16)

Rosetta - European Tour Canceled, North American Tour Dates Revealed

Friday, April 30, 2010

European tour: out, North American tour: in
For reasons far outside of our control, our European tour this Summer has been canceled. We're deeply sorry to our friends in Europe that this has happened. Instead, we'll tour North America with City of Ships. Please email if you can help with any of the dates.

The current routing does not have any dates in Canada, but we are very interested in setting something up north of the border. If you can help us out in Canada, please get in touch.

July 5th Columbus, OH
July 6th Chicago, Ill w/ BATTLEFIELDS
July 7th Minneapolis, MN w/ BATTLEFIELDS
July 8th Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium w/ BATTLEFIELDS


Band profile: Rosetta
Posted: 13.05.2010 by BitterCOld | Comments (7)

Sanctuary - Sanctuary Is Back

Warrel Dane has confirmed that recent rumors about a new Sanctuary album are true. The US heavy metal outfit called it quits two decades ago. In a brief statement on the band's MySpace page Dane writes:

"Since I have been talking about this in interviews already I should probably just say it... there will be another Sanctuary record, been talking with guitarist Lenny Rutledge... we are really good friends again and it feels good... I missed my relationship with him for many years...

But Nevermore is never going away so don't start any more rumors!"

As previously reported, Ironbird reissued Sanctuary's first two albums — 1987's Refuge Denied, and 1990's Into The Mirror Black — on a single CD. The Obsidian Conspiracy, the new Nevermore album, will be released in a few weeks.


Band profile: Sanctuary
Posted: 12.05.2010 by BudDa | Comments (18)

Nidingr - New Album In June

Wolf Father, the new album by Norwegian black metallers Nidingr will hit the stores in June. The album will be released in Europe through Jester Records/PHD on June 5th 2010, and in USA & Canada on June 29th via Vendlus Records/The End.

This will be the first ever "black metal" release on Jester Records, run by the old, old, old gentlemen of Ulver. Ulver vocalist Kristoffer "Garm" Rygg (ex-Arcturus, ex-Borknagar) also makes a guest appearance on the album.

Wolf Father is a concept album, based on Norse mythology. Two songs from the forthcoming album can be heard on the band's MySpace page.

Wolf Father cover art] tracklist:

01. Fafnismol
02. Baldrs Draumar
03. Reginsmol


Posted: 11.05.2010 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Audiovision - Another New Video Online

The Swedish melodic metal band Audiovision have released their video for the track "Keep the Fire Burning" online. The track comes off their brand new album Focus which was be released in Europe and North America on April 23rd through Ulterium Records.

This is the second video from Focus, and it was directed by Ronny Hemlin Scar Symmetry, Steel Attack] who also directed the first video "Invitation".


Posted: 11.05.2010 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Obscene Extreme Festival 2010 - Line-Up Confirmed

Obscene Extreme Festival will take place on 15-17 July on the Battlefield in Trutnov, Czech Republic.

Obscene Extreme Festival has become an obvious constant for all the fans of the most extreme music styles during more than ten years of existence. A term that if not known by a true grindcore, death metal, crustcore, goregrind or other extreme style fan invokes just a general surprise and an uncomprehending expression. Yes, indeed it is a unique musical event that does not need any further introduction. Welcome to Obscene Extreme, to a paradise of every fan of the fastest, hardest, the most brutal music in the world.

This year it will be 12th volume of the festival tournaments performed by the most extreme bands from the whole world. There will be an unbelievable turnout of 66 bands from 24 countries and 5 continents; altogether 66 extreme bands in 3 mad days. Obscene Extreme is the fest for all the lovers of extreme music and for great meetings of friends. It is an international megaparty for fans from all over the world.


Event: Obscene Extreme Festival
Posted: 11.05.2010 by Thryce | Comments (4)

Accept - New Video Online, Live Show With AC/DC

Accept is proud to announce the world premiere of their new music video "Teutonic Terror" from their forthcoming album Blood Of The Nations.

The video shot in March, directed by Dave Blass of promises to be the "Most Metal" Accept video ever. Asked about the "story, or theme" behind the video, the director said: "We had all of these cool ideas for stories about a post apocalyptic world, hot girls in Mad Max gear and cool visuals and the more we worked it the more we kept coming back to the basics... this is Accept, not Mötley Crüe, there are people all over the world that have waited years to see this band again, and every second that we cut away to some story that is really just filler anyway, we are missing what is really important. People want to see Wolf Hoffmann shredding his flying V, they want to see new singer Mark Tornillo singing a new Accept song, and they want to see the band ripping into the new track. So I said screw the story, get me some fire, get me some tanks and lets rock it."


Band profile: Accept
Posted: 11.05.2010 by Yura. | Comments (3)

Anthrax - Joey Belladona Back In The Band

In the latest installment of the Anthrax soap, Joey Belladona has reunited with the band. Here's the official press release:

With rumors swirling since Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and bassist Frank Bello were seen together with former Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna late last month in New York, the band - Benante, Bello, and guitarists Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano - is elated to announce that Belladonna has officially rejoined the band. In his once and current capacity, Belladonna will make his first appearance with Anthrax this summer when the band joins Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth - The Big Four founding bands of the thrash genre - to co-headline a series of Sonisphere Festivals in ten European cities, as well as playing a handful of Anthrax-headlined shows.


Band profile: Anthrax
Posted: 11.05.2010 by Amatsu Mikaboshi | Comments (52)

Hate - To Enter Studio Next Month

Polish Death metallers Hate have been working on their new compositions for a over 6 months now. The band will enter Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland just after their North American tour with Hypocrisy - on June 5 to begin recording their new album for a late 2010 release via Listenable Records. Hate have announced the title of their forthcoming material as Erebos which comes from ancient Greek and means literally "deep darkness or shadow". The new album will contain at least 9 new songs, which are said to be a fusion of blackened death metal, industrial and ambient sounds, deathcore and heavy metal.

Guitarist/vocalist Adam The First Sinner comments: "Since the premiere of Morphosis we have toured different parts of the world and faced a ton of challenges over the course of the last two years. All of the hard work that we have put in the band and everything that we have experienced is reflected in our new songs, which we know are our best yet. Erebos is going to contain extreme metal to the full with different musical styles incorporated. We explore areas that have not been associated with Hate before, and what we have created is a mixture of styles all packed in an extreme and vicious form. It is still 100 % Hate, but more elaborate, sophisticated and, in a way, redefined. We have titled the material Erebos which basicaly means darkness of human soul - and is full of analogies to condition of the human living in today's world who is a slave to his anger, weaknesses and complexes. Existing in a fictitious, virtual world, he is a slave to his dreams and does not really live but dreams that he lives."


Band profile: Hate
Posted: 11.05.2010 by SlaytallicA | Comments (3)

Therion - Latin American Tour Dates Announced

Therion have confirmed the live dates for the South American leg of the Sitra Ahra Tour 2010.

Oct. 01 - Argentina - Buenos Aires - El Teatro Flores
Oct. 03 - Brazil - Sao Paulo - Carioca Club
Oct. 05 - Chile - Santiago de Chile - Teatro Teleton
Oct. 06 - Peru - Lima - Teatro de la Uni
Oct. 08 - Venezuela - Caracas - Teatro Emil Friedman
Oct. 09 - Colombia - Bogota - Metropol
Oct. 10 - Colombia - Medellín - Teatro Metropolitano
Oct. 12 - Costa Rica - San Jose - Pepers
Oct. 13 - El Salvador - San Salvador - Pabellon 3 Cifco
Oct. 14 - Mexico - Mexico City - Woda
Oct. 15 - Mexico - Puebla - Salon Country San Manuel
Oct. 16 - Mexico - Chihuahua - Salon Pistoleros
Oct. 17 - Mexico - Ciudad Neza - Estadio Neza


Band profile: Therion
Event: Therion: Sitra Ahra Latin American Tour
Posted: 11.05.2010 by Fastolphbolger | Comments (5)

Blind Guardian - Album Title Revealed

The webmaster of the Blind Guardian website has just announced the title of the new BG album:

"The title of the forthcoming Blind Guardian album is At the Edge of Time. The long awaited follow up to A Twist in the Myth will be released in late summer 2010. More details to come..."

Announced titles so far include:

01. Valkyries
02. Sacred
03. Tanelorn
04. A Voice In The Dark
05. Wheel Of Time
06. Curse My Name
07. Control The Divine

OpenMind and Lemovault]


Band profile: Blind Guardian
Posted: 10.05.2010 by Zhao | Comments (20)

Debauchery - Vocalist Sacked From His Job For Being In A Death Metal Band

Debauchery vocalist Thomas "The Bloodbeast" Gurrath was sacked from his position as a philosophy trainee teacher at a high school in Stuttgart in Germany due to the "violent" content of his music. Gurrath was given the choice by the educational authorities between continuing his job teaching ethics to 14-year-old students and maintaining his career as a death metal vocalist. Gurrath, however, refused to give up Debauchery, which caused him not only to lose his job at his school, but also to be banned from teaching anywhere in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg as long as he continues to be a member of a death metal band.

The school governors were apparently not aware of his links to death metal when they hired him. However, one supervisor at the school discovered the band's website and informed the authorities. The parents and the school officials were horrified when they saw some of the band's promotional materials which feature naked women covered with blood and sado-masochistic equipment. The officials described the band's live shows as signs of "mental disability" and decided that it is not safe for children to be in the same classroom with Gurrath.


Band profile: Debauchery
Posted: 10.05.2010 by Magatouve | Comments (62)

Godflesh - To Re-Release Streetcleaner

Original news, posted on 01.02.2010

The seminal Godflesh album Streetcleaner is about to get a re-release to coincide with the band's brief reunion for Hellfest. Justin Broadrick is currently re-mastering the album.

From his blog: "I have had a few questions/assumptions on Twitter regarding the news that the Godflesh Streetcleaner LP is being reworked. The truth is that I am finally remastering the album, there are no remixes/re-recordings or such nonsense. Additionally, I am hoping to compile an extra discs worth of rough and original mixes from the Streetcleaner studio sessions, also rehearsal versions, etc. More news as I compile this. If all goes to plan, this will be a very exciting and much needed update of the Streetcleaner LP. Planned for release on Earache in June 2010 to coincide with Godflesh at Hellfest."


Band profile: Godflesh
Posted: 10.05.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (3)

Crystal Viper - Live Album Details

Crystal Viper have announced more details concerning the upcoming release of the live album Defenders Of The Magic Circle. The album was recorded at the Magic Circle Festival 2009 in Germany. The album will be out on June 4th, through AFM Records.

Defenders Of The Magic Circle: Live In Germany tracklist:

01. Breaking The Curse
02. Metal Nation
03. Legions Of Truth
04. The Island Of The Silver Skull
05. Shadows On The Horizon
06. The Last Axeman

Bonus studio tracks:

07. Secret Of The Black Water (brand new song - taken from the forthcoming studio album)
08. The Wolf And The Witch (first time on CD)
09. Stronghold: Under Siege (taken from the limited edition CD single)
10. Obsession (It Burns For You) Virgin Steele cover] (previously unreleased)


Band profile: Crystal Viper
Posted: 10.05.2010 by Bad English | Comments (1)

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