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Eluveitie - Finish Work On New Album

Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie have announced that they have finished the work on their new album Helvetios, due out in 2012. The band posted this message on their official website: "We can finally say 'it's done'! The final mastering has been finished during the last week, and yesterday already a first prelistening-session for invited press representatives has taken place at Nuclear Blast's offices in Donzdorf, Germany. We believe it's our best work yet, and it seems we're not the only ones!"


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Pyramaze - New Guitarist Announced

Danish progressive power metallers Pyramaze have posted the following update on their Facebook page: "Pyramaze are proud to announce that Michael Kammeyer's (guitars) replacement is in fact our longtime producer and very good friend Jacob Hansen (Invocator, Anubis Gate, Beyond Twilight)."


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Cruciamentum - New Song Streaming Online

"Through Gates To Morpheus Realms", a brand new song from UK death metallers Cruciamentum is now streaming online at this location. The song comes off the band's latest EP entitled Engulfed In Desolation, released on November 25th via Nuclear Winter Records.


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Falling Leaves - Paul Kuhr To Make Guest Appearance On New Album

Jordan-based melodic death/doom act Falling Leaves has announced that Novembers Doom vocalist Paul Kuhr will be guesting on the band's upcoming new album Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun.

Falling Leaves commented: "November's Doom! Hell yes indeed, doom metal Icon Paul Kuhr (November's Doom) has participated in the upcoming Jordanian melodic doom death metal band Falling Leaves album (Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun)."


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Kamelot - New Video Online, Working On New Album

"Necropolis", a new video from US power metallers Kamelot can now be seen below. The song comes off the group's latest album Poetry For The Poisoned, which was released in September last year.

Guitarist Thomas Youngblood states: "With this video, we gave Owe (director) free reign to create something unique and visually stunning. Him and his team did a fantastic job! Here you have Necropolis!"


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Theocracy - New Song Streaming Online

"Nailed", a brand new song from US progressive/power metallers Theocracy is now streaming online and you can listen to it on the YouTube video below. The song comes off the band's freshly released album As The World Bleeds. More album details were previously reported here.


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Eïs - Part Ways With Vocalist And Both Guitarists

German black metal band Eïs (AKA The Artists Formerly Known As Geïst) have parted ways with 3/5 of their lineup, namely vocalist Cypher D. Rex and guitarists Hedrykk F. Gausenatt and Zyan.

Comments band mastermind Alboîn Goldmund:

"It doesn't feel good, but I've to say that vocalist Cypher D. Rex and guitarists Hedrykk F. Gausenatt and Zyan are not part of the band anymore.
Let me explain - but before that I wish to thank all three guys for many years full of blood, sweat and tears and for everything we created together. I'm full of pride.

There are moments you just feel that something has to change. For me, such a moment had come. I felt more and more of a stomach ache with the direction the band took within the last one and a half year. The album being in progress during the last months - mainly with inputs by Cypher and Hedrykk - didn't feel like an Eïs album for me, even if that is a very subjective interpretation of course. It came clearer and clearer to my mind how important this band and everything it stands for is to me, and that I neither could nor wanted to live with any musical compromise in Eïs.

For such reasons, Marlek and me will continue Eïs as a duo, and in a more resolute way than ever. We're planning to record our fourth album in Spring, and this will take us back to our own musical roots. Of course you'll witness us on stage again as well, together with some session musicians.
This is no comfortable path at all, but it's very uncaging, because it's our path. Or, said with Aínvars words from "Wanderer bei Fels und Fjord": Wir leben fort - wo sind eure Spuren? (We live on - where are your marks?)"


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Hellfest 2012 - 49 New Bands Confirmed

After the previously announced confirmation of reunited heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath, the French metal festival Hellfest disclosed the names of the next 49 bands on the billing of its 2012 edition:


Event: Hellfest Open Air 2012
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Grave - Ink Deal With Dragon Productions

Swedish death metal pioneers Grave have inked a co-operation deal with German booking agency Dragon Production.


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Metallica - New Shows Added To 2012 Summer Tour, Oscar-Nominated Director To Direct Upcoming Music Video

According to Metallica's official website, two new locations were added to the 2012 European summer vacation tour. Germany and Austria are the new additions with shows at Rock Im Park and Rock Am Ring. Metallica are veterans in these two festivals performing for the fifth time in both of them.


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Les Discrets - New Album Cover Art & Title Revealed

The French shoegaze band Les Discrets has released new information regarding their new album. First, the album will be out on February 2012 through Prophecy Productions. Secondly, it is entitled Ariettes Oubliées... The cover artwork was also unveiled and you can see it below.


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Månegarm - Sign With Napalm Records

Swedish viking black metallers Månegarm have signed a deal with Napalm Records. Their 7th studio album should be released in late 2012.

The band posted the following on their official Facebook page: "We are very proud to announce that Månegarm from now on will sail under the flag of Napalm Records. We are very exited and encouraged as we enter this new collaboration and we're certain that this will mean a big improvement for Månegarm as a band. We expect to release a new killer album in late 2012 - Keep your eyes open!"


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Carnal Forge - Going On Indefinite Hiatus

Swedish death/thrash metallers Carnal Forge have announced that they have decided to place themselves on an indefinite hiatus as a result of members focusing on other projects.

Bass player Lars Lindén posted the following on the band's Facebook page: "Since all the members have chosen to drop off Carnal Forge due to different reasons to work on new projects, CF will take a pause and the band will be put on ice for an unspecified time. I don't know if there will ever be another CF album or if we'll play live again. I sure do hope so and will work for it, but only the future will tell. Thanks for all of the support through good times and bad times since 1997. See you out there some day somewhere somehow or see you all in hell! All the best from all of us! Peace!"


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Havok - New Video Online

"D.O.A.", the brand new video from US thrashers Havok has premiered online exclusively at The song is off the band's new album entitled Time Is Up, released back in March via Candlelight Records. The band is currently back home after completing a massive tour with Cephalic Carnage and Exhumed.


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Autumn - New Video Online

"The Scarecrow", a brand new video from Dutch symphonic/gothic rockers Autumn is now available for viewing below. The song comes off the band's latest output entitled Cold Comfort, released on November 8th via Metal Blade Records. More information about the album was previously reported here.


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