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19.11Earache Records - Thrashing Like A Maniac Compilation
 Tankard - First Tour In South America
 Open Grave Records - Free Download Weekend
 Absentation - New Website Online, EP And Samples Available
18.11Danish Metal Awards - And The Winners Are...
 Vicious Rumors - Vocalist Leaves Again But Band Is Not Breaking Up
17.11Vehemence - New Song Online
 Testament - New Album Title Revealed
 Megadeth - Announce European Tour Dates
 Artillery - Is B.A.C.K.
16.11Ensiferum - Team Up With Týr, Eluveitie And Others For European And North American Tours
14.11Dismember - New Album Ready
 Children Of Bodom - Album Title Revealed
 Suidakra - Band Update
 Siebenbürgen - Band Is Back Together

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Earache Records - Thrashing Like A Maniac Compilation

Earache Records announces the release of an explosive collection of tracks from the growing legion of New-School Thrash & Crossover bands, set to appear instores in UK and Europe on 21 January 2008 & February 5th in USA.

The compilation entitled "Thrashing Like A Maniac" brings together the very best of the new crop of bands who are revelling in re-awakening the long lost genre, and building on the work of the past thrash masters. It will surely please old and new fans of the genre alike, if razor-sharp riffs, blistering drum speeds and shredding guitar solos are what you crave.

To find out more about the release , head over to

For many of the acts this collection brings together their very first recordings. Bands include Earache's Evile and Bonded By Blood, plus the debut of recent Earache signees, Irish Thrashers Gama Bomb, as well as the leaders of the current thrash-pack - Municipal Waste. Hand-picked tracks from Dekapitator, Warbringer, Fueled By Fire, Toxic Holocaust, SSS, Mutant, Brasil's Violator, Merciless Death, UK's Deadfall, Lazarus, Send More Paramedics and Sweden's Decadence also appear.


Posted: 19.11.2007 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Tankard - First Tour In South America

Tankard has announced their first South American tour ever! This is the message that Gerre posted on their official website:

''Hi Folks!

We proudly announce the dates of our very first South-America-tour! We are really looking forward to thrash and party following cities and clubs:

04.12.07 Santiago (RCH), Galpon Victor Jara
05.12.07 Porto Alegre/RS (BR), Bar Opinião
06.12.07 Cascavel/PR (BR), Cascavel Country Clube
07.12.07 Sao Paulo/SP (BR), Hangar 110
08.12.07 Belo Horizonte/MG (BR), Lapa Multishow

Hope to meet you crazy thrashers on tour!

Cheers Tankard''


Band profile: Tankard
Event: Tankard: South American Tour
Posted: 19.11.2007 by Kariasakis7 | Comments (4)

Open Grave Records - Free Download Weekend

Open Grave Records has announced their first ever free download weekend From November 23rd - November 25th, 10 different albums on the Open Grave Records roster will be up for free download.

Albums currently selected for FREE download include:
Necrodemon - Ice Fields of Hyperion
Exterminance - Vomiting the Trinity
Primitive Graven Image - Traversing the Awesome Night
Sapremia - Hollow
Frost Like Ashes - Tophet
A.W.A.S. - Hope
Demon Dog Sperm - Hopeless
Grind Minded - 9mm Facial (officially a Filthy Records release)
No Souls Lost - Eulogy of Genocide (officially self released)

Open Grave Records' president, James Mattern is quoted saying, "We are excited about trying something that is still unheard of in the recording business, however it's time for a label to step forward and give music fans what they have been asking for."


Posted: 19.11.2007 by Thryce | Comments (14)

Absentation - New Website Online, EP And Samples Available

Syrian Death Metal band Absentation have opened their official website, The bands first EP "Death Chapter" is available for free to download, while you can find samples of the full-length album "Mental Battle Resurrection" at the discography section on the website.

In other news, Absentation are now looking for a Bassist and a Drummer, if you are interested please contact the band manager via the contact page (here). Absentation will enter to the studio in middle of november to record the new album entitled "Claves Inferni".


Band profile: Absentation
Posted: 19.11.2007 by ToCSiN | Comments (3)

Danish Metal Awards - And The Winners Are...

The Danish Metal Awards 2007 were held yesterday night (Saturday, November 17) at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark. The winners in each category are:

Metal Album Of The Year: Volbeat - Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil
Metal Debut Album Of The Year: Pitchblack - Redesigned To Dislike
Metal Production Of The Year: Mnemic - Passenger
Metal Cover Of The Year: Anubis Gate - Andromeda Unchained
Metal Video Of The Year: The Psyke Project - "I Get Paralyzed"
International Metal Album Of The Year: Machine Head - The Blackening
Metal Live Band Of The Year: Dawn Of Demise
Metal Talent Of The Year: Invisius - Edge of Hostility

At the award show Soilwork, Hatesphere, Volbeat, Mnemic and Evil Masquerade played abbreviated sets. Horned Almighty and Pilgrimz played at the DMeA after-party.


Posted: 18.11.2007 by Thryce | Comments (21)

Vicious Rumors - Vocalist Leaves Again But Band Is Not Breaking Up

US Power Metallers Vicious Rumors have posted the following press release on their official website:

"Vicious Rumors would like to thank all the fans and friends who supported the band over the last year on the World War Tour. We had a great time with everyone at all the shows in the USA, Europe & Japan. As the Warball tour ends the band is now in pre production for a new studio CD to be released next year.

Even tho the band has gone through many changes over the years VR has maintained a solid force in US power metal over the last 25 years. VR has already written several new songs for the new CD to follow up "Warball". Due to artistic differences singer James Rivera is no longer in VR. James was let go after the European tour in Sept '07. Recently James Rivera has issued a statement saying VR was Broken up after his departure with a list of other personal problems. We understand that Helstar is his true love and passion and wish them all the best.


Band profile: Vicious Rumors
Posted: 18.11.2007 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Vehemence - New Song Online

You can check out a brand new song from, the apparently reunited, Vehemence entitled "There Are So Many Reasons To Give Up On Religion" online over at their official MySpace page.

The US Technical Death Metal outfit called it quits in October 2005. Read that news statement again at this location. Though, the band reunited in February of 2006 for a few farewell gigs, but has now split up. And apparently seems to be active again.


Band profile: Vehemence
Posted: 17.11.2007 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Testament - New Album Title Revealed

The following messege has been posted on the band's offical site:

"The great revenge: Testament's upcoming release entitled "The Formation Of Damnation" is being recorded as we speak! They are currently recording the drums tracks with Andy Sneap at Fantasy Studios, in Berkeley, California.

More details, studio reports and pics coming soon... stay tuned!"

Testament's current lineup is rounded out by Chuck Billy on vocals, Eric Peterson on rhythm guitar, Alex Skolnick on lead guitar and Greg Christian on bass. The drums will be recorded with long time band friend Paul Bostaph (Slayer, Exodus, Forbidden, Systematic).


Band profile: Testament
Posted: 17.11.2007 by Ereinion' | Comments (10)

Megadeth - Announce European Tour Dates

Megadeth have announced on their official website the following 2008 European tour dates:

UPDATED: (on 19 November) thanks to White Winter Sun

Feb. 06 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Arena
Feb. 07 - Oslo, Norway @ Sentrum Scene
Feb. 08 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ KB Halle
Feb. 10 - Berlin, Germany @ Columbiahalle
Feb. 11 - Dortmund, Germany @ Westfallenhalle
Feb. 13 - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg @ Den Atelier
Feb. 14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
Feb. 15 - Antwerp, Belgium @ Hof Ter Lo All
Feb. 17 - Norwich, UK @ UEA
Feb. 18 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
Feb. 19 - Glasgow, Scotland @ Academy
Feb. 20 - Newcastle, UK @ Academy
Feb. 22 - Birmingham, UK @ Academy
Feb. 23 - Manchester, UK @ Academy
Feb. 24 - London, UK @ Brixton Academy


Band profile: Megadeth
Event: Megadeth: European Tour
Posted: 17.11.2007 by Baz Anderson | Comments (12)

Artillery - Is B.A.C.K.

Michael Stützer, from Danish thrash legends Artillery had this to say on the Artillery website:

"Artillery is B.A.C.K!!!

I am happy to announce, that Artillery has begun rehearsing (instrumental), with a present line-up consisting of:

Lead guitar: Morten Stützer
Bass: Peter Thorslund
Drums: Carsten Nielsen
Lead guitar: Michael Stützer

We have already cleared Terror Squad, Cybermind, The Eternal War and Khomaniac, and we have two confirmed offers at hand: Keep It True festival in Germany, and at Voxhall, Aarhus, Denmark.

We also have some new material which may just lead to a new studio album; however; nothing is confirmed...."

Band profile: Artillery
Posted: 17.11.2007 by WhipperSnapper | Comments (17)

Ensiferum - Team Up With Týr, Eluveitie And Others For European And North American Tours

Finnish viking metallers Ensiferum will team up with Faroese band Týr and Swiss shooting stars Eluveitie to tour through Europe and North America under the Paganfest banner. Co-headliners will be Korpiklaani and Moonsorrow in Europe and Turisas in North America.

The dates for Europe read as follows:

Paganfest Tour feat. Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Týr and Eluveitie
02.04.2008 - DEN, Copenhagen
03.04.2008 - NED, Tilburg
04.04.2008 - BEL, Antwerp
05.04.2008 - GER, Osnabrück
06.04.2008 - ENG, London
07.04.2008 - ENG, Leeds
08.04.2008 - ENG, Dudley
09.04.2008 - FRA, Paris
10.04.2008 - SUI, Pratteln
11.04.2008 - AUT, Linz
12.04.2008 - AUT, Wien
13.04.2008 - CZE, Zlin
14.04.2008 - HUN, Budapest


Band profile: Ensiferum
Event: Paganfest Europe Tour
Posted: 16.11.2007 by Promonex | Comments (46)

Dismember - New Album Ready

Official Regain Records press release:

"Stockholm-based death detal masters Dismember announced the tracklist of their upcoming new album. The album will be released in march 2008 without any special name."

Album tracklisting:
01. Death Conquers All
02. Europa Burns
03. Under A Bloodred Sky
04. The Hills Have Eyes
05. Legion
06. Tide Of Blood
07. Combat Fatigue
08. No Honor In Death
09. To End It All
10. Dark Depths
11. Black Sun

Band profile: Dismember
Posted: 14.11.2007 by Thryce | Comments (14)

Children Of Bodom - Album Title Revealed

Children Of Bodom bassist Henkka Blacksmith has posted the following update straight from the Petrax Studio in Hollola, Finland:

"Last week in studio, Alexi has been doing vocals with Peter Tägtgren this week. Janne will finish his stuff now also, and by the end of the week everything should be fine. We will start mixing and mastering right away.

We did 9 tracks, including a new version of "Tie My Rope", plus 4 coversongs. We will post the different formats as soon as these are confirmed with the different release dates. The actual album itself will contain 9 COB tracks.

The album will be called Blooddrunk."

Band profile: Children Of Bodom
Posted: 14.11.2007 by Dark_Meteor | Comments (55)

Suidakra - Band Update

The following was posted on Suidakra's official site:

"It's been quite a while since you guys last got an update on the actions of SuidAkrA, but don't be fooled into thinking they've taken a well earned holiday!! The forthcoming DVD & Best Of CD package has been keeping them busy and it's paid off -- apart from the final layout, everything's finished. The content of the DVD has changed since it was first announced -- it will now feature SuidAkrA's Wacken 2007 show, instead of Wacken 2006. Expect an early 2008 release for this fine package; more info about the exact date and tracklisting will follow soon and, of course, will appear here first.

The first tourdates for 2008 have been confirmed, hopefully there's something near you! 2008 will probably not see as much live action from SuidAkrA as 2007 did, because attention is beginning to turn to the next album! They have just started working on some new songs which will eventually form their next (multi-platinum selling) record


Band profile: Suidakra
Posted: 14.11.2007 by bluemobiusx | Comments (6)

Siebenbürgen - Band Is Back Together

The following update was posted on Siebenbürgen MySpace page by Marcus Ehlin:

"Greetings fellow metal heads and all other dark creatures that follow our path!

I'm glad to inform you all that Siebenbürgen has risen from the grave and are back with full force, with a new upcoming album in 2008.

Mr Bryngelsson and me have resurrected the band, though in a different shape and a different form, but still under the same black flag that Siebenbürgen proudly hails under.

New members follows our course: Dennis Ekdahl on drums and Johnnie Gunther on keyboard. We are still trying out for lead guitar. Richard Bryngelsson is of course still handling the guitar and I the vocals, but this time I have mantled the bass as well.


Band profile: Siebenbürgen
Posted: 14.11.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (5)

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