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22.03Novembre - "Materia" Tracklist Revealed
 Trail Of Tears - Enter Studio In June
 Lacrimas Profundere - New CD complete
 Leaves Eyes - New EP
 Dockyard 1 - Newsletter March 2006
 Headway Festival - The Line Up...
 Burden Of Grief - Line Up Change
19.03Inborn Suffering - Record Deal With Sound Riot
 Flowing Tears - Updates
18.03Madder Mortem - Video Available
17.03Nightwish - Search For A New Vocalist Is Launched
 Tad Morose - Joe Comeau Joins On Vocals
16.03Om - New Album & More Releases
 Peeping Tom (Mike Patton) - Release Announced
 Nightwish - "End Of An Era" Tracklist

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Novembre - "Materia" Tracklist Revealed

Mar, 21st, 2006

"Materia" is due to be released April 17th, on Peaceville Records.


1. Verne
2. Memoria Stoica / Vetro
3. Reason
4. Aquamarine
5. Jules
6. Geppetto
7. Commedia
8. The Promise (Arcadia/Duran Duran cover)
9. Materia
10. Croma
11. Nothijngrad

A sample of the song "Aquamarine" can be found on the website,
or by following this direct link:

Band profile: Novembre
Posted: 22.03.2006 by eternalfear | Comments (1)

Trail Of Tears - Enter Studio In June


Trail of Tears will enter Soundsuite Studio in Marseille, France on June 25th with producer Terje Refsnes to start recording the as-yet-untitled fifth album. The band expect to spend six weeks tracking the effort for a late 2006 release via Napalm Records.

Comments vocalist Ronny Thorsen: "It will be a bigger-sounding album, for sure more orchestrated and symphonic. We are extremely satisfied with the pre-productions we have done and have strong faith in the material! We are also looking forward to work with Terje Refsnes again for the first time since 2002's 'A New Dimension of Might' album."

Band profile: Trail Of Tears
Posted: 22.03.2006 by eternalfear | Comments (0)

Lacrimas Profundere - New CD complete


The recording of the Ave End follow-up is now complete. Germany's own LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE's latest work is called "Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts" and was produced by none other than John Fryer (HIM, Depeche Mode, Paradise Lost, Cradle of Filth), who had this to say: "...this album has an inmense potential to become very successful—even more successful than HIM with Razorblade Romance". The videoclip to the band's first single, "Again It's Over" has also been completed.

Band profile: Lacrimas Profundere
Posted: 22.03.2006 by eternalfear | Comments (0)

Leaves Eyes - New EP

New EP "Legend Land"!

The saga continues! Continuing the successful journey of "Vinland Saga", Leaves' Eyes have recorded a mini album presenting five brand-new exclusive tracks! The EP, called "Legend Land", will be released for the price of a single at the end of April/beginning of May 2006 in connection with the up-coming tours. The tracks are: "Legend Land", "Skraelings", "Viking's Word", "The Crossing", "Lyset". Alex Krull explains: "At first we'd planned to release a single from the "Vinland Saga" album, however, we decided to record a complete EP with brand new and exclusive songs. This is our way of saying thankyou to our fans and their great support. The past tours were amazing! As we will tour a lot this year it will take a while until we have finished our next full-length album. These five powerful and atmospheric tracks developed out of a couple of new brilliant ideas. Liv Kristine adds: "The new songs sound fantastic. They are very strong. We had a wonderful time continuing our work with the Viking concept and making further discoveries." This can only mean one thing: the adventurous journey continues!

Band profile: Leaves' Eyes
Posted: 22.03.2006 by eternalfear | Comments (0)

Dockyard 1 - Newsletter March 2006

First WALTARI song posted online
The first song from the upcoming WALTARI album "Blood Sample" (out on April 24th) is online. "Not Enough" was released as a Single in Finland and hit the Single charts on 3. Now it's the first song uploaded to Waltari's brand new Myspace profile.

Finnish crossover inventors WALTARI are celebrating their 20th year of existence with "Blood Sample". Main topic of the album is a musical travel through Europe - and through the wide continent on the musical atlas Waltari created over the past years. Be sure to be surprised and expect everything!

SHELTER tracklisting revealed
1.Meant To Be
2.Built To Resist
4.First Priority

Posted: 22.03.2006 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Headway Festival - The Line Up...

Special Shred-a-licious Edition Headway Festival 2006

This year's edition of Headway Festival will take place on April 1st in P60, Amstelveen, Netherlands. The organization will bring you a unique alternative edition: a largely instrumental line-up. Guitar heroes, bass monsters, drummin' beasts and other virtuosi will let their instruments do the talking for you in a fabulous SPECIAL SHRED-A-LICIOUS EDITION. The festival will be enclosed between two coupled progconcerts of AFTER FOREVER and VANDEN PLAS.

Instrumental music boring? Not with this bill! The special edition with speedy stringpluckers and other masterly musicians will be full of show, different styles and amusement. The line-up for the actual festivalday will be embellished with big names:


Posted: 22.03.2006 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Burden Of Grief - Line Up Change

Uli and Dirk are no longer a part of BURDEN OF GRIEF.

After some personal problems during the last months we unfortunately had no other choice to make
this very hard decision. We regret much that it had come so far, but under these conditions we saw no more future for BURDEN OF GRIEF. We wish both all the best !!!

But we are pleased to be able to present you our new line-up. New guitar-player will be Johannes 'Joe' Rudolph (from GUTLOCK) and new bass-player will be Florian Bauer (from TWILIGHT PROPHECIES). The first rehearsals went very promising and we are planning to enter the studio around August/September '06. Due to the working on the next record we will play just a very few shows this year.


Source: Underclass
Band profile: Burden Of Grief
Posted: 22.03.2006 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Inborn Suffering - Record Deal With Sound Riot

Inborn Suffering (Melancolic doom death act from Paris) has been signed to Portuguese extreme label Sound Riot Records.

They will release their debut album "Wordless Hope" late summer of 2006.

View their site for more details :

Source: Inborn Suffering
Posted: 19.03.2006 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Flowing Tears - Updates

Hell-o everybody
Yes, we´re still alive and walking among the dead. We know we haven´t updated this site that often in the last few months, and we know that for some suspicious, distrusting minds this could seem as if nothing happens in the FT camp - but you´re all wrong. The work on the new album is in good progress and if the devil is with us the album will definetely be released within 2006. Until then we decided to let you participate in the carthatic agony of writing an album by dropping some personal notes and comments on the progress of our work in form of a diary. If you´re lost, sleepless or just have nothing better to do - feel free to act as a voyeur and go on reading.


Band profile: Flowing Tears
Posted: 19.03.2006 by eternalfear | Comments (0)

Madder Mortem - Video Available


"My Name Is Silence" download only EP available shortly featuring exclusive extra tracks.

"Desiderata" album will be available from April 24th (March 27th in Norway).

Video available for download for the song "My Name Is Silence" at or by following this direct link:

Band profile: Madder Mortem
Posted: 18.03.2006 by eternalfear | Comments (0)

Nightwish - Search For A New Vocalist Is Launched

Finland's Nightwish have posted the following message on their official web site:

"The hassle with the media seems to have died. We've been off tour for some months and we've had a nice and long vacation. It's time to get back to business."

"Nightwish is currently and actively looking for a new singer/frontwoman for the band. We need the obvious things: Looks, charisma, courage, and, of course, a big voice. Good grasp of the English language is also very helpful. We don't necessarily need a classically trained vocalist like Tarja Turunen (the former vocalist). We welcome all kinds of styles and voices, natural and trained, from rock and pop to classical, and all that you can find in between. You should however be prepared to sing with a lot of dynamics and versatility. From loud and high to very sensitive stuff."


Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 17.03.2006 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Tad Morose - Joe Comeau Joins On Vocals

Joe Comeau, ex-vocalist of Annihilator, Liege Lord and Overkill, has joined Swedish prog power metallers Tad Morose, after former singer Urban Breed has left after 10 years in the band in December 2005. Joe Comeau posted the following statement on the band's official website:

"What can I say? Obviously I am very honored to be the new vocalist for the great Tad Morose! I would first like to thank all the Tad guys for bringing me on board. Work has already begun on awesome new Tad Morose material and I am psyched as hell to move ahead on creating a killer new CD with these guys. I am also looking forward to our upcoming shows so I can meet all the Tad faithful and friends alike! Make sure you come and have a drink with us. See ya soon! Cheers, Joe Comeau."

Band profile: Tad Morose
Posted: 17.03.2006 by Promonex | Comments (0)

Om - New Album & More Releases

OM have recorded and mixed their new album "Conference of the Birds" which is slated for release in March 2006 on Holy Mountain. The album will be released on both LP and CD formats. The record was engineered by Billy Anderson (Melvins, Neurosis, Fantomas). A split 7" with Six Organs of Admittance has also been completed and will be released by Holy Mountain. Finally, OM have completed material for a forthcoming split 10" with Current 93. This will be released on vinyl by Neurot Recordings and on CD by Durtro Jnana in early spring 2006.

Band profile: Om
Posted: 16.03.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Peeping Tom (Mike Patton) - Release Announced

Ipeca Recordings reveal the release date of Peeping Tom self title album due to 30 May 2006.

Peeping Tom is a projet by Mike Patton (Ex-Faith No More, Ex-Mr. Bungle, Fantomas) in which he has been working the last 6 years. The album will count with many guests.

The tracklist and the guests are the following:

1) Five Seconds (featuring Odd Nosdam)
2) Mojo (featuring Rahzel and Dan the Automator)
3) Don't Even Trip (featuring Amon Tobin)
4) Getaway (featuring Kool Keith)
5) Your Neighborhood Spaceman (featuring Jel and Odd Nosdam)
6) Kill The DJ (featuring Massive Attack)
7) Caipirinha (featuring Bebel Gilberto)
8) Celebrity Death Match (featuring Kid Koala)
9) How U Feelin? (featuring Doseone)


Posted: 16.03.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Nightwish - "End Of An Era" Tracklist

Finland's Nightwish have announced the final tracklisting for their forthcoming much-anticipated live CD/DVD package "End of an Era", due out June, 2nd.

NIGHTWISH - End Of an Era - Live at Hartwall Arena 21.10.2005

1. Dark Chest Of Wonders
2. Planet Hell
3. Ever Dream
4. Kinslayer
5. Phantom Of The Opera
6. The Siren
7. Sleeping Sun
8. High Hopes
9. Bless The Child
10. Wishmaster
11. Slaying The Dreamer
12. Kuolema tekee taiteilijan
13. Nemo
14. Ghost Love Score
15. Stone People
16. Creek Mary´s Blood
17. Over The Hills and Far Away
18. Wish I Had an Angel

Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 16.03.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

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