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Demonaz - First Solo Album In April

Demonaz (his passport says Harald Nævdal) - former guitarist and main lyricist for Immortal - will release his first solo album, March Of The Norse, on April 1st in Europe through Nuclear Blast Records.

Old demo versions of two tracks, called "Over The Mountains" and "Dying Sun", can be streamed below or on MySpace. Both tracks were recorded in 2007 at the Soundsurf Studios in Bergen, Norway.

The line-up on those demos was completed by Immortal guitarist Abbath on bass and former Immortal drummer Armagedda, together with guitarist Ice Dale (Enslaved, Gorgoroth, I)

March Of The Norse cover art] tracklist:

01. Northern Hymn
02. All Blackened Sky
03. March Of The Norse
04. A Son Of The Sword
05. Where Gods Once Rode
06. Under The Great Fires
07. Over The Mountains
08. Ode To Battle
09. Legends Of Fire And Ice
10. Dying Sun

Over The Mountains

Under The Dying Sun


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Before The Dawn - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Deathstar Rising, the forthcoming album from Finnish metallers Before The Dawn, is available for streaming in its entirety at the band's Facebook page.

Deathstar Rising will be released in Europe on February 25 via Nuclear Blast Records. More details about Deathstar Rising were previously reported over here.


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Midnattsol - New Album Cover Art Revealed, Teaser Online

Norwegian metallers Midnattsol have issued at this location a new teaser trailer for their forthcoming album, The Metamorphosis Melody, which includes the cover art.

The Metamorphosis Melody will be released on April 22 via Napalm Records.


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Destruction - New Video Online

"Hate Is My Fuel", the new video from German metallers Destruction, can be viewed at this location. The clip was produced by Berlin, Germany's Roax Films and was filmed on December 31, 2010 at the Headbangersball Silvester Festival in Burgdorf, Switzerland.

"Hate Is My Fuel" comes off the band's latest album, entitled Day Of Reckoning, was released in Europe on February 18 via Nuclear Blast Records.


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Nostromo, Lycosia, Sin - Complete Discographies To Be Re-Released Digitally

Air 2 Music is proud to announce the re-release on digital format of the full discographies of Nostromo, Lycosia and Sin on April 11th.

Album previews and samples of all three bands can be streamed over here and at this location.

Nostromo is a now-defunct surgical grindcore/metalcore act from Switzerland (more info on MySpace).

Ten years ago, Lycosia were at the forefront of the Gothic Rock scene in France, creating a unic rock music tainted with pop, metal, electronica, and oriental Caucasian vibes. The band's new album will be released at the end of 2011 (more info on MySpace).

Sin are a French industrial rock act, playing a mix of complex electronica, and poetical powerful rock. The band is set to release a conceptual DVD any time soon (more info on MySpace).


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Macabre - European Headlining Tour Announced

Chicago's murder metal pioneers Macabre have announced a European headlining tour in April.

This four-week trip will kick-off on April 15th and includes a performance at Neurotic Deathfest on April 30th in Tilburg, Netherlands. Touring alongside Macabre are Dutch porngrind kings Rompeprop and an additional - soon to be announced - special guest. A complete listing of confirmed Macabre tour dates can be found below, with more to be announced soon.

Macabre is touring in support of their recently released full-length album Grim Scary Tales, marking the band's 25th anniversary and return in the original line-up. Grim Scary Tales was released via Hammerheart Records in Europe on January 31st featuring thirteen tracks of the special Murder Metal blend, thematically dealing on historic (serial)-killers such as Nero and Dracula.

Macabre + Rompeprop and special guest:

15-04-2011 - Club TBA, Liège, France
16-04-2011 - Kulturfabrik Salzmann, Kassel, Germany
18-04-2011 - Feierwerk, Munich, Germany
19-04-2011 - Marx, Hamburg, Germany
20-04-2011 - Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, Sweden
22-04-2011 - Ungdomens hus, Uppsala, Sweden
24-04-2011 - Turock, Essen, Germany
26-04-2011 - Exit Chmelnice, Prague, Czech Rep.
27-04-2011 - Nova Pekaren, Nitra, Slovakia
28-04-2011 - Prostor Tancirna, Ostrava, Czech Rep
29-04-2011 - Skullcrusher, Dresden, Germany
30-04-2011 - 013, Tilburg, Netherlands (Neurotic Deathfest)
01-05-2011 - 4 Ecluses, Dunkerque, France
03-05-2011 - Dynamo, Zurich, Switzerland
04-05-2011 - Pieffe Factory, Nova Gorica, Italy
05-05-2011 - Escape Metalcorner, Vienna, Austria
06-05-2011 - Hauzenberg, Germany (Walpurgis Metal Days)
07-05-2011 - Wuustweezel, Belgium (Puntpop Festival)
08-05-2011 - Steinbruch Theater, Darmstadt, Germany


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Devildriver - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Although most songs were already available for streaming, Devildriver has now decided to throw the entire album online. The Beast is waiting for you on MySpace.

Beast will be released worldwide on February 22nd, 2011 through Roadrunner Records. More album details were previously reported over here.


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Nominon - Part Ways With Guitarist

Swedish death metal act Nominon has issued the following update on the band's current activities:

"Some kick ass news: a shorter European trek is now under construction between late March and early April. Support will come from the fleshy German deathsters Lifeless, a band that just released a killer fucking debut album on IbexMoon Records. So what are you clubs and promoters waiting for?! Drop us a mail if you're interested to book this package. For more details and already confirmed dates, check Gigs!

Furthermore we have to reveal some sort of severe news as well, since it's now obvious that longtime Nominon member Christian "AntiChristian" Strömblad has been forced to lay his axe to rest for the time being due to some personal shit. Nominon collectively wishes Mr Strömblad all the best of luck and hope that everything will work out for the best. What we have accomplished and yet also what we've been going through during the last six years together is something that only a handful of people in the world would have managed to come out of alive, yet we fucking pulled it off.

New guitarist is youngster Alexander Lyrbo who has proven himself more than worthy to fill AntiChristian's bloodstained boots. Alex first performance with Nominon as a permanent member will take place in Zabrze, Poland March 5th. Even though AntiChristian's departure we certainly proved once again that nothing seems to be able to kill this mighty entity known to the living dead as Nominon.

This marks yet a new chapter in the unholy world of Nominon. We expect it to be a bloody one."


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Panzerchrist - Three New Songs Online

"King Tiger", "Ode To A Cluster Bomb" and "Prevail", three brand-new tracks from Danish war merchants Panzerchrist, have been made available for streaming at ReverbNation.

All three tracks come off the band's upcoming new album Regiment Ragnarok, which will be released on April 18th through Listenable Records.


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Hammerfall - New Album Finished

After several months of recordings in Göteborg, Sweden and Nashville, TN, Sweden's most successful heavy metal band Hammerfall has finished recording the new album.

Guitarist Oscar Dronjak had the following to say: "That's it, the album recording is finally finished, over, done with! We had an absolute blast throughout this whole experience, and working with James Michael (Mötley Crüe, Sixx: A.M., Scorpions, Meat Loaf, Hillary Duff) was an incredible experience!

The goal was to have a lot of laughs while creating the strongest Hammerfall record to date, and I'd say we succeeded beyond even our own high expectations! It feels great to know that being in this band for fifteen years can feel this invigorating! We're super, super happy with the outcome, and I am sure our fans will be as well. It's going to be Hammerfall like you've never heard before, yet you will recognize the distinct qualities that makes us what and who we are. If Reinventing The Steel hadn't already been used, it would be the perfect title for this album!"

The as-yet-untitled new record is slated for a May 20th release in Europe through Nuclear Blast Records.


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Iron Maiden - To Release "In The Studio" Book

This May, UK-based John Blake Publishing will release Iron Maiden: In The Studio by music biographer Jake Brown (Motörhead, Heart, Rick Rubin, Tracii Guns).

Spanning the band's entire 30 year catalog, the writing and recording of such classic albums as Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind, Brave New World and The Final Frontier, and hits as "2 Minutes to Midnight", "Wasted Years", "Can I Play with Madnesss", "Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter", "The Wicker Man", "The Trooper", "Run To The Hills", "Powerslave" and "Hallowed Be Thy Name" among countless others is chronicled.


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Turisas - New Song Online

"The Great Escape", a brand-new track from Finnish battle metal warriors Turisas, has been made available for streaming, exclusively at Decibel Magazine.

The title track off the band's highly anticipated new album is still available as a free download at this location.

"The Great Escape" comes off the band's upcoming new album Stand Up And Fight, which will be released at the end of February in Europe and on March 8th in North America through Century Media Records. More album details were previously reported over here.


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Kiuas - New Line-Up Announced

Guitarist Mikko Salovaara of Finnish power metal band Kiuas has issued the following update on the recent line-up changes:

"As our loyal followers (that's you!) are well aware, vocalist Ilja Jalkanen left the band to pursue other interests. However, it is not only Ilja who has been pondering the balance between Kiuas and other areas in their lives. Markku Näreneva (drums) duties as a parent and medical doctor have grown to the point where it is impossible for him to continue giving his total dedication to the band. Atte Tanskanen has found his passion with flying and after graduating from the Finnish Aviation Academy he has spent most of his time in the mile high club (and steering the aircraft as well every now and then).

As for the new members... Our new official keyboard player Jari Pailamo (ex-Twilight Guardians) has already played over 30 gigs with Kiuas and has practically been a sixth member of the band since the New Dark Age Tour in 2008, standing in for Atte when he was busy soaring the skies. Jari is a virtuoso player with a history of professional musicianship behind him and his knowledge and expertise is so extensive that he has been used as a consultant in the studio for the likes of Lordi.

The new vocalist Asim Searah is a young gem luckily discovered by a certain bald guitar player and has already displayed his talents with Kiuas on four gigs. Asim's clean and powerful vocal range can easily cover the world's metal and hard rock repertoire and he can shift convincingly from classic Dio-esque melodies to brutal death growls. He is also a competent guitar player and thus future shows will partly feature some serious twin guitar bombardment!

The new drummer, Rainer "Raikku" Tuomikanto (ex-Causemos, ex-In Silentio Noctis) is a well-known figure in the Finnish metal scene, an artist and a technical phenomenon in the highest league. He has performed on dozens of records and toured with many finnish bands and has now finally found his right place with Kiuas."


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Backyard Burial - Vocalist Stabbed To Death

Matthew "Blaps Warmonger" Hall, lead singer of New Zealand death metal band Backyard Burial, was murdered earlier this week.

A massive police hunt has been launched for the killer of a man who was the victim of a "ferocious" stabbing attack at his Wellington home. The body of Matthew John Hall, 35, was found in his Johnsonville flat about 6.15pm on Tuesday.

Police said that an autopsy showed he died of multiple stab wounds following a "ferocious" attack while he was in bed.

Tributes to Mr Hall have been left on the band's Facebook page, with one saying he was "head brewer, scholar, vocalist and best friend to many".

Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Thornton said he had "no doubt" someone had seen a person or people either enter or leave Mr Hall's property and called for any witnesses to come forward. Police were in the early stages of their enquiries and spent much of today speaking to Mr Hall's friends, family and associates, Mr Thornton said. He added: "As part of the investigation we have profiled Matthew's background, where he worked, all his friends and associates and we are taking that into consideration."


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Therion - To Release New Board Game

011, the new fantasy board game from Scribabs featuring members of Therion will be released later this year... Wait, what?

The game 011, dubbed "An adventure by Therion", is designed by Marco Valtriani and based on a novel by Paolo Vallerga. The back-story can be read here (scroll down for English).

Commented mainman Christofer Johnsson: "Paulo Vallerga from the famous game developer Scribabs approached the band at the show in Milano last year with this great idea of making a fantasy boardgame based upon the stage characters mixed with mythology. And we instantly thought it was the coolest thing we've heard in ages and loved the idea! The name of the game is 011 and you will find me and the rest of Therion appearing as even more fantastic characters than we are in reality!"

Board game geeks can find more info on A music video accompanying the game is said to be released in June. Stay tuned, I guess.


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