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Insomnium - New Album Title Revealed

Finnish melodic death metallers Insomnium have announced that the recording work for their new album is now complete. The CD will be called One For Sorrow and should be released somewhere in October.

One For Sorrow was recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden with sound engineer Daniel Antonsson (also known as the bassist from Dark Tranquillity). The album will be mixed by Samu Oittinen at Fantom Studio in Tampere, Finland in the next couple of weeks and should be completed by the end of the month.

Two clips from the studio can be found at this location.


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In Flames - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Sounds Of A Playground Fading, the new upcoming album from Gothenburg metal veterans In Flames, is now available for streaming in its entirety over at AOL Music.


Sounds Of A Playground Fading will be released in June worldwide through Century Media Records (get a list of dates below). More album details were previously reported over here.


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Arch/Matheos - Debut Album Title Revealed

Jim Matheos, guitarist and only remaining founding member of Fates Warning, and John Arch, the original vocalist of the band, are pleased to announce Sympathetic Resonance as the title of their debut album, which will be released September 13th in North America.

The band - accompanied by Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning) on bass, Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, ex-Iced Earth) on drums, and Frank Aresti (ex-Fates Warning) on additional lead guitar - began tracking the drums on January 12 and continued to record through mid February with Jim Matheos producing.

Jim Matheos offered his insight on the writing and recording process of Sympathetic Resonance; "I think John and I work really well together. There's a lot of mutual respect and trust in what we do. But, we're also both very critical of ourselves, and each other. This can make for a long and, sometimes, tedious process. But ultimately it's one I enjoy because I think it brings out the best in both of us."

John Arch added; "When I first heard some of the arrangements Jim had written and recorded, it took quite some time before I could wrap my mind around the odd time signatures and guitar work going on here. There are some long compositions, so putting anxiety and apprehension on the back burner it was time to dissect these numbers into digestible bits. After the lengthy process of lyrics and melodies, listening to the songs now, I can't imagine them any other way."

In terms of the lyrical content on Sympathetic Resonance, John Arch notes that "the lyrics this time around are more in line with A Twist of Fate and not of the mystical nature of some past albums."


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Gorgoroth - Team Up With Vader For Euro Tour; Album Release Delayed

Gorgoroth and Vader will team up for The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011, destroying cities all over Europe later this year. The European trek, which will include over 45 shows, will kick off at the end of October and conclude right before Christmas. Dates to be announced soon.

According to Polish concert promoter and management company Massive Music, "such a long and immense tour hasn't been seen in Europe so far all fans of Gorgoroth and Vader should start preparing for a magnificent feast!

It is a completely one-off occasion as both bands will promote their newest albums and they've already announced new concert sets. Gorgoroth will play some of their material from Under The Sign Of Hell released by Regain Records and Vader will present the new songs from Welcome To The Morbid Reich released by Nuclear Blast.

The tour will be joined by additional two or three bands. More information on this event soon!"

In other news, the release date of that upcoming Gorgoroth re-recording, Under The Sign Of Hell 2011, has been pushed back to August 29 from the previously announced June 20 due to "manufacturing problems."

The re-recorded version of the LP features vocalist Pest and guitarist/bassist Infernus, from the original 1996 recording, while Tomas Asklund (ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Dissection) handles the drums.


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Testament - Recording New Album With Drummer Gene Hoglan

Due to a "serious injury" being suffered by drummer Paul Bostaph, Testament have enlisted the services of Gene Hoglan (Fear Factory, ex-Strapping Young Lad) to handle the studio drumming for their new album. The group recently entered the studio to begin tracking the new album with producer Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Opeth). A late 2011/early 2012 release is expected.

In addition to Hoglan, Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler will appear on "a couple of bonus tracks." According to the band's management, Bostaph will rejoin Testament at a later date for touring duties.

Hoglan previously played drums on Testament's 1997 effort, Demonic, but didn't stick around long enough to do any touring with the band.


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Sinister - New Bassist Announced

Dutch death metal band Sinister - who recently went to some severe line-up changes - have announced the addition of bassist Mathijs Brussaard to the group's ranks.

Sinister mainman Aad Kloosterwaard briefly comments: "We like to welcome Mathijs Brussaard as the new Sinister bass player. We are now a 5 piece band and hope with this to bring our new songs to a higher level."

The line-up is completed with drummer Toep Duin (ex-Supreme Pain, Godmode), guitarist Bastiaan Brussaard (Supreme Pain) and guitarist Dennis Hartog (Godmode) who all joined the band a few weeks ago.

Soon the new Sinister line-up will start working on a new album which will be entitled The Carnage Ending.


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Elis - New Vocalist Announced

About a month ago, Liechtenstein-based gothic metal band Elis parted ways with vocalist Sandra Schleret. A few days ago, the band announced her replacement will be singer Simone Christinat from Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Simone herself had the following to share: "I am really happy to be announced as the new Singer of Elis within these days. I feel honored to be a part of this great band and I'm looking forward to a lot of good moments with Elis.

It feels like the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I am excited to get many new experiences as the new Elis singer. The first show will be in July. Until then there have a couple of rehearsals to be done. Of course it would be great to meet you Elis fans soon at one of our upcoming shows."


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Exhumed - Another New Song Online

"I Rot Within", another brand-new track from US gore grinders Exhumed has been made available for streaming over at BloodyDisgusting.

Two other new tracks, called "Necrotized" and "As Hammer To Anvil", are still streaming over at Facebook.

"I Rot Within", "Necrotized" and "As Hammer To Anvil" come off the band's upcoming new album, entitled All Guts, No Glory, which will be released on July 5th through Relapse Records. More album details were previously reported over here.


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Chimaira - Two New Songs Online

"Born In Blood", a brand-new track from US groove thrashers Chimaira can be streamed in the YouTube clip below for the time being.

Another new track, called "Trigger Finger", is also streaming at YouTube.

"Born In Blood" and "Trigger Finger" come off the band's upcoming new album, entitled The Age Of Hell, which will be released on August 16th in North America, On August 26th in Germany and on August 29th in Australia and the rest of Europe through Long Branch Records.


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Nominon - Announce Line-Up Changes

Swedish death metal act Nominon has announced a couple of line-up changes in the band. The band welcomes back guitarist Christian "AntiChristian" Strömblad, who left the band only a couple of months ago. In the meantime, they also parted ways with bassist Martin Petersson, forcing guitarist Juha Sulasalmi to take over bass duties.

In the words of the band: "Nominon would like to welcome back the mighty guitarist AntiChristian to the band. After several months apart the band and AntiChristian realized that enough's enough and buried the hatchet. After a few meetings and rehearsals Nominon are certainly back on track again.

Since the bassist for a year, Martin, left the band a couple of weeks ago, and AntiChristian triumphant return to Nominon all this lead to the fact that guitarist Juha Sulasalmi will from now on take over the bass duties. Why complicate things further?!

At last, the recordings of the new 7" EP Manifestation Of Black (to be out through Deathgasm Records) are now finalized. The mixing will be done by engineer Robban at Studio Hell, were all the recordings recently took place as well, and the mastering will be sorted out by Javi Bastard at Moontower Studios in Barcelona, Spain."


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Hallowed Butchery - New Song Online

"Coffin Life", a brand-new track from US experimental doom metal one-man project Hallowed Butchery, has been made available for streaming over at Facebook.

"Coffin Life" comes off the band's latest split album with Batillus, simply entitled Hallowed Butchery / Batillus, which was released in July last year through Vendetta Records.


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Versailles - Another New Video Online

"Vampire", the new video from Japanese neoclassical power metal/J-Rock outfit Versailles can now be watched below.

You might recognize the track as the theme song for the new Japanese movie Vampire Stories.

"Vampire" comes off the band's upcoming new album, entitled Holy Grail, which will be released on July 15th through Warner Music Japan. More album details were previously reported over here.


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Gama Bomb - Working On New Album

Irish thrashers Gama Bomb are currently writing new material for their as-yet untitled new album.

The follow-up to 2009's Tales From The Grave In Space will be Gama Bomb's fourth album and is tentatively due to be released early next year.

Gama Bomb frontman Philly Byrne comments: "We're about to enter a studio in central Dublin to work on demos for our new album, which we're hoping to release in early 2012. In terms of songwriting, we're writing much 'tougher' or meaner songs now. We want to make music that street gangs could listen to before a fight, songs you can sharpen a switchblade to. I've been looking a lot to Phil Lynott for inspiration, which can never be a bad thing. He's always been a big inspiration for us, even if you can't always hear it.

Mind you, we're also about everything from our history of underage drinking and theoretical physics to drag racing and (of course) cannibalism, so there's no knowing where this one is going to take us. We're hopefully going to record here in Ireland and we'll pull no punches on either the speed of the riffs or the attitude of the songwriting. That's the only plan right now."

Gama Bomb are also gearing up for a string of summer festival dates, but have had to bring in a temporary stand-in for lead guitarist Domo Dixon for the live shows due to a hand injury.

The band have released the following statement: "As you may have heard, our guitarist Domo Dixon has suffered a tendon injury to his left hand and will be unable to play with us for the coming period. Domo severed a tendon in a bizarre trouser accident - that's not a joke - so will have to sit out gigs for the next three months. We're all very perplexed and upset about it, but are ploughing on with our upcoming European festival appearances. Playing guitar is Domo's passion and his life, and we're sure all our fans will join us in wishing him a full and speedy recovery. Until he's back up to shredding speed, we'll be joined on the road by our good friend Kevy Canavan on lead guitar."


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Annotations Of An Autopsy - New Video Online

"Stage Breaker", the new video from UK deathcore act Annotations Of An Autopsy can now be watched below.

The clip was directed by Tom Cronin.

"Stage Breaker" comes off the band's upcoming new EP, entitled Dark Days, which will be released next month through Siege Of Amida Records.

The EP will also feature a cover of Machine Head's "Ten Ton Hammer".


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Obscura - Japanese Bonus Song Online

"Concerto", a new track from German technical death metallers Obscura, has been made available for streaming over at Facebook (you'll have to "like" the band to access the stream).

"Concerto" is a cover track from Marty Friedman and Jason Becker's Cacophony Speed Metal Symphony album.

"Concerto" was included as the Japanese bonus track and on the iTunes digital deluxe album of the band's latest album, entitled Omnivium, which was released on March 29th in North America and early April in Europe through Relapse Records. More album details were previously reported over here.


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