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Mnemic - New Video Online

Mnemic just released their video for the song "Diesel Uterus", which comes off the bands latest effort Sons Of The System. The clip was directed and produced by renowned Swedish director Patric Ullaeus.

Commented mainman Mircea Gabriel Eftemie: "We brought our robots to Sweden, and Patric produced again a video that goes beyond any expectation. We are definitely and extremely happy with the outcome, and we hope that you will enjoy our ugly mugs as much as we did, when we first saw the video." Drummer Brian Rasmussen added: "Nice to see we are having fun, instead of looking serious and evil all the time... Cool video!"

A making of the video can be viewed here.


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Evergrey - Line-Up Changes

Evergrey have finally made their "big changes" announcement. The full statement goes as follows:

"As promised here is the first part of news regarding Evergrey as a band. At first it might seem devastating and frightening as it did to us when making this decision. People change, evolve and grow, sometimes in different ways and in different directions. This happens to everyone and it has certainly happened to Evergrey as a band throughout the years.

Me and Rikard Zander (keyboards) have together with guitarist Henrik Danhage and drummer Jonas Ekdahl made the mutual decision that it was best for us all that they leave Evergrey. They wanted to and we wanted them to. The last tours, recordings and just hanging with each other has not been as fun and giving as earlier and before it would go too far, resulting in a collision in between friends, which could ruin everything we have built up during the years, we decided to call it quits. It's sometimes both smart and foreseeing to end situations before they get out of hand and create something that is totally unnecessary and irreparable. To be in a band must be experienced as fun, giving and fulfilling. There is so much time during a life as a touring musician that is boring that if you don't even enjoy yourself while playing then it's better to do something else.

Henrik and Jonas also got DeathDestruction that also has evolved and became more and more serious during the years and now they even recorded a debut album and naturally it felt fresh and reviving for them to enter something new and unexplored as opposed to Evergrey where they more or less experienced the same things over and over.

It is very important for us to tell you that we are still great friends and most likely always will be since we have shared 10 years of our lives and dedicated it to the progress and evolvement of Evergrey. The friendship is what we value the most and nothing could be more important than that, at least for the four of us.

So please take some time to digest and understand. That is what we have done and I am glad to say that all of us are happier than in a long time. This is something I think you can feel when watching the video version of the statement.

But that is not the end of it. Jari Kainulainen (bass) also decided to leave the band, and the reason was that he would rather play with a band called Killing Machine as they could offer him a salary we couldn't and that was the sole reason of his decision. We were really sad to see Jari leave as he is a tremendous bass-player and person.


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In Legend - New Video And Website

In Legend, the new project of Van Canto drummer Bastian Emig, which introduces the piano as primary element into heavy metal music, has now released its first official music video for the song "Pandemonium" (off the debut EP Pandemonium).

Just in time for the release of this insane and destructive visual work, the band also launched its new official homepage, which can now be found at and which contains a lot of information and specials about the band and their music! In order to always stay up-to-date in terms of the visual releases of the band, feel free to subscribe to their official YouTube channel!


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Détente - Live Shows Cancelled

Speed/Thrash metallers Détente has issued the following short update on their MySpace page:

"Detente has canceled the shows in Hamburg, Ludwigsfelde, and Berlin due to a bandmembers illness. We will update everyone soon."


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Misery Index - Entire New Album Available For Streaming

Misery Index are streaming their brand new album Heirs To Thievery online at the following location. Heirs To Thievery was recorded at Wright Way Studios just outside Baltimore, MD and will see a May 11th North American release date.

Misery Index also kicked off a full US tour in support of Heirs To Thievery yesterday in their hometown of Baltimore, MD. The band is touring with label-mates Dying Fetus along with Arsis, Annotations Of An Autopsy, and Conducting from The Grave. Tour dates available here.


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Mike Portnoy - Touring With Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold have announced Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy will join them on a US tour later this year.

"After being so kind and caring to help us in the studio, the rumors are in fact true and Mike Portnoy will indeed be helping us on the upcoming Uproar tour later this year. We hope to see you all out on the road. We are very grateful to Mike for dedicating his time and talent to help us get back on the road so we can be where we need to be the most which is with our fans."

Commented Portnoy: "After having had such an amazing experience recording my drum tracks for the new Avenged Sevenfold album, we all knew it would be awesome if I'd be able to do some touring with the band after its release...

Although I wish I could stay on board with Avenged Sevenfold in a more permanent capacity, the reality is that I am commited to Dream Theater as my main priority (that is my baby afterall!), and I will need to resume work with Dream Theater to start a new album at some point in 2011. However, I will be able to join my brothers in Avenged Sevenfold for at least the duration of their touring throughout 2010... and hopefully this will give them the time to continue to heal and get comfortable back on the road.

You can look at me like the band's "rebound drummer" to buy them some time until they are comfortable and ready to make a commitment to somebody new for full-time relationship in their future! In the meantime, I am real excited to hit the road with the boys... to bring my drumming from their new album to life on stage and to honor The Rev with all of their older material."

People who care about A7X live dates should visit the band's MySpace.


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Joe Satriani - Announce New Album And Tour Plans

Joe Satriani will enter the studio this summer for a new album scheduled for an October 2010 release. It's sure to be a powerful set of music, coming off of the last year or so working on Chickenfoot, plus the amazing Experience Hendrix tour.

Comments Satriani: "I'm heading to the studio in one month to start recording a new solo project with Jeff Campitelli (drums), Allen Whitman (bass) and Mike Keneally (keyboards). The new material is dying to be recorded, and I can't wait to get started. I don't have a title for the project yet, but I will let you know when I figure it out."

Satriani has also confirmed some tour dates. The tour is starting in Europe in October and November, and then coming to the US and Canada in December and January. So far the following dates have been announced:

Mon Oct 25 - La Cigale - Paris, France
Tue Oct 26 - La Cigale - Paris, France
Wed Oct 27 - Le Colisee - Paris, France


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Human Fortress - Part Ways With Singer

German power metallers Human Fortress have parted ways with singer Jioti Parcharidis (who already left the band a couple of years ago). A band update reads as follows:

"Unfortunately Jioti Parcharidis has quit his membership in Human Fortress. He has serious health problems, so it's not possible for him to sing any longer for Human Fortress or any other band. For those who have read it in the press the last days, it is now confirmed. His health has first priority and Human Fortress wishes him all the best to get well again.

We keep him in our memory as the former voice of Human Fortress who created something very special with us and it was a great pleasure for us all to work with him and produce the albums Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir and Defenders Of The Crown.

In the meantime, we continue our work on a new album. Already ten tracks are finished in the old Human Fortress style with epic and folk parts you will remember from prior releases. Another two tracks are composed and are now waiting to be recorded. It's time for a new part in the history of Human Fortress. We are searching for a new voice now!"


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Tarja Turunen - New Album Artwork Revealed

Tarja Turunen has revealed the artwork for her forthcoming new album, What Lies Beneath. Check it out here. The photo session took place in Finland last February with photographer Jens Boldt and Dirk Rudolph who created the artwork.

Turunen recently finished recording What Lies Beneath, which is now being mixed at three different locations with three different engineers. The album is said to be released somewhere late August.


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Sworn - Working On New Album, Part Ways With Bassist

Norwegian black metallers Sworn have issued the following update on their MySpace blog:

"We'd like to inform you that we're currently working on material for our third album. Half of it is already complete, and it's enormous, to say the least. Our deadline is set to end of august, and our plans are to have the album recorded by the end of 2010.

Some working titles are:

The Silver Asylum
Corridors of Dark Salvation
The Keeper
Mot Stupet (norwegian lyrics)

Also, Sworn and bassist Dag "Dreggen" Anderson (Aeternus) have split ways, and we will do live shows with a session bass player until we find a suitable replacement. We want to thank Dreggen for his duties on the Bastards and Conquerors album, and wish him good luck with his other projects. Regarding live shows, we're working on a tour for the Bastards and Conquerors album, but nothing is certain on this matter yet."


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Visions Of Atlantis - New Bassist Announced

Also Visions Of Atlantis have found a new bassist this week. The band is preparing enter the studio to record their fourth studio album, and issued the following message:

"After many years of great work and many shows founding member Mike Koren has left Visions of Atlantis due of private reasons. Mike became a dad and his priorities have changed which we all understand and respect. We wish him and his young family all the best for the future and thank him very much for everything!

Mario Lochert (Emergency Gate) will take over the bass duties for Visions of Atlantis from now on. He will record the bass for the new yet untitledalbum and he will be on stage with the band for the first time on Metalfest Austria (15th of May 2010)."


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Pain Of Salvation - New Song Online

Pain Of Salvation have posted a new song online, called "No Way". The song appears on the upcoming release Road Salt One, and is available on MySpace.

The album will be available on the following dates:

Sweden: May 12
Germany, Austria, Switzerland: May 14
UK, France, Benelux, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, rest of Europe: May 17
Spain, Italy: May 18
Finland, Hungary: May 19
North America: June 8

Road Salt One cover art] tracklist:

01. What She Means To Me
02. No Way
03. She Likes To Hide
04. Sisters
05. Of Dust
06. Tell Me You Don't Know
07. Sleeping Under The Stars
08. Darkness Of Mine
09. Linoleum
10. Curiosity
11. Where It Hurts
12. Road Salt
13. Innocence

Swedish prog metallers Pain Of Salvation has posted a new song online, named "Linoleum" and "No Way". The song, who will appear on their new album "Road Salt One", is avalible on their newly updated myspace.



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Metalforce - Part Ways With Guitarist

German metallers Metalforce have issued the following update:

"Due to personal health issues Josef Echter - who only joined the band in January - will not be able to continue to play in MetalForce. This has been a very hard decision for him but the band supports his decision. We wish him all the best and the fastest possible recovery. We will continue as a quartet from now on."


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Shadows Fall - South American Live Dates

Shadows Fall have issued the following update:

"We're excited to announce that we will be playing our first tour in South America in June. We can't want to see everyone down there. Here are the dates, keep your eyes peeled for one more date still to be announced."

June 26 - Mexico City, Mexico - Crico Volador
June 29 - Santiago, Chile - Teatro Novedades
June 30 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Super Rock
July 01 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Hangar 110


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Pretty Maids - Part Ways With Bass Player, Replacement Announced

Original news, posted on 27.04.2010

Heavy metallers Pretty Maids have issued a short statement regarding the lineup change:

"Pretty Maids have parted company with bass player Kenn Jackson. Pretty Maids would like to thank Kenn for his 19 year long contribution and we wish him all the best of luck in the future. A replacement will be announced soon."

UPDATE (thanks to BudDa)

Pretty Maids has announced their new bass player, Hal Patino (King Diamond, Force Of Evil). Hal Patino has been a friend of the band since the eighties, and is familiar with the sound, style and history of the band, and was therefore a natural choice to take the spot as the new bass player.

Hal Patino will play his first gig with Pretty Maids on Saturday the 8th of May in Aalborg (DK). "We welcome Hal onboard, and hope you all will give him a good reception on the upcoming Pandemonium tour", added the band.


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