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01.05Thy Majestie - Announce New Singer
 Myopia - Distributed Through ForeshadowProductions
30.04Diamond Head - To Release Live DVD
 Lacrimas Profundere - New Video Available
 Destroyer 666 - Updates
29.04HIM - Video Posted Online
28.04Shining - Working On New Album
 Anathema - A New DVD Will Be Released Soon!
 Laethora - Sign To The End Records
 Battered - New Video Online
27.04Rush - Working On New Material
 Ved Buens Ende - To Come Back
 Tarja Turunen - Inks Deal With Universal Music
 Celtic Frost - New Song Online For Streaming
 Lordi - Tuska Fest Will Help Them For Eurovision

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Thy Majestie - Announce New Singer

Thy Majestie have posted the following message on their official website :

"We have a great news : we have a new singer!!!
It's Matt Aub, singer and guitar for Timelord, Matt sent us a demo of "Maiden of Steel" sung by him and... WOW, brilliant ! Great "heavy metal" voice.
So we decided to accept him, even if he lives thousand miles from us, in the U.S.A.
More news later on !"

Former singer Giulio Di Gregorio left the band last week due to personal reasons.

Source :

Band profile: Thy Majestie
Posted: 01.05.2006 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Myopia - Distributed Through ForeshadowProductions

Polish extreme mettalers Myopia signed a worldwide distribution deal with young Polish metal label Foreshadow Productions for their newest full-length album entitled "Enter Insect Masterplan". This unique three-piece play outstanding technical and twisted death metal. Although, drawing inspiration from the best representatives of twisted and highly original death art as Voivod or Meshuggah, Myopia creates a sonic assault of pioneering proportions. Killer drum blasts, heavy & raw guitar work as well as energetic deathish vocals make this album stand out from the crowd. After the introductory 'Planet Groth', relatively short and musically thick songs will make your head start moving from the very first opening sounds of 'The Colony'! The album, being entirely dedicated to the late Voivod mastermind Denis D'amour, defends itself without further encouragement. This is technical, twisted and forward thinking death metal at its best!

Posted: 01.05.2006 by Dreadful_Shadow | Comments (0)

Diamond Head - To Release Live DVD

As posted on the official website on April 27th 2006:

The DVD of the Astoria show is due for a release this summer. You can follow the link to Secret Records* website for release dates and tracklistings.

* Below is the info from Secret Records:

Filmed & Recorded at The Astoria, London, 4th November 2005

Release date: 2006


* Am I Evil (intro)
* It's Electric
* Give It To Me
* The Prince
* Mine All Mine
* Lightning To The Nations
* Fallen Angel
* To The Devil His Due
* Alimony
* I Can't Help Myself
* Sucking My Love
* Streets Of Gold
* Helpless
* Am I Evil
* Heat Of The Night


Source: and secretrecordslimite...
Posted: 30.04.2006 by wrathchild | Comments (0)

Lacrimas Profundere - New Video Available

Napalm Records is offering the band's new video, "Again It's Over," for download here:

Band profile: Lacrimas Profundere
Posted: 30.04.2006 by eternalfear | Comments (0)

Destroyer 666 - Updates

24 / 4 / 2006 Transmission IV

Returned now somewhat intact from the Whisky and Wrath Tour. No tour report, you were either there or you were'nt. No vicarious thrills here I'm afraid. But in short, fucking Killer! Only a one or two quiet shows throughout the whole 18 shows.

Revenge were great to tour with. Fine folk. Folk whose actions reflect clearly there lyrics, image and stance. An honour and pleasure for all in D666. Our thanks to all the maniac wild wolves and foxes who made it out to the shows to support the tour. We are truly indebted to you. We know its been a long time since our last release, so to recieve so much continued support is a humbling experience.

And finally on that front, our thanks to Steve and Shaky Axel for a massive effort in the face of sometimes dispiriting obstacles. For those who asked, yes, we are working on a new album which we hope to record after the US/Mexico/Sth America Assault both of which are planned for late in the year. Dates will be posted when confirmed.

Band profile: Deströyer 666
Posted: 30.04.2006 by eternalfear | Comments (0)

HIM - Video Posted Online

HIM's new video for the song "Killing Loneliness" has been posted online at this location.

The new "Killing Loneliness" video was shot on April 2 in Los Angeles, California. HIM were joined in the new clip — which was directed by Nathan Cox (Queens Of The Stone Age, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Linkin Park, Staind, Disturbed) — by tattoo artist Kat Von D; she is one of the featured artists on the Discovery Channel's "Miami Ink" series and has made a name for herself as the go-to gal for HIM fans who'd like to mark their bodies with the band's logo, the heartagram

To view the original version of the "Killing Loneliness" video — which was reportedly scrapped due to a "poor American response," according to the group's frontman, Ville Valo — click here.


Band profile: HIM
Posted: 29.04.2006 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Shining - Working On New Album

An update by Kvarforth has been posted at Osmore Records website:

" We have just returned from the Razors Across Europe tour we made throughout Europe. The ten ceremonies, and three emergency hospital visits, were more or less successful and we will soon return better and even more determined of your demise soon. We did face some real severe problems in Budapest though due to our drummer and had to cancel the show because of this however, we will be back shortly in order to fuck you up in a more sincere and professional way! We would like to thank foremost URGEHAL for coming along and proving that there still are some genuine Black Metal bands out there not bowing for anyone or anything, and a massive thanks to my long time partner in crime Attila Cshair for helping us out in Budapest (without you, Ludwig would have probably been dead by now)...


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 28.04.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (2)

Anathema - A New DVD Will Be Released Soon!

News for immediate release!!!

Metal Mind Productions is very proud to announce that on 29th of May 2006 the label will release a new Anathema DVD - "A Moment in Time".

The main part of DVD was recorded in Poland at the famous Metal Mania Festival 2006 (the biggest hard rock/metal festival in Eastern Europe). The set list included their best songs plus a cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb". The guest performance was done by a string quartet. Bonus material - live video footage, video clips, documentary. DVD will be available also in a limited edition with bonus audio

The artwork to "A Moment In Time" DVD was done by Travis Smith famous for his artworks for Anathema, Skinlab, Nevermore, Devin Townsend, Riverside and others.


Source: )
Band profile: Anathema
Posted: 28.04.2006 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Laethora - Sign To The End Records

Laethora, the new band featuring members of Dark Tranquility and The Provenance have signed to The End Records for release in North America and Australia.

On their official website the band posted the following statement :

"The Laethora collective is pleased to announce our signing to The End Records for the North American and Australian territories. We're content that the cooperation will be prosperous for both parties and are looking forward to delivering some quality metal to the masses. The debut album, 'March of the Parasite,' is still being finalized, but a teaser rough mix of the track "Black Void Remembrance" can be experienced by visiting or by obtaining the 'Alternate Endings' sampler CD from The End Records."


Band profile: Laethora
Posted: 28.04.2006 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Battered - New Video Online

Battered (band formed by fomer Einherjer members) posted the video from the song "Not One" from their debut album on their official website
Posted: 28.04.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Rush - Working On New Material

Neil Peart posted an update on his official website, here there are some extracts from his message:

"The day I picked up Alex and Geddy at the local airport was sunny, but near freezing, and the three of us hugged each other through masses of coats, scarves, and gloves. All bundled-up like . . . Canadians in winter."


"Earlier this winter, when the three of us were making plans for our meeting in Quebec, I had been jokingly calling it our "corporate retreat." And indeed, we do have some "business" to discuss, but first — we eat and drink."


"As recounted in my previous news report, back in January I had sent Alex and Geddy some lyrics. I knew they had been working with some of them, but I hadn't heard anything yet. That day in my kitchen, we had a momentary panic when Alex went searching through his bags and couldn't find the CD — frantically calling his son Adrian in Toronto to try to have it sent up, or to be uploaded somehow to the Internet so we could download it there (the extremities of modern technology). Adrian reported that he couldn't find the CD in Alex's studio either. Alex had another look in the part of his bag where "he would never put it," and walked back into the kitchen holding the clear plastic case, shaking his head.


Band profile: Rush
Posted: 27.04.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Ved Buens Ende - To Come Back

The following message was posted at Kyrck Productions website:

"Ved Buens Ende have agreed to do an official LP version of "Those..." demo on LP with Kyrck Productions and also record a new track only for this release to make it special and state their comeback."

Band profile: Ved Buens Ende
Posted: 27.04.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Tarja Turunen - Inks Deal With Universal Music

Tarja Turunen, ex Nightwish singer, posted a message on her website talking about her plans for 2006:

"I am glad to announce my plans for the rest of this year.

Some new concerts have been added to the "Concerts" section of this web page. Please check them there. By the way, we are also working on the design of a new web page that will be ready soon.

Next info hopefully will make us all very happy: Nightwish "End of an Era" DVD and CD are ready to be released with our partners worldwide.

Finally, my brother's Teo Turunen debut album is ready and we are expecting to make it available in Finland during this summer. We did one duet together and I arranged and recorded with some friends the backing vocals. It was a lot of fun!


Band profile: Tarja
Posted: 27.04.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Celtic Frost - New Song Online For Streaming

The new song "Ground" is online now and can be streamed in at this location.

Following the album's release, CELTIC FROST will commence extensive touring, covering several major European festivals this summer as well as a full North American tour in the autumn. Check all confirmed European live dates below:


31.05.2006 Vosselaar - Belgium @ Biebob
01.06.2006 Zaandam - Holland @ Kade
03.06.2006 Gelsenkirchen - Germany @ Rock Hard Festival
10.06.2006 Sölvesborg - Sweden @ Sweden Rock Festival
25.06.2006 Clisson - France @ Hellfest
30.06.2006 Roitzschjora - Germany @ With Full Force
02.07.2006 Helsinki - Finland @ Tuska Festival
12.07.2006 Malakassa - Greece @ Rockwave Festival


Band profile: Celtic Frost
Posted: 27.04.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Lordi - Tuska Fest Will Help Them For Eurovision

Finland's eurovision song contest participant Lordi's performance jeopardized because of outrageous pyrotechnics bill - Tuska Open Air Metal Festival to the rescue

Scandinavia's premier metal festival, Tuska Open Air Metal Festival taking place in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, Finland, during 30.6.-2.7. has decided to take action in assisting Finland's controversial Eurovision song contest participant, Lordi, with unrealistic pyrotechnics expenses.

Although Lordi representing Finland in the Eurovision song contest raised very blunt opinions from the start, things took a serious turn for the worse when Finnish National Radio received a cost estimate for the pyrotechnics required in Lordi's show. The German company who has the exclusive right in providing the special effects for the contest, presented the Finns with an estimate which is in no way compatible with the tariffs of past years, the final amount climbing to tens of thousands of Euros. Currently the Finnish National Radio (YLE) is pondering the option of pulling out of the contest altogether.


Source: Tuska Festival
Band profile: Lordi
Posted: 27.04.2006 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

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