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Dawn Of Silence - Recruit New Guitarist

Swedish melodic heavy metal band Dawn Of Silence have added a new guitarist to their ranks.

The band issued the following statement: "For quite a while Patrik Johansson (also in Bloodbound) has thought of letting go of the guitar playing and just focus on the vocals. After considerations with the rest of the band we've now decide to go on as a quintet. Therefore we are pleased to welcome Jesper Johansson (Sins IV Ages, ex-Morifade) to the band.

We've known Jesper, both personally and musically, for a couple of years now, so asking him to join felt very natural. We're convinced that this change will gain the band for the better and take our live performances to the next level.

And just to make it clear. Jesper is not related to anyone of us. The only relatives in the band are still Mats & Pelle Johansson. Johansson is the most common name in Sweden and this band is just a living proof of that "


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Shining - An Update From Niklas Kvarforth

Shining founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth is quitting all other projects in order to concentrate on Shining.

Kvarforth released the following statement: "A lot of things have been happening recently with Shining, and the rapid growth of the band over the last year, and the commitment that Shining now requires of me has meant that it has become impractical for me to continue working as vocalist with other bands.

This includes my work with Bethlehem, who themselves realised that the band could not continue with myself on vocals. Bethlehem is still my all-time favourite band and I wish them all the best for the future. I will also be quitting as front man for Den Saakaldte.

From now on, therefore, I will only be making occasional guest vocal appearances on albums by other bands, and my priority will be Shining. My work with Maniac's band Skitliv will not be affected, however, as the vocals and the bulk of the creative work is in his hands.

As always, myself and the band very much appreciate all the support the fans are giving Shining and their patience in waiting for the release of VII - Född Förlorare, and there will be some very good news regarding this very shortly."

VII - Född Förlorare (trans: Born Loser) will be released later this year through Indie Recordings. More album details were previously reported over here.


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Leaves' Eyes - New Song Online

"Velvet Heart", a brand-new track from German/Norwegian symphonic metal band Leaves' Eyes, has been made available for streaming on Facebook (scroll down to second post).

"Velvet Heart" comes off the band's upcoming new album Meredead, which will be released on April 22nd through Napalm Records. More album details were previously reported over here.


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The Wolves Of Avalon - Debut Album In April

Carrion Crows Over Camlan, the upcoming debut album of British pagan metal band The Wolves Of Avalon, will be released in April through Godreah Records.

The Wolves Of Avalon is the new project of The Meads Of Asphodel mainman Metatron. Not wanting to take the Meads into the pagan metal realms, the birth of The Wolves of Avalon, was always going to happen. The Wolves of Avalon is an embodiment of ancient British spirit and pride and not to be confused with any modern interpretation of things long since buried by time and dust. By drafting in JM to create the music and traditional instrumentalist from other bands, Metatron's vision has finally come to life.

The Wolves of Avalon features guest appearances by Rob Darken (Graveland), Verst (Instinct), Roibéard Ó Bogail (Mael Mórdha), Magnus O. Wohlfart (Yggdrasil), Petra Jadrná (Cruadalach), Arvid Vermote (Krigavar), and Rob Wakefield (Aurora-Project).

The music can be termed, Celtic Pagan Metal that simmers in a doleful, almost tragic atmosphere with sporadic up tempo sections to shed light on the Dark Age tale that writhes within. The concept is of the British Celtic Arthurian age much maligned by exaggerated myths and erroneous histories of Britain. The album reflects a period around 500 AD, that existed after the Romans were recalled to defend their homeland from the Barbarian migrations, the same land hungry hordes that were to engulf the warriors and tribes of Britain. This was the era of the Germanic and British wars, and the Arthurian defence of our sacred soil that was to end in defeat at Camlan. The main essence of the lyrical concept is the great victory over the Germanic invaders, at The Battle of Baddon Hill around 500 AD, Baddon Hill was the great Victory that this album surmounts. This was when the British Celts defeated the Germanic Saxons in the last great Celtic age of heroes. It is ironic to think the Saxons and their fellow invaders, the Angles and Jutes would soon after amalgamate into what would be termed as the England. . This album celebrates the old British pride, the old Gods and the great tribes prior to the alien Germanic incursions. This is an album dedicated to our Pagan ancestors.

Carrion Crows Over Camlan tracklist:

01. Intro -This Mighty Isle
02. The Wolves of Avalon
03. Enchanted Spirits of Warriors Slain
04. Lost Gods we call on You
05. British Tribes Unite
06. The War Song of Beli Mawr
07. The Siege of Badon Hill
08. The Last Druid
09. Carrion Crows over Camlan


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Circle Of Dead Children - Co-Founding Guitarist Leaves The Band

Circle Of Dead Children have parted ways with guitarist and co-founding member, Jason Andrews.

The band released the following statement: "Circle Of Dead Children is extremely appreciative and thankful to Jason for the twelve years he has dedicated to the band and the numerous unmatched memories which he gifted to each member of the band from 1998 to present. We wish him all the best in whatever moves he makes next in life and will forever stand beside him as a great friend."

The following was added later: "Anyone following Circle Of Dead Children over the past decade has seen our production and output slow down significantly over the past several years and decisions to put the band to permanent rest have been considered, especially lately. However, instead of viewing this most recent change as another damaging or distressing circumstance, Circle Of Dead Children has been invigorated and motivated to a new level.

Circle of Dead Children is pleased to announce a new bass player to the fold; long time friend and Pittsburgh punk/metal veteran, Brooks. Drew Haritan, bassist for Circle Of Dead Children since 2005, has now taken over command on guitar and has already begun creating a follow-up to 2010's Psalm of the Grand Destroyer (Willowtip Records/Candlelight Records). Expect the Circle of Dead Children sound to be taken to a new level of mind-screwing punishment, intensity and ill-willed passion for 2011."


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Agalloch - Entire Live Show Streaming Online

National Public Radio are streaming the soundboard recording of the entire concert of Agalloch performing live at the Le Poisson Rouge in New York City last Tuesday, March 22nd. You can close your eyes and pretend you were there too by clicking here.

Some video footage of "Into the Painted Grey" and "In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion" can also be found over here.

The live set of Worm Ouroboros, the opening act of the evening, can also be streamed in its entirety over at NPR.

Agalloch setlist:

Into the Painted Grey
Falling Snow
The Watcher's Monolith
Of Stone, Wind and Pillor
Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires
Our Fortress is Burning... II: Bloodbirds
Dead Winter Days
In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion


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Event: Agalloch: East Coast Tour
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Empyrium - First-Ever Live Show Announced

Recently reactivated German folk doom/neofolk band Empyrium will perform the very first concert in the band's history later this year. Exactly 15 years after the release of their debut album A Wintersunset..., Empyrium will play their first-ever live show at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany.

Mainman Schwadorf proudly confirms the performance: "With great excitement and anticipation we hereby confirm that Empyrium will play its first (and maybe last) live show ever on this year's Wave Gotik Treffen. We are very busy preparing the show right now. Expect a very special line-up and a set-list featuring songs from all albums we released and even unreleased material. We hope to see as many of you Empyrium maniacs as possible on this special event to make everybody happy and satisfied! More details will follow."

The festival is set to take place June 10-13th in Leipzig, Germany. An up-to-date festival billing is available over here.

2115 for the tip!]


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Amon Amarth - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Surtur Rising, the new upcoming album from Swedish melodeath warriors Amon Amarth, is now available for streaming in its entirety, exclusively at BloodyDisgusting (stream ends at 11:59pm EST on March 28th).

Surtur Rising will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on March 25th, in the rest of Europe on March 28th, and in North America on March 29th through Metal Blade Records.


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Tombs - New Song Online

"Vermillion", a brand-new track from US blackened sludge outfit Tombs, has been made available for streaming over at MySpace.

"Vermillion" comes off the band's upcoming new album Path of Totality, which will be released on June 7th through Relapse Records. Some more album details over here.


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Cavalera Conspiracy - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Blunt Force Trauma, the new upcoming album from Cavalera Conspiracy, is now available for streaming in its entirety over at and TotalGuitar.

Blunt Force Trauma will be released on March 29th through Roadrunner Records. More album details were previously reported over here.


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Steven Wilson - Update On Various Projects

Porcupine Tree mainman Steven Wilson is what they call a busy man. Time for a little update on his current endeavors.

Most important points to remember: the mixing for the forthcoming Opeth album has been completed, and the much-anticipated collaboration project between Wilson and Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt - tentatively dubbed Storm Corrosion - has completed writing material for the debut album.

Here's the full update: "Last year was pretty much a year without any new music from me, I've been working very hard in the studio on various projects. Firstly, we finished mixing the incredible new Opeth album a few days ago, keep an eye on their website for details on that. Mikael and I also took the opportunity while he was here to finish writing our collaboration album - there's still a lot of recording work to do, but this should definitely be out in early 2012. The new Steven Wilson solo record is still on track for September release, and I think the next two King Crimson remixes (Lark's Tongues in Aspic and Starless and Bible Black) will be out around the same time. I'm now working on new stereo and 5.1 mixes of another very famous 70's progressive album for a deluxe reissue this year, can't say more about that just yet. Last but not least, over the last year I worked on and off on a new Bass Communion album called Cenotaph, which is a kind of sequel to Ghosts on Magnetic Tape - news on when this will be released when I have it. I think that's enough for now! Off on tour with Blackfield soon."


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The Gates Of Slumber - New Album Details, New Song Online

The Wretch, the new album from US doom metal band The Gates Of Slumber, will be released on May 10th through Rise Above Records/Metal Blade.

One of the new songs on the album, called "Coven of Cain", has been made available for streaming exclusively at Decibel Magazine.

Recorded during the cold British winter of 2010 at London's Orgone Studios and produced by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Angel Witch), The Wretch sees The Gates Of Slumber pushing its trademark blend of skull-crushing riffs and pounding rhythms to new heights and marks a return to the slower all-out doom tempos of the group's early albums combined with "true doom metal" lyrical themes.

Commented frontman and founding member Karl Simon: "This record is frustration and disappointment put to music. No heroics this time, no swords; no sorcery. No fantasy. That stuff is OK; it's fun... whatever, but we don't feel it these days. This one is all about others let you down almost as much as you let yourself down. It might not make sense to you, but then you probably only have the last two records as a digital download. That, or your world is summed up by someone else's soundbite."

The Wretch tracklist:

01. Bastards Born
02. The Scovrge Ov Drvnkenness
03. To The Rack With Them
04. Day of Farewell
05. Castle of the Devil
06. Coven of Cain
07. The Wretch
08. Iron and Fire


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Symphony X - New Album Details

Iconoclast, the new album from US progressive metal band Symphony X, will be released on June 17th in Europe and June 21th in North America through Nuclear Blast Records.

The cover artwork was created by illustrator and film concept artist Warren Flanagan (Watchmen, The Incredible Hulk, 2012). He stated: "The idea was to create imagery that was a little darker in tone to previous Symphony X albums and to represent the overall theme of Iconoclast into the artwork. The whole concept came from Mike Romeo, who had a strong idea of what the cover should represent based off the music. I just ran with it. When the album's title was decided on, I focused the image based on the meaning of it. I also wanted to use the band's signature 'masks' but present them in a way that connected to the new album."

Symphony X founder and lead guitarist Michael Romeo has the following to say about Flanagan's art: "We worked with Warren on the last CD, Paradise Lost, and have a good relationship with him. When I talk to Warren about artwork ideas, a lot of times we end up making comparisons to films and movies. With the new CD, Iconoclast, the music and lyrics have a darker mechanical/technological theme, and I remember us talking about scenes from films like The Matrix and Terminator. From there, we sent him some songtitles and lyrics (songs like "Dehumanized", "Bastards Of The Machine", "Electric Messiah") and just let Warren run with the ball. He has a great imagination and style, and he totally gets what we are trying to convey with the music."

Russell Allen also talks about the new album in this new interview.

Iconoclast tracklist:

01. Iconoclast
02. The End Of Innocence
03. Dehumanized
04. Bastards Of The Machine
05. Heretic
06. Children Of A Faceless God
07. Electric Messiah
08. Prometheus (I Am Alive)
09. When All Is Lost

Iconoclast Special Edition digi-pak cover art] tracklist:

01. Iconoclast
02. The End Of Innocence
03. Dehumanized
04. Bastards Of The Machine
05. Heretic
06. Children Of A Faceless God
07. When All Is Lost

CD 2:
01. Electric Messiah
02. Prometheus (I Am Alive)
03. Light Up The Night
04. The Lords Of Chaos
05. Reign In Madness


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Onslaught - Drummer Leaves The Band

Original Onslaught drummer Steve Grice is leaving the band.

Grice released the following statement to Blabbermouth: "With great reluctance and sadness, I must announce that I am no longer prepared to fulfill the role of drummer for Onslaught, the band that I helped found in 1983, and which I brought back together in 2005. This has been a very difficult and painful decision to make, and follows a series of events that, in my opinion, have seen the recurrence of old patterns of behavior that fuelled the band's original demise in 1991.

This culmination of occurrences came to a head when I learned through a third party that the band had booked a series of shows without my knowledge, and with the intention of using another drummer, during a period of time reserved for family commitments. Be very clear the temporary use of another drummer does not present me with a problem. My issue is with the fact that at no point did anyone from the band let me know that these decisions had been made.

Again in my opinion, there is a considerable gap between certain parties' view of Onslaught and the truth in terms of album sales and concert attendances. My reality, that of a father of two approaching 50, was simply incompatible with this alternate world view.

My heartfelt thanks go out to all those I have met in my professional and personal lives over the last six years. Your love and kindness has been appreciated more than you could ever know. I have no immediate plans to remain in the music industry my focus now returns to my marketing business and my family, who have been a constant source of support through the good times and the bad."


Onslaught have recruited Michael Hourihan (ex-Extreme Noise Terror, Desecration) to play the drums during their Scream For Violence Tour starting on March 31th in Hamburg, Germany.


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Firewind - European Tour With Wolf

Firewind will embark on the Defiance Over Europe Tour in September. Support comes from Swedish labelmates Wolf, who are about to release their newest album Legions Of Bastards.

Gus G. checked in with the following message: "While we've done one off-shows, mini tours and played open air summer festivals in Europe, we haven"t been on a proper tour across Europe in 3 years. Firewind has returned and we're looking forward to this one more than anything! We can't wait to play a full set again for our crazy fans all over the continent and play songs from Days Of Defiance as well as older fan favorites! Get ready for an ass-kicking night full of Fire and Fury!

We"re also pleased to have our buddies from Wolf on board for this tour. We've known them for years and we did a one-off show together in the UK back in 2007. They're a killer band and great bunch of guys who just like us, live for Metal!"

Defiance Over Europe Tour Dates:

Sep. 09 - Southampton, UK - Talking Head
Sep. 10 - Manchester, UK - Moho
Sep. 11 - Glasgow, Scotland - Apollo 23
Sep. 12 - Reading, UK - Sub 89
Sep. 14 - Zoetermeer, NL - Boerderij
Sep. 15 - Den Bosch, NL - W2
Sep. 16 - Kerkrade, NL - Rock Temple
Sep. 17 - Vosselaar, BEL - Biebob
Sep. 18 - Cologne, GER - Underground
Sep. 19 - Aschaffenburg, GER - Colos Saal
Sep. 20 - Hamburg, GER - Knust
Sep. 22 - Vienna, AUT - Szene
Sep. 23 - Brunico, IT - UFO
Sep. 24 - Pisa, IT - Borderline
Sep. 26 - Paris, FRA - Le Nouveau Casino


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Event: Firewind: Defiance Over Europe Tour
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