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Testament - live bootleg in DVD

San Francisco Bay Area thrashers TESTAMENT are currently offering another live "bootleg" in DVD format for sale in the "Merch" section of the group's official web site. "Testament - Live at the Omni 1988" was filmed at the Omni in Oakland, CA on December 30, 1988.

"Testament - Live at the Omni 1988" (view cover here) track listing:

01. Into the Pit
02. The Preacher
03. Alone In the Dark
04. The New Order
05. First Strike Is Deadly
06. Disciples of the Watch
07. C.O.T.L.O.D.
08. Burnt Offerings
09. Do or Die
10. Day of Reckoning
11. Eerie Inhabitants
12. Trial by Fire

The video is available for $18.00 in the U.S. or $23 overseas (+ $5.00 shipping & handling). For more information, go here:

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Nightwish - good news for US fans - DVD & EP

"On November 30th Century Media will make available for the first time in the U.S. two previously unavailable Nightwish releases the End Of Innocence DVD and the Over The Hills And Far Away EP. Fans will revel in the detailed film footage and interview history as well as videos, live footage, and photo gallery found on the DVD. The EP's title track is one of the band's most coveted singles, and the additional three studio tracks and six live tracks round out this magnificent experience. Additionally, Century Media will be releasing Nightwish's From Wishes To Eternity DVD on January 25th, 2005. Content details for all the Nightwish releases can be viewed at the band's website, and they will be available from the Century Media website".

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Dark Tranquillity - new album details

Sweden's DARK TRANQUILLITY have set "Character" as the title of their new full-length album, due on January 24 in Europe and January 25 in North America. An EP, entitled "Lost To Apathy", will precede the album on November 15. Both releases will surface through Century Media Records, who recently signed the band to a brand-new three-album deal.

Commented Leif Jensen of Century Media's European A&R department: "DARK TRANQUILLITY are the originators and innovators of the melodic death metal style and a total favourite band for Century Media's staff, so we are all extremely proud about the professional and very successful co-operation we managed to have with the band so far! And this is only the beginning because the band has signed a new worldwide contract with Century Media and we are looking forward to break new ground for them with their outstanding next album 'Character'. This one won't leave you out!"

The band added: "We are exceptionally satisfied to announce that we've chosen to continue our cooperation with Century Media for another three albums. After lengthy negotiations with several prolific labels, the dotted line was finally signed and we have full confidence that we've made the right choice and that there are some excellent years ahead — both for us and for Century Media. As some of you know, the new CD is already recorded and mixed, and the response for the live previews of the song 'One Thought' has been truly great throughout the summer festivals, so we're eagerly anticipating the release of the album."

DARK TRANQUILLITY will be supporting thrash metal icons KREATOR all over Europe on the lengthy "Enemy Of God" tour beginning on February 2. Two additional support acts will be announced soon. Prior to the KREATOR tour, DARK TRANQUILLITY will play a special Metal Hammer-sponsored U.K. one-off gig with labelmates ARCH ENEMY and THE HAUNTED on December 17 at the Forum in London.

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Ayreon - "Actual Fantasy: Revisited"

A studio report came online earlier today on the official website

Arjen is currently putting the finishing touches on the Actual Fantasy 2004 edition named Actual Fantasy:  Revisited. It features, among other things, a CD of the 2004 recording and a bonus DVD with a 5.1 surround sound remix of the 2004 recording.  At the end of September Ed Warby recorded drums for this edition, and recently Peter Vink recorded bass guitars. Time to catch up with Arjen on how the process of revitalizing the 1996 recording has been so far.

After mixing "Star Child" in dolby pro-logic and "Day Eleven: Love" in 5.1, Arjen couldn't wait to mix an entire album 5.1. The first real opportunity came up when InsideOut began planning their release of the old Ayreon albums. He figured it would be great to give the least selling and seriously overlooked 2nd Ayreon album Actual Fantasy some new attention.

For years Arjen had wondered what Actual Fantasy would sound like with real drums, instead of the drum computer. And when Arjen began working with drummer extra-ordinaire Ed Warby on Ayreon and Star One recordings, the idea grew: wouldn't it be great to record the album with real drums? It was a daunting task that kept Arjen from considering it seriously. However, in order to make a 5.1 mix work for the album he had to re-record a number of elements that were lost, and remaking the album by recording real drums became a serious option.

"After I was finished with 'The Human Equation', I took some time to think it over. I knew it would be a lot of work and would cost a lot of time, effort and money. How could I know it would be worth it? But then I talked it over with Ed, I knew I just had to do this. Of course at the time back in 1996 it was my intention to make the album completely electronic to match the themes of the songs, but what a waste when you have someone like Ed who can really make the album come alive with his drums. In fact Ed himself recently told me that when he heard Actual Fantasy for the first time (we hadn's met yet back then) he told people he should have drummed it instead of a computer!"

"The recording process is completely different from recording a new album. Even though I could replay the guitar and the bass parts, all vocals and most of the keyboards were set in stone. Ed Warby had less room to move and the margin of error was very small, but on the other hand he could now interact with the vocals and solos that were already recorded. As we all know by now Ed is such a skilled drummer and as expected he did a great job. He found enough room to be creative and innovative. I can't begin to describe how great it was to hear the album coming together in a new style in the recording studio."


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Mystic Prophecy - Release Party & Acoustic Show

Mystic Prophecy will celebrate the release of their new album "Never-Ending" (due on October 25th) with a big party plus acoustic gig in Athens, Greece. The event shall take place on October 23rd in Athens' Texas Club.

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Edguy - second gig in Fulda

"s their gig at the Kreuz in Fulda, Germany, on November 27th is completely sold out already, Edguy will play a second show at the same location on November 28th. Tickets are available at 0049 (0) 661 240230. If you want to see both concerts, you don't have to worry about possible monotony, as Eduy will use two different setlists!"

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Hammerfall - first live show for 2005 confirmed

From the Nuclear Blast website:

"Guitarist Oscar Dronjak announced the first Hammerfall live show 2005 on the
band's official website: It's Bloodstock 2005 in Derby, England, on September 2nd, and will be Hammerfall's second appearance in the UK ever.
"This makes me feel especially happy, as I was pretty much solely responsible
for us not making it to last year's festival (the motorcycle accident, remember?)" Oscar
writes in his statement. "This time, I promise you, there will be no cancellation."

More concerts are going to be announced within the next months.

In addition, work on the new Hammerfall album (due in March 2005) is progressing very well.
For more information, check out Oscar's studio diary, also to be
found on".

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The Clan Destined - Demo on the way

The band performing Martin Walkyier (ex-Sabbat, ex-Skyclad) and Iscariah (Necrophagia, ex-Immortal) between others, put an update on their website:

Recordings are taking place as we speak on various locations around the UK with top of the notch producers. So far drums, guitars and bass are done. The band will reveal more information about this in the coming days together with photos, video-clips and sneak previews. Info on this debut along with release date, which will only be released in a strictly limited edition through this website, will also follow shortly. Stay tuned for more...

Also the band previously post the name and track list of the demo:

The demo we're about to record will be entitled "In The Big Ending…" and will feature the following six songs; "Swinging Like Judas", "More Than War", "I Am Because We Are!", "We're Wolves", "A Beautiful Start To The End Of The World", plus a cover-version of a Julian Cope track called "T.C. Lethbridge".

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Marduk - release date of the new album

Regain Records has set a November 22 European release date for the new album from Swedish black metallers MARDUK, entitled"Plague Angel". The CD, which was recorded at Endarker studio in Norrköping, Sweden with producer Devo Andersson, will be the band's first release with new singer Mortuus (previously a member of FUNERAL MIST and TRIUMPHATOR under the alias Arioch). A video for the track "Throne of Rats" is currently being produced by director Roger Johansson (THE HAUNTED, IN FLAMES, HAMMERFALL) and is being described as "a morbid masterpiece and a tribute to death and war."

"Plague Angel" track listing:

01. The Hangman of Prague
02. Throne of Rats
03. Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets
04. Life's Emblem
05. Steel Inferno
06. Perish In Flames
07. Holy Blood, Holy Grail
08. Warschau
09. Deathmarch
10. Everything Bleeds
11. Blutrache

MARDUK will embark on a massive world tour beginning in December. The European portion of the trek, dubbed "Deathmarch 2004/2005", will be divided into two parts, with the first taking place in December and the second during spring 2005. A complete list of currently confirmed tour dates can be found here.

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Shaman - In the studio

Also SHAMAN are just in the "Gate Studio" in Wolfsburg to work on their (still untitled) new album. The EP of the Brazilian band around vocalist Andre Matos (ex-Angra) will be in stores in January 2005.

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Six Feet Under - Enter in the studio

Tampa Florida death-metalers Six Feet Under headed into Morrisound studios Friday, October 1st to start laying down tracks to their next full length follow-up to Bringer of Blood. Right now the band is recording all the music and then Chris Barnes will head over to the Hit Factory to lay down the vocals. Once again Chris Barnes will be the producer and Chris Carroll will be handling engineering and mixing. As far as what this CD's subject matter will be about, Chris Barnes says, "the material is dark and demented, and is not uplifting." More information on the new album and studio updates from Chris Barnes will be made available in the coming weeks.

In other news SFU will be playing Puerto Rico on 10/29 and Trinidad and Tobago on 10/30, both shows with Hatebreed.

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Enthroned - New album announce

The Belgium Black Metal mongrels, ENTHRONED, have completed work on their upcoming album XES Haereticum (01 Nov) and are more than satisfied with the results. Nornagest describes the new album as having "a more mature, varied, and darker aspect than previous releases, yet more intense and aggressive than ever before." XES Haereticum is scheduled for a 1 Nov release and will be available as a regular and limited edition. The limited edition digipack version includes 3 bonus tracks!
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Winds - Update on new album

"Over the summer we entered Panser Studio in Oslo, Norway to record drums for the next and upcoming Winds album. We had written nine compositions and felt the time was ready to begin manifesting the basic tracks for this effort. These compositions are in no way finished at this point, but Jan Axel laid down some of his most challenging and creative drumwork to date, which will serve as the foundation of what the record will be built upon.
The entire studio process went really well, and we have to extend our gratitude to BT Pro Audio, SE Electronics, and not the least Audio Media Professional AS who were majorly involved in providing us with the mics and other gear we needed for these drum recordings. We will not speculate on when the next album will be ready, but we hope it will see a release towards the end of 2005, at which point you can expect to hear another fabulous yet also very different Winds album."

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Immolation - Titles of the new album announced

Long-running New York-based death metallers IMMOLATION have set "Harnessing Ruin" as the title of their new album, tentatively due late January 2005 via Listenable Records in Europe (Olympic Recordings in the U.S.). The album was recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios with Paul Orofino producing. A new video for the track "Dead to Me" is currently in the works and wil be shoot in the end of October in New York.
IMMOLATION will also announce a brand new website address shortly. 'Harnessing the Ruin' is coming out on LISTENABLE records (world except North America) in the end of January. The front cover artwork should be done again by Andreas Marschall.

"Harnessing Ruin" track listing:

01. Swarm of Terror
02. Our Savior Sleeps
03. Challenge the Storm
04. Harnessing Ruin
05. Dead to Me
06. Son of Iniquity
07. My Own Enemy
08. Crown the Liar
09. At Mourning's Twilight

On other news , IMMOLATION DVD 'bringing down the world' is finally released and available in PAL system region 0. The NTSC version will come out early 2005 and will be distributed in USA through THE END / IDN distribution.

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Tygers of Pan Tang - Broke up with vocalist

The UK band have broke up with their vocalist Richie Wicks. The band haven't announce a new singer, but they would announce it soon, because their are currently working on a new album due to be out on 2005.
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