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Iron Maiden release special souvenir EP

In recognition of their highly successful tour and critically acclaimed No 1 international album, IRON MAIDEN thank their fans by releasing a very special CD on 29th March 2004.

'NO MORE LIES' the 7 minute epic from the 'Dance Of Death' album will open the specially formatted and unique Collectors EP CD. Packaged in a silver and red printed box with free Woven Jacquard IRON MAIDEN wristband and 12 page colour booklet the EP celebrates what has been a remarkable year since the band completed recording 'Dance Of Death'. Iron Maiden hit the road in May 2003 and have subsequently played to 1.5 million people in 28 countries across 4 continents along the way. From headlining every major rock festival in Europe to selling out football stadium dates of their own, the band have continued to show they continue to be one of Britain's greatest rock exports.

The EP features special mixes of 'Journeyman' and 'Paschendale' plus a live video of the band's performance of 'No More Lies' from the sold out recent Dance Of Death World Tour. The length of the EP (over 30 minutes of music) and packaging contents will exclude the release from any charts. However, as manager Rod Smallwood explained, 'This release is as a special thank you to all our fans in celebration of an amazing year. The album dominated the international album charts* (debuting at Billboard's International chart at No 1) so we have nothing to prove, except that great music gets recognition from the public, despite the prejudice of mainstay Radio and TV."

To coincide with 'No More Lies, The Dance Of Death Souvenir E.P' EMI Records release the 'Dance Of Death' album on DVDA with 5.1 surround sound specially mixed by producer Kevin Shirley and Steve Harris. For the Audio buffs the DVDA portion contains the album in full crystal clear Hi-definition 24-bit/96 Khz glory while fans who own DVD 5.1 home cinema set ups will be able to enjoy the album in Surround-sound in Dolby Digital or DTS. Listening to the album in this format takes it to a whole new experience level especially with tracks such as 'Paschendale' taking on epic proportions.

Also included on the DVDA as a bonus are two full length videos of the singles 'Wildest Dreams' and 'Rainmaker', both directed by Howard Greenhalgh and which can also be viewed accompanied by full 5.1 audio.

The band have just finished their 'Dance Of Death World Tour', which included nine exceptionally successful British Arena shows to ecstatic fans and critics, finishing with a sold out show at Earl's Court, and playing to over 90,000 fans in the UK alone.


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Annihilator - news on the forthcoming album

Long-running Canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR have set a May 24 European release date through Germany's AFM Records for their new album, "All For You". A five-song EP, entitled "The One", will surface on April 26, and will include two bonus video clips.

As previously reported, "All For You" (view cover here) marks the recording debut with the group of new singer Dave Padden, who replaced previous vocalist Joe Comeau last June. The album also features a return appearance by drummer Mike Mangini (EXTREME, STEVE VAI) following the departure of Randy Black (PRIMAL FEAR) in early October.

"All For You" track listing (not final sequence):

01. All For You
02. Weapon X
03. The Nightmare Factory
04. The One
05. Demon Dance
06. Rage Absolute
07. Both Of Me
08. Bled
09. Dr. Psycho
10. Holding On
11. The Sound Of Horror

Commented mainman Jeff Waters in a recent online posting: " is probably the most brutal ANNIHILATOR song EVER written. I honestly would compare it to 'Battery' by METALLICA — and I would NEVER ever try to compare something I did with a classic tune like that unless I could back I up. Dave, Mike and I can!

"The song 'All For You' will 'probably' be the single as it is one of those darn tootin' tunes that you will hear once and NOT be able to forget the chorus!"

With regards to the songwriting process for the new album, Waters said, "I demoed 18 songs . Weeded out the weakest ones and then got Dave/Mike to do their stuff over the 11 I picked. It was 12, but one was noticeably weak — could made it on any other CD, but not this one."


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TOLKKI 'Shocked' And 'Depressed'

STRATOVARIUS webmaster Fred Derf has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

" Timo Tolkki sent me an e-mail in which he stated that he is too shocked and depressed to publish any statement about the attack.

"His wife and daughter have been deeply shocked about the stabbing . Timo wrote that he will probably issue a statement about the future of STRATOVARIUS next week."

Photo of the stabbing wound:,3174,45646,00.jpg


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ANTHRAX Part Ways With Bassist FRANK BELLO

ANTHRAX manager Tim Dralle has confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET that bassist Frank Bello is no longer a member of ANTHRAX. The group's official statement on the matter is as follows: "Due to internal reasons, Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT, FATES WARNING) will be temporarily handling bass playing duties for ANTHRAX on their upcoming tours of Japan and Australia." More information will be made available soon.


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NIGHTWISH Set Release Date For 'Once'

NIGHTWISH have set a June 7 Finnish release date through Spinefarm Records for their brand-new album, "Once". A single containing the album track "Nemo" is due on April 19.

In other news, the "Once" album cut "Creek Mary's Blood" will feature an appearance by Lakota tribe's Indian John Two-Hawks. John (, a NAMMY-nominated master Native American flute player and musician, will reportedly play the flute, sing and contribute a poem to the recording.

"NIGHTWISH sent me their 'Century Child' album and I found out that it's great album. It's not your 'typical' heavy metal and I'm into the lyrics as well," John Two-Hawks told Finland's Sonera Plaza.

"Then I got the rough mix of 'Creek Mary's Blood' and I was very, very impressed! It's a very spectacle-kind of song and I'm sure that Tuomas Holopainen has taken some influences from the 'Dances With Wolves' soundtrack.

"Tuomas told me what he wants me to play and I agreed with him. I still asked him if I can play some more if I get some good ideas, and Tuomas agreed," John said.

Also on the NIGHTWISH-related front, all 3,700 tickets to the group's record-release show in Kitee, Finland on May 22 were sold out within a day. Among the people purchasing tickets to the gig were residents of the following countries: Finland, Germany, Monaco, Sweden, Russia, Belgium, Holland, Norway, U.K., Italy, France, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Argentina, Poland and USA.

NIGHTWISH will launch their world tour in support of "Once", dubbed "Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005", this summer. The trek is expected to last until the autumn of 2005.


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Khold - release dates of the new album

Norway's KHOLD have set an April 20 U.S. and April 5 for Europe release date through Candlelight Records for their third full-length album, "Morke Gravers Kammer".

Recorded in Norway and completed following the band's 2003 European tour with SATYRICON, "Morke Gravers Kammer" (The Gravediggers Dark Chamber) is an eclectic collection of fast and mid-tempo tracks that features the Oslo-based band's simple yet commanding take on the extreme style. The album features artwork by illustrious Norwegian photographer Marcel Leliënhof. He further directed the band's first video for album track "Dod".

Drummer/founder Sarke says, "the songs on this album are strong and the KHOLD trademark is there all the way. We have our own take on black metal. We offer something different within the genre and that can only be positive."

"Morke Gravers Kammer" track listing:

01. Atselgraver
02. Dod Niflheimr
03. Hevnerske
04. Med Nebb og Klor
05. Morke Gravers Kammer
06. Opera Seria Sjeleskjender
07. Vardoger
08. Kamp
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Death - News On Control Denied Album!

Jane Schuldiner, mother of late DEATH/CONTROL DENIED frontman Chuck Schuldiner, has issued another statement in response to continuing reports that the now-defunct Hammerheart Records (currently operating under the name Karmageddon Media) will be releasing the unfinished sophomore album from CONTROL DENIED this spring.

As previously reported, Chuck, who passed away in December 2001 after a battle with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor, began work on the album (tentatively titled "When Machine and Man Collide") in 2001 but never managed to complete the effort before his health quickly deteriorated in the months leading up to his tragic death. The remaining members of the group — bassist Steve DiGiorgio, vocalist Tim Aymar, guitarist Shannon Hamm, and drummer Richard Christy — subsequently announced their desire to complete the CD and release it in Chuck's memory, but legal hassles between Schuldiner's family and Hammerheart Records (to whom Chuck was signed at the time of his death) put the entire project on hold.

The following is Jane Schuldiner's statement regarding Hammerheart Records' plans to release the incomplete recordings without the family's consent:

"Hello fans/friends, I have read of plans to release, unauthorized, Chuck's raw music on CD. In response to that news let me say that any demo of Chuck's released by Karmageddon will be put on EmptyWords ( by the Schuldiner family to download for free."

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Dreamtale working on new album

The third album is coming up. The guys are entering Fantom-studios at the end of March 2004 to preproduce their 3rd full-lenght album. Stay tuned for more updates during this spring.

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Destruction DVD trailer Online!

Veteran German thrashers DESTRUCTION have posted a trailer for their upcoming live DVD, "Live Discharge - 20 Years Of Total Destruction", due on March 8. Check it out here:'s_id=7&lang=en

As previously reported, the DVD will come with a bonus CD featuring the "Alive Devastation" Japan-only release from 2003.

DESTRUCTION will hold a DVD-release party on March 12 at the House of Rock "Atlantis" in Herboldsheim (near Freiburg), Germany. The group will play a full "best of 20 years" live set, including all the classic and new band anthems, according to a posting on DESTRUCTION's web site. Also scheduled are various competitions, a DVD preview, a signing session and "a lot of booze!"

Taken from

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Video Footage From 'Devil's Ground' Party Posted, a web site based in the New Jersey/New York area, has posted video footage from their PRIMAL FEAR "Devil's Ground" CD release party held on February 21. Pictures from the party, a review of the new CD, and an interview with PRIMAL FEAR bass player Mat Sinner can also be found on the site. Check it out here:

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Invocator - Writing New Material

INVOCATOR have posted the following band update at their official website (

"Jacob (guitar, vocals) and Flemming (guitar) have started writing material for the next Invocator album. Things are in the very early stages, but it's safe to day that it's gonna follow the melodic line of Through The Flesh To The Soul, as well as having a somewhat darker edge to it. So far a date for the recordings have not been set, but August/September could be possible.

Flemming is finishing the songs for his Death/Thrash project SCAVENGER. A 3 track promo CD will be recorded soon and will be send to various labels in hope of securing a deal. Apart from Flemming the band consists of Morten Sørensen (Aurora, Wuthering Heights, Pyramaze) on drums and Boris Tandrup (Slugs, ex-Autumn Leaves) on bass. A Swedish singer is likely to be handling the vocal duties, but no name can be given at this point, since nothing is certain yet. Read more at

Jacob was at Jailhouse Studios putting guest vocals on a song off the new HATESPHERE album due out before the summer.

Gundel will play the drums for US act MORPHEUS' (ex-LORD BANE) debut album, and they will be recorded at Hansen Studios."
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Stratovarius - pics from their last show in Spain

Finland's Sonera Plaza has posted several photos of STRATOVARIUS performing at Spain's Piorno Rock festival on Saturday, including pictures of keyboardist Jens Johansson pissing (literally!) on guitarist Timo Tolkki during the opening notes of the song "Forever" (no, we're not kidding). Check them out here:,3634,6197_200049,00.html

STRATOVARIUS' set list for the Piorno Rock performance:

01. I Walk To My Own Song
02. Reign Of Terror
03. Lord Of The Wasteland
04. Hunting High And Low
05. Eternity
06. I'm Still Alive
07. Speed Of Light
08. Granada (Spanish) / Season Of Faith's Perfection
09. Forever Free
10. Forever
11. Phoenix
12. Kiss Of Judas
13. Father Time
14. Black Diamond

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Nightwish - Album Details

Finland's NIGHTWISH have revealed the track listing for their new album, "Once", tentatively due in June through Spinefarm/Universal Records in Finland and Nuclear Blast in continental Europe. A release date for the U.S. has yet to be confirmed.

"Once" track listing, according to NIGHTWISH's web site:

01. Dark Chest Of Wonders
02. Wish I Had An Angel
03. Nemo
04. Planet Hell
05. Creek Mary's Blood
06. The Siren
07. Dead Gardens
08. Romanticide
09. Ghost Love Score
10. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
11. Higher Than Hope

The following bonus tracks will be published as single b-sides:

01. White Night Fantasy
02. Live To Tell The Tale
03. Where Were You Last Night (ANKIE BAGGER cover)

As previously reported, NIGHTWISH recently shot a video for "Nemo" with renowned director Antti Jokinen, who has previously directed music videos for such international artists as CELINE DION, EMINEM and SHANIA TWAIN.

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Stratovarius - Timo Tolkki Assaulted!!

STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo Tolkki was assaulted in the center of Granada, Spain on Sunday (Feb. 29) as he was taking a walk, Finland's Sonera Plaza is reporting. According to STRATOVARIUS keyboardist Jens Johansson, who witnessed the attack, the alleged attacker was extremely agitated and had "a Hispanic looking appearance". During the assault, the attacker shouted "Tolkki." He was armed with what seemed to be a box cutter.

Tolkki was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was admitted to emergency care. He had two stab wounds on his left arm and a facial contusion. His wounds were cleaned and bandaged and he was released from hospital care.

Anybody with any information about the attacker is being asked to contact the police.

Tolkki commented that he is "shocked and horrified" by what happened. "Apparently this guy had been stalking me. The bastard attacked me from behind," Tolkki said. "I can take anything, but that was such a cowardly act, you know. He got me with the knife twice and punched me in the face. Then he ran away. The whole thing lasted just seconds. Now I am thinking that this might be the end of my career. I do not want to end up like John Lennon. I don't know if I want to continue STRATOVARIUS anymore".

When asked if he thinks that the attack has something to do with the resent changes in STRATOVARIUS lineup and the death threats he has received, Tolkki commented: "Of course I feel there is a connection to that. Why would anybody attack me like that otherwise? What possible other motive this guy could have had than that? I think he tried to kill me, but this time I was lucky".

STRATOVARIUS performed on Saturday night as a headliner of Piorno Rock Festival in Granada, Spain.

A photo of Timo Tolkki taken on Sunday after he was treated for his wounds can be viewed here:,3634,6211_199869,00.html

Related link: Sonner Plaza (Finland) website:

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Darkane album postponed due to wrist injury

Message from Peter

Hello all metal heads!
The recording of the upcoming Darkane album still hasn't started. The reason for this is that my wrists have been ill for one year now. On the tours we did in 2003 I always had more or less pain in my wrists. The last two shows on the Death Angel tour in November were really bad. I almost haven't played any drums since we got back from that tour.

The reason for my wrist problems is that one year ago I rehearsed very hard and for very long hours with the band Time Requiem. We did production rehearsals for four days, about 10 hours a day, with full PA and monitoring system. This was too much for my wrists. On the tour to Japan after those rehearsals my wrists were in constant ache. We had to fulfil the tour and you can actually hear the result on the upcoming live CD with Time Requiem called 'Unleashed in Japan'. After that we did the No Mercy tour with Darkane and my wrists never got the well-deserved rest they needed. As we continued with festivals and more tours for the rest of 2003, of course things didn't get better.

I've tried all kinds of treatment (chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, medicine etc…) with no luck so far. At least one good thing is that the doctors say that there is nothing wrong physically with my wrists and that it is a bad inflammation. Well let's hope that surgery won't be needed!

Anyway, 10 songs are finished for the new CD and Christofer and me are working on an intro right now. Yes, there will be some kind of bombastic intro on the next CD! The plans are to release it in September or October, but of course that depends on my wrists.

Stay metal!


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