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Dark Tranquility - new EP in November

The new EP, entitled "LOST TO APATHY" will be released on November 15 via Century media.

The tracks are the following:
- Lost to apathy
- Derivation TNB
- The endless feed (chaos seed remix)
- Undo control (live)
- Lost to apathy (video clip)
- D.T. screensaver

"This single serves to wet your appetites for the upcoming 7th full length offering, set for worldwide release in the near future".

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Earache Records - Last news...

Mortiis "The Grudge"

Mortiis' album 'The Grudge' comes in 4 formats:

In stores Monday SEPT 20th (UK/Europe) OCT 19th (USA)

First Is a very limited 'plastic edition' CD with amazing alternative cover by reknown french artist Jean Sebastian Rossbach. It comes with a 12 page plastic booklet each page revealing a different image. This version will be available to buy everywhere except Germany. It will be made available in the USA only from the Earache webstore. When they're gone they're gone so get your order in early!!! Second CD version comes with a 16 page paper booklet containing the lyrics. Third A Germany only version. This version comes with 2 bonus tracks, not available on the other versions. The extra tracks are'Decadent And Desperate' (Flickin The Bitch Switch Mix) and 'The Grudge' (Despectus). Fourth The vinyl version. Limited to 1,000 copies, the vinyl version of "The Grudge" will be pressed in 10 different colors on 140 gram vinyl : CLEAR 95, WHITE 75, WHITE/GREY 25, WHITE/GREEN 25, GREEN 122, GREEN/ORANGE 68, ORANGE 21, ORANGE/GREY 13, GRAY 55, BLUE 107, BLUE/WHITE 9, PURPLE 111, BROWNISH 116, BROWN/BLACK 3, BLACK 96, RED 98

Norway´s Mortiis returs in style, now with a full live band to deliver the electro-industrial epic, The Grudge.
Always fantastical, bizarre, ever-changing, The Grudge continues the evolution, but also allows the listener a hint at feelings lurking hidden behind the mask as well.
Recorded at Silverstone Studios in Fredrikstad, Norway. Produced by Mortiis and Vegard Blomberg.

Cult of Luna "Salvation"

The new album is out since the 4 of October 2004.

Coupling mountainous sonic audacity with organic open-hearted honesty, Cult of Luna travese the darkest depths in search of ecstatic highs on Salvation. Here more than ever before, the seismic charges reverberate with chilling precision as hopes are once again lifted only to be extinguished at the last…
Cult of Luna´s lumbering, hulking sound offers up majesty, claustrophobia, escape, futility and celebration in equal doses in one vibrant, emotive set of songs.

From Earache Records website...
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Relapse Records - New Albums


Necrophagist: (

NECROPHAGIST's stunning new album, "Epitaph" is in stores now!

Uniting head-spinning musicianship, incredibly elaborate arrangements and an acute sense of dynamics within composition, NECROPHAGIST have reset the bar for complexity and technique in modern-day death metal. NECROPHAGIST's powerful riffs, mind-blowing sweeps and arpeggios, crisp and crushing percussion and intricately designed songs are at once unequalled and uncompromising.

- "Thunderously metallic" - CHART.

Mastodon "Leviathan"

Relapse Records recording artists MASTODON have completed work on their highly anticipated new album, entitled Leviathan.
The follow up to the band's heralded Remission album, Leviathan was recorded at both Robert Lang Studios (NIRVANA, BAD COMPANY, FOO FIGHTERS) and Litho Studios (DEFTONES, SOUNDGARDEN) in Seattle with producer Matt Bayles. Based in part on Herman Melville's classic novel Moby Dick, MASTODON's Leviathan is slated for an August 31st U.S. release date and a September 13th European release date via Relapse. The final track listing for Leviathan is "Blood & Thunder", "I Am Ahab", "Seabeast", "Iceland", "Iron Tusk", "Megalodon", "Naked Burn", "Aqua Dementia", "Hearts Alive" and "Joseph Merrick".

"Mastodon´s thundering musical muscle, talent and vast sea of ideas triumphantly unite on Leviathan, delivering heavy, organic music that melds exhilarating ambitiousness with a well-honed accessibility. Leviathan´s staggering proportion, unstoppable momentum and anthemic roar wholly underlines Mastodon´s vibrant spirit and majestic, heartfelt delivery."

News from
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Therion - Public chat with Christofer Johnsson

Taken from official website

It's been a long time since people could talk to one of the bandmembers on a scheduled chat in public chatroom. Thus, Christofer Johnsson will make a public chat on the 9-th of October at 17.00 CET (16.00 GMT - see clock on the page!). If you are using Mozilla, opera, or any kind of a browser that doesn't support java by default, please visit and install Java 2, that will allow you to use the java applet in our chatroom. If you, however, prefer to chat via some IRC program like mIRC for example, download it, and connect to, channel name #Therion_Chat. Whatever you decide to use, BE THERE!

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Napalm Death - The new album title is...

Napalm Death's Barney Greenway (vocals) has sent the following message to the band's fans:

"We are currently in Foel Studios in Mid Wales (the middle of nowhere), which is actually owned by Dave Anderson who was the original bass player for Hawkwind (before Lemmy even), which rocks, of course. Everything is working out really well, and we have tried a few different methods of working here, which have really helped my voice. I am using the microphone as I would live, which helps to really get the full roar going. Guitars are sounding heavy as anything, and as we have given ourselves just about the right time in the studio- as per usual - it helps to keep us on our toes so everything sounds pretty vital. Shane is doing his usual tractor impressions with the bass, which is nice. We're currently at a race to the finish, so everything is starting to shape up properly with the only distraction being the mist that hangs over the valley most mornings...and the sheep! A few titles for you as we chalk 'em off..."Instruments Of Persuasion", "Morale", "Striding Purposefully Backwards", "Climate Controllers", "Sold Short", plus of course the title track "The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code". More later. Cheers."

Napalm Death will be releasing their Century Media Records debut, Leaders Not Followers: Part 2, on October 5th. Fans can expect to see the band late October through November with Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm, and Goatwhore.

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Within Temptation - Exceptional concert in Paris!



This is now officially confirmed !!! Previewing the release of their new album, WITHIN TEMPTATION will give a unique concert in Europe, on Monday November 8, in Paris, to the Bataclan!

This exceptional concert will be filmed and broadcasted live in several cinemas throughout Europe. For the occasion, the band will present a new and exclusive show, with grandiose production….

You can already buy the tickets since today in all the habitual sell points (Fnac, Virgin, Carrefour, France Billet. ..).

Because of the special aspect of this concert, a number of tickets will be allocated to the French and international media and for sure, a lot of fans from all over Europe will come too. Don't forget that the capacity of the Bataclan will be reduced because of the installations of the movie cameras and equipment for the retransmission.
You must understand that this concert will be quickly sold out. Don't lose your time if you want to see the show!!!

For their upcoming tour, the band will play live in France (more than 10 shows for the country are already programmed…) and Europe only in February and March 2005…

Entitled "Silent Force", the new album of WITHIN TEMPTATION will be out on Tuesday 16 November, in three different formats: a limited edition luxury digibook with a DVD in bonus, a "normal" version , and a version without booklet with a really cool price…

Note of Jeff: I will be there for and I will try to do all my best to do a great review of the show … See you in Paris guys and girls !!!


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Adagio - Stephan Forte to give guitar lessons

Better later than never.
On the official website of Adagio, the last week, on the 23rd, was posted the following announcement:
Stephan is avalable for guitar lessons in the Parisian region. If you are interested, send an e-mail at

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The Mist And The Morning Dew - news

The Mist And The Morning Dew signed to American Vendlus records.

"The Mist and the Morning Dew were gathered up in 2000 and consist of a members from bands such as The seventh planet (Mikael Karlbom & Henri Tuomi), Shape of despair (Jarno Salomaa) ,Finntroll (Sami Uusitalo), Shaman (Jaakko Lemmetty) and Veera Muhli who used to handle additional vocals on Unholy".

The record company website:

The Mist And The Morning Dew official site:
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Shape of Despair - new website & 2 live shows

New Shape of Despair website is up and working.
New album entitled "Illusion's Play" was released on 22 of september by Spikefarm/Spinefarm worldwide. Album was recorded in Hellhole Studio as usual, with Anti Lindell behind the desk. Cover artwork was done by Mariusz Krystew as in previous "Angels of Distress" album.

So far the band has confirmed 2 live shows till the end of the year.

Spinefest/Nosturi 28.10.2004
with Reverend Bizarre, Rapture & Ensiferum

Helsinki/Nosturi 14.11.2004
with Skepticism & Esoteric

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Lake of Tears - site updated

"Finally the new site is online... with an new design and quite a lot of new content: live-pictures, member profiles, newsletter, compilations and more. More stuff will be added gradually and hopefully we'll have some autumn/winter live dates to present soon too..."

For more info:

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White Willow - new album

The Norwegian progressive/folk rock band White Willow released on September the 21st the forth album, entitled "Storm Season", through "The Laser's Edge" record label.

According to Musical Discoveries, the record is "a moody, magnificent masterpiece", and scores 5/5 points. Tarkus Magazine says "it features their best songwriting to date, and an absolutely flawless production. Storm Season is one of the best records produced in this country - regardless of genre. The record of the year."

The whole review is posted at this link:

More info on the band official site:
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Michael Amott recent interview

Recently, the official fan-club of the Swedish band Spiritual Beggars (INSIDE CHARMERS) published an interesting interview with the mastermind, composer and guitar player, Michael Amott.

"As most of you probably know, Spiritual Beggars can boast of a new bass player, namely Sharlee D'Angelo, of King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Witchery and Arch Enemy fame, to name a few. Cheers to Roger Nilsson of the Quill who participated on "On Fire" and toured with the band! The impression you get is that the new album is gonna be much heavier and groovier than its predecessor, some speak of a return to the "Ad Astra" sound. Fact is that the band is very excited about their new work, they seem to love it and take lots of pride in it.
By now the mixing of the record should be finished and everybody's waiting for news concerning the new label deal. I am pretty sure Spiritual Beggars will land a great contract".

For the entire interview, follow this link:

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Marty Friedman - release & tour dates in Japan

"Marty's live performance in Kobe,Japan with Aikawa Nanase is now available worldwide on DVD!!
The short version of this video was broadcast on NHK in Japan and now you can own the full concert. GO HERE--

The electrifying energetic set contains 22 songs including all her hits and some songs rarely played live too. It's a perfect introduction to those new to j-pop/j-rock.
Marty has a track on the new Favored Nations album, "Acoustic Christmas" Hear Marty's playing in a completely different way than ever before!
Get it at:


10/10 OKINAWA, JAPAN (with Sera Masanori)

11/10 Osaka, JAPAN (Quattro)
11/13 Tokyo, JAPAN (Amlux Hall)
Marty will perform music from his solo albums. His band will feature Jun-ji (ex-Siam Shade) on drums, Masaki (Animetal) on bass. John Petrucci will also appear at the Osaka show on 11/10".

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In Flames - NY show cancelled

"The NY show had to be cancelled because Anders had to hurry back to Sweden since his fiance went into labour. We´ll be back to do the show sometime next year. Hope to see you all there!"

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Antimatter - new album details

From The End Records website:
"Recording and mixing is now complete for the English half of Antimatters as yet untitled 3rd album. Mick recorded 4 tracks in mid July ( A Portrait Of The Young Man As An Artsit, Legions, The Weight Of The World and Epitaph ) choosing to abandon all electronica and produce an all-natural session, complete with live drums and violins. As the album will essentially be an England vs Ireland production ( or Liverpool vs Dublin ), recording for Duncans half will take place at a later date in Eire ( possibly Sept or Oct 04 ) , featuring guest musicians from that area. Duncan has already produced an early graphic design that will likely become the albums artwork".
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