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After Forever - Guitarist/Grunter Not Present At Upcoming Tour

Due to health reasons, After Forever guitarist and grunter Sander Gommans won't be able to join the band for their upcoming live shows, including the Earthshaker Roadshock Tour through Europe which kicks off on April 27. You can find Sander's statement here.

A statement from the band, as posted on their MySpace blog, goes as follows:

"We deeply regret to announce that, under medical advisory, Sander won't be joining the band for the scheduled performances at the CD presentation, nor the Earthshaker Road tour. He's currently seeing doctors to diagnose and treat the problems so that he can get back to the band as soon as possible."


Band profile: After Forever
Event: Earthshaker Roadshock Tour
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Suffocate Bastard - New Songs Online

Germany's Brutal Death Metal act Suffocate Bastard have posted a couple of tracks off their recently released debut album "Acts Of Contemporary Violence" online over at ther official MySpace page. Check it out here.


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Primitive Graven Image - Entire CD Available For Streaming

Open Grave Records has partnered with to stream the debut album from UK Black Metallers Primitive Graven Image "Traversing The Awesome Night" in its entirety. The CD will stream from April 22 to May 7.

"Traversing The Awesome Night" will be released in the US on April 24, with a European release scheduled for May 7 on Open Grave Records.

"Traversing The Awesome Night" tracklisting:

01. Bringer of Dark and Light
02. None Shall Stand
03. Design
04. Fear and Fire
05. The Journey to the Forest
06. As I Wander
07. Earth's Wrath
08. Battleride
09. Victorious
10. The Shriek of Death


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Unburied - Demo Tracks Online

St. Louis, Missouri-based Extreme Metal band Unburied has posted the tracks 'Law Of Retaliation' and 'Blasphemy Through Dismal Actions' on its MySpace page.
The songs mark the singing debut of guitarist Dreathus Harris, who recently took over as the group's frontman following the departure of Justin Tombed.

Unburied will enter Jupiter Studios on May 5 to record a new EP. More information will be made available soon.

According to the band's official bio, Unburied was formed in 2003 by founding members Harris and Tim Brown. Their music is a unique blend of Thrash Metal, Black Metal and Death Metal. Unburied are known for their extreme musical style, which involves fast tremolo picking, guitar solos, double bass drumming, blast beats and death grunt vocals. They released their debut LP in 2004, entitled "Welcome To Your Graveyard". In 2005 the band recorded their second LP, "Blasphemy Through Dismal Actions". In 2006 they released the EPs "Pure Fucking Brutality" and "Lex Talionis" via Asylum Recordings. Also the group was featured in the national magazine Metal Maniacs (November 2006). The band has since opened for such acts as Dismember, Grave, Vital Remains, Demiricous and Therion.


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Dismember - Parts Ways With Drummer

Swedish Death Metal legends Dismember have posted the following update:

"We are sad to announce that after almost 20 years Fred has, after long and careful consideration, decided to leave the band.

'My decision to put my family in first hand makes it impossible to keep on touring and commit to the band full time. I want to thank all the fans, friends, bands and all the other cool people I've met through the years and I wish Dismember all the best in the future. Fred.'

Dismember are currently in the process of writing new material and this sad loss will not interrupt any future plans in any way. The commitment to keep on playing is stronger than ever!"

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Pig Destroyer - New Song Available For Streaming

You can hear a brand new Pig Destroyer song entitled "Loathesome" at their MySpace page.

The upcoming album "Phantom Limb" will be released on June 12 via Relapse Records.


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Månegarm - Video Footage From Ragnarök 4 Festival Online

Videos from the Ragnarök 4 festival last month in Lichtenfelts, Germany, can now be watched at Månegarm's Youtube space, here.


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Sonata Arctica - Japanese Promotion Tour

Vocalist Tony Kakko and Keyboarist Henrik Klingenberg from Finnish Power Metal band Sonata Arctica will do a short promotion tour in Japan for their 5th Album "Unia" in May.
The detail information was announced at the Japanese record label Marquee/Avalon's website.
In-store event at CD shops in Tokyo and a fan meeting in Osaka.

May 22 Tokyo HMV Shibuya
May 23 Tokyo Towerrecords Shinjyuku
May 25 Tokyo Disc Union Ocyanomizu
May 26 Osaka Fan Meeting (Details will be revealed soon).


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Vader - Blitzkrieg 4 Tour - Polish Dates

The following message was posted on Vader's official website:

"The tour schedule of this year's, Polish leg of Blitzkrieg 4 has been almost entirely confirmed. The tournee starts on September 27 in Warsaw. During that one Vader will be sharing the stage together with three other, well established bands on worldwide extreme metal scene- Brazilian death metal commando Krisiun, Rotting Christ- gods from Greece and legendary Incantation from the US. It's going to be a very strong package, expect just great shows!"

Sep. 27 - Warszawa @ Progresja
Sep. 28 - Bialystok/Lublin @ tba
Sep. 29 - Elk @ Centrum Kultury
Sep. 30 - Olsztyn @ Secesja
Oct. 01 - Gdynia @ Ucho
Oct. 02 - Bydgoszcz @ Vanila Club
Oct. 03 - Poznan @ tba
Oct. 04 - Zielona Góra @ tba
Oct. 05 - Lubin @ CK Muza
Oct. 06 - Zabrze @ Wiatrak
Oct. 07 - Bielsko-Biala @ Rudeboy
Oct. 08 - Rzeszów @ Pod Palma
Oct. 09 - Kraków @ Rotunda
Oct. 10 - Lódz @ Funaberia 2


Band profile: Vader
Event: Vader: Blitzkrieg 4 Tour
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Blaze Bayley - Album And Tour Update

The following announcement was posted on the official Blaze Bayley website:

Planetblaze webteam in cooperation with the management, are pleased to announce that the new record with Blaze Bayley will be released at the end of October 2007.

The record will contain 14! new songs. We also confirm for the first time, that the management and the band is planning a massive tour 2008/2009, covering over 150! concerts all over the world.

Band profile: Blaze Bayley
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Dark Moor - YouTube Channel

Dark Moor recently opened a YouTube Channel, There, you'll be able to find all Dark Moor videos. Latest additions are the Dark Moor live in Madrid videos from March 2007.

You can also find pictures of the recents gigs in Madrid (17/03/2007) and in Murcia (24/03/2007) at this location.


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Hellfest 2007 - Running Order

Hello everybody!

The running order of all the bands of the HELLFEST 2007 is now visible on the official site of the festival! (under running order)

It's also possible to buy the "one day tickets" through the usual ticket shops and of course via the Hellfest's website with a cool price.

The festival date is approaching quickly and we are happy to see that a lot of European Metalheads want to come to the festival. At the same time, the number of the reservations is growing a lot! The capacity of the site being limited to 13000 people per day, we would like to advise you to order your tickets as soon as possible if you do not want to miss the biggest Extreme Music festival of France!


Event: Hellfest Summer Open Air 2007
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Rotting Christ - Live Video Footage From Bucharest Online

Some video footage of Greek Melodic Black Metallers Rotting Christ performing in Bucharest, Romania on April 11, 2007 has been posted online at

A 10-minute video interview with Rotting Christ can be viewed at this location. has also uploaded a gallery more than 200 photos from Rotting Christ's concert in Bucharest. Check it out at this location.


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Impaled - Enter The Studio

The US immoral medical practitioners and licentious evil-doers of Impaled have updated their website with the following announcement:

"Finally, at long last, the masses can breathe. Impaled is entering the studio in less than a week to begin recording the follow up record to 2005's smash shit, "Death After Life". The new record promises to be just as sick and replete with the kind of medical malfeasance that the poor patients in St. Julien's hospital have come to expect. The goresome foursome are going in with extra sharp scalpel hooks and more blood-curdling tales than before to ensure a record that cuts to the quick.

In the meantime, members of the elite Impaled G.O.R.E. Corps can sate their appetite with an offering from Chef Barfo, a digital guru and guitar wizard who has dissected the remains of previous Impaled releases. His remix CD, Digital Autopsy, features nothing but Impaled songs stripped to the bone and fed through a computer to create a soundscape quite unlike any kind of noise you've ever heard before. The 3 inch mini CD and sample tracks are available now in the Chop Shop."


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Amorphis - 2005 Moscow Concert Online

Bootleg video footage of Finnish metallers Amorphis performing in Moscow, Russia back in 2005 has been posted online at the Metal Videos website (running time: one hour, 27 minutes).


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