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Entombed, Dismember, Grave - Tour Cancelled In North America

The previously announced Entombed/Dismember/Grave "The Absence North American" tour, which was scheduled to take place December 1-16, is now officially cancelled.

Entombed posted the following on the bands official myspace page:

'Due to circumstances beyond our control Entombed sadly has had to postpone their upcoming USA West Coast trek.

We were very much looking forward to this tour, but conflicts with the promotor, breach of trust and straight up lies have unfortunately forced us to cancel at the eleventh hour. Never in 15 years of touring the States has this happened, which really is saying something. We are appalled, and you should not be surprised if you see/hear more lies spread about how it is Entombed's fault that we could not do the tour because we changed our minds or some shit like that. Simply not true. We've never seen blame passed around like this ever before and deeply regret having lent our name to this madness.

We abominally want to apologise to good folks like Dinis of The Mighty Nimbus, who have taken time off work and rented a car to come see the show, but look forward to hitting American shores in 2007, hot on the heels of our upcoming studio album release, "Serpent Saints".'

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Event: Dismember & Grave: West Coast Tour [CANCELLED]
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Shores Of Sheol - New Demo Available For Download

The complete 2006 demo "Revelations" is available on the band's website - for free.


01. I Rise
02. King of the Olden Domain
03. Revelations

Feel free to check these three songs out and leave your comments!

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Blind Guardian - Australian Dates Confirmed

Finally, it has been officially confirmed: Blind Guardian will come to Australia!
Blind Guardian have started selling tickets for their shows on the 16th and 17th of February, 2007 at the Forum Theater, Melbourne. They are available online at and Metal Mayhem in Melbourne.


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Event: Blind Guardian: Australian Dates
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Månegarm - Announce Dutch, Belgian Dates

Månegarm will do three gigs in Belgium and Holland in december. Here´s the dates:

Dec. 15 - Biebob - Vosselaar, BEL
supports : Vinternatt (B), Slechtvalk (NL), Eluveitie (CH)

Dec. 16 - Kade - Zaandam, NETH
supports : Slechtvalk (NL) , Myrkvar (NL)

Dec. 17 - Vera - Groningen, NETH
Supports : Slechtvalk + other dutch band

Manegarm's new album, 'Vargstenen', is expected to be released somewhere around March/April 2007.

Band profile: Månegarm
Event: Månegarm: Lowlands Dates
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Sonata Arctica - Compilation To Be Streamed Online Tomorrow

Sonata Arctica's "best of" collection, entitled "The Collection 1999-2006", will be streamed online in its entirety this Friday, November 10 at In addition to material from the band's studio albums, the CD includes new versions of the songs "My Land" and "Replica", both of which originally appeared on the group's 1999 debut, "Ecliptica".

"The Collection 1999-2006" track listing:

01. The Ruins of My Life
02. 8th Commandment
03. Don't Say A Word
04. Victoria's Secret
05. Tallulah
06. Wolf & Raven
07. Black Sheep
08. Broken
09. Kingdom for a Heart
10. FullMoon
11. My Land (2006 re-make)
12. The Cage
13. Last Drop Falls
14. UnOpened
15. San Sebastian (Revisited)
16. Ain't Your Fairytale
17. Replica (2006 re-make)
18. Wolf & Raven (promotional video)
19. The Cage (live at Tavastia)
20. Kingdom for a Heart (live at Tavastia)

"The Collection 1999-2006" is scheduled for release on November 15 via Spinefarm.


Band profile: Sonata Arctica
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Thunderstone - Will Participate On Eurovision Pre-Selections

A press conference today saw broadcaster YLE announce the names of the twelve acts that will join in the contest to represent Finland when the contest takes place in Helsinki next May.

The acts taking part are:
Laura Voutilainen
Hanna Pakarinen
Johanna Kurkela
Beats and Styles
Jani and the Jetsetters
Jukka Kuoppamäki
Jann Wilde and Rose Avenue

The artists were chosen after discussions with Finnish record companies and the host broadcaster YLE.

There will be four semi-finals, each featuring two songs from three of the acts. The viewers will get to decide which of the two songs should go through to the national final that will take place on 17 February 2007.

Jani and the Jetsetters, Hanna Pakarinen and metal band Thunderstone will compete in first heat.

This way of choosing a song proved successful in 2006; when Lordi went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. It also proved popular with participants as it meant each act was sure of a place in the national final.

Band profile: Thunderstone
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The Gathering - Turkish Dates Cancelled, Greek Dates Announced

Female-fronted Dutch art-rok act The Gathering has posted the following on their official website:
Both Ankara and Izmir's gigs are cancelled. Istanbul is still on the timetable, so the Gathering will go to Turkey, only for one gig though...
The decision was made by the Turkish booker, it was not in control of the band!

The Gathering would like to apologise for the fans that had planned to visit Ankara or Izmir concerts.

The band also confirmed two Greek live dates in February. The details are as follows:
Feb. 03 - Mylos - Thessaloniki, GRE
Feb. 04 - Gagarin 205 - Athens, GRE

Band profile: The Gathering
Event: The Gathering: Greek Dates
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Type O Negative - Announce New Album Title

Type O Negative has issued the following update:

"Great news - the new Type O Negative opus, entitled Dead Again, has now entered the mixing process! The new disc will include an appearance by Lycia vocalist Tara VanFlower. Tentative release date remains sometime in early 2007, hopefully additional live dates may be announced around then as well. Stay tuned for word on the website street team; for now you can check out the freshly minted banners, icons, and other assorted media posted on the recently resurrected media page."


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Napalm Death - Announce Scandinavia/Eastern Europe Dates

Seminal grindcore pioneers Napalm Death will embark on a European headlining tour in January. The dates are as follows (venue details to be confirmed):

Jan. 10 - Roskilde, Denmark
Jan. 11 - Hässleholm, Sweden
Jan. 12 - Oslo, Norway
Jan. 13 - Karlstad, Sweden
Jan. 14 - Stockholm, Sweden
Jan. 17 - Helsinki, Finland
Jan. 18 - Tampere, Finland
Jan. 19 - Oulu, Finland
Jan. 20 - Jyvaskyla, Finland
Jan. 21 - Tallinn, Estonia
Jan. 22 - Riga, Lativa
Jan. 23 - Vilnus, Lithuania
Jan. 25 - Bucharest, Romania - Preoteasa Club
Jan. 26 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Jan. 27 - Thessaloniki, Greece - Mylos Apothiki
Jan. 28 - Athens, Greece - An Club

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Twilightning - Begins Recording Third Album

Finnish power metallers Twilightning entered Astia Studio in Lappeenranta, Finland last week to begin recording their third album for an early 2007 release via Spinefarm Records. "We finished the drums ten songs . . . and the recordings will continue on the 20th of this month in Music-Bros. studio in Imatra with Miitri Aaltonen," the group writes on its web site.

Twilightning 's last release was the "Bedlam" EP which was recorded at Astia and was mixed at the Finnvox facility in Helsinki.

Twilightning 's sophomore full-length album, "Plague-House Puppet Show", was issued in 2004.

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Metal Church - Demo Recordings Online

Seattle metallers Metal Church have uploaded tue original 1983 demo recordings of the songs "Hitman" and "Deathwish" (both instrumental and with David Wayne's vocals), along with two other early works. Click here to read the history of these songs as well as download them.


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Norther - Featured In Finnish Movie

A trailer for the upcoming Finnish movie "Vares 2", featuring music from the Finnish metal band Norther, has been posted online at this location. The Norther members also appear in the film, which is based on a best-selling Finnish detective book series. It will be released in Finnish theaters in January 2007.


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Marduk - Drummer Leaves Band

Swedish black metallers Marduk have now confirmed that their upcoming studio album will be the band's final effort to feature drummer Emil Dragutinovic. A source close to Emil stated that the drummer officially quit the group on November 1 but has agreed to perform on the new CD as a session musician (but only "if he gets paid upfront").

Marduk will enter Endarker studio in December 2006/January 2007 to begin recording the new CD for an April 2007 release. A "massive" tour will follow.

Band profile: Marduk
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Nevermore - Live Footage Online

Several video clips of Nevermore performing at the Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne, Australia on October 28 have been posted online at here.

Nevermore filmed its performance at the Zeche club in Bochum, Germany October 11 for its first-ever DVD, tentatively due in early 2007. The concert was originally slated to take place September 12 but had to be rescheduled after Nevermore vocalist Warrel Dane came down with an infection.
Nevermore also filmed its headlining performance on August 25 at the Studio Seven in Seattle, Washington for the upcoming DVD. The planned double-DVD set will also contain a full Nevermore documentary, live footage from throughout the band's career, all of their promotional videos and more extras.


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Beseech - Announce Farewell Gig/Live DVD

Swedish Gothic metallers Beseech, who recently announced their decision to split up after over 15 years in the business, will play their final gig on December 15 at Trägårn in their hometown of Borås, Sweden. More info - in Swedish - can be found here.
The band has also revealed plans to release a DVD in early 2007 containing a remixed live show (with 5.1 Surround Sound) and "tons of material" from various concerts, studio sessions, backstage footage and "other crazy things that happen on tour."


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