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Glen Hughes - Set Release Date For Upcoming Album

Glen Hughes posted the following update at his official website:

"Just wanted to let you all know that yesterday all the tracking for the album was completed. We had the final day of string section yesterday. It is a massive piece of work. 15 songs were recorded. I would like you all to know I spent all of last year writing, arranging and preparing these songs. I spent way more time on this album than any other album of my career. I don't think anybody will argue that this is a turning point for me. A few of my real close friends have been to chad's to listen and they are saying that this album and the vibe is exactly where I should be headed. I can tell you it is a mature album, and more than ever before I can't wait for you all to hear it. We start mixing mid March and the album is scheduled to be released May 29th."

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Cult Of Luna - New Album Ready

Slated for an April 24th release date via Earache Records, the initial tracking took place over 7 days in a wooden octagon barn surrounded by "Blair Witch" scenery close to the bands hometown of Umeå in Northern Sweden. According to Magnus Lindberg the remote location coupled with the spotting of "Wicca witch women dancing in the woods" and the actual acoustics of the barn itself all contributed towards creating the perfect ambiance to lay down the basic tracks which were done primarily live, as a unit - a departure from previous Cult of Luna recording protocol.

Further recording and mixing happened in Tonteknik studios where both the bands 2004 album 'Salvation' and it's predecessor 'The Beyond' (2003) were recorded. And the result promises to more raw and unpolished then the bands previous releases.

Somewhere Along The Highway contains 7 tracks, namely:

Marching To The Heartbeats
Back To Chapel Town
And With Her Came The Birds
Dark City, Dead Man

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Metal Church - Drummer Leaves, Replacement

Metal Church posted the following message concerning the departure of their drummer:

"Due to health complications from years of struggling with diabetes, Kirk Arrington has stepped down as Metal Church's drummer.

He will be missed and we wish him only the best.

We are pleased to announce that filling Kirk's shoes is the "one and only" Mr. Jeff Plate (Savatage, Chris Cafferey, Trans Siberian Orchestra).

We are very honored to have a musician of Jeff's caliber working with us and we know that he will do a fantastic job in Metal Church.

For more on Jeff, visit his website at "

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Amon Amarth - Working On New Album

Amon Amarth posted the following message on their website:

"During the past four weeks we've been working on new material for our upcoming album.

In an unusual fashion - well, for us anyway - we've been working virtually every day of January to write new material. If everything goes to plan, we will enter the studio in May to record the new album.
The release date is however not set yet."

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Ephemeral Sun - Recording New Album

Ephemeral Sun is recording their next full length, after the successful release of the debut Broken Door. The album is being recorded completly in home studios and produced by their keyboardist John Battema ( Meanwhile the band will play on April 28th in a 3-day festival called Rites of Spring. More informations of the festival are available at

The band also put for download exclusively for the festival website the track "A Song for Twilight", you can check it at the website or through the direct link here.

Ephemeral Sun is a progressive rock band with elements from heavy metal, electronica, fusion, jazz and features the vocals of Laurie Ann Haus (Autumn Tears, Todesbonden, Rain Fell Within, Ol Sonuf, Garden of Shadows). The band was formed in 2002 by Rain Fell Within former members in an opportunity to explore new musical territories and more adventurous songwritting.

- Pale Moon Records - Emanuel Seagal -

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Negura Bunget - Guitarist Rejoins The Band

Guitarist Sol Faur Spurcatu who left the band in September 2005 decided to rejoin the band. Sol Faur Spurcatu comments: "I return to... myself... After a time of wandering and searching I regained my call, which first was a wish and then ended being a way of life..."

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After Forever - Bus Crashed (No Harm Done)

As posted on the official website on February 1st:

This morning After Forever had an accident with the tourbus. Fortunally nobody is injured. After a few extremely succesfull shows After Forever will continue their european tour. We hope to see you during one of the upcoming gigs.

Here are a few pictures of the bus: 1/2


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Gorefest - European Tour Cancelled!

Gorefest posted the following message on their official website:

"Due to severe problems at the side of German agency Bruchstein Records, we have been forced to cancel our entire European tour. We are extremely disappointed with the way things have been dealt with, and as such have lost all faith in the whole operation. Rest assured we're working very hard to try and salvage as much from this wreckage as possible, and hope to do most of these shows properly at a later time. Our sincere apologies to everyone who has been waiting for so long to see us, and now have to wait even longer. We'd also like to apologize to Master, Luna Field, Ressurecturis, and Kragens. Just like you guys, we were all geared up and ready to go. Decisions like these are not easily made but as much as we wanted to do this, things have been turning rapidly into a farce. As we refuse to be toyed with, there really was no other choice.

We hope we can rely on everyone's patience, so we can lay out some frightfully heavy Metal for ya as soon as we get things back on track!"

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Black Lotus - News From The Label

- "Skyclad join the front lines of Black Lotus records"

During their long and illustrious career, that spans more than a decade and saw them releasing such classics as "Jonah's Ark", "Prince of the Poverty Line" and "Irrational Anthems" the "originators of folk metal" have produced no less than 14 full length releases as well as various other compilations, ep's and singles. Combining elements of traditional metal, in the Vein of bands like Thin Lizzy and folk music (fiddles etc) with though provoking lyrics, the band came up with a totally unique sound that won the hearts of many fans around the world. Their live performances are legendary and even though the band was faced some serious personnel shuffles in the near past, their latest album "A semblance of normality" was all the proof any one would need, to show that the bands chemistry was intact and that their style remained unscathed by all the changes! There are plans to record an album in the next few months to be released before the end of this year. This will be preceded by an EP entitle "Jig-a-Jig", in April and a European tour to take place in February and April. More news as it becomes available.

- "Chris Caffery's entering the studio soon"

Chris Caffery is entering the studio in New York City on February 8th to begin the recording of his next CD "Pins and Needles". The CD is going to be released world-wide in October 2006. Some of the song titles are "The Temple", "S.A.D", "WORMS", "Mettle Eastern", "The Sign of The Crossed" and the title track "Pins and Needles". According to Chris "This time around I am going to musically punch everyone in the face for about an concept, single CD, just straight forward blistering metal agression! A few twists and turns, but would you expect anything different?" Musicians will feature once again Jeff Plate on Drums, Paul Morris on keyboards, Nick Douglas from Doro on bass and some very special guests! For studio updates visit

A brand new web-site is debuting in February when Chris enters the studio!"

- On February 23rd Thanatos will enter the Excess Studios in Rotterdam once again to record their fifth full length album. Tentatively entitled 'Justified Genocide' the album will feature 9 or 10 songs including ,,They Feed On Fear", ,,The Devil's Triangle", ,,March Of The Infidels", ,,Upwards Spritual Evolution" and ,,The Netherworld". The album will probably be released at the end of the Summer/early Fall 2006 on Black Lotus Records. The artwork will be handled by German artist Timo Wuerz.


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Celtic Frost - New Album Announced

Century Media Records has set a May 30 North American release date for Celtic Frost's long-awaited new album, "Monotheist" (one day earlier internationally).

Celtic Frost's first album in 13 years, "Monotheist" features 11 songs all produced by the band with Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain).

"Monotheist" track listing:

01. Progeny
02. Ground
03. A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh
04. Drown In Ashes
05. Os Abysmi Vel Daath
06. Obscured
07. Domain Of Decay
08. Ain Elohim
09. Totengott
10. Synagoga Satanae
11. Winter (Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale

The album will be released simultaneously in all territories in three different configurations including a limited-edition digipak containing the bonus track "Temple Of Depression" and a vinyl LP with another bonus title, "Incantation Against You".


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Nightwish - Update About New Album

A message by Tuomas Holopainen was posted at Nightwish's official website:

"It's been 3 months since the last show in Hartwall Arena and things are finally calming down. I just read through the yet unfinished version of the upcoming Nightwish-book. I was very impressed. It made me feel nostalgic, happy, ashamed and sad at the same time. This book is written by Mr. Mape Ollila and it's being finished as we speak. The Finnish version of the book will be released in May. Also the live DVD "End Of An Era" will be released later this year but we have no information about the exact release date yet.
At the moment I'm occupied with writing songs for the next Nightwish album. 14 pieces done so far. I'm also participating in Timo Rautiainen's solo album, the new For My Pain album, and some Kotiteollisuus´ live gigs before summer. With Nightwish we will start rehearsing the new stuff in June, entering the studio in September. Again we will write a diary through this site so you guys know what's happening while in the studio. New Nightwish-homepage will also see daylight soon.

At the moment Emppu has his own side projects, Marco is working with the new Tarot-album and Jukka is busy with his new project, unrelated to music business.

The new singer will be announced through this site when the time comes. Please believe in nothing that's not confirmed on this page.

Spirits up,

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Odroerir - New Female Singer

The following message was posted on Odroerir's official website (that now have an english version):

"The world is to be subject to a perennial change and like all which are going constantly onward we underlie the fate of the norns.
From this time Natalie Nebel is responsible for the female vocals of Odroerir and in April she is singing her first concert with us on the "Ragnarök-Festival".
We want to thank our longtime singer Ivonne and wish her furthermore salvation and blessing in her life."

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Dark Tranquillity - Live On P3 Channel Today!!!

Tonight, 20:00 GMT (do a Google search for time zones if you don't know what this is), a live recording from last year's Gates of metal festival (August 6, 2005) will be broadcasted on the Swedish national channel P3. The show will also be streamed at:

For one week after the broadcast, the show can be accessed at:

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Manticora - Lineup Change, To Enter In The Studio

The following message was posted on Manticora's website by the band:

"Hey everybody!

We can now announce that we have booked the "Jailhouse" studios from 7th April - 7th May, where we will record our new album(s) with Tommy Hansen (Helloween, TNT, Pretty Maids, Fate) pushing the buttons.

More information about the 2 albums (yes, you read it right - TWO albums!!!) will be on this site in a short while!

Now for something else ... we've chosen to part ways with Stefan Johansson after one year of good fun together. Stefan jumped in on guitar right before our European tour with Angra/Edenbridge, and he played with us on all our gigs in 2005. We had a lot of fun, and Stefan did a great job. However, we've found out during the writing-stages of the new material, that his writing-style just didn't fit to Manticora. So, we've decided to ask Martin Arendal once again to rejoin us for the recording of lead guitars on the new album(s). Thanks to Stefan for your time in Manticora - we wish you the best of luck!!!!

The Mantidudes"

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Heathen - Sign With Season Of Mist

The following message was posted at Season Of Mist's website, concerning the signing of the thrash band Heathen:

"Season of Mist is proud to announce that one of the finest thrash legends from San Francisco's Bay Area, namely Heathen, freshly inked a deal with our label. Some must recall that Heathen is one of the most unique bands to rise from the Bay Area thrash explosion of the 80's/90's, whose 1987 groundbreaking debut album "Breaking The Silence" went on to sell close to 100,000 copies worldwide. Reborn five years ago, the band is now looking to rise up once more and reclaim the throne of thrash metal, and Season of Mist will be on his side!"

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